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So there I was again, hanging out in my favourite pub on a busy Saturday night, talking to my buddy Zack, half-focused on him, half-focused on finding a good-looking guy to take home and fuck into oblivion.

Yeah, I knew Zack wanted me, and the truth is that I wanted him, too, but neither one of us had ever acted on it. My rationale was: why ruin a perfectly good friendship just because a wet spot formed on my thong whenever I was around him?

On that particular evening, he was telling me about this chick Lisa he was lusting after, while I was glancing about the room, sweeping my gaze over all the men, checking out their faces or their asses, whichever my eyes landed on first.

There didn’t seem to be anyone of interest, so I decided to concentrate fully on my beer. As I turned my head towards my pint on the bar, I spotted him, his blue eyes fixed intently on my tits.

He must have sensed that he’d been caught, because he lifted his face, and I could see a distinctly sheepish look spread across it. The look was perfectly charming. He was perfectly charming.

He appeared a bit surprised when I stared at him in open invitation, but he was perceptive enough to get the message. He immediately picked up his drink and came over. Zack, completely used to men materializing by my side, greeted him amicably.

He introduced himself as Neal, with an “a”. After my eyes had fully roamed over his face and body, I decided that I quite liked Neal, with an “a”. In addition to his good looks, he had an easy way about him. He was completely comfortable in his own skin.

Zack liked him, too, although not in the “God, I want to get into this man’s pants” sort of way that I did. The three of us chatted as if we were old friends. He had a wonderful sense of humour, an impressive intellect, and a highly sexual manner that made me hornier than all fuck.

If not for the fact that our little trio seemed to share an unusual and inexplicable rapport, I would have dragged Neal out the door by his hair, brought him home, and screwed him seven ways from Sunday. Instead, I sat back and enjoyed the conversation. After a while, I even stopped noticing that my pussy was beating like a tribal drum.

When the bartender announced last call, none of us could believe that we’d been talking for so long, or that the pub had almost completely emptied. We ordered another round, and went back to our discussion. The next thing we knew, the lights were going off as all but two employees headed out the door.

They didn’t ask us to leave, so we didn’t move. We just laughed at the fact that we’d unwittingly closed down the bar, outlasting even the most devoted and drunken of patrons. But as the laughter died down, it finally happened: we had our first awkward silence. We sat and looked at each other, at a loss for what to say or do.

To break the silence, I flippantly asked, “Okay, then, how about that threesome?” I expected a flippant response, or at the very least, a giggle or two. But Neal enthusiastically replied, “Hey, I’m all for it,” and Zack—my platonic friend Zack—chimed in, “Sounds good to me.”

I suppose I could have told them right then and there that I was just kidding, and left it at that. Or I could have jokingly called them perverts, punched each of them in the arm, and gone on my merry way. But for some unfathomable reason, I waited, a strange sense of excitement mounting, to see how it would play out.

In something akin to an out-of-body experience, I listened as the two of them ironed out the details. Neal enquired, “Which do you want first?” Zack grinned, and said without the least bit of hesitation, “I’ll take the top half.” Neal then exclaimed, “Excellent! I’ll take the bottom.”

This struck me as funny somehow, so I retorted, “I’m beginning to feel like a piece of meat… I’ll have a wing, I’ll have a leg, I’ll have a breast.” The two of them didn’t seem to see the humour in it, however. Neal’s sole response was to get off his barstool, kneel by my feet, remove a sandal, and start massaging my foot.

Well, that was it for me. The touch of his hands made my heart pound and my insides turn to goo. I mumbled something to the effect of, “But if you throw in a foot rub, you can treat me like a leg of mutton for all I care.” Again, nobody laughed.

In fact, Neal just went on to explain that a massage is an excellent way to begin any sexual encounter, since it creates a sense of relaxation, intimacy, giving and trust. Zack, on the other hand, remained glued to his chair. I think he was overcome by incredulity at the turn of events.

As Neal firmly pressed his fingers into the arch of my foot and between my toes, I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, let out a few barely audible moans, and floated away. Then, from somewhere in the distance, I heard him ask, “Are you just going to sit there, Z?”

That shook both Zack and me out of our reveries. I looked back at him with my dark eyes shining, and gave him a reassuring nod. He stood up, casino oyna moved behind my stool, put his hands on my shoulders, gently kneaded my muscles, then cupped my chin in his hand, turned my head, brought his face close to mine, and placed a soft kiss on my lips.

Neal, unfazed by this show of tenderness, announced, “You know, this could very well be the kinkiest thing I’ve ever done,” then bent my toes up and down, rotated my ankle, and moved on to the other foot, quickly removing the shoe.

Somewhat taken aback by Zack’s gentle, almost romantic gesture, I absent-mindedly responded, “Kinky is good.” But as Neal stroked the reflex on the inside of my arch with a fingernail, I was brought back to the electrifying effect of his touch, my foot tingling, my body tensing with anticipation. I volunteered to no one in particular, “Love nails raking across my flesh.”

Zack had always been very intuitive, and I think he sensed that my mind and body were being swept away by our new friend, so he kicked it into high gear, flicking his tongue against my bottom lip, sucking on it hungrily, pressing his mouth over mine, slithering his tongue inside, his hands much more insistent as they massaged my shoulders and up my neck.

As for Neal, he was oblivious to all else while he firmly rubbed up my calf to just below my knee, and then lightly tickled back down to my ankle with his fingertips, the feather strokes causing goose bumps to form on my skin.

Even though I desperately wanted to close my eyes and revel in these sensations, I forced them to stay open so I could gaze into Zack’s while his hot tongue darted in and out of my mouth, and his nails trailed down and up the sides of my arms.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Sean, one of the bar staff, glance at us curiously from behind the chairs he was stacking. The fact that we were being watched gave my cunt a little twitch, and made me suck on Zack’s tongue quite greedily. In response, he moved his fingers from my arms to my chest, where they roamed freely over my collarbone, and then lower, grazing the top edges of my breasts, which were now heaving slightly.

Having also spotted Sean, Neal broke the silence with a jubilant “This is wild. I can’t believe I’m doing this.” His hands stroked up my outer thighs and under my short skirt to my hips, and he pinched the protruding bones between his thumb and forefinger.

I was getting hornier by the second. I pushed Zack’s tongue into his mouth with mine, which I then drove to the back of his throat, and I grabbed a tuft of Neal’s hair and roughly tried to pull his face to my crotch, tired of the slow torture, wanting my due: his hot little tongue licking my throbbing pussy.

“Don’t get so impatient,” he uttered, to my complete disbelief. I thought he was planning to go on torturing me until I begged him to eat me. I therefore felt a tremendous sense of relief when, immediately thereafter, he removed his hands from my hips, jacked my skirt way up, pulled off my thong, tossed it over his shoulder, kissed up the inside of my calf, my knee, my thigh, nipping the skin here and there, slid his hands underneath my ass, and grabbed it to pull me toward him. I helped things along by lifting off the stool, and giving him all the leeway he needed to get a tight grip on my cheeks.

Zack was having patience issues of his own, moaning into my mouth, pulling out of our kiss, hastily yanking my top off over my head, clumsily removing my bra, grabbing my tits, running his fingers all over them, and covering my mouth with his yet again, pushing his tongue in and swirling it around mine. My nipples hardened instantly, and I began to suck fiercely on his tongue. So much for tenderness.

His groping hands explored every inch of my breasts, one at a time, massaging them, his index finger tracing circles around the areolas. His tongue filled my mouth, allowing me to taste him and his need. I started tugging at his tongue with wild abandon, fuelled by the fire that radiated from my nipples as he tweaked and twirled them between his thumb and forefinger.

My snatch was pounding not only from the heat of Zack’s tongue and fondling fingers, but also from the proximity of Neal’s mouth. He had run his hands up along my thighs to my hips again, but this time, he let his fingertips play along my mound and down to my swollen lips, gently dragging his nails over the sensitive skin, back and forth, back and forth, always grazing, never truly touching, his face getting closer and closer, until I could feel his hot breath on my flesh.

I almost sucked Zack’s tongue raw, my mouth crushed against his, my lust growing with every pinch of his fingers and every brush of Neal’s teasing digits. My legs trembled, my hand strengthened its grip on Neal’s hair, I squeezed my eyes shut to stop myself from pulling his face right into my wet, aching twat.

Finally, when I thought I couldn’t take another second without going insane, he moved his thumbs into position and pried my slot oyna lips apart. I was certain that he’d place his tongue on my pulsing sex at long last, but all he did was take that hot, wet tongue of his and lick up and down my thighs. I was half-crazed.

I tried to regain control—had I ever really been in control?—by reaching my hand around the back of Zack’s neck and drawing him even closer, kissing him feverishly, and by pulling Neal’s hair in an attempt to force his mouth onto my engorged clit, raising my hips even higher off the stool. My power struggle failed miserably, but I didn’t much care. I was losing myself to their touch.

Zack, caught up in the frenzy, squeezed my tits harder, pinched my nipples more forcefully, wrenched his mouth from mine, and kissed wetly across my cheek and down my neck, his tongue poking out and flicking against one of my most erogenous zones.

I pulled my long, thick hair away from my slender neck, then grabbed his shoulder behind me, digging my nails into his flesh. I had to chew on my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming with pent-up need.

Just then, Neal looked up to see how things were progressing on Zack’s end. He winked at him, and asked me, “Wouldn’t you like something more substantial to suck on?” I responded, “Now who’s getting impatient?” He didn’t reply, but instead grinned boyishly and bowed his head back down, placed a flattened tongue on my slit, and teased my clit with the very tip of it.

“Holy fuck,” I shrieked, arching my back, almost passing out as I finally felt his tongue on my swollen, pink lips, and on my hard, aching nub. Somewhere very far away, chairs and tables moved at the back of the club, and the sound of voices clued me in to the fact that Sean was no longer looking on alone. The exhibitionist in me groaned.

Zack was still focused on tracing his tongue up and down my neck slowly, lapping against my skin, twisting and twirling my nipples. And yet, he must have heard my little guttural cries, since he quietly commanded, “Moan louder for us, baby.”

I moaned louder, not really to obey him, but rather to egg him on. When he went back to licking my neck, I hissed, “I can’t stand it anymore… this never-ending torture. Feed me your cock, Zack. For fuck’s sake, just give me that cock!”

Meanwhile, my new friend was advancing. With a slick bottom lip, he closed his mouth around my clit, mashing the broad, soft part of his tongue directly onto it. My voice was a mere whisper as I gasped, “Fuck, that’s it.” My head just reeled while his lip, his tongue, his mouth worked my clit, the drumming in my cunt reaching new levels.

Zack had already unzipped and freed his fuckpole. He then proceeded to pull my upper body back and lay it on his barstool so that my neck rested on the edge, and my head fell over it. Catching a glimpse of his fat, veiny prick for the very first time, I was in awe.

He stood behind me, took a hold of it, and lightly brushed the head against my cheek. A little pearl of precum formed, so when he placed the tip at my mouth, I licked it up hungrily, and then praised, “Mmmm, good boy.”

I removed his hand from the base of his shaft, and replaced it with mine. Gripping him tightly, thumb flat on his underside, I rubbed his cockhead along each cheek, down my neck, across my bare chest, between my tits, and back up to my cheeks, feeling its smooth hardness against my flesh, and relishing it, as well as the precum that was flowing freely from it.

Neal was still tending to my clit, massaging it with the fleshy flat of his tongue, making my juices ooze out of my hole and down my slit. Although he seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, I wanted him to have more. My feet began searching, seeking out his bulge.

“Take out your prick and let me jerk you with my feet,” I ordered, and you’ve never seen anyone comply so quickly. No sooner had I let go of his hair so he could pull his face from my pussy than he stood, unfastened his belt, yanked both his jeans and boxers down to his ankles, and knelt before me once more. I placed my soles on either side of his long, thick cock and enveloped it, engulfed it.

He gasped. I mumbled, “God, so fucking hot,” arched my back, pushed his head back into my sodden cunt, closed my feet even tighter around him, slid them slowly up his rod, tugging at the taut skin, squeezing the hard meat, my toes curling around the cap, my mind losing touch with reality.

I somehow managed to focus enough to check on Zack, who was simply enjoying the sensation of his dick against my silky skin, and playing almost lovingly with my hair. I looked up at him adoringly, winked and swallowed his mushroom cap, sucking it gently at first, then harder, and harder still, until it popped right out of my mouth with a loud “thwack”.

Grabbing it back in, I let my tongue snake over it… so soft… so smooth. Quiet moans escaped him, his cock quivered between my lips, and one hand softly caressed my cheek. I could have gone on like that canlı casino siteleri forever, except for the fact that Neal, still working my pussy with his tongue, started teasing my opening with a fingertip, which he abruptly pushed right inside me. I shuddered as it entered me completely, curled up inside me and tapped my g-spot.

I screamed against Zack’s fat cock, pointed my tongue and rimmed his cumhole, stretching it to its limits, then gradually drew in his full head once more, sucking it as if I were trying to drain it, letting it spring out momentarily, and finally, swallowing his whole shaft down as far as I could take it. In response, Zack cried, “dear lord,” groaned loudly, reached for my tits again, squeezing them with all his strenght.

The three of us played off one another, each action causing a chain reaction. Neal’s finger pushed against my sweet spot and Zack’s pole filled my mouth; I therefore strengthened the grip of my feet around one cock and closed my lips tighter around the other; Neal, in turn, added a second finger, plunging them both inside me while he alternately licked my pussy lips and sucked my clit; and Zack, on his end, bucked his hips and fed me more of his cock.

I’m not sure how long we went on like that. I know that, at some point, I casually wondered what had become of Sean and his co-worker, James, so I turned my gaze to where I had last heard them, and neither was there. The two of them had become much bolder, and were now watching us from about ten feet away. To my great surprise, they both had their dicks out, and were stroking with great fervour. My cunt twitched again, harder this time. I was so fucking horny that I wondered how much more I could take.

I returned what was left of my mind to my two partners, sliding my mouth slowly… painfully slowly… up Zack’s shaft, sucking my cheeks in hard, surrounding his meat in wet heat, tugging at it until I reached the top, letting it go and licking down its length, my tongue vibrating, then swirling my tongue around it all the way up to the top again.

All the while, Neal’s incredibly talented tongue was working my lips, and his nimble fingers were pumping my hole. I clenched my cunt muscles tightly around his two digits, pulling them in deep, and jerked his fuckpole with full strength, never loosening my grip on it, the soft skin of my feet oiled by his precum, as velvety smooth as the inside of my pussy.

Pulling away, he laughed and said “Just moan if you want my cock inside you,” then proceeded to flatten out his tongue again and press his fingers in a downstroke along my g-spot. How could I not moan? But by then, Zack had taken my chin in hand, pressed my jaw to open my mouth, and stuffed his cock back in. My moan was lost.

He also went back to circling my nipples, teasing them, then tweaking them hard. Distracted by the fiery pain, I began sucking him off faster and faster, finding the same rhythm as Neal’s thrusting fingers and my stroking feet, everything perfectly timed, each motion increasing my desire.

Grunting with every bob of my head, Zack closed his eyes for the first time, indicating his intense arousal. The look on his face was too much. My cunt muscles clung to Neal’s fingers in dire need.

With his free hand, he groped my raised ass and, between slurps, teased, “Didn’t hear you moan… guess you don’t want me to fuck you… I’ll just keep licking and fingering away.”

Fully crazed, unable to remember what it was that I was supposed to do or say, I just sucked Zack’s cock with wild abandon, now moving up and down his hard shaft at varying paces, my mouth twisting around him, trying to find a way to take every last inch of him in, finally getting his full prick so deep that I could reach out my tongue and lick his balls.

Then it suddenly came back to me: moan to get fucked. I cried out, the muffled sound loud enough to reach Neal’s ears. While I waited for my reward, I continued to work his cock furiously with my feet, buck my hips to meet every thrust of his fingers, and enjoy the sensation of his tongue on my hard, aching clit.

Zack, silent for so long, finally whispered hoarsely, “God, my cock is throbbing in your hot little mouth… against your throat… my balls are still tingling from the touch of your tongue… I love this.”

Neal, true to his word, pried my feet off his prick, gave my clit one last flick of his tongue, stood up, and started to roll me over. He quickly warned Zack, “You might want to get your dick out of her mouth before I flip her.”

He then proceeded to turn me so that my stomach was on my barstool, my feet touched the floor, and my tits hung over the edge. Zack pushed his now useless stool out of the way, stood before me, and waved his thick, veiny shaft in my face. I grabbed it with a greedy hand, and eagerly swallowed it whole.

The intrepid Neal kicked my feet further apart, and stroked his solid cock between my ass cheeks, crying out, “God, you are so hot.” My pussy responded immediately to the sensation of his meat rubbing between my cheeks by oozing out juices down my thighs. I knew that, soon enough, his rock hard flesh would be driving its way up my cunt, and it made me crazy horny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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