Andi’s Story Pt. 01


(I always like to start in the middle of a story, and depending on interest, might write prequels and sequels. Here is the beginning of another short story, set in the past but always written “in the moment”. Enjoy. As always, I love to hear how you felt.)


It was our usual get together, once a month. I was between serious partners, having had to separate from Leland, but not yet having met my current wife. It was the middle of the year too, a hot and sultry time, a passing of seasons in my life and the world.

I had come across Helen and Andrew on Craigslist, as a threesome partner. They flaked on me at first, then responded when I emailed later, asking them out for coffee. We clicked, and set up a time for the next weekend at their place.

These things are always hard to predict, but I found myself having drinks and then sitting down on a sofa with Andrew, as Helen did a slow tease for us, before sitting down between us and fishing out our cocks. I smiled at her as she sucked me off, “it feels so good, honey. Andrew, she sucks really well, doesn’t she?” I looked at him and he just nodded, transfixed somehow.

When she switched over to him, I stroked myself off, and admired her again, “work that mouth, damn that looks good!” When I looked up at Andrew though, he quickly turned away and I got the feeling he had been looking at me jacking off. I turned towards them and stroked myself more openly, slowly, looking him in the eye.

This time when he looked again, I stared him in the eye, nodding, letting him know it was okay. Then, not taking my eyes off, said, “isn’t that good, Andrew? I bet that’s going to make you cum real soon, isn’t it?” And he did, shutting his eyes, grimacing, holding on to her head.

Helen choked a bit, then swallowed as best she could, coming up and beaming at us, wiping cum off her lips. “Come here, love,” I said, encouraging her on to my lap.

“Should we get some drinks, Andrew?” He got up reluctantly and returned with beers. By this time Helen was impaled on my cock, and I could see his throat dry up as he just stood there wit the two cans, watching her ride, buck her hips and moan as she impaled herself on my cock.

“You like this, baby?” She nodded, “fuck me, fuck me hard, unh yeah, I’m gonna cum!” I slapped her ass cheeks, letting her do the work, letting her hold on to me and slam her hips down.

“She’s erzincan escort having fun, eh?” I asked Andrew, “wanna get a closer look? Come, sit here, sit next to us,” I patted the sofa next to me. Helen was still riding me, but now she was going slow and deep, moaning heavily, her eyes lidded. “Oh baby I love this, I love his cock, oh I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, ah, ah, aoohh.”

She slammed down, and her thighs shook, until she was still, her face in my chest. I turned to Andrew, who had a dazed look on his face. “Hey,” I smiled at him, as I stroked her ass, “thanks for inviting me over, I’d sure like to do this again.”

And we did, the very next weekend. This time, there was little need for the preliminary drinks. Andrew opened the door to let me in, and when I entered, Helen was already wearing a robe, that she parted as soon as the door was closed, showing herself naked underneath. I looked at her husband, who looked down meekly.

I embraced her, and we kissed for what seemed like a really long time. “Get the drinks ready, honey,” she called out, and began to take my clothes off. “You look beautiful,” I told her, as she pulled off my trousers. “I know,” she replied running her hands over me through my boxers, “I can feel you see me.”

“How’s Andrew feeling about … everything?” “Oh don’t worry about it, he’s thrilled, trust me. Let’s move to the bedroom this time, much better for everyone.”

I followed her, me naked, she in her robe. Andrew brought over the drinks, and I felt a little uncomfortable that he was the only one dressed. Helen sat me down and just went to town on my cock, as if she couldn’t wait. She was focussed, almost zealous, throating me, slobbering all over me.

I gasped and looked at Andrew, standing in a corner, staring. “Why don’t you take your clothes off,” I urged him, and he complied, slowly. “Come, sit,” I told him, and he complied again. I felt awkward, even as Helen was really working up a load and I could feel it boiling inside me.

I wished she would look at me but she was intensely devouring my cock and I didn’t want to break her rhythm. So I stroked her hair and neck, and told Andrew, “she feels so good, she’s really working my cock.” He nodded. “I’m glad I got to know you folks, I feel such a positive sexual connection here.”

I reached out my hand to both of them, entangling in their hair, rubbing erzurum escort them lightly. And then, something I wasn’t expecting … Andrew sighed and rested his head on my shoulder, my hand naturally moving down to his shoulder, holding him close just as Helen took me deep in her throat and gagged. “Fuck, I’m coming!” I cried, and she held my cock head in her mouth, letting me spurt in there as I held on to husband and wife for support.

My right hand grabbed her skull, and she held on to my thighs to balance my pressure. As my left hand squeezed Andrew’s shoulder, hugging him close, his right palm ending up on my thigh too, for support, their fingers interlacing.

Catching my breath, I thanked her. Looking up for the first time, she saw us and smiled. Then, standing up, she kissed Andrew, passing my cum back and forth. He hesitated at first, then let it happen. My jaw dropped, it was such a hot sight to see.

They stared into each other’s eyes and shared a long moment together. “You want me to tell him?” He nodded. Still looking at him, she spoke to me, “well, Andrew here really liked having you join us, and thinks we’d be really good … together.”

Their fingers were still together, and I kept a hand on theirs, cementing our little private circle. Everyone sighed visibly, it was one of those electric moments where people are synchronizing together slowly and then suddenly find a fit.

“Yes,” I replied slowly, “I feel our … energy together. I feel like I have gained …”, and I paused to look at each of them in turn, “a pair of lovers, yes?” As they nodded and smiled, I brought Helen’s face to mine, kissed her passionately, and holding her hair, guided her to her knees in front of Andrew, to kiss her way up from his knees.

Turning to Andrew now, I stroked his cheek and waited for his reaction. After moving away from my first touch, he stayed put, and let me run my fingers along his cheek, chin, through his hair. I removed his glasses and kept them to the side, then brought my face really close, as my hand reached down and found his cock.

“Is this … okay?” He was breathing hard suddenly, and was just able to say, “uh-huh”.

“Good. Look how hard you are. Is that because Helen is about to suck your cock?” No reaction. With my finger I motioned her to stay off, and she stuck to kissing his groin, right next to the base of his bursa escort cock, but going no further.

“I don’t know, I think you’re hard … for me.” I gripped his cock now, and he lurched. “Yes, I think that’s right, I think … you like this, you want this.” I slid my hand up and down as I talked to him.

“And I think she likes this too, don’t you Helen?” She was resting her head on his knee, looking up at him. “Spit on this baby,” I told her, and she deposited a big gob on his shaft, which I wrapped my hand around and really took control of now.

He exhaled sharply, almost a whimper. I brought my lips to his and gave a soft kiss, and his eyes bulged out.

“Andrew, I’ll let you in on a little secret here. This isn’t the first time I’ve found and – yes, loved – a couple such as you. When I enter into a threesome, there’s usually one of two ways that things proceed, and …”, I ground my hand down to the base, hard, drawing another whimper, “… and I’m really glad this has gone the direction I wanted.”

“Spit, again.” She drooled a few strands on his head, and I wrapped it, rotating, slathering up and down.

“I like you, Andrew,” I leaned in and this time shared a longer kiss, slowly sliding my hand back and forth, making slick wet sounds. His arms found their way to my shoulders, and I slide my other hand down from his shoulder to his lower back, “I like you, but … I’m not really gay. I like – well, how should I put it? – men who are feminine at heart, and whether they’re aware of it or not, willing to be a little …,” I gave a small peck on his lips, “… a little submissive.”

He stiffened in my hand, betraying himself completely, and I couldn’t help smiling. I looked at Helen and she was smiling too, and full of emotion.

“Do you think you could be … submissive to me?” Another stiffening, and I looked into his face, finding his mouth open, a dry moan on his lips. I opened my fist around him and began tracing his shaft with my fingers instead. “I need to know, baby, I need to hear it from you.”

“Yes.” Almost a whisper, but there it was. Acceptance. Submission. And a sense of … perhaps even relief. He sighed and buried his face in my neck.

“Good,” I said, firmly now, “come for me now, let it all out, just let go of your former self, pour out your manliness in this last cum of yours, I want none of it when I’m around, is that clear?”

I kissed the top of his head. “Come for me – come for me, Andi.”

At this he lurched and spewed into my palm. I let his spurts subside, before using my fingers to gather up the last drops, then brought my hand up to his lips. “Here, Andi, drink it up.”

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