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He looked at the clock on his phone. His heart quickened and he felt a momentary rush as he steered his bike around the barrier and over the railroad tracks.

The clock showed it was 11:45 and he rode down the steep dirt embankment and out across the field towards the wooded area that lined the edge of the creek. He continued along the creek riding around the riverbed cobbles smoothed from the centuries of the rushing water over them and now as the creek had shifted location over the years, the cobbles lay in the field and along the riverbank. He knew she would be there as he pedaled hard towards the pumping house structure. He slowed as he arrived at the clearing surrounded by woods and as he turned around the enclosure there she stood tall and demure, smiling and looking intently into the woods.

She put a finger to her soft lips and turned to him and hushed him. He stopped and looked towards the woods across the stream where she was studying intently. It was then he heard the rat tat tat and he peered up into the large elm tree and made out the red and white crowned woodpecker pecking incessantly at the trunk.

He dismounted his bike and moved to her. She wore a bright colored summer dress and he went to kiss her cheek and put his arm around her. She returned the embrace as she turned to face him she put her arms around his waist.

His lips moved to her neck and he knew he had found her soft spot when she giggled and shivered. She stood in her bare feet tall enough that he only needed to bend his neck slightly to reach her inviting lips with his. It was so natural the kiss between them and as he pulled her closer to him her hands moved up along his back and he took her head into his hands.

She parted her lips and their tongues met as he traced his fingers over maltepe escort the cheeks on her face. Her breath was fresh and she smelled like flowers and it all created a stir in him or more specifically in his pants. He moved a hand to her breast as the other hand tugged the zipper down at the back of her neck.

Her hand brushed across the bulge hardening in his jeans. They broke their embrace and moved to the back of the building where she had already placed the comforter that they had kept in the small storage shed on a soft grassy spot. He watched admiringly as she pulled her dress over her head. He was ALWAYS taken by her beautiful form. She stood there like a nymph in the sun with her bra and panties.

Her skin tanned, she stepped out of her panties revealing a lighter skin shade on her bare ass and as she turned her trimmed pubic hairs displayed swollen red lips protruding out invitingly. It was too much for him and he tore off his shirt and undid his jeans and pulled them off with his boxers. She unsnapped her bra as he reached for her and kissed her chest.

She lay on the blanket and she reached up and brushed a hand across hard member. She took him in her hand and gently fondled him as he lay down next to her. He kissed down her neck and across her chest to her right breast. It was her tits he thought that he loved the most as he sucked the nipple in his mouth. The nipple reacted to his tongue and quickly hardened between his lips….Hmmmm he really did love her breasts they were not big but rather small but they were so defined and sensitive to his touch. When he would massage them it was as if they came alive and he took her left breast in his hand and traced around her areola and encircled the base of it with his finger. mecidiyeköy escort

He kissed his way across her chest, across the valley and over to her left nipple and sucked it between his lips. His hand traced along her belly along the scar that was left from her gall bladder removal. He stroked her belly and let his hand drift down on top of her pubes. He lowered his head to her navel and traced a tongue inside it. His fingers found the slit between her wet lips and he slid a finger between them and moved it up and down along the inside as he brought her legs up and spread them apart and positioned himself between her.

His face went to her moist lips as he held her ass pushing her groin up towards him. His tongue darted in along the opening which his fingers had spread apart. She was wet and tasted like nectar from the sweetest fruit. Up his tongue moved on her, tugging at the hood that hid her magical love button. As his tongue encircled her clitoris it too began to come alive. He ran his tongue across it and moved up and down underneath it.

He put a hand below his chin and rested a finger at the entrance to her canal. His finger slid easily inside as he licked along the inside up under the swollen hood protecting her clitoris. One finger than two he slipped up inside her as he reached up to her soft secret spot that only a few knew if properly massaged could bring her the intense pleasure she desired. He began to rub the spot as he moved his fingers in and out of her. His tongue continued its ministrations, working furiously on her clit. She moaned and clutched for his head and rotate her hips up against his face. He could feel the fullness build in her and as she reached the summit the waves of pleasure washed over pendik escort her. Her lips clenched his fingers as she spasmed. and came. They clenched his fingers one two three four the contractions continued. He let his tongue rest from her now sensitive clit and looked up at her beautiful contented face. She looked pleased and a smile broke out across her.

Her knees were still bent up as he moved up over her. His hardon arched out in front of him. He reached down to guide it to her but she was swollen and wet and as he reached her opening it slid to her opening with ease. He pushed slowly and she pushed back against him as he moved further inside her. He lay on top of her her chest against his.

Their bare skin meshed perfectly against each other. He reached for her ass as he pushed himself in as far as he could. He held her head and kissed the top as he began to rotate his hips above her. She positioned her feet around his legs and reached for his ass to hold him in place. Faster and faster he fucked her, their groins mashing against each other. His breath quickening as he pushed hard against her and then as if on cue as if they both knew and could anticipate each others moves, they rolled and she was atop him.

She rested on her hands as she rocked forward on him. They kissed and he reached for and held her beautiful breasts which he loved so much. It was an intense kiss not like the gentle kiss which preceded their encounter. This kiss was passionate and animalistic. It expressed a deep desire to be one. That is what they were after to become one as they ground their hips and held each other tight. He knew that he would not last much longer as he had tried to hold back but now as she rocked back onto him again he felt it build up inside him and he felt her lips once again clench him but this time it was his hard cock and as he looked up at her eyes were in a far off place. He pushed one last time and with that he let loose. He came deep within her as the pleasure overcame his body. They slowed and for a time held each other tightly and in the distance they could her the rat tat tat of the wood pecker.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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