At the Hotel Ch. 02


You might want to read chapter 1 first & hopefully you’ll want chapter 3 after!


Chapter 2

I look down between my breasts at you. I know you are going to make me wait for your touch – the question is, how long? I stand defiantly, despite my overwhelming excitement. Without losing eye contact with me, you slowly slide one finger up my leg, ankle to thigh. I throw my head back, breaking your stare and let my body relish in the touch, albeit slight. Almost immediately, it registers that this was a bad move on my part, as your finger disappears from me until I look back at you again. How did I know you’d be smiling, waiting to see how long it takes me to realise I have to hold your stare to keep your touch.

You start again from my ankle and upwards slowly; you’re in full knowledge of the effect you’re having. I bite my lip to avoid the natural urge to throw my head back and revel in you. I am wondering just how much of you I will survive before my legs turn to liquid and I can only hold myself up by pulling on my ties. I’m not sure whether it’s your touch or your intense eyes that burn me more. Your fingers reach my inner thigh and I sigh; slowly releasing the breath that I hadn’t realised I was holding. My legs shake under your fingertips; my stomach quivers taut and my hips are desperate to push forward in eager encouragement. You lean closer and touch my clit with the tip of your tongue, so teasingly gentle that if it were words, it would barely qualify as a whisper but that’s it for me. I can’t hold your eye contact anymore, I want to cum and I know it wouldn’t take much more right now. I throw my head back, unaware and uncaring of your rules at this moment. You stop, step back from me and remove yours hands from my thighs and I yell out in sheer frustration.

You reach for the chain and pull on it slightly and I don’t know what to do with myself – is that pain or pleasure? It’s not enough of either to make me cum and I can think of nothing else right now. We both know how quickly I get my first orgasm and you know (and enjoy?) this is killing me. You grab my hair and pull my head down until our eyes meet again. You smile and ask if you need to adana escort tie my hair to my toes to keep my attention. ‘No’ I whisper, obviously eager for the return of your touch.

Suddenly your hand slaps so hard against my ass and I shriek. You slide out from between my legs and stand behind me. I hear your belt slide out of your jeans and you have my attention undoubtedly. I try to look over my shoulder but I can’t see what you’re about to do. You move to the side of the bed and just out of my line of sight. I hear a noise that I instantly know to be a belt being removed from jeans. You stand up on the bed again, behind me but just to one side. You place one hand around me and hard against my stomach. You lean to see my face knowing that my mind is racing. I know what you’re going to do and why. How could I have forgotten ‘Sir’ yet again? – because you’re denying me orgasm, that’s how! I know this will hurt and I want it. I inwardly smile and hope the pain will be enough to take my hot, horny and frustrated body over the edge to orgasmic bliss.

‘Where are your manners bitch?’

Before I can answer, the belt swishes through the air and collides with my ass. I scream! In the split seconds before I was chiding myself not to say anything about bitch not being too polite either and not to yell out when you swung that belt but you caught me completely unawares. Your hand on my stomach feels my muscles relax a little and tense again really hard as you swipe me once more with that damned belt. My ass stings, burns and I can feel the red hot stripes across it. You drop the belt and wrap your arms around me holding me tight to you. Your mouth right next to my ear and your front pressed tight to my back. I wonder whether you feel my ass burn through your jeans but I know you feel my whole body shiver against you. I hadn’t planned on being in trouble quite so soon but I’m so excited I don’t know what I am doing.

‘Did that hurt?’ you smirk at me and you get a very sarcastic smile back as I work out whether it would be really stupid to say no. You take my chin in your hand and turn my head to face you. As you pull me close to eskişehir escort you my heart misses a few beats and my pulse races. I feel your thigh press between my legs from behind and I know my excitement must be messing up your jeans – I wouldn’t smile about it though, obviously! I can feel your cock pressed between us and admit this is torture. My head’s full of pictures of your cock fucking me, my ass stings to hell and I will die if I don’t cum soon – I will. You face right up to mine, you whisper, ‘What did you get the belt for bitch?’

I wish I could hit you, I’m dying here and you want to chat … agggghhhh! ‘For not saying Sir… Sir’

Ha! You won’t get me again on that one. You laugh and your hands slide teasingly down the side of my body to my hips. They move inwards and return up my body, dragging over the chains and pulling both my nipples and my labia. Your hands cup under my firm rounded breasts and push them both up higher. I moan in pleasure as the chains pull harder and my body anticipates orgasm. You let them slowly return to their place as your fingers explore over my nipples while they are squeezed out between the clamps teeth. My body tenses at the incredibly erotic pain, my ass presses back harder against you increasing my torment, as I know you are rock hard. You lick your finger and keeping your face over my shoulder you see the intensity and confusion as you slide your wet finger delicately over one nipple and pull the clamp excruciatingly painfully from the other, while firmly saying in my ear, ‘Do NOT cum bitch, you hear me, do NOT cum.’ My clit throbs, my cunt screams in dismay, my heads tries to compute and gives up, my whole body unanimously hating you right now.

You let go of me completely for a while to make me calm down a little. As I do, I become more aware of which clamps remain and that they hurt or is that please – I really must learn to tell the difference one day. You wrap yourself up close to me again, your hands sliding down from my wrists up high, down my arms, tickling my underarms, down over my ribs. One hand continues down to collect the loose chain hanging down sakarya escort and pull it to the side, while the other slides over my tummy and stops just above my pussy, pulling the one fixed chain taut. My labia are spread wide, I feel like my clit must be a mile long and my cunt dripping a waterfall. Calming down didn’t last long! Your mouth nuzzles my ear and neck, your tongue exploring and I shiver.

You murmur something about how hot I must look, how wet and that we really should have someone to see, perhaps we should call room service. It takes a moment to sink in that you said that and I know if I react in horror you would do it. My body is so excited and the thought of some stranger stood in front of me watching my reaction to what you’re doing brings me to the edge. Your hand holding the loose chain wanders over my hips towards my clit and your mouth finds mine. Deeply, slowly and so passionately you kiss me, I sizzle from head to toe. Your fingers reach my clit and you press hard on it, spinning circles around it, over it, my wetness making your travels so smooth and you feel me start to buck against you. I imagine your fingers inside me, your cock inside me; your fingers and your cock in my holes – I want you.

Your fingers are relentless on my throbbing clit and my body rocks against you. Every cell in me explodes concurrently and I’m thrashing against you like I’ve had an electric shock. My moans turn to a scream as the orgasm you built crashes through me. You push your fingers into my hot tight wet cunt and my body practically eats them off your hand with the power of what you’ve done to me. You fuck me with your fingers and drive my clit insane with your thumb. Your hand keeps me cumming harder and harder on you. I didn’t think anyone could cum so hard until you pulled the other clamp off my nipple and I came even harder, screaming and thrashing, pulling on my restraints, totally lost to this world.

You jump down to release my feet and then come back to hold me as you release my hands and you control my slow drop to the bed as I collapse weak and grinning, still being taken by aftershocks. You pull me close, you smile, I smile and we lay there a while. I relax against you and close my eyes but before I could drift off and doze, you pull the clamps off my labia harshly and twist my painful nipples. ‘Who said you could rest Lena? We haven’t started yet, you have work to do and you better get to it slut.’ As I look up, you’re pointing at your beautiful cock and I get the hint.

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