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I raced over to Marnie’s Sunday, wondering what adventure lay in store.

Alex’s truck was gone, but my cousin A.J.’s was there, indicating a delay in my plan to play with my sexy aunt. Marnie was in the basement doing laundry, while A.J. was watching football. He told me his Dad left early, and he had the day off, but was going over to a buddy’s later to study for a test Monday. I began counting the minutes before he left, but decided to enjoy watching the game, for the time being.

The basement door opened and out she came. I was riveted by what she was wearing. The same khaki shorts and tight white tank top she was wearing the night I claimed her in the couch.

When was this kid leaving again?

I jumped up and ran to my truck to get my laundry basket. As I headed downstairs, Marnie made eye contact and followed me.

The machines were running, muffling our voices.

“ down, one to go,” I said.

“Shhh…,” Marnie warned, “Just he patient, Sugar…I’ll make it up to you.”

How could I argue with that guarantee?

I wrapped my arms around her beautiful body and tried to kiss her, but she pulled back. “He might look down here.”

“No, he won’t,” I corrected her. “There’s a floor joist a few feet from the door that squeaks. I stepped over it the other day I surprised you down here.”

“I remember that day, you brute,” Marnie frowned. “My shoulders are still sore from your manhandling of me”

“I’ll make it up to YOU,” I said as I pulled her close and felt her ample chest on mine. I kissed her and squeezed her until she let out a sexy grunt.

Now I had a hard-on to conceal as I walked up the stairs.

I was tired after a long night the night before, and was running on Marnie Adrenaline. The easy chair was so comfortable, I found myself dozing off during the game, awakened by movements of my aunt or cousin.

The last time, I awoke with a jolt. Marnie was straddling me, wearing only her bra and pantries. Both white; she looked as she did the day I took her in the basement. Her breasts were licking distance away. Was I dreaming?

“Wake up sleepy head,” she smiled. “When is the last time we wrestled?”

I was dreaming.

“Just kidding, Sugar,” she laughed. “A.J.’s gone. Just you and me for the rest of this evening. What should we do?”

I was not dreaming, as she shifted a little and sat down on my legs.

“Nice outfit,” I managed, clearing away the last cobweb. “What a way to wake up.”

“You looked so cute, Marnie began. “Lying there, sound asleep with your big ol’ cock standing straight up. I just watched you for a few minutes after A. J. left. She grabbed it by the head. “Now, I’m kinda horny… follow me.”

I loved her change in attitude from the beginning of last week. But what’s up with the casino şirketleri outfits? So far, she’s reminded me of the first two times I had her. But as I watched her firm little butt wiggle as she led me to her bedroom, the questions could wait.

She knelt on her bed and rolled onto her back, her rack reaching for the ceiling.

“You OK…DOWN THERE”? I clumsily asked.

“Uhhh…yeah, Sugar,” she gently scolded. “Im OK there. You have a lot to learn about girls..typical man…it doesn’t last that long.”

“What I learned about you last week, is that you are great at blow jobs,” I coarsely responded. “How about another?”

“Ohh..Sugar, that’s sweeet,” she purred. “Roll over and Aunt Marnie will do the rest.”

She got on her knees, pulled off my shorts, and stepped between my legs. She leaned on her hands, and went to work. Sucking, licking the head of my cock between those luscious lips; up and down, up and down, her rack jiggling with each movement. She should teach a class in this service.

She didn’t have to labor long. As I felt the climax surging, I tried to pull it out if her mouth. But she grabbed the shaft and held on.

I came five times, felt like I shot a gallon into her sensuous mouth. But her brown eyes were smiling until the last drop. Then she slid off the bed, went into her bathroom, and spit the wad into the sink. She quickly rinsed her mouth with mouthwash and returned, still smiling.

What a woman.

“I was right…yucky,” she giggled.

“Sorry..but you are so good at it,” I apologized.

“Thank you, Sugar” she said softly.

She laid her head on my chest. “This is cuddling,” she cooed. “Women like this afterward”

I rubbed her silky arm up and down, and enjoyed feeling her breathe. “So this is how adults do it?” I thought to myself.

After a few minutes, I was cuddled out, “You lie on your back, and I’ll do the work this time,” I said to her.

“You can’t be ready, again?” she asked incredulously, then saw my dick pointing skyward. “Don’t you ever rest?”

“Not around you, Marnie”

I reached into my shorts and retrieved my rubber.

“That’s my job,” she said, opening it and fitting it on my aroused member.

I responded by pulling off her panties and unhooking her bra. What a sight watching her enormous breasts spill out of those DD cups. I kissed her neck as I reached around her.

“I REALLY like neck kisses, Sugar,” she whispered. “Gets me off every time, always has. Just no hickies, remember?”

I inserted myself into her welcoming, wet womanhood, and latched onto her supple, fragrant neck like a vampire. I shifted from one side to the other. She was responding like she was starved for the attention. I think her fingernails drew blood on my back. No problem.

I moved casino firmaları to her ruby red lips and devoured them, kissing off all her lipstick. I suckled her breasts like a newborn, then returned to her lovely nape. I felt like I could have lifted her off the bed by my cock alone.

I nuzzled her moist neck until her body was quivering all over. I was working on the left side when she finally blew.

She cried out so loudly, I was afraid I had hurt her, so I raised up and started to withdraw from her pussy.

“Don’t stop…Oh, Sugar…don’t stop,” she pleaded.

I went back to her neck, and she came again. I stayed there until the second aftershock.

“OK…Sugar, I’m done…” she panted. Her magnificent chest was heaving. “That…was wonderful” She was still shaking.

I felt great, even though most of mine was still in me. Marnie was like the 4th of July. That was really sexy to watch. I kissed her trembling lips and rolled off her.

“I just need a minute…to catch my breath'” Marnie labored. “You really got me off, Sugar. You really know how to do my neck.”

“And no decorations” I proclaimed proudly.

“Thank you, Baby”

I laid next to her, slid my arm under her and gently turned her onto me. We laid there for a while, but then she raised up. “Let’s take a shower, Sugar,” she offered. “I have a surprise for you”

Another phrase for the memory vault.

ANOTHER SUPRISE? I asked myself.

The water was quickly warm. I stood behind Marnie, my arms around her belly, kissing her shoulders…and her volcanic neck.

“Sugar, are you trying to kill your old Aunt Marnie,” she asked smiling. “Just teasing, don’t stop until I collapse.”

My erection poked against her lower back.

“Sorry..I can’t help it” I apologized.

That’s OK..that’s your surprise, Sugar” she began. “Soap me up down there, and you can have me.”

If the floor had allowed it, I would have jumped for joy.

Marnie’s backdoor was the only thing about her off-limits…until now. I dutifully lathered up her lovely rump, and gently penetrated it.

I was careful with her, too careful to climax, this time.

The climax came when I turned her around, and picked her up; she wrapped her legs around me and I took her under the warm jets of water.

I didn’t want to leave, but Marnie decoupled from me and turned off the water. As we dried off, the questions started coming.

“Marnie, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, Sugar”

“I noticed what you were wearing when I got here, and what you had on when you woke me up. The same things you had on the first times we were together…”

“You mean the times you raped me on the couch and in the basement,” she interrupted.

“Uhhh..” I stammered.

“I’m teasing, honey,” güvenilir casino she giggled. “It’s time you knew the truth.”

“The..truth?” I felt like I was on a TV detective show and was about to be told “whodunnit”.

“I have something to admit, and I hope you’re not mad,” she began. “It started when you surprised me on the couch a few weeks ago. I wasn’t happy about it. That’s why I fought you for a while. But you were forceful without being abusive. Not like your Uncle Alex. Your way is a real turn-on. Girls like being taken by a strong man, they just don’t want to be hurt. So, I let you have me on the couch that night. I knew I couldn’t win against you, but I found out you weren’t going to hurt me.”

The next week, I wasn’t so sure about you. You surprised me in the basement; that part is true. But I didn’t want to give in yet, thought you liked the hunt. But, you really worked me over. You scared me for awhile. I was REALLY trying to get to those stairs to get away from you. You wanted my butt when you forced me on the bed, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I said sheepishly.

“But you didn’t take it when I asked you not to; that told me you had some respect for me. Plus, I kind of enjoyed the way you did do me. We can do that way again; soon, I hope.”

“The next week, I was pissed at everyone; Alex, A.J., plus I was on my period. It was a tough week. Then you come in, hands all over me, demanding me, so I added you to my list. But, again, you didn’t just take me anyway, and make a bloody mess of my bed. I didn’t expect the hog-tying, and didn’t like it at first, but I had time to think about it; now I’m kind of looking forward to it, as long as I get to do some tying up, too.”

I started imagining the possibilities.

“Today you were so sweet about A.J. being here, I was actually hoping he would leave, so I encouraged him to. Then there you were asleep in the chair, your boner trying to rip through your shorts, wanting me. I wanted to take you right there, but was afraid the chair would tip over.”

We both laughed.

“I look at it this way,” she continued, “You’re young, you’ve got a great cock that’s always hard around me, you’re kind of kinky, and you like playing with me. What’s not for a girl to like? You’ll get tired of your old Aunt Marnie after a while, but it’ll be fun while it lasts. Plus, I read that we are both at our sexual peaks now. That’s exciting. We just have to keep this secret. And never forget your rubbers. No going to bat without your helmet. Alex has a vasectomy, so any surprises would be hard to explain.”

“Wow, Marnie, that’s quite a story,” I began, “so, I started out in pursuit of you, but you had your own plan all along?”

“Afraid so, Sugar,” she replied. “You mad?”

“No way..I love you Marnie..and I’ll never get tired of you.” I wrapped my arms around her soft, naked body, and pressed her enormous breasts against my chest.

“If you say so, Sugar,” she whispered as her arms encircled my neck. “I love you, too.”

I kissed her passionately…on the neck.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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