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I awoke to the buzzing of my phone. My eyes peeled open and I grabbed it off the nightstand. I hit the answer button. The voice on the other end said, “you are a naughty little bitch and that is why I love you.” It was Steve. I giggled a bit and asked him what he meant. Steve let out a laugh and said that he thoroughly loved the video that I sent him the night before. Watching two young studs being submissive to me was a real turn on. I explained how I had gotten to that point to Steve. I told him that I really missed his tongue and mouth desperately. I explained how the two interns lacked oral skills. He asked if I wanted to fuck either of them. I said that I would wait to see if either of them could figure out what it took to get me off. For now, they were going to serve me. Steve and I finished up our conversation and I got ready for another day in the ED.

When I arrived, the two boys were waiting. Both looked like they had huge hang overs. I made it a point to ride their asses all day. Every time I had a case to review, I made the two of them do all the paperwork. As the day ended, I told them that they needed to show up at my place after work and to bring food. Their training was going to begin this evening. Their moods perked up. I went to the apartment and slipped into some leggings and an exercise top that left nothing to the imagination. Soon there was a knock at the door. Sam had a box of pizza and John was carrying a case of beer.

I looked at them in disgust. What kind of man brings and woman a box of pizza and beer? I pulled them into the apartment and pinned their ears back. I explained that if they ever wanted to get an older woman, they needed to use some finesse. They both looked modified. I sat on the couch and told them to get me some pizza and a beer. Sam delivered it quickly. I told güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Sam to give me a backrub while I ate. I directed John to my feet and told him to massage them. They both did as they were told. As I ate, I explained that neither one of them would get to fuck me until they had learned what it took to get an older woman. If either one of them finally figured it out, I would have sex with that one but not the other. Beginning tonight it would be a competition. They both looked at each other. Immediately, both started rubbing my body with more zeal.

As my dinner ended, I gave them three minutes to eat, then told them they needed to get undressed and ready for training. They both inhaled some pizza, and each guzzled a beer and stripped naked. I chose John to go first. I asked him to touch all the parts of my body that he though would be sensitive. He quickly poked my clit through my leggings. I slapped him hard and called him an idiot and told him to stop. I directed Sam to take a shot at it. Sam grabbed my breast. I slapped him hard too and called him a moron. These two were meat headed imbeciles. I grabbed Sam’s index finger and told him to watch closely. I placed it gently on my lips and rubbed it across. Then, I ran his finger from just behind my ear, down to the center of my neck. Even though I was controlling his finger, it felt sensual.

I pushed him to the floor and told him to run his finger across the top of my foot, then around my ankles. I directed him to touch my inner thigh. I rolled over on the couch and asked him to trace my spine with his index finger, then down the back of each leg. As he got to my feet, I lifted it and asked him to kiss my toes. As he did, I slipped one into his mouth. I told him that he needed to treat my toes like he would my pussy. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Make my toes cum, I told him. Sam’s tongue danced across my toes. He was a bit rough, but at least he was trying. I let him go for a while, then had John do the exact same thing, starting from my lips down to my toes. Knowing that they were now in a competition, John made it a point to be very gentle.

I told them to stop and for each of them to give me their index fingers. I took them in my hands and gently pressed them against the crotch of my leggings. Their eyes both opened wide as they discovered how wet my pussy had become. I looked at both and explained that from now on, they needed to use a soft touch first, not brute force. Anyone could fuck someone and get a body to cum, but very few people could use finesse to get someone’s mind to cum. They both looked at each other as if I had taught them the meaning of life.

I slid my leggings down and directed John to my wetness and told him to practice his technique. John started by kissing my inner thighs. Good boy, I thought. He then made his way up to my pussy and gently licked it. He used his tongue and upper lip to pin it slightly, then worked it, till is was extremely sensitive. My body reacted with a little orgasm that made me shiver a bit. I took a minute to calm down then had Sam take his place. Sam started much lower and kissed up my leg, while running his hands gently across my thighs. I was beginning to enjoy this competition. Soon, his tongue was massaging my swollen clit. Sam puckered his lips together and held my clit firmly between them. He began to hum in a low frequency. The feeling was amazing, like a human vibrator. I placed my hands on the back of his head and told him not to stop. He continued until he was out of breath. güvenilir bahis şirketleri As he gasped for another breath, I screamed at him not to stop. Sam quickly continued. Within seconds, my clit exploded in little electric shocks and I slid off into a stronger orgasm. I ground Sam’s face into my pussy so that my clit had something to rub on. It was so extremely sensitive. As I ended, I threw his head back, then pushed him to the floor with my foot.

Sam looked up at me in awe, his face covered in my wetness. I turned to John, who looked dejected. John had made me cum but not like Sam had. I am sure he thought Sam had won, but this competition had a long way to go. I caught my breath and got up from the couch and got two condoms from my pocketbook. I threw them at the boys and told them to put them on and get on their knees in front of me. I explained that I did not need them making a mess of my apartment every time they came over. From now on, their cum would be captured and disposed of properly. I leaned back on the couch and lifted both feet into the air and placed my toes in their mouths. Jerk off, I told them, while you practice on my toes.

Instantly, they both began to jerk furiously as they sucked on my toes. The sight of two men servicing my feet while jerking off made me horny and very wet. I began to rub my swollen and overly sensitive clit. Within seconds, I peeled off another small orgasm. It did not take long before both boys pumped their useless cum into their condoms. Once they had both ejaculated, I told them to get dressed and to leave. They both tried to take off their condoms, but I demanded that they leave them on until they got home. Their assignment was to take them off and throw then in the toilet and piss on them. I wanted a video of each of them doing it. They both looked at me as if I had taken their brains out and dumped in submissive puppy.

About a half hour later, I received two videos. Sam’s video was exactly as I had instructed. John’s, however had a soft audio message. As he pissed on the condom, I heard him gently whisper, “Ann, I am not worthy.” Hmm, I thought, not yet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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