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Big Tits

We are walking though the woods, and my fingers are intertwined with yours. I can hear the trees whispering secrets around us as the wind softly blows through the leaves. The sun is slowly sinking below the horizon as we come to the small clearing where our tent is laid upon the ground. When you look down to smile with me, the sun’s last rays have made my dark curls a copper glow around my face, and I can see all the shades of blue in your eyes.

You lean down to kiss me, your lips warm and your tongue searching for mine, and I push my body against yours as we hold each other in a tight embrace. My hands move over the front of your jeans, lightly pressing and teasing you, while my mouth enjoys the taste of your lips. You break the kiss, wanting to go into the tent where the bed awaits our pleasures … but I shake my head in denial, and smile mischievously. Putting my hand around your waist (feeling you pulling back towards the tent) I walk you over to the edge of the clearing, knowing you are confused and impatient. Ahead, you realize I am walking towards the hammock tied between the trees, and I hear you chuckle softly, your arm snaking around my shoulders now.

We sit side by side on the hammock, and start slowly swinging, legs dangling, giggling. beylikdüzü escort You turn, and start kissing me again, shifting your body onto mine, the weight of us both making our bodies dip deep into the netting. Eyes closed now, loving the feeling of being crushed by you as my hands tickle the back of your head lightly. You start nibbling at my neck, nuzzling against my skin, smelling my hair and smiling at my shivers. Your hands move under my shirt, finding my nipple, squeezing it gently and then pinching it. I can feel you on my thigh, slowly rubbing now, growing hard against me. You lower your head and take my nipple into your mouth, suckling, biting softly. I raise my hips to you, my legs slightly spread apart, wanting to have you now, but my long skirt and your jeans keep things innocent.

You pull away and stand, and I swing myself up, so I am sitting on the edge of the hammock, and you drop to your knees suddenly, licking at my thighs. Moaning softly, I pull my skirt back, your tongue working its way up my leg. My hands find their way to the back of your head, and pull you closer, until I feel your breath against me. I lean back, my hips rising again, and your mouth is on me, licking and büyükçekmece escort kissing and tasting. Your hands are there, now … opening me so that you can slowly caress me with your tongue, working all around and then sometimes darting softly inside. I gasp when I feel you lick at the tip of my clit, sucking it into your mouth as your fingers now push inside of me, in unison with the strokes of your tongue. I am rocking against your face, wanting more, wanting it all.

My hands are in your hair now, fists, pulling you into me harder, needing more. Not stopping, you keep working me with your mouth and hands and I can’t help crying out as I feel your fingers moving in and out faster. I hear your zipper, and I know you have started stroking yourself with one hand, and the thought of it makes my body throb. Relentlessly, your tongue continues working, in rhythm to your hand, and I can’t stop from coming. I hear you moan, feeling the spasms around your fingers inside of me, and it makes my toes curl.

In the growing darkness, you stand, your jeans falling to your knees. Your thighs work between mine, spreading my legs as you slowly step forward, and I am rising higher until I can feel you nudging cevizli escort against me. My legs wrap around you as I feel you shove forward hard into me, pushing me back, over and over, swinging in the hammock, and I am trying not to scream as gravity slams me back into you each time. We are rocking against each other, and I can feel myself sliding down hard to the base. Each time I land, a cry escapes my lips, and in the darkness I wonder if anyone can hear us. You start thrusting harder, each time my body rises slightly and then falls back against you.

Now, with a thought, you bend your knees and with each thrust you lift your entire body, trying to bury yourself in me, and I start to orgasm without warning, shaking, my nails in your hips pulling you into me. You keep going, biting your lip, not wanting it to end, but you know you can’t hold back forever. Sweat is forming on your brow as you keep pumping furiously, my cries fading until I feel you growing bigger in me. As you start to climax I can’t believe that I am already coming again, with you, driven by the sound of your guttural moans and the jerking of you inside of me … and I am laughing at the same time as you fill me.

As you slow down, still lightly swinging me back and forth, I feel the contractions inside of me still holding you close. My head is thrown back, exhausted, my hair falling loosely in the air as I lay back against the hammock. You thrust a few times, spent, and then stand with my legs around your hips, enjoying the moment in the darkness together and listening to the crickets applauding our show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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