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As Abby and I lay in bed in post coital bliss there was a knock at the door.

“JJ, Abby? Can we come in?” Kiara asked.

“Yeah.” I said.

She and James walked in, both half dressed. Kiara had her nightshirt back on, and James had on a pair of boxers. Abby and I were snuggled under the covers. James had his phone in hand. “Okay dad, we’re all here now.”

Uncle Joe’s voice came over the speakerphone. “Okay, so here’s the situation. Your grandparents are home now, but they’re going to need some help due to their injuries. So, we’re going to alternate days coming over and helping them with cooking, cleaning, stuff like that. Jeff and Hunter will take today, and Rose and I will take tomorrow, and back and forth like that.” he said, “So we just need to figure out when you guys should come back.”

Then we heard grandpa in the background “Dammit Joe, they’re what, 25-26? They’re mature responsible adults! Here, give me that phone!” We all chuckled as there was some noise as my grandfather took the phone from Uncle Joe. “Hello? James?

“We’re all here gramps.” I said.

“Good. Let me ask you something. Do you have food?”

“Yeah.” Kiara said, sitting down on the edge of the bed.

“Do you have money?” he asked.

“Yeah, both dad and Uncle Jeff gave us some cash.” James said.

“And you’ve got your old man’s car, right JJ?” he asked.

“Yep.” I said.

“You know how to get to town, right?”

There was a town less than five miles down the road. It wasn’t much, but it had a Walmart which would have anything we might need for the next couple of weeks.

“Yeah, I do.” I said.

“Good.” he said, “You’re not gonna destroy my house are you?”

“No,” Abby said, “We’re fine.”

“See,” he said, presumably to Uncle Joe, “They’re fine. And I think they’ll be fine for the next couple of weeks. Oh, don’t give me that look Rose, they’re responsible twenty-somethings. And they know that broken arm or not, if they mess up my house I’ll kick their asses.”

We all had to laugh at that, gramps had been threatening to kick our asses since we were kids. It was all in good fun, because we knew he would never raise a hand to us.

After a little more back and forth with Uncle Joe and Aunt Rose (and my parents taking grandpa’s side) they gave in and agreed that we’d be fine for the next two weeks without parental supervision.

“My guess?” Kiara said, after James ended the call “Aunt Rose thinks since we were raised ‘wrong’ that we will corrupt you two.”

“Perish the thought.” Abby said.

“Gee, whatever will we do with ourselves?” I asked, looking at my sister.

“No idea.” Kiara said with a smirk. “I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

“That reminds me, did you two have this planned out?” Abby asked.

“Honestly, no.” I said, “At least not until you walked in on us last night.”

“We were gonna try and keep our relationship under the radar from you guys,” Kiara said, “And if Abby hadn’t forgotten her toothpaste we might have. But once you found out, we figured if you guys were in on it, you wouldn’t be able to tattle on us without telling on yourselves.”

“Best mistake I ever made.” Abby said.

“So how was it?” Kiara asked.

“It hurt a little, but not as much as I thought it would. After that, it was amazing. Maybe it was because it was my first time, maybe it was because my pussy’s more sensitive after we shaved it, but it was…” Abby trailed off, not sure of how else to describe it.

“We heard.” James said, smirking.

“Was I really that loud?” Abby asked, looking at me. I nodded. “What about you James? How was your first time?”

“Yeah, how was it banging my sister?” I asked.

“Classy.” Kiara said, rolling her eyes.

“I get it from dad.”

“Oh my god,” James said, “It felt so good. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of hard to put into words how good sex is.” I said.

“Well, I don’t know about any of you,” Kiara said standing up, “But I’m hungry, and look, it stopped raining.”

We glanced out the window to see the sun peeking out from behind the cloud cover, and food did sound like a good idea.

“When’s our next lesson?” Abby asked, getting out of bed and looking around for her clothes. James’ eyes nearly bugged out of his head as he saw his sister naked for the first time. Sure, she had shown off a lot of skin with the bikini the other day, but this was the first time he had seen the full package.

“Wow, Abby,” he said, “You really do have a killer body.”

She smiled at him and stopped looking for her clothes and stood there, unashamedly showing off her body for all of us and posing a bit. “You really think so?”

“God yes,” he said, a tent forming in his shorts. Then he looked at Kiara, “So yeah, when is our next lesson?”

“We’ve created monsters.” I said to Kiara.

“Later,” Kiara said, “We need time to recover.”

I pulled my sweats back on, and we all headed downstairs to make lunch.

Later that bahis firmaları night after finding out that Abby and James had never seen “The Godfather” and sitting them down to watch it, Abby again brought up the subject of sex. So we figured it was time for their next lesson.

“You know what I really like?” Kiara said. “I love, and I mean really love sucking cock. Not all girls do, but I love it.”

“And she’s really good at it.” I added.

“But there’s an art to sucking cock.” my sister stated. “It’s not just sticking a guys dick in your mouth and sliding it in and out until they cum. So Abby, this is your next lesson. I’m going to teach you what I know about sucking cock.”

Abby looked both absolutely giddy and somewhat apprehensive at the thought. It amazed me that she could make both faces at the same time.

“Come here, sit down next to me. First, hold up your fingers like this.” Kiara said, holding up her index and middle fingers in the typical “finger guns” position. Abby did as requested, and then to everyone’s surprise Kiara took Abby by the wrist and sucked the fingers into her mouth, and I felt my cock start to stir. James must have had the same reaction as out of the corner of my eye I saw him shift a bit in his seat.

“Oh…” Abby said, as we all watched her fingers slide in and out of my sister’s mouth.

I knew damn well what Kiara was doing too. She was running her tongue all over and around Abby’s fingers. I’d felt that same sensation plenty of times on my cock. Just the thought of it got me fully erect.

“Feels good right?” she asked Abby when she finally released Abby’s hand. Abby could only nod in stunned silence. “Now watch what happens when I do that to JJ.”

Again, to everyone’s surprise, especially mine, she turned to face me, pushed me onto my back, pulled my sweats off revealing my hard cock and swallowed it in one swift motion.

“Oh my god.” I moaned, as my head flopped back. The feel of my sister’s mouth on my cock sent me to heaven. The way she worked her tongue over the head and around my shaft was incredible. For a few moments I forgot James and Abby were in the room, only remembering when I caught Abby moving towards her brother out of the corner of my eye.

Kiara must have seen it too because she came up for air and looked at Abby. “Go ahead,” she said in her sultry tone of voice, “Suck your brother’s cock like I showed you.”

James and Abby seemed a bit apprehensive about it, since neither one of them had even been naked with another person until just a couple days ago, they had both lost their virginity last night, and now they were about to have oral sex for the first time.

“Go ahead sis,” I heard James say as Kiara went back to work on me.

“You sure?” she said, “I mean I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“You think I did my first time?” Kiara said, coming up for air again. “Don’t overthink it, just go with it. Remember what we said, you’ll find what works for you through trial and error.”

James pulled off his pants and offered his rock hard cock to his sister. Abby knelt in front of him and looked up at him. He nodded and leaned back on the couch, Abby lowered her head to give her first blowjob.

“Holy shit,” James moaned, “Abs, that’s amazing.” He laid his head back and I went back to paying attention to Kiara who had gone back to work on me.

For a long few moments the only sound in the house was the sound of Abby and Kiara sucking off James and myself, with the two of us moaning in pleasure enjoying the feeling of our sisters blowing us. Apparently, Abby figured out what she was doing pretty quick because James certainly wasn’t complaining. Then again he didn’t have anyone to compare her to.

I knew I was getting close, but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. Kiara knew it too and stopped, smiling up at me. “Wanna fuck me, bro?”

“Is water wet?”

“Yes, and so am I.” she said, pulling off her clothes. “Okay you two, pay attention. This morning was missionary, this is what’s commonly referred to as doggy style.”

She got on her hands and knees as I moved to get behind her. James and Abby watched almost mesmerized as I guided my cock into Kiara from behind and grabbed her hips and started fucking her.

“The great thing… holy shit that feels good… about this… ah yeah, bro, just like that… about this position… is you can… fuck yes… can rub your pussy… or his cock… like this… Jesus Christ that feels so fucking good…” Kiara said, reaching between her legs and massaging her clit before reaching a little further back and rubbing the bottom of my cock as I plowed in and out of her.

“Fuck me harder, JJ.” she moaned, “Show them how I like it.”

“Anything for you, sis.” I said and started slamming my cock into Kiara.

“James,” Abby said, James tore his eyes away from us and looked at his sister who was busy peeling off her clothes. “Fuck me.”

“Anything for you Abs.” he said as if he had been waiting his whole life and not a whole day for her kaçak iddaa to say those words. I only had one extra condom and had given it to James earlier in the day, because he said wanted the chance to fuck Abby. I made a mental note to buy more.

Abby helped James put the condom on, and they got into the missionary position. Abby squealed in pleasure as her brother entered her for the first time. James took his time, pushing slowly into her and uttering “Holy fucking shit. Abby, you feel so goddamn good.”

She moaned as he pushed all the way into her, “So do you bro. Oh god, James. Fuck me! Fuck your baby sister!”

They were fast learners, within a couple of minutes they had found a rhythm and were fucking each other with wild abandon. The couch was creaking under them as they fucked for what would be the first of many times. I alternated between watching my cock sliding in my sister, and watching my cousins fucking barely five feet away from us.

Kiara glanced over as well and the sight must have been too much for her, because she muttered “Oh fuck… already? Oh fuck, JJ, I’m fucking cumming!”

I felt her body tense up and her pussy clamp down on my cock, as her body started shaking and she moaned incomprehensibly as she came. I slowed my pace as the two of us watched James and Abby fucking on the other couch almost oblivious to our presence.

“Wanna show them another position?” I asked Kiara.

“Our favorite?” she asked, as I slowly pulled out.

“Our favorite.” I said, nodding.

“But I haven’t cum yet,” Abby moaned. “I wanna cum.”

“Just watch, you’ll like this.” Kiara said. “They call this the cowgirl.”

I lay on my back, my cock sticking almost straight up in the air. “Now Abby, just watch what I do.” Kiara said getting into position over me. She reached down, grabbed my cock and guided it into her soaking wet pussy slowly sliding all the way down, groaning with pleasure as she did, “Goddamn, I am never going to get tired of that.”

“Best part about this position, besides how deep it goes, is that either one of you can control the pace.” Kiara said, starting to move up and down on my cock, bracing herself with the back on the couch. “Fuck that feels so good!” she said, picking up the pace a bit. I grabbed her hips and she looked down at me, “Do it.”

I held her in place and started thrusting my hips up, slamming my cock into her. Kiara threw her head back and moaned and groaned in pleasure, then let loose with a long groan as I started jackhammering my hips up, fucking her as hard as I could. All my sister could do was hold on to my arms and groan wordlessly as her tits bounced around on her chest with each thrust of my cock.

I eventually slowed down and settled back down on the couch. I kept a hold of her hips and she took back over.

“The great thing… damn sis, do that again… is that you can do this.” I said, reaching up and grabbing her tits. My sister’s tits were literally the perfect size for my hands (or maybe that’s the other way around). I could literally fill my hand with her perfect tits, with her nipple right in the middle of my palm. I kneaded her tits as she continued to ride my cock.

Not that James and Abby were paying any attention at this point, as they had gone back to what they were doing. We left them to it and concentrated on each other.

Kiara leaned down and pressed her sweaty forehead to mine, her sultry voice coming back, “Now, let me do what I do best. I’m gonna fuck your brains out dear brother.”

After we exchanged a passionate kiss, she sat back up and started alternating between riding my cock, and gyrating her hips on the downstroke. Abby was squealing in pleasure as she and James had again found a comfortable pace.

“Oh my god, James,” she squealed, “This feels so fucking good, having you deep inside me!”

“You feel pretty goddamn good too sis,” James moaned.

Kiara slowed her pace as I felt myself getting close, and she knew it. “Bitch.” I said. She just offered me an evil smile. I grabbed her hips again.

“Don’t you fuckin’ dare…” was as far as she got before I pulled her down and offered an evil smile of my own.

“You asked for this you know.”

I held her in place again and thrust my cock deep into her, making her literally bounce up and down on her knees, as I took back over and fucked her for all I was worth.

Abby squealed in pleasure on the other couch and I glanced over as she arched her back and grabbed the side of the couch, “Oh fuck yes,” she screamed, “James, I’m gonna… fuck… I’m gonna cum… holy fuckin’ shit… I’m cumming!” she let out a loud scream as her orgasm hit and her body started shaking.

That seemed to set off a chain reaction. The next thing I knew I was spurting inside my sister. “Oh fuck…” I moaned, “Kiara, I’m cumming!”

“So am I!” she growled back.

“I’m cumming sis!” James yelled out next.

The house was filled with the four of us yelling, screaming and groaning with orgasmic pleasure as kaçak bahis each one of us rode out our respective orgasms. Kiara collapsed against my chest as my cock slowly deflated and slid out of her, both of us struggling to catch our breath. James had pulled himself out of Abby and the two of them curled up too spent to move.

“Class dismissed.” Kiara mumbled.

We ended up falling asleep like that.

The next day Abby and I took a run into town to pick up a couple of things. Kiara was still bitching about her eggs, we also forgot to get ice cream, there was a tiny little bit of laundry detergent left, and no one had thought to bring shampoo. I also grabbed a 12 pack of beer. As you may have guessed by now, James and Abby had never had any kind of alcohol before.

As we were going through the pharmacy, I stopped in front of the condom display, and grabbed a box and tossed them in our shopping cart. I glanced at Abby, who had a smirk on her face. I arched an eyebrow at her, smirked myself and we both laughed as I grabbed a second box.

“How much you wanna bet my brother is fucking your sister right now?” Abby said as I drove us back to the cabin.

“That’s a suckers bet.” I said. “I’ll tell you what though, if he is, I guess I’ll just have to fuck his sister.”

Abby looked over at me. “Really now?”

“Really.” I said, a smile on my face.

When we got back, just as Abby predicted we could hear James and Kiara going at it upstairs. We quickly put the food away and practically ran upstairs to Abby’s room. We almost literally tore each other’s clothes off and fell onto the bed. I kissed my way down her body and once I reached her hips, I gently pushed her legs apart, smiled up at her and my tongue snaked out and flicked her clit. She jumped and squealed in pleasure.

“JJ, what are you… oh…” she said as I started licking her pussy. She squirmed and squealed as she had her pussy eaten for the first time.

“Oh my god, JJ, that feels amazing.” she finally managed to say. I didn’t say anything as my mouth was otherwise occupied, but I did reach up with a free hand and squeezed one of her tits to let her know I heard her. As I sucked on her clit, I slid two fingers inside her and she moaned in pleasure. Words failed Abby as I pumped my fingers in and out of her and licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips, she was alternating between moaning low in her throat, squealing in pleasure and gasping for breath as I licked, sucked and fingered her sweet pussy.

From down the hall I suddenly heard James groan and yell out “Holy fuck… I’m cumming!” followed by an almost animalistic growl of pleasure. Much like Abby’s orgasm the night before seemed to set the rest of us off, I heard Kiara scream in pleasure as Abby suddenly shuddered in orgasmic bliss.

“Oh fuck, JJ,” she gasped, “I’m gonna cum too!”

Seconds later she flooded my mouth with her pussy juice as she let go and came all over my face. For my credit I lapped up as much as I could, most of it however ended up all over my face, hand and the bed. She didn’t squirt, but it was close enough. I kissed my way back up her body, and kissed her letting her taste her own juices.

“Mmm, I can see why you like doing that.” she said as she licked the juices off my face. “Let me pay you back.”

We rolled over and she kissed her way down my body to my hard cock, took it in her hand, stroked it a few times and then sucked as much of it as she could into her mouth. She had apparently been taking good notes last night as she used her tongue expertly to tease my cock as her head bobbed up and down, her warm mouth engulfing almost all of my cock, her hand working on what she couldn’t fit into her mouth. Any doubts she may have had about her skills in giving head seemed to be completely gone.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and looked to see Kiara standing naked in the doorway watching us. She smiled and held her finger to her lips as she slowly made her way into the room. Abby was concentrating all her attention on making sure she was sucking my cock the way she had learned the night before she didn’t even realize my sister was in the room until she got into bed with us.

“Don’t mind me.” Kiara said when Abby realized we weren’t alone anymore. “You look like you’ve got things under control.”

Abby didn’t say a word and instead went back to work on me. Kiara stretched out next to me and watched as my cock slid in and out of Abby’s mouth.

“So, how’s she doing?” Kiara asked as she pressed her body into mine.

“She’s almost as good as you.” I said, “By the way where’s James?”

“I think I broke him.” Kiara said.

“Wore… oh fuck that’s good, Abs, do that again… so you wore… oh yeah, just like that… wore him out?”

“Yeah,” Kiara said, dragging a nail down my chest, over my stomach and back up again. “You know how wild I can get. He’s not used to it yet.”

“Oh fuck, Abby,” I groaned, “That… that’s good… oh, you’re gonna make some guy really happy one day.”

For the next couple of minutes, Kiara and I watched as Abby sucked my cock, with Kiara occasionally saying things like “Don’t forget to lick the head”, and “Play with his balls, he likes that”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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