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A little about myself, I’m 5’9″, short brunette, 36c’s, thong tanline, and a very sexy landing strip. I am very open-minded and love experiencing anything sexually that will make me wet. I love showing off in public and sometimes it gets me in trouble w/ my boyfriends in the past. Well this one particular boyfriend was just as open as I, he too was bi and very hot. He always maintained a hot body that was tanned and shaven. He had a 10″ shaven cock that was completely shaven except for a cute little patch above his cock. He kept his firm ass shaven also, which I made sure he did because I loved licking him “all” over!!!

He allowed me the freedom to mess around and I let him find other guys for me or girls. Mostly I found the girls for myself. This one day I was feeling extremely horny and with it being summer, it made me even more hotter. While he was at work this one day, I text him if I could get off with someone else. I told him that they would come over to our house and I would make sure to tell him all about it. With his approval, I proceeded to get ready. I took a hot bath, shaving my legs and then my wet pussy. I got on my knees and shaved my tight ass, I loved feeling around my hole and teasing it as I shaved. I got out and lathered up my body with glimmering lotion all casino şirketleri over, rubbing it all over my 36c’s and then stomach and pussy, not forgetting my freshly shaven ass.

I slid on sky blue lace gstring and a matching lace push-up bra. I put on a very low cut white tank and khaki colored shorts. As I went online, it didn’t take long for me to strike up a conversation w/ a stranger, and upon making sure he was in the area, he sent me a picture of his hard cock. He said it was about 8 or 9″, and after seeing it, completely shaven, I was sure he was the one to have fun with. He said he could be at the house in 2 hours. I went upstairs and got out a pair of one of my anal beads and put them in the night stand.

As he rung the doorbell I went to the door and to my surprise he brought another friend. Very muscular and cute, w/ messy hair and a pierced lip. I asked them to come in and we went to the kitchen. After making some drinks, I asked them how the drive was, and they said they couldn’t wait. I asked the friend if he had any other piercings. He said his cock.

“Oh my God!!!”

I’ve always wanted to try one. I walk around the counter and stand in front of him, reaching up his thigh and grabbing a hold of his cock. And limp, he was soooooo thick and juicy, casino firmaları I could feel his pre-cum coating his cock and Tim(met over net) looked at Jason(pierced), with jealousy. As I’m feeling up Jason’s shorts, I feel Tim’s hand rubbing my ass and then slowly moving down my shorts. He tugs at my gstring and pulls it up, making it rub my swollen clit. Jason slowly raises my arms and lifts my tank over my head revealing my lace bra and nipples barely being covered. I reach behind myself and undo my bra and Tim and Jason both remove their shirts, as they do I unzip my shorts and drop them to my ankles. I turn around, and slowly walk towards the stairs and walk up them to my bedroom.

As the boys come to the door, I lay on my back and spread my legs, moving my g to the side of my lips and rubbing it for them. They both undid their shorts and stood before me naked, I must be soooo lucky. I get on my knees and take Jason’s cock in my mouth, slowly sliding my tongue over his shaft and then flicking his pierced cock with my tongue. Tim kneels behind me and spreads my ass as he slowly slides his tongue over every inch of my ass. I tell him to lick and fuck me everywhere. He spreads my pussy with his fingers and slowly shoves 3 fingers in my cunt as I push back and Jason grabs güvenilir casino my head and thrusts his cock in my mouth, making me gag on his cock. I let him throat fuck me as I make my slutty gag noises and the I feel Tim penetrating my dripping pussy. Jason tells him to fuck me harder and harder slamming his cock into me as far as he can. I tell them I want facials from both of them, and as soon as I do, Tim pulls out and unleashes a hot load of cum all over my forehead and cheeks. Jason tells me to relax and then I feel him trying to fuck my ass.

As I’m relaxing my stomach muscles and rubbing myself, I feel him spreading my ass cheeks as far as possible and holy shit, I begin to feel his pierced cock penetrating my ass. He thrusts over and over again, I tighten my ass against his cock. I turn my head to look at him, and oh my, he looks sooo hot mounting me, and I can tell Tim is very jealous. Tim is laying in front of me, and I can’t help but reach in front of me and begin getting him hard again. I slowly suck on him as Jason is pounding my tight ass and I’m about to cum so hard. I tell him and he tells me to let it out and soak his balls spanking my lips. I do and as I unleash my hot cum he pulls out and cums all over my back and down my ass crack. All three of us lay in my bed exhausted and sweaty. My boyfriend calls me and asks me if I was done, and I told him that my friends are laying next to me. He didn’t know I was going to have more than one, but I assured him it was worth it and would tell him all about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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