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05 – The ultimate lecture

Wednesday! The mere word had been like an obsession to her the last few days. How was it possible that one single expected event could occupy one’s every waking moment like this? Totally paralyse your mind?

The day at school had been endless; to such an extent that she was driven almost to the brink of desperation.

In the end she just had to leave, and sat in a park nearby for the last few hours trying to read something. She couldn’t concentrate about anything though, not about the reading either.

At three she was back in her apartment and in the shower, cleaning herself from top to toe the second time that day.

So now she was in this damned bus again. On her way up to Mayo, – again. Up to face a challenge so thrilling that she felt she would never see a woman’s body the same way after this. Never, not even after the first mind- blowing sexual experience with her beloved Jean.

Jean! Ann got a little uneasy in her seat.

Her jaws just stopped aching about yesterday! Her pulse still wasn’t back to normal. And her mind…. had probably never been normal, come to think of it.

The two last nights she had more or less cried herself to sleep. Her feelings raced back and forth, from intense love with that miraculous woman, down to dark desperation that her lesbian passions so totally took over her entire life. Other girls lived a normal life and had dates with boys. She could think of nothing but the soft curves and horny pussies of those ladies that all of a sudden rumbled in over her life like steamrollers. Those horny pussies! Tits with nipples aching to be massaged, thighs and rounded butts demanding to be worshipped. Horny eyes looking down at her, demanding nothing but full attention and effort, a mind set for the pursue of the knowledge and skills necessary to reach Jean’s visions on the perfect service girl. They definitely were the right people in the right position, no doubt about that. Ann could clearly feel – just like Jean had told her so many times already – how they enjoyed not only her excellent skills as a service girl, but just as much the feeling of power and supremacy that was the key part of their role in the game.

And Jean had this in her blood! It was an integrated part of her personality. Nobody who would know her well would question her natural authority, the way she accepted the worship of her body and person as the most natural thing. Anne felt she would take it as such from any young girl, not just from her, even though she knew she was special.

At least she felt special after their first dark night of lovemaking. And that’s how Anne really felt about it; a dark night of lovemaking. Not dark in a negative meaning of the word of course. Quite on the contrary. Absolutely!
Dark in a mysterious way. An overwhelming way. The way she felt that she had been totally out of control, directed by the pure instinct of nature.

And the dark night. The long, dark hours of soft sighs and moans, all through the night. All until they both fell asleep at the first light of dawn, totally exhausted.

The details of their first night together came back to her again and again, making her heart race and her cheeks glow. The night of her life; the final breakthrough!

She felt her own pussy moisten as the fantastic feeling came back to her once again, and she was glad she had got used to wear her Libresse nearly all the time by now. That fantastic feeling of slipping in between those open thighs that very first time, to sense more than see the pussy of her life in there in the darkness, feel the scent of excitement flowing against her, the desire to please so strong she could scream of joy. And then the well- trimmed bush against her nose, the soft lips embracing her tongue, and the thighs instantly closing in hard around her head. Oh those thighs! The softness, the strength and those microscopic shudders and spasms of the muscles in there.

Fore a while she completely forgot the purpose of their session, and lost herself totally in the depths of this intensely erotic and spicy world of female passion. So did Jean, apparently. Not a word was said for a long time. They hardly moved at all. Only once the gorgeous lady adjusted her position to spread herself a little better for the loving tongue. A bit later a gentle hand came down to rest on the back of her head. Not to guide her touch or to pull her closer in, more like a caress to indicate the acceptance and appreciation of the love that was given to her. The acceptance that made Jean Jean.

After a long period of quiet breathing and small sighs, Anne started to recall what they were there for. Even if Jean still hadn’t encouraged it, she knew she should remember to let her experience her special skills rather than think of her own joy. And since there actually was no contradiction between the two, there was no reason not to go for it like she had done with the other ladies.

As she prepared casino siteleri to do her first tongue penetration, she intensely hoped that it would give as much joy to Jean as to Mary and Pamela. From their violent orgasms she felt quite confident about the quality of her skills, but still. What if Jean didn’t react the same way? What if she didn’t like it? She would never survive a blow like that!

But it was soon clear that there was no need to worry! As she let her tongue push gently inwards, Jean’s breathing immediately stocked, and her thighs tensed and came in on her cheeks again. Very slowly she went deeper until she felt the tongue stretch stopping her. Then there was the moment required to completely relax her jaws and throat. Immediately the strained feeling went away, and she could start her second push, as her unique physical features allowed her; all the way in. Filling her lady completely!

Jean’s body started shaking like a leaf. She tensed up from head to toe, holding her breath and gritting her teeth as the fantastic sensations got her. Even her fingers twitched! Until she managed to grab the armrest, that is.

She was totally overwhelmed!! Sure she had had some excellent service over the last few years, but this was beyond anything even she was able to contemplate! The feeling of being filled up was stronger than anything she had ever experienced with a man, or even an oversized dildo! Maybe it was partly because of the feelings she had for this particular girl, but still; the intensity of the glowing heat in her belly just got her. Mercilessly… She realised she would be blown away in just a few more thrusts! No wonder Pam and Mary broke in record time!

The miraculous tongue started a gentle but firm rhythm of thrusts, filling the drooling pussy to the brink at each full penetration. The belly heat rose to uncontrollable intensity faster than Jean could even react. She tried to spread out wider and shift her hips into various positions to ease the intensity. As a last clumsy attempt, she clamped her thighs around the curly head and used her shaking hands to try to push it away from her. Which naturally didn’t work at all.

She exploded!

It hit her like a hurricane. She threw herself backwards on the couch and yelled out as she spurted her cum into the hungry mouth. All over that hard working tongue. Thighs clamped down harder and hands grasped the head and hair in uncontrolled ecstasy. The pain made Anne’s eyes overflow, but she dug in more determined than ever, taking down those sweet pussy juices as they gushed at her, once again showing the world who was in control of the orgasms in this place!

Her head was tugged violently back and forth in the clamp between the shaking thighs as those blindly grasping hands ruined her hairstyle. Sharp shrieks mixed with breathless gasps accompanied by another shower of pussy juices squirting against the back of her throat. Ann was just as ecstatic as her partner. She felt she was drinking from the very core of her greatest love and compassion, and tried to squeeze her face in as hard as she could, opening her mouth as far as possible to welcome the lady’s shattering orgasm. Hanging on with both hands wrapped around the upper thighs. Rubbing her upper lip and nose against the clit when she couldn’t reach it with her tongue. Prolonging the ecstasy as long as humanly possible. Giving this beautiful woman all the pleasure she could ever take – and more!

This must have been the strongest orgasm she had experienced in her entire life! Flashes of visions flew across her mind as Jean rode through the waves of passion. Visions of all the wonderful explosions into all those hungry, young and willing mouths, those worshipping mouths. The physical pleasure competing with the mental one of knowing that it was for her, and for her only. Oh how happy she felt! Happy that she had chosen this style of life, that she had found partners like Pam and Carol, that she could arouse such passions with her girls, happy for the simple fact that she could ask anything at any time. Anything!

Jean breathlessly realised that she had been beaten even by Pam. Her colleague stood for at least five minutes after Anne started her special treatment. She didn’t even last two minutes herself! Sure Pam had a more professional relationship to this girl, but that couldn’t explain it all. Absolutely not!

She was all covered by a thin layer of sweat by now, and the wrinkled jacket suddenly felt intolerably warm and uncomfortable. With som feverish straining and twisting she was able to get out of it and throw it over to the opposite corner of the couch. Then she proceeded with unbuttoning her shirt all the way down to the toggled skirt around her waist.

That immediately felt better.

As she tried to catch up on her breathing, she realised that that wonderful pupil of hers still was down there between her thighs, lovingly tonguing and caressing the pink inside between canlı casino her sensitive pussy lips. The feeling of love and compassion again warmed her body all the way out to her fingertips, and she knew time was right to continue perfecting the girl’s performance. Some discipline! She couldn’t afford to let herself fall hopelessly in love… at least not yet.

“It’s extremely important…” she gasped as a powerful aftershock made her hips jerk, “extremely important to remember never to leave your lady after her orgasm! Just like I’ve told you, and like you do so well now! Not unless she asks you to, or pushes you away.”

Jean gently put one hand behind Anne’s head to lead the way.

“You stay with her! Faithfully… You show her that you love her and desire her more than anything. That you will serve her forever! Lick and drink and enjoy everything that she can give you. But you must do it right!”

Like Anne didn’t know!…

The other hand came down to guide her head the right way.

“Now. You keep your tongue sliding up and down between the inner lips, veeery gently! Twirl it around sometimes; vary the rhythm and intensity of the caresses. But make sure not to touch the clit. Don’t even get close to it! Most women are very sensitive and some even a little sore after a very powerful orgasm. Touching the clit then can be right out painful, and even the fear that the tongue could touch, even just by accident, can be enough to cause a feeling of discomfort. And you don’t want to cause a feeling of discomfort, do you?!?”

Anne had heard this many times already and almost felt annoyed that Jean felt the need to repeat it even at this moment.

The tongue almost immediately found the right pattern of movement between the soaking pussy lips, and Jean gradually let go of the curly head again. Another small aftershock went through her and made her gasp involuntarily.

“Surely there are women who can experience multiple orgasms. And they obviously can take a continuous hard tongue massage of their clit after their first cum. And then cum again! But believe me, there are just a few of them! It’s basically all a myth created by the porn industry. So the safest way, at least as a general rule, is to do it the way I’m telling you.”

Jean sighed deeply.

“That’s it…. Veeery nice and gently. Show me how you love to make me feel good. How it occupies you mind entirely. How you live to fill my body with wonderful sensations!”

Jean spread her legs a little more, and laid all back with closed eyes and her arms folded under her head.

“Let your lady swim in heavenly feelings. Let her sense how every nerve in her body respond to the gentle and loving caresses. Let your hands wander around…. Find all those erotic spots, the hips, the curve of the belly and the thighs, the softness of her tits – don’t still touch the nipples – the neck and upper arms… all of her.”

They lay like this for some minutes, saying nothing, just enjoying being together. The room was silent save for the regular but somewhat strained breathing and an occasional moan or wet sound of a gently working tongue.

They were both deeply in love. Anne was ready to abandon everything this very moment to be allowed to stay exactly where she was the rest of her life. Jean on her side was concentrating on controlling her feelings, trying to keep them on a level of glowing sexual passion for now. She couldn’t interfere with the important training the girl was to endure. Far too much was at stake for that. Her extraordinary skills would boost the business beyond anything she could have imagined. And jeopardising all that would be nothing but plain stupid!

Yeah, Anne would have to wait. When the time was right she would take her in as her personal service girl – and partner, almost like a daughter… and lover, of course. Wasn’t that something to look forward to? Her darling pleasure girl;… that tongue pleasing her pussy the rest of her life! Shit, the heat started to spread throughout her body again…

“Anne, dear…”


“Could you please try that deep tongue trusting again? Very gently?”


Jean felt the need to be filled again. The need that any horny woman experience every now and then. That very need that makes most of them believe that a girls mouth and tongue alone is not enough. Until they meet a girl like Anne. Or any of her other pleasure girls, when they would eventually be properly trained.

Her heart pounded almost painfully as she spread her legs even further and tried to totally relax her abdomen. Even if she felt well prepared, she gasped as she felt that incredible tongue penetrate her again. Into the depths of her belly, to the very core of her soul. An insane melting sensation washed through her belly and thighs and she felt an intense desire to pee. So strong that she wasn’t even sure if a few drops didn’t slip into that hungry mouth before she regained kaçak casino control.

The tongue slipped out with a sloppy sound, and then came back in again. The same feeling overwhelmed her again. What if she just let go…. Just a little?!?

No, she new that couldn’t be. At least not yet. Let her get to know the bursters first!

Jean leaned back and relaxed as she let the sensations take her up towards a new build-up. This time she had much better control, and the only annoying thing was that she was a little disturbed by this constant feeling of having to pee. It went away only the very last minute of their lazy ride, right before she had another thunderous orgasm into that insatiable mouth, a climax maybe even stronger than the first one! And wetter! And one that again saw her scream like a child as the cramps took her!

A blissful ride of bucking and jerking took them both through their second peak together as lovers. Sexual excitement and craving filled the office to the brink. And Anne felt just as ecstatic as Jean! Did she actually have some kind of climax herself, just from the effect of the pleasure she gave Jean? Some kind of oral orgasm just from the overwhelming mental impact of her lady’s vaginal one? At least she felt all weak and shaky afterwards, just like she did after she brought herself off with her hand. Only difference though, she was still hotter than ever!

So horny she could burst! There was no way she would ever get enough of this pussy!

She went to work on it with renewed hunger, very gently though, trying to remember to think of Jean’s pleasure more than her own.

Jean’s mind in fact dwelt with those same things. As she slowly came down from the magnificent peak of ecstasy again, and let that skilled tongue nurse her back into total relaxation, she was occupied with her young girl’s own feelings. As far as she knew, Anne still didn’t have any relief of tensions. She must be extremely horny herself by now. Jean was laying spread eagled all over the couch, thighs as far out as possible, totally exposed to her beloved student, showing off all of her female charms that always had such wonderful effect on other people. Men and women alike!

So, how about that? Should she encourage Anne to have a cum for herself? No doubt she deserved a relief of tensions after such excellent and devoted service. And there certainly was no reason to put the same strains on her as the service girls in the field. Or…. wasn’t it, by the way?

Sure they were more lovers than teacher and pupil right now, But still…. After all she was in for a full program participation over the next months. And that meant full focus on the training of service skills. But even more important; why not let the possibility to join her in total sexual satisfaction be some kind of a reward for the loyalty and patience she would need from her during that period? Something to look forward to if she would go along all the way and then be her most favourite lover. Yes! Open the world of servitude gradually, so she could see the promised land little by little! That would be the best and safest way to keep her in the fold.

Jean worked herself up on her elbows.

“How do you feel, Anne?”


“Tell me, how do you feel?”

A gentle push on her forehead indicated to her she was required to come up with something more than just a muffed sound from inside. With a light smack she let her mouth loose from the overheated pussy lips. Immediately Jean had a feeling of emptiness that for a short moment made her regret what she had done.

“Dear lady, you know I feel wonderful! I’m here…. with you!”

She motioned to dive back in, and Jean had to rush her finger onto her forehead again to stop her. She raised her upper body to sit on the edge of the couch, heavily leaning against the armrest.

“I’m Jean, Anne… Jean!”

She looked down at her, pretending for a moment to be annoyed. Then she smiled again.

“But what I wanted to know is how horny you feel, you know… right now. Would you like to cum yourself?”

Anne looked up at her with a confused expression in her eyes. Jean had briskly interrupted her attempts to excuse her previous expressions of formalities, and now she all of a sudden faced her with a question that she definitely didn’t like.

What did she expect her to answer?!? Of course she wanted to cum, have some relief of her screaming passion. But that would kind of ruin the intensity and the beauty of the moment, wouldn’t it? Every small ripple of pleasure she was able to produce in thighs, buttocks or hips felt better than a million ecstasies of her own! Didn’t she know?

“Tell me Anne! Would you?”

Jean’s finger still rested on her forehead. Her eyes locked with hers. Her brown hair now hanging in stray locks around her face. Anne thought she looked like a goddess. A creature of eternal beauty. Beyond real life.

Suddenly she knew what to say.


A moment of hesitation. Then a clear idontbelieveasingleword- expression.

“Why not?”

The pressure of the finger relaxed so much that she was able to plant a dry kiss on the slowly closing pussy lips.

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