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How foolish I was. I should have known better—and I did, though I was beginning to doubt my wisdom.

I should not have followed Azarias out of Egypt, but curiosity got the best of me. Undoubtedly, I thought I could restrain myself; how wrong was I…? It was only my second encounter with him in the library and I already lost any semblance of control and composure that I had. The first day, I was ignored and I was glad for it; I probably would have taken him in the library, right when the janitor would arrive and see him in all his sensual glory. I surprised myself when I still had enough restraint to keep my clothes on outside of his apartment.

I sighed as I closed his apartment door, leaning heavily on it. How so very foolish I was. I could find out what I wanted away from Azarias; it would undoubtedly be more difficult, and I wouldn’t be able to test any theories I developed, but I would keep him safe. My being with him was attracting my brethren already, and not at a desirable time. I opened my eyes and growled a bit. “Reveal thy form, Belial.”

At my recognition of his presence, Belial appeared in all of his fake, angelic glory, pompous as always. His white feathered wings fluttered slightly, moving flaxen hair like honey out of his icy blue eyes. “Good evening to you, Asmodaios.” Belial dusted off his robe lightly.

I stared at him maliciously. My brain knew barely posing as a human was idiotic, but I was careless nonetheless. Now I had to deal with this. “Whatever do you desire from me to disturb my peace?”

The smug blonde laughed. “I want nothing from you.” He angled his head to the side. “Actually, what have you learned about his one you cannot seem to leave to himself?” I growled my warning, which he ignored altogether. “Why not just ask Purson or Vine? Make your life simple and ask, like I did?”

I nearly hissed my displeasure. “If I wanted this to be anyone’s concern but my own, I would have. Now leave me.”

“Certainly.” He moved to walk around me. “I’ll just keep him company instead. I heard his screams are most delectable.” Belial feigned a sexual pant before my hands were a vice around his throat, forcing his back into the door.

As I lost control of my rage, I began to shift back to my demonic form, my tail smacking the floor. “If you dare show yourself to me or Azarias again…” I growled as talons broke the skin of the blonde’s neck, small rivulets of blood spilling down his neck. “I shall personally do unto you critical harm.” I certainly was not in a good situation; I might actually kill him. “Have I made myself clear, blondie?”

Belial coughed as he spoke. “Alright, alright; I comprehend your nonsense.” I lessened my grip around his throat as I changed to a human guise again. “What’s yours is yours, and if you so desire, so is what’s mine.” He rubbed his throat. “Bastard.” Belial covered himself with his wings and his form imploded, leaving behind only a few white feathers. It was back to his side of Hell for him.

Moving away from Azarias’ door, I glanced down, eying the gigantic dent in the floor. Foolishness became my mantra as I dissolved, leaving for my own realm of Hell.


Acting human was becoming exceedingly annoying. It was toilsome enough being the university know-all and librarian; I simply had to torture myself more by replacing an employee in the English department. It should be illegal for professors to become pregnant when they have classes to attend.

I grimaced as I heard another group of girls speaking of me. Sexual restraint was not one of my strong points, even if desire was subdued in this ridiculous form. I easily found my way from the courtyard—or better called “gossip central”—to the lecture room, taking a seat at the bureau. Ten minutes to the start of class and students were already seated and waiting; how diligent. I opened the professor’s planner, checking what they were discussing—modern junk, apparently a sort of love story from the prompts she wrote—and closed it just as quickly. This was going to be more boring than I thought. I would be glad to return to my own research afterward, continuing my slow trek through various sources, unreliable, reliable and useless alike. From what I had seen, I was beginning to doubt Azarias was completely mortal…

My thoughts quickly shot out the window as I heard and smelt Azarias nearby. I sincerely hoped he was not in this room, at least not today; it would be too soon for me.

Hope flew out the window, as well.

Azarias walked into the room, throwing several pills of Excedrin into his mouth before glancing toward the front of the room; as soon as the redhead spotted me, he nearly turned around and walked out. He instead chose to glare at me as he sat, and continued to throughout the rest of the class, speaking not a word until the class was dismissed. bahis firmaları It seemed he planned on staying, so I closed the door before leaning on the bureau in front of the room. “How is your hangover treating you, Mr. Dimitriadis?”

“Save it, Rousseau.” My, what a stupid name I chose; it sounded worse coming off of his lips. He displayed a stereotypical, redheaded rage as he approached my figure, causing me to sigh. He grabbed my jaw tightly, still glaring through heavy, dark lashes, forcefully joining our lips together. I couldn’t stop the smirk from forming on my lips; even through his anger he couldn’t help himself. My eye twitched unnoticeably as he bit my lip harshly.

Still feisty, I see. “What in Hell are you doing here?” A sour look played across his face.

“And here I believed you were happy to see me.” I rubbed my eyes before removing those accursed contact lenses from them and tossing them; they were useless once I was upset or aroused anyway. “My attempts to stay near but far from you are just failing with each day.” I grabbed Azarias by the waist, pulling him closer. “I’m putting your life at risk; your life in danger would be of no use to this one.” My teeth scraped gently along the side of his neck.

“What…? What the hell are you talking about? Hairball again?” His hands played with my hair, rubbing my scalp gently.

“You haven’t figured it out yet, have you?” My pupils changed to slits as I inhaled his scent.

“All I figure is you’re a creepy bastard with sexual insecurities. I just figured you had ED as well or something like tha—argh!” I flipped him onto the desk with ease, one of my hands grasping his calf and the other lying on his chest. “What the fuck is your problem?!” He stared into my eyes, bewildered; he looked like he was beginning to understand though.

“You clearly do not understand the situation you are placing me in.” The hand I left on his chest lowered to the hem of his t-shirt, snaking my way under to rub the nubs at his breast. My redhead yelped as I pinched one and turned my head to the left, slowly licking a line from his ankle to his calf.

“You’re a bastard, you know?” He let out a small gasp and kicked my side with his free leg. “Why do you look like that?”

I laughed at his kick, earning a scowl. “A failed attempt at keeping you safe, once again. Would you rather,” I paused as I began to shift to my true form, nipping at his calf with my fangs. “I stayed like this, having contact with you in public, scaring those around you?”

“Good point. But seriously, now is not the time to be fu—”


“Hey!” He scowled again, a blush creeping across his cheeks. I was having a hard time keeping my tail to myself; my tail smacked his backside before I could think better of it. I caressed the inside of his thigh, an unvoiced apology. He sighed, relaxing into the touch; despite his protests, his scent was thick with arousal, which in turn caused me to harden. My tail lowered to his developing erection from his thigh, his hips bucking from the touch. “Fuck, I won’t go to class today.”

“Oh, you still have class?” I moved away slightly, my tail moving from between his legs. Azarias attempted to sit up, only then noticing his backside was not on the bureau and was supported by nothing. His hands reached for my waist instead, grabbing the jeweled chains on my shendyt and fauld.

“You’re not going anywhere.” He looked up at me with a devilish gleam in his eyes.

I smirked with full fangs. “And how do you believe you will keep me here, with you?” My hand lowered to the prominent bulge in his jeans again, squeezing tightly. My redhead twisted his hips sweetly as he moaned; writhing beneath me already.

He wrapped his left leg around my waist, pulling me closer, my groin flush against his denim-covered ass—at least, as close as he could get it, considering the fauld between us. Azarias groaned at the lack of contact. “I’ll let you fuck me. Right now.” He moaned loudly as I removed his arousal from beneath his jeans, humming in pleasure myself. I was pleased by his desire to please me. Although it was for his personal gain, it matter little; I fed off his desire anyway.

Slowly, I slid my hand down to the base of his pulsing length and back up repeatedly, occasionally squeezing the head. I lowered my head, licking the small pearl that formed at the tip of his length. His body jerked, my elongated tongue wrapping around the head of his cock. “Aah… I love what you do to me.” I quickly took the entirety of his length into my mouth and throat, eliciting a long cry from those beautiful, full lips of his.

A small, timid knock came at the door, as well as a small female voice; I could have detected this earlier, but my nose was doused in my redhead’s scent and my ears filled with his cries of joy. “Rias? Are you in there?”

I furrowed my kaçak iddaa brow; I detested audiences when they weren’t required. Surprisingly, my first thoughts were not threesome, but rather, LEAVE! “Fuck, Cadence, go to class without me.” Azarias caught the hair spilling over my shoulder and whispered to me as I raised my head off his length. “Please, don’t stop…”

It would be cruel to leave him with such an erection. Regardless of what I thought was a valid reason to stay, the look in his eyes trapped me. I would play around with him, then. Dismiss your mortal. He broke into a small smile and sighed. I took in his length quickly, causing him to loudly cry out. “Fuck!”

“I’m not leaving. I waited outside the building for you and I got all worried that something happened to you, like usually. What’s going on in there?” She banged on the door again. She was too timid and proper enough to not open the door; by now she must have noticed this school didn’t have locks for many of the class doors.

“Uh…” His voice trailed as I inserted three fingers into his twitching portal, lubricated by the secretions from my own length that he seemed to like a bit much. With each prod of his prostate, my redhead couldn’t help but curse. “I’m getting… my fucking leg fucking… ah… amputated!” Azarias arched his back and neck as I sped up my hand and my tongue flicked across the very tip of his length repeatedly.

“Rias, this isn’t funny! What’s going on?”

Oh, she would know soon enough. “Cadence…” He sighed and moaned as I sucked hard on this length, suckling noises becoming loud alongside the squelching sounds coming from his ass. “Just… Just… Oh god, I’m coming.” My redhead’s arm smacked the bureau as he grabbed the edge and cried out his release, every drop of his seed falling down my throat.

“Rias?! Who are you sneaking around with? It can’t be Kyun…!”

My redhead whimpered as I continued to suck his cock and removed my fingers from inside of him, but chuckled soon after. Releasing him from my mouth, I arched a brow at my mortal, his forehead glistening with a bit of sweat; he was staring at my tail, the whole length of it swishing contentedly. I narrowed my eyes at him and raised his lower garments back to his waist.

He stood off the bureau, leaning over and sticking his hand quickly under my shendyt and through the loincloth, as if I would stop him. He squeezed from the base to the tip of my length and removed his hand just as quickly. “Dude, you’re practically leaking this… stuff…” His tongue slowly lapped up the liquid pooling in his hand, face becoming flushed again.

I pulled my redhead up by his arm and stopped his licking; as much as he loved the taste of it, the last thing my mortal needed was a not-so-mild aphrodisiac in his system—that is, more than he probably already had from the fingering. I licked off his hand as the banging continued at the door. “It’s lubricating secretions to ease my way into you.” My mortal bit his lip tentatively; he was expecting me to bend him over the bureau. “But, for another time. Your lady friend is waiting for you.” I noticed the banging stopped and a small quarrel started on the other side of the door. My redhead tensed as he heard a male voice; that would not do. I shifted back to my human guise, adjusting my pants as I moved.

“Are you serious? He could be getting raped you just don’t want to be rude? Stupid woman, move it!” As he placed his hand on the door knob, so did I, and pulled the door open forcefully as he pushed, the brunet’s body falling into mine as I grabbed his arm. The girl, Cadence, stood at the opposite wall, strawberry blonde hair cut close to her face, green eyes wide with worry.

“May I help you?” I looked down at the man whose face was plastered to my chest. His hazel eyes glared up at me before a smirk crossed his face, and he attempted to kick my side. He happened to be much too close for any success against me; I caught his leg and swept him onto the floor in one easy movement.

“Kyun!” I nearly glared at the girl; I liked her more when she was banging on the door.

“Shit, get the fuck off! Aren’t you the guy from the library?” He attempted to kick me again.

“You don’t give up, do you?” I held down both the brunet’s legs, his legs practically held wide; the poor thing was enjoying being beneath me too much; I could smell it.

My mortal walked to my side, glaring down at the man beneath my grasp, fidgeting in his leathers. “Seuk-chul…” He sighed. “I told you to stay away from me, and I meant it. I’m not interested, alright?”

“I’m afraid he was not paying much attention.” As my redhead spoke, the brunet stared at the bulge in my slacks and licked his lips; if only he saw my actual size, not the sized-down human length this form kept.

“Whatever. Just get going, you lech.” I let myself kaçak bahis be pulled up by Azarias.

“It is of little consequence; we are done here.” Seeing his confusion, I kissed my mortal gently. Later, my darkened one; call for me tonight when you are settled, or before then should something happen to you. He moaned as I nipped at his lip.

“Alright,” my mortal mumbled before picking up his bag and walking out the doorway. He seemed embarrassed as soon as he stepped out. “Well, Cadence, let’s get going!”

The blonde glared up at him before stepping on my mortal’s foot, which I did not enjoy at all, despite the comical look on his face. “You’re such a bad man, Rias! Sneaking around with the librarian! What if the dean happened to be around?” He yelped as he was dragged away by his lady friend.

I glanced down at the Korean I dropped earlier. His eyes were still glued to my slacks. What a fool. I offered my hand to him, and as soon as he grasped it, I slammed his back into the wall, pinning his form with my own. “Heed my angel’s warning; or you may lose something of great use to you.” I squeezed and stroked his sprouting arousal through the tight leather he wore. “Have I made myself clear?” I lowered my lips to the brunet’s ear and nibbled on it.

“Oh god, yes.” That probably had a double meaning.

“Good.” He began to hump my hand as I lowered my biting to his neck. So pitiful, like a fly in my hand. I could hear his thoughts running through his head loudly.

Why can’t I control myself? I’m acting like a whore and I can’t stop myself…

Poor thing, you never had a choice in the matter. You’re just trapped in my web until I let you go.

As his panting increased, I removed my hand and lips from his body. “But I never said I was giving you anything for it.” I smirked at the lost look on his face I found after raising my head away from his neck. I moved away and walked out the door without another glance behind me.

I had other things to worry about.

When I returned home to my district of Hell, a letter awaited me on my bed, from my Lord. My tail coiled in vehemence as I read it; in honor of my return—which my Lord was upset that I did not report to Him immediately upon my return—He wishes me to host an orgy. Splendid. And when would I have the time for that nonsense now?

I leaned back in the pool of dark sheets in my bed, pillows spread over most of it. How horrid and wonderful it was to be home again. I knew I had no choice in the matter; my Lord had written the letter Himself instead of having a slave listen to Him dictate, which meant He took this as a personal matter.

I rolled over onto my stomach, beginning to doze off with thoughts of how I was going to keep myself away from Azarias long enough to host a night of hedonistic sin and debauchery. I had become very relaxed after a while, not noticing the hands on my back until they lowered to the base of my spine and caressed the skin right above the beginning of my tail, a loud purr forming in my chest. I instantly hardened; that just wasn’t fair. And only one person knew how to do that to me. My tail jerked to either side of my hips, smacking away firm arms.

“I thought I would help relax you.” I nearly shuddered at the voice behind me. I rolled over, attempting to glare and failing miserably. Things were just not going too well for me today. “Welcome home, Daios.”

“Amaimon,” I sighed, looking into brown eyes and touching fiery red hair like silk, caressing red skin that could appear black like my own. His black wings fluttered at the touch, several feathers falling. I closed my eyes and sighed again.

I should not have come home.

Familiar hands covered my erection and my back and neck arched, lips attaching themselves to my throat as I expected they would. It was like an old, mastered dance; even though it had been over a millennium since I last participated, it was a dance my body would continue to enjoy. I purred as his lips descended upon my own, my tongue not bothering to fight his. My purr turned into a growl as I felt Amaimon’s hand stray behind my sac and continued further; my tail swatted away his arm. “Daios…?” The confused look on this demon’s face bothered me just as much as when it was on my redhead’s face; I wanted to kiss it away.

“I have business to attend to.” I quickly dissolved afterward, hearing his protests as I did. I appeared in Azarias’ home as Rafé, sighing heavily. I did not need to return to my past; some things deserved to remain untouched again for eternity.

But hearing his voice again could surely make me change my mind. Daios… The one time I need you more than you need me, you leave. I palmed my forehead for a moment and dragged my fingers through my hair. Are you afraid of being beneath me once again?

Would I go back? Would I subject myself to the intense pleasure that would be had, writhing beneath the demon I no longer wished to be with?

I did; I had little choice in the matter. Desire runs my life, and he had control over mine.

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