Aphrodite’s Curse Ch. 062


As Demetrius was dragged under the water, his eyes closed tight as he prayed that he would soon pass out. Fearing accidentally viewing the monstrous form of the Goddess, his curiosity was growing and fighting his natural terror and self-preservation instincts. Equally fearing seeing her but also terribly intrigued to know what horrible creature was tormenting his body he struggled in his bonds. Covered now entirely by Keto’s slimly appendages, a long hollow tentacle of Keto was forced down his throat to feed him air. Struggling to get to his dagger strapped onto his leg, he was completely immobilized, as her strong appendages wrapped his arms tight to his torso, while simultaneously spreading his legs wide. His manhood completely exposed, her cold velvety feelers explored up and down his shaft, causing him to moan pitifully into the tentacle thrust down his gagging throat.

Running her octopus like fingers over his body, Keto grinned, her razor sharp fangs glinting in the dim underwater light. “Well, my little human lover, you are QUITE a catch.” Stroking his firm ass in between her feelers she sighed. “Oh yes, you will be a wonderful nest for my egg!” Grunting, her arousal at the sight of the sexy body of Demetrius caused her to spawn an unfertilized egg into her egg chamber, a giant gasp erupting from her body as she shuddered at its release. “Boy! You ARE good! I already have released one egg and we only just got acquainted.”

Encasing his cock in a hollow tentacle, the scillia inside tickling and sucking the length of his shaft and the tip of his cockhead, Demetrius shrieked in lust, throbbing desperately as the sensations were beyond description. If he had not been cursed by Aphrodite, he would have immediately shot a gallon of cum into the relentless grip of Keto. Stroking him faster, Keto frowned, fully expecting him to have released his seed by now. Pulling him lower into the water, she now positioned him under her body and began to suck him into her pussy, throbbing desperately above his head.

Demetrius could stand no more, his curiosity out of control, he had to look and instantly opened his eyes. Gazing up he saw her enormous body above him, her tentacles radiating out from her torso like a starburst, her pussy opening and closing, yawning above him like a giant whirlpool. Inside the starburst of her red throbbing tentacles, her vagina appeared more like a dark threatening cave than a woman’s pleasure box. Ringed in green razor-sharp pubic hair, the whole area throbbed and pulsed, sucking in seawater around it as he was pulled closer to the source. His lips opening wide in terror, he saw her vulva and vagina lips above him, fully exposed and coal black in color, throbbing and glistening with her love slime. At the top, there was her enormous clit, glowing blue in the green darkness of the sea, begging to be stroked and sucked as she pushed him towards it.

Fear overcoming his body, he knew what he had to do, and steeled his courage In preparation. Seeing the enormous blue globe coming closer and closer, he tensed his body as he prepared to suckle and worship it. Making contact, he tensed his whole body as its smooth slimy surface felt hot to his touch. Taking his tongue out of his mouth, he dutifully licked her flesh, instantly feeling it ripple and undulate under his face. Keto shuddered as she felt him begin suckling her love bud, her arms quivering and shaking as he worshiped. As she grew increasingly aroused, another unfertilized eggs of hers dropped from her ovaries ready for planting. At the same time, Demetrius felt her death-like grip on his body loosen a bit, almost enough for him to free his arms and reach his dagger but not quite enough.

Stroking his body with her suckers, Keto groaned as her body spasmed in another orgasm. “My my little lover, you are releasing so many of my eggs with your talented tongue. I don’t know whether your ass will be able to hold them all!”

At this statement, Demetrius opened his eyes wide. “What do you mean I won’t have enough room in my ass!” he screamed, now paralyzed in fear.

Wriggling a slimy finger up his ass she giggled. As it hit his prostrate, she felt a drop of his pre-cum finally release into her throbbing hollow tentacle on his cock, and as her other suckers squeezed and stroked his balls trying to milk him of his precious fluid. As they vibrated the trickle finally increased. Her mission was frustrated by his curse, but he was shaking and spasming as he dangled on the edge, weeping pre-cum into her gungoren escort vacuum, his whole body desperate for full orgasm.

“Every orgasm you give me, my tiny lover, causes me to release an egg.” Running a tentacle through his hair, floating free in the sea, she sighed as she continued. “It has been so long, but you my dear are worth it, despite you being so stingy with your nectar!” As she spoke, the sucking sensation on his cock increased dramatically and now his pre-cum was literally ripped from his body by the full force of her inhalations. “I am getting quite full with these eggs! I must release them soon as they are making me a bit antsy, and you don’t want to see me antsy boy, trust me. Now, hurry up and shoot!!!!”

Knowing he had to act fast, Demetrius began kissing and licking the giant clit faster now and with unrestrained abandon. Keto moved his body through the water to allow him full access to her, and as he kissed and nuzzled her bud with his whole face, his body was continuously re-coated with glowing green thick juices pouring out of the Titan. Inside the great Goddess, her egg chamber was growing crowded as both eggs and her own aroused juices literally poured out of her body. Screaming a great moan as Demetrius wriggled his face under her clitoral hood and rubbed his mouth in a shower of kisses over the surface, she began to spasm uncontrollably in a roll of multiple orgasmic bliss. Finally releasing her grip on his body, Demetrius was free!

As Keto stroked her thousand breasts with her tentacles and hollered in unrestrained ecstasy, Demetrius reached down and took the dagger from around his ankle and stabbed hard into one of her feelers. The shock of the penetration into her flesh was instant, and she froze into stony silence, her tentacles still upraised in orgasmic bliss, her mouth and eyes wide open in blind pleasure.


Terrified beyond words, Demetrius kept his eyes closed tight and pulled himself up through her crotch by following her tentacles to their source. Reaching her scaly ass, his hands shook as he followed his path up her back and over his enormous black wings to her head. Still keeping his eyes closed, when he reached the back of her head, he had to look. His blood running cold in horror, he was not paralyzed as he was not viewing her completely. Before him was the vast expanse of her terrifying scalp, covered in a forest of horns of varying sizes. Reaching down, he found he was able to loosen several and break them off. Harvesting an armful of horns, he swam quickly to the surface.

Gasping as his lungs filled with sweet night air, he headed quickly to the shore. He had no idea how long Keto would remain frozen, but he knew it was not permanent. Emerging from the sea onto the beach, Brisca ran to meet him, crying in relief that he was still alive.

“Demetrius!!!! I was sure you were killed!” she wept, covering his slime coated face in kisses.

Holding her face in his hands, he returned her kisses, but looked grim. “Brisca, we must hurry.” he said while coughing out seawater from his lungs. Running back up to the Altar, he retrieved the giant horn laying on the base, and with Brisca by his side, the two entered the surf on the horn and paddled quickly towards his boat. Reaching it within twenty minutes, they clambered on board, and he lifted the anchor, pointing his ship back out to sea. Once Olissio was small on the horizon, Demetrius collapsed on the deck. They were saved, and his quest for the horns was complete. Sleeping, Brisca cradled his head in her arms, and wiped the slime of Keto off of his naked body, catching glimpses of his hard throbbing cock as she washed him.

The next morning, the guards re-emerged from their barracks and reoccupied their positions on the wall. It was safe now, as the night before was the ritual for Keto, and she would not emerge for another month. Laughing and joking in the sunshine of early dawn, Tenlo, chief of the guards saw the sea begin to stir.

Turning to one of his underlings, he pointed at the increasing whirlpool and asked what they all thought it was. Their curiosity was soon horrifyingly answered, when Keto, the spell now worn off, instantly thrust her body to the surface of the ocean.

“MY ANGER IS AS UNQUENCHABLE AS IS MY LUST!!!!!” she shrieked, the very walls of the city beginning to crack from the sound waves coming from her mouth. Keto was now awake, and very “antsy”. Her egg chamber was bulging full with hundreds of unfertilized eggs and istanbul escorts the ache of them gave her an itch that must be scratched. She must release them immediately as the feel of her full chamber made her insane with arousal, her whole body aching in unspent sexual desire. Looking out across the bay at Olissio, her great mouth grinned wildly as she knew what she had to do.

Pulling her enormous body from the sea, she slithered across the beach towards the city, her incredible height and terrifying form now fully revealed. Tenlo seeing this from the parapets, immediately froze, his body turning as pale as snow, his blood literally freezing in his body. Keto seeing Tenlo dissolve into dust, laughed. “Well, I guess I need to take it down a notch” she growled and raised her tentacles to the sky and began to glow as her body was now covered in a red cloud.

Emerging quickly from the cloud, she was still a terrifying vision, but was now at least she was tame enough not going to cause instant death to those mortals who saw her. She had dialed down her horrific beauty so she could complete her erotic quest, her quest to release her eggs that burned in her body, aching for release. For that mission, she needed men, and she needed them alive.

As the other guards looked on in horror as their Captain transformed into dust, they all turned to look out at the sea to catch a glimpse of what he had just witnessed. Seeing the enormous horror of Keto slithering towards the city out of the red cloud, panic ensued, and they all tossed down their weapons and fled. The legends were true, and the dreaded day of judgement was finally at hand.

Pandemonium ruled Olissio and people desperately gathered whatever belongings they could grab and headed towards the far gate leading to the mainland. Keto in one great swipe of one her tentacles, completely destroyed the sea gate and walls and entered the city. Her enormous body sliding into the main square, carts and small buildings were crushed under her enormous weight. Seeing a clueless youth, no older than 19, exit a shack to her right she salivated in unsatiated lust. The lad, clad only in a white loincloth and wiping sleep from his eyes, never knew what hit him when she grabbed his torso with her feelers.

Pulling him up into the air while covering his eyes with her “fingers” she grinned as she ripped his loincloth from his hard young body causing his cock to immediately come into her view. Lifting him to her mouth, she ran her serpent like tongue over his cock and balls, and he squirmed and screamed in both fear and lust, convinced he must still be asleep and having an oddly terrifying and erotic dream. A small hollow tentacle now shot out from her body and grasped his cock into its grip, instantly causing the youth to grow excruciatingly hard as the scilla inside teased him to maximum arousal. Snaking another tentacle around his balls, they squeezed him gently as his hot seed shot into her gulping appendage, his boiling cum sucked into her body and sprayed over her eggs in her chamber.

Smiling evilly as she felt him release, she held him down onto the ground and forced his legs apart. Out from the center of her pussy, her egg chamber emerged, throbbing and bulging with hundreds of eggs. The youth, squirming and twitching on the ground was too terrified and confused to understand what was happening. This would turn out to be a mercy, for the truth was more horrific than his mortal mind could possibly conceive. Plunging into his exposed ass, he screamed as more unspent cum shot out onto the ground as he was filled with her enormous slimy egg.

Having released the first of her many unspent cargo, Keto retracted her tentacle and moved on to her next victim. Her child would be born soon, and she had many more eggs desperate for release so she had to move on quickly. Spying a desperate handsome guard running in terror towards the main city, she slithered rapidly towards him grabbing his ankle and pulling him into the air.

As the poor recently violated youth sat naked in the dirt, still totally confounded by what had just occurred to him, his ass burning in pain, he suddenly felt very strange. Looking down at his stomach, it began to pulse and grow, tiny movements wriggling all under his skin, they began to undulate uncontrollably. Trembling in fear, he stumbled to his feet, desperate to flee but not knowing where, the pain growing exponentially. As his eyes darted desperately around him, he suddenly dropped to his bayrampasa escort knees and shrieked. Luckily for him, his torment was short as his body literally exploded, blood and gore showering everything around him. On the ground now was a tiny wriggling beast, tentacles quivering, a small mouth filled with razor sharp teeth crying. Keto’s first child had just been born.

The rest of that horrible day would go down in legend, passed on from the few survivors to their children and their children’s children and told to countless future young as threats to ensure good behavior. For centuries, mothers would threaten “Keto will get you if you don’t eat your vegetables” to their unruly charges, usually instantly gaining compliance from their terrified progeny. As the sun began to set in the west, Olissio simply ceased to exist. No stone of the temple or palace remained standing. Every building inside the ruined walls had been reduced to smoldering ruins. Shredded guard uniforms and gore coating the dirt, it was a horrific sight never to be repeated in history. Keto, now with a hundred of her squirming babies attached to her many tits, looked content as she and they slithered back out onto the beach and headed to the sea. Her lust and revenge sated she and her brood sank beneath the waves of the dark ocean.

Out on the open water, Demetrius smiled as Brisca lightly kissed his chest. Waking now, he looked up at the sky and ensured they were headed back towards the pillars of Hercules. For the few days’ journey, he enjoyed the charms of Brisca every day, his head almost never leaving her lap, her beauty gradually chipping away the horrible memory of his time with the monster Keto. Once past the Pillars, the sound of churning ocean caused them both to become alarmed.

.Looking towards the boiling sea, Demetrius was relieved when Amphrite, beautiful as ever emerged. Brisca was terrified, but Amphrite’s kind face quickly eased her concerns.

Looking at the naked beauty on the deck of Demetrius’s ship, Amphrite laughed. “You are one lucky GIRL!” she winked. Brisca blushed, but nodded. She was desperately in love with Demetrius now, as he not only had awakened her sexually, but most importantly had saved her life. She was sad though, as she feared for her parents and other sisters. Had they survived Keto’s rampage? Would she ever see them again?

Turning towards Demetrius, Amphrite held out her hand and opened her palm. Inside was the glowing white pearl he needed for his quest. “Demetrius my boy, you certainly earned THIS!” Spying the various horns of Keto laying on the deck, Amphrite grinned widely. Picking up the largest one, the horn used in the sacrifice ceremony, she giggled. “I think I will keep THIS one for myself! I will keep my promise Demetrius, and these other horns will be delivered to the Sirens. Now, I want to help you on your next quest, and so you must immediately go to my cousin Dionysius for your next item. He not only knows all about you already, he will be more than willing to help you.”

Kneeling on the deck of his ship, Demetrius looked up into her smiling face. “Can you help Brisca too? She cannot return to Olissio, and she will need a place to stay.”

“Absolutely!” Amphrite said. “I know you are worried about your family my child” and as Amphrite closed her eyes, the vision of them appeared in her mind. They had miraculously survived and were headed towards a small village on the Mediterranean. The journey would be hard, but with her divine help, they would make it. “I see them Brisca, and they all survived, but they were among the few who did. I will guide them to you, and will protect them on their journey.” Hearing this Brisca wept, her fears now dissipating with the Goddess’s words. “But, you must come with me. Where Demetrius is going, you cannot follow. My cousin has some, well, rather VIGOROUS female devotees, and you would be easy pickings and might get swept up in his, uh, charms. Say goodbye to your sexy hero Demetrius. I will take you to your parents myself, since if it had not been for you, I would never have gotten a replacement horn of Keto!”

Brisca’s eyes filled with tears as she embraced Demetrius on the deck of the ship. Amphrite was right of course, but she would desperately miss him but she needed to get back to her family. Kissing him deeply, she could not speak, but just smiled as she climbed into Amphrite’s enormous hand.

Amphrite now looking down at Demetrius, exhaled and blew into his sails, instantly causing his ship to begin speeding eastward. Thebes, the location of the main temple to Dionysius was two weeks away at full sail, and as Amphrite and Brisca faded into the sunset, he waved goodbye, a pit of regret forming in his stomach as he realized how much he would miss them both.

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