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Thanks to those who voted and read the last one. This one is closer to my heart for a few reasons but I tried to spend more time talking about sex rather than about what was inside my head in an attempt to make it more reader friendly (as oppose to self serving). You try and do something for yourself, then someone gives it some stars out of five- all of a sudden you forget the original point and start looking for more stars. Egos, huh?

As always, reading the first one is strongly advised but not absolutely necessary…

_________________________ ______________________

It was after the shower episode that I started to see Sarah’s true sexuality- as time went on she became more adventurous and less concerned with image and consequences. Sex went from a careful and tender undertaking to a wanton frenzy, her mind and body sinking into a different world for the duration of our lovemaking. As far as I was concerned it was a change that I watched in awe; something I didn’t quite understand at the time but thoroughly appreciated nonetheless.

After a while things became more rudimentary- the new became the normal and our sexual excitement hit a plateau. There were plenty of good times in those months, however nothing sticks in your mind quite like a ‘first’; that initial experience of something new, the exploration of uncharted territory. For that reason, we will fast forward from the first chapter almost six months to just before my nineteenth birthday.

Sarah and I had finished high school and were working for a few months before heading to university, so we often only had the weekends to ourselves. The fact that Sarah still lived with her fairly protective mother made things even harder, so when she gave me call late one afternoon and asked if she could come over, I was glad I had nowhere to be. Of course, my mind immediately turned to fucking her and how best to garner that result as quickly and efficiently as possible- not very romantic I know, but the ugly truth. She often finished work drained, stressed and smelling of frying oil; not a combination that lent itself to her being in the mood for sex and so I didn’t have high hopes…

When she arrived at the door I had made no progress in my cunning plan other than a few compliments. Genius.

I opened the door to greet her.

“Anyone else here?” she asked.

“No…” I responded questioningly.

“Then fuck me.”

She marched straight past me to the bedroom, dumping her bag and beginning to disrobe on the way.

By the time I caught up to her, she was already naked on the bed slowly rubbing her clit. I struggled with what was left of my clothes and she stared at me like an impatient store clerk waiting for bahis firmaları an elderly customer to decide what they were going to buy. I felt small inside, but outside I was as big as ever, and as I lay down next to her my cock felt like it was going to burst. She sidled up beside me, her back toward me and her and her leg in the air.

“I want it like this” she said, reaching between her legs for my cock as she spoke. She guided my aching cock to her deliciously wet pussy, the tip of me gently pressing at her opening. With one hand supporting me and the other plying at her curvy hips, I slowly pushed inside her.

She felt as phenomenal as ever- tight but inviting and taking almost ten inches right to the hilt. My hips pressed against her ass as she wriggled back in an effort to take as much cock inside her as she could, then withdrawing it by straightening her back, trapping me at an angle and making the head of my member push and rub against her most intimate of places. We fucked like this slowly at first, then picking up speed until we crashed together on every stroke. My hand had ventured down to her unfathomably perfect ass; with her leg arched up her ass cheek was in the perfect position.

Let me say now that until this point I had never considered myself terribly interested in that particular part of a woman’s anatomy, but at that point, with the perfect ass in the perfect position, I was converted. It really was that perfect. I gripped and squeezed this beautiful piece of flesh as I fucked Sarah unrelentingly, my other hand finding her breasts and my breath falling on the nape of her neck.

And before I knew it, I was doing something I had no intention of doing. As I fucked her pussy and squeezed her ass the tip of my middle finger had begun to brush her in a place we had only ever talked about. Briefly.

And in that brief conversation she had said exactly what one would expect- “no, never, no way, that disgusting.”

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It wasn’t a big deal. I took my hand away and tried to get my mind back to what I was doing.

She reached back, found my hand and put it back where it was.

It took me few seconds to comprehend what was going on. I was young and inexperienced- there was no way that a woman would WANT me to touch them there, was there? I didn’t move. I was confused to the point of atrophy. And then she spoke.

“Touch me please…”

The words were almost whispered. They were shameful and desperate; seemingly perverted yet wholly innocent.

I slowly pressed my middle finger against her tight hole. At first, everything was static- we had stopped fucking; we had stopped moving at all save the tiniest of movements. kaçak iddaa My finger softly and slowly explored this new territory and neither of us made a sound. I gently circled, pressed and stroked her ass, attempting at the same time to gauge what was going through her mind. She began to breathe heavy, then whimper, then push back onto me.

My cock began to once again sink deep into her now drenched cunt. Her wetness was flowing out of her like I had never seen before, dripping slowly down to her thigh and onto the sheets. My finger was also now pushing harder and harder against her ass, and this added to the mix of her sweat and juices meant that I had to stop myself from penetrating her.

Now at this point, you may be wondering why I’d want to stop myself, but keep in mind that at this point I was young and (until a few minutes ago) not interested in anal at all. On top of that, anyone who has read the first chapter may recall that the first few months of my sexual relationship with Sarah was spent repeating the mantra “are you alright” between every thrust. The general conception might be that having a big cock makes a man confident, but in my case at least it lead only to always second guessing myself when it came to sexual matters. So, of course, the next three words that come out of my mouth are

“Are you alright?”

She doesn’t stop, she doesn’t look at me, she keeps thrusting against me, arching her back, getting as much cock as she can and now adds to this her hand on her ass cheek to spread herself wider.

“I want to feel it.”


“Inside. Put it inside.”

Between the wetness and her desire, it slipped in easily. First the pad of my finger, then the tip. I let her set her pace for her first anal penetration, letting her push back for more and not following her if she backed away. Soon she had the first knuckle, then she resumed her back arching lust filled assault on my cock. As she fucked me again, my finger pushed in and out of her beautiful tight warm hole. I stopped thinking about how much, I don’t remember and at the time I didn’t care. I was in another world.

Her pussy had become so much tighter; her muscles had begun to contract and constrict my thick cock as she fucked me. Her ass felt like I couldn’t believe- hot and tight, it seemed like it was sucking me deeper into her.

By far the best thing, though, was feeling my cock inside her cunt through her ass. I could feel the ridge of my cock sliding in and out of that delectable pussy as I probed her and couldn’t help but visualize what we were doing from a whole other perspective. I then became aware that just as I could feel my cock with my finger, I could feel my finger with my cock, the tip kaçak bahis of my digit enveloped in her ass giving just enough pressure on my shaft to add to my pleasure. I was feeling us fuck, really FEELING it, and it was by all accounts, amazing.

She slowed down a little and spoke. “Are you ok with touching me…. There?”

“I am, it feels amazing. You like it?” Posed in the manner of a question but really more of a statement…

“Yeah… how does it feel amazing?”

I thought about what I could say, but in the end decided what I’d like to see. Like watching her masturbate but twice the excitement.

“Feel for yourself.”

She hesitated. She started to make excuses. In the end though, she gave in. Her hand left her ass cheek, the gorgeous flesh rippling back to its natural position before once more being plied and kneaded between my fingers. I spread her apart to both give her better access and me a better view. Sarah’s hands were soft and elegant with long slender fingers, and it was one of those fingers that I watched disappear inside her own tight hole. At first it seemed like a magic trick, as if her digit had vanished, but then I felt it- the gentle pressure that came from her being filled in both her ass and her pussy.

“It’s more weird than amazing…”

“Wait…” and with that I slowly began to work my cock deeper inside her. She gasped.

“Oh my God…. Oh…. Holy sh….ohhh…..”

Words stopped and her soft breathy groans began. As I worked up speed, her groans became moans and her finger came to life. I could feel her explore the beautiful ass she was blessed with until, satisfied with her survey had discovered she settled upon the point at which she could feel my cock the most.

“Now does it feel amazing? Can you feel us fucking? Feel my shaft buried inside you?

That was enough- with a passionate cry she came, pussy twitching and squeezing my cock, compelling me to climax. I unleashed inside her as she came down from her orgasm, still groaning and spasming with my cock blowing ropes of cum inside her already soaked cunt.

We showered and we slept. It was 3 hours before we woke to the sound of a mobile phone. Her mother, livid that she was about to miss dinner. As she cursed and grumbled, I lay there wondering what would happen next in our sexual journey, hoping that it would be as awesome as what I had just experienced. Although I know now so much more, the thrill of a new sexual discovery is a feeling that cannot be topped- I would go on to do a lot more with Sarah and other girls but for me it is my introduction to anal play that is my fondest memory.

As she gathered her stuff to appease her mother and go home, I remember trying to think what would happen next, what new sexual indiscretion we would explore. I had no idea, though, that not only would it be something completely overwhelming, but that it would happen in only a week’s time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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