An Unexpected Consecration Ch. 02


Chapter 2 : An Apartment in Heat

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I hadn’t realized before, from our cowering position on the kitchen floor, how big a man John really was, watching him now from behind he appeared like a big Y on long, strong legs. He certainly had to be at least 6’4″, with his broad shoulders, narrowing to an apparently non-existing waist, slightly bulging out to slender hips that topped his cute, tight ass. I estimated him to weigh about 230 pds. of pure muscles and power, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands, besides some other parts of my body, all over him, stroking his ash blond hair, his wide chest, his skin, and … well, some more …

Turning my head to Rachel – she was already driveling, her eyes transfixed, glued to his swinging ass-cheeks, and I took her by the arm to lead her out the door before she could crash into a wall or stumble down the few steps that lead down to street level. “Behave yourself, Rachel,” I hissed into her ear, “We’re supposed to give him shelter, only you seem to need an ambulance right now and will be of no help instead.” A part of me hoped she wouldn’t answer, she would have spit all over me, but she was caught in her trance anyway.

All of a sudden her eyes widened, and I became aware that John had turned around to offer an arm to each of us. That bulge was in sight again, finally, and I felt my eyes drawn like magnetically to the crotch of his jeans. The bulge slightly grew some more, and suddenly I was aware of the reason — both our shirts were soggy from sweating, and checking out Rachel’s braless chest I could easily count her protruding nipples – it came up to two of those, topping the firm, slightly jigging hemispheres – I could easily imagine I certainly granted the same view to John’s sparkling, dark blue eyes. YES, damn it, I DID look him in the eyes, at least for a second. Unexpectedly I found my eyes back down again, ogling the content of the jeans, which I estimated to not last any longer, the jeans that is. Our task had right now abruptly changed from giving shelter to John against the cruel world out there, especially other females, to save John’s jeans at first place, at least until we reached the safeness of his apartment.

Determined to appear somewhat open minded I tore Rachel, still on Planet ‘Ass’, to John’s side and aimed his left arm around her trim waist. Her chest being out of his direct sight now should release some of the tension, hopefully. I glued myself to his right side, fixing his big warm hand on my right shoulder, and on we went at last. It only would take us five minutes, John had mentioned before, but I found out after a few steps that this would open up to be the longest five minutes of my life as I felt John’s thumb sensuously caressing my right jaw, then the side of my neck, before his hand further proceeded over my collarbone down to my right breast like weighing its fullness from the bottom, his thumb and index finger closing in dangerously near to the swollen areola. I found myself trembling, with our hips continuously colliding with every step, the feel of his strong, warm hand closing over my breast whilst inhaling his manly, musky scent with each and every breath. I felt my pussy quiver, contracting around a southbound stream of juices, which later on were trickling from my pussy’s entrance, dampening my thighs and stockings furthermore.

I tried to guess how long I would be able to make it without cumming right here and then, when my left hand accidentally (I SWEAR!) bounced against that straining bulge what elicited a noisy groan from the depth of John’s chest, causing him to close those dangerous thumb and forefinger over my nipple, pinching it roughly, thus passing a lightning directly into my clit. That was it then, for me. Yelling, just once, my knees shook violently and bent, but John really was smart, he moved his arm back away fast enough to reach under my armpit to keep me from dropping to the ground, not failing to cup my breast again, like before only from the outer slope now, it seemed to be his favorite hold right now; all that action without losing his tight hold on Rachel, who still was smoothly moved by him, just like a puppet. My breast reveled in the warmth of his softly and lovingly kneading shelter, it fit in his large hand to perfection, or vice/versa, whilst my left breast seemed to be green with envy.

We had stopped moving whilst I rested my head against John’s wide chest, struggling to recover from that sudden orgasm. Hearing and feeling him breathe soothed me, I felt secure in his protective arm, leaning into his slightly heaving chest, though still trembling hard and shivering as John tenderly kissed my lips. “You’re soo beautiful, my lovely, and you look gorgeous when you’re cumming, I can’t wait to see that glowing face again, and then it’ll be me who Betturkey makes you glow,” he murmured seductively against my ear. I couldn’t wait either, but some leftover of common sense urged me on to reach his apartment before I jumped on him like a bitch in heat.

Caught in my desperate longing for John I even didn’t dare to imagine his big, hot body covering mine, with my hands moving all over his muscular build, filled to the brink with his aura, and his cock, and our mutual lust – I never ever would have made it to his apartment’s door. “Oh God, John, I need you so badly, make me yours, I promise your Crystal will glow for you, whenever and as long as you want me to, just please hurry on,” I managed to murmur against his chest.

“Crystal … what a lovely name for my naughty, beautiful jewel, I can’t imagine any other suitable name for you, my sweetness. If you’re ready, darling – it’ll take us just one more minute to reach base,” John kissed me once more, ever so softly, and we were on the road again.

John had been right, I had stopped our progress just about sixty or seventy yards shy of the apartment house’s entrance. The doorman granted us a cheerful smile, he obviously had enjoyed himself, very much, like accidentally from the best ‘tribune seat’. I smiled back knowingly and granted him a lewd wink in return. The lift was already waiting for us, and as soon as the doors started closing John parked Rachel’s small frame in one corner, her gaze was still unbroken. I was all over him in an instant, he hardly had enough time to turn back to embrace me. I was greedy to feel John’s skin, elsewhere, nothing else mattered right now, right here, there was no time for patience so I tore his shirt out of the jeans, just high enough to reach around his waist and feverishly stroke the soft skin of his upper back, with special attention to his spine what caused him to growl loudly; at the same time trying to rub my overheated vulva against his crotch, only it was impossible due to the length of his mile long legs, it’s not that easy a task when your lover is towering over you by more than a head.

I hissed sharply, and felt like screaming with frustration as I realized that I wasn’t able to approach my goal, in a mix of longing and rage I nibbled his erect nipple. John growled again from deep inside him, but sensed my need and grabbed my ass, lifting me up high enough to rub his full length against my slit, finally. He howled with the sensation, I groaned loudly, feeling his burning hot shaft near to where it belonged. I hadn’t realized that he already had freed his cock, no underwear in the way, smart John again, now there was only my skirt to avoid complete contact to one another, but it turned out to be impossible to get it out of the way without breaking contact again – none of us even considered to do so.

I suspected my vulva to develop blisters caused by the heat of his cock, being as hard as nails, but I didn’t care. Just when I heard a ‘pling’ – the lift announced our arrival on the ninth floor – I felt John’s thick, heavily pulsating tube on the underside of his shaft rubbing with just the right pressure over my throbbing clit, rising the heat in my very core even more, John’s cock heated up some more and grew even thicker, he obviously would cum right now, and I let go, too. Both of us were biting into each others shoulder trying to baffle our noisily grunting and groaning, I felt John squirting his jets of semen high up my body, mostly hitting the undersides of my breasts, before gliding back down my shirt, following the force of gravity. Our mutual orgasm left us panting and trembling violently, nonetheless John made his way to his apartment’s door shaking and rocking, still holding me lovingly tight, whilst I couldn’t stop kissing him wherever I was able to hit his skin. He moaned as I nibbled his ear whilst he reached for the keys in a back pocket, nonchalantly keeping me in place with just his left hand, his middle finger buried deep in the crack of my ass, a fingertip pressing right into the clenching pucker through the soaked fabric of my skirt. He groaned loudly when I started to lick and nibble his ear as he opened the door, all the time his still half-hard, hot shaft rubbing against my vulva with every move of his body – I guessed I wouldn’t need very long to cum again with treatments like that.

‘One could call this a night of dry-humping so far – I desperately hope we’ll come to the real fun soon,’ I thought to myself. John’s cock started to recover quickly with the motions whilst he continued to carry me into the living room, where he, kneeling down first, carefully laid my still slightly trembling body onto an easy chair.

My eyes, half closed under heavy lids, watched his lovely, concentrated face, his jaws grinding, his teeth clenched, his sparkling blue eyes wide, and burning with desire whilst staring upwards my juice-soaked stockings and thighs. I felt cool air swirl nicely all over my wet nakedness, and realized that my damp skirt had been creeping up over the seam of my stockings in the process of him laying me down, resulting in granting Betturkey Giriş him the view of his life. I could tell that he enjoyed every second, not only by watching him gazing at me with pure adoration which made me love him even more, but with a look down his body where his beautiful cock, already back to full mast and twitching happily, proudly stood out of the fly of his jeans, pointing directly to the center of our mutual need, and greed. I had to hold my breath momentarily, before I groaned with this mouth-watering sight, at least eight inches of pure beauty, though the girth was even more impressing, in a sudden moment of solicitousness I thought by myself, ‘Dear God, I can’t take him, he will split me into pieces.’ Sure, I had admired that impressive bulge it had created in John’s jeans earlier, and I had felt him sooner, eagerly pressing and rubbing against my crotch, sending me over the edge then whilst John had flooded my entire front up to my boobs – but right now, openly hogging that royal beauty from just one yard’s distance I felt my ass and hips wriggling all over the chair with overwhelming anticipation and pent-up need, whilst captured, fascinated watching John’s tongue eagerly trying to wet his lips,

‘At last I’ve got laid now,’ I thought, desperately trying to suppress some silly giggling, when John caught me off-guard, “Crystal, I… please believe me, I’m honest, I never ever saw anyone, or anything, that even came near to your beauty…” John’s hoarse voice, dark with desire, seeped deep into me, hitting and touching my very core, causing me to tremble uncontrollably, and sob quietly. John was alarmed, and all over me in just one second, holding me tight, pressing me into his chest, “Dear heavens, darling…,” he was trembling, too, whilst eagerly kissing the tears off my face, stroking my damp hair, softly caressing my sweaty back, all the way down and up again, all the time murmuring the sweetest words of love on to me, into me.

I held him even tighter, stroking his muscular back like possessed, literally trying to melt into him, “John, lovely John… the sweetest words I’ve ever heard…” rivers of tears running down my cheeks now, dripping from my chin onto his chest. I couldn’t help it, I was overwhelmed with happiness as John returned my love for him, continuing breathlessly, “Ooh John… darling John… I love you John, I love you like mad, I’ve been lost to you since you laid your beautiful eyes on me first time.” John backed away a bit, his eyes, filled with love, gazing into mine, still wet with tears, as if he couldn’t believe his luck, but then he got all the messages my eyes told his, read all about my deep devotion, my desire, the indescribable longing I felt to be with him, to be his with no restrictions whatsoever, and his eyes lit up with pure joy, he pulled me closer and kissed me again, ever so softly, heartbreaking lovingly, and I kissed him back equally, declaring all my love for him with our first ‘lovers kiss’.

Hearing a somewhat girlish voice calling, “John…?” abruptly broke our mood… suddenly reminding us of Rachel, which we had left behind us in the lift, and meanwhile, occupied by our ‘meetings’ and negotiations, had totally forgotten all about her.

“I’m coming dear…” John called back, as I chided, “John, you really shouldn’t tell her EVERYthing…” he chuckled just once, continuing towards the door, and I followed suit, on shaking legs.

Rachel had already approached the still opened door, though not dared to enter the apartment on her own will. Watching us nearing, her mouth fell open and she squeaked, “Ohmygaawwd, you’re quite a view.” whilst bursting with laughter.

John stared at me, questioning, as if I had known that girl any longer than himself. I stared back and instantly chimed in with Rachel’s guffaw. Watching the question marks in his eyes grow I only was able to point to his crotch, I was laughing too hard, nearly hysterical, to say a word. I was fully aware what I looked like, my shirt practically see-through, every item on display, messed up with sweat, plus John’s tribute, below the waist my crinkled, rode-up skirt not even covering my vulva, let alone my stocking-clad legs, every inch down there to my heels drenched, glittering with Rachel’s and my own juices – altogether a heartwarming picture of pure modesty. But the jewel on top of the crown was John’s…err…endowment, proudly bouncing with each and every step, right now pointing out to Rachel’s chest, near nude equally to my own state – but this wasn’t the bad news – what would be difficult to declare was the lack of encasement. John, in his hurry to soothe Rachel, plus feeling guilty, had displaced the thought of covering himself. Or he was a born exhibitionist. I was absolutely sure that Rachel would feel flattered, if not excited, given this impressing erection had been triggered by herself, but if somebody on this floor would have opened his own door right then…? ‘Creating a public disturbance’ can lead one (three, to be exact, in this case) to end up in jail, eventually.

Thinking of better ways to spend this promising night Betturkey Güncel Giriş I flushed all my lovers into the apartment’s safeness, after closing and locking the door not missing to cover John’s extension with both hands (one was by far not enough to do the duty), before tucking the jerking pole back into the jeans, what wasn’t that easy either. It wasn’t of any help feeling John’s arms pulling me close, sliding down my back, grabbing my still bared buttocks and pulling my groin to his, caging my hands with the act, leaving both of them immovable, one fortunately still glued on his shaft, and then his demanding kiss caused me to forget all about my task.

“John…?” that slut again, meanwhile she turned out to be the living coitus interruptus on legs.

“Yes dear?” Not only she’d caused John to break our kiss, leaving me panting and with shaking knees, no… hearing John’s oversweet reply made me think about lifting my knee half a yard, unconsciously of course… ‘NOOO…!!!’ my deepest core was hysterically screaming, ‘I need that equipment to function properly, later, given that we’ll ever make it to the bedroom.’

“…John, I need to pee, and something to drink…” ‘It would make more sense if you’d drink first, and take a leak after,’ I thought to myself, ‘and… will you ask John next to help you with peeing? Only over my dead body!’ All that sweet thoughts about Rachel suddenly made me aware that I needed to pee, too, so I decided to join her then. Besides that smart move would allow me to keep an eye, or better both eyes, on her, after all she already had raped ME before – right now she would take no prisoners either… what would she do to John eventually, as soon as I was out of sight? Considering that not long ago she nearly went unconscious by just ogling all over his cute, tight butt, would she freak out then gazing all over John’s bulge parading by within his jeans?

John mentioned Rachel to follow him down the hallway, and I followed suit, my eyes glued to Rachel’s sensually wriggling hips. John pushed the bathroom door open, nonchalantly leaning back against the distant door post, smiling… more than just… lasciviously whilst openly feasting his half-closed eyes on the nearing parade of slightly quaking tits. I easily caught John’s undivided attention with lewdly licking my lips, whilst letting my middle finger hide itself inside the length of my slit, thus eliciting a sharp gasp from him, and a sly grin. My reward was an affectionate smack on my bared buttock when I turned left to enter the bathroom, too, before he closed the door behind me.

Rachel was already seated, her shapely thighs spread widely, pissing noisily, her rumpled skirt on the floor besides the bowl, her beautiful gray green eyes wide open and glued to my bared crotch. I had totally forgotten about my crinkled skirt, and hadn’t managed to straighten it so far. “Dear heavens, you’re soo beautiful darling,” her hoarse voice sent shivers down my spine. With trembling hands I managed to get my drenched skirt and the soaked, sticky shirt off finally, nearly forgot about the dripping wet thong, carefully extricating the crotch piece from deep within my slit, before I realized that I granted Rachel the very first sight of my naked body, if neglecting my garter belt and stockings, that is. Anyway, she equally was near nude already, and I fascinated watched her every move as she followed me suit, at last getting rid of her soaked shirt, too. The sight of her perfectly shaped, full breasts heaving up with the shirt, then slightly jigging when Rachel shook her head to straighten out her straw blond mane nearly made me drivel, oh how desperately I wanted to kiss and lick all over that glorious hemispheres, and I closed in to her falteringly.

With each step the intoxicating scent of her sex, with the added note of her urine, thickened around me, making me dizzy, and triggered my own juices to flow again, too. Just when I fell to my knees, between her thighs, the sheer endless stream of urine subsided and I watched the last few trickles of fluid fall to the watery surface, creating tiny little fountains with the impact. Like being under a ban I attentively supervised the musculature working beneath the clean-shaven, satiny skin covering her groin to get rid of the very last drop. When Rachel bent a bit forward to look out for the toilet roll, her right breast, warm and obviously swollen rested on my right shoulder, causing me to shudder with anticipation. “No tissue…?” muttered Rachel, “…can you see any, darling?”

Up till today I’ve never been able to figure out what came over me then, like guided I reached out and my fingers wiped all along her slit (Rachel hissed sharply), further dividing the damp, swollen labia before diving deep into the crevice (Rachel moaned loudly), reveling in the sweet wetness inside the widely opened petals guarding her sex, my middle finger circling and slightly stroking the tiny peehole in search of the very last drop, before dipping effortlessly into the well lubricated entrance to her overheated vagina right up to the second knuckle (her steadily moaning was replaced with some loudly groaning), before – with an audible, obscene ‘plop’ that made me grin – drawing the digit back out and my hand up to my mouth, lapping up the neat puddle Rachel had created in my palm during my tour through her sex life, before lasciviously licking and sucking my finger ‘clean’.

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