AUS, Atlant Ch. 01


The following story happened in 1990, when we were living in Georgia and belonged to a group out of Atlanta called AUS. We met once a month at an Atlanta hotel where the group rented a large ballroom and the hotel was crowded with couples there for the same thing, sex.

The weekend always began on Friday evening with the two-hour drive from our home into the big city. My wife, Susan, always dressed appropriately, in skirts, button down shirts, maybe stockings but little else underneath. She would bring her toys in the car and give me a show for the two hours we were in the car.

Upon arrival at the hotel, we would check-in and then retire to our room for a while before showering and heading out to dinner. I was the one to pack for both of us for the weekend and I had not brought very much for Susan. She dressed in her blue satin dress that clung to her curves showing every little crevice on her lithe body. The material fit tightly around her full breasts outlining the sweet curves and bringing her hardened nipples to the forefront. Her ass was also showcased by the way the material snuck into her ass crack and stretched tightly over her small cheeks. She commented on how little the material covered, how it served to highlight her body rather than to cover it. I smiled, took her hand, and we left the room for the restaurant.

We always went to the same Italian restaurant on Fridays. It was an old European style restaurant, the booths semi-private, the seats dark leather, and the tables wooden and massive. There was a hostess that was hotter than hell and I always enjoyed teasing Susan and her with subtle remarks about the two of them getting together. The hostess, Diane, usually just laughed and went about her business while always saying hello whenever she passed our table.

Diane was there this night as well. She met us with a smile and said she was glad to see our reservations this evening before leading us to our booth. We were seated in a booth that could be seen from the hostess station and as we slid into the booth I remarked that Diane should keep her eyes on Susan as I thought she might be in a drinking mood that night. The two girls chuckled, we took the menus, and Diane went back to work.

It was now that I began the evening. I told Susan that I would order, that I wanted her to sit, as she knew I wanted her to, and that she should keep her hands on the table unless I told her she could move them. We were moving into our roles, her the submissive woman and me the dominant male.

Susan reached below the table and pulled the dress out from under her ass and uncrossed her legs, spreading her knees more than the 12 inches I allowed her to maintain. She knew that if she was to not maintain at least 12 inches between her knees she would receive a spanking that evening. Although she enjoyed her spankings she did whatever she could to postpone the punishment.

We got our wine first, a dark red German variety that wet our palates nicely. I would instruct Susan to have a sip of wine every few minutes and she knew just how much to take. It was in this way that I could control how loose she got during the evening. I would reach down every few minutes and rub her shaved mons with my pal and stroke her lips and clit with my fingertips to keep her aroused. After touching her I always brought my fingers to her lips so she could lick them clean of her juices.

Diane, although getting busier in her duties, glanced at us as often as she could without being too obvious. We knew that she had a view of Susan’s spread knees and exposed pussy from her station near the front door. There were also four or five tables and booths around the restaurant with perfect views of our table and the patrons who were seated at these tables took full advantage of the show that was being brought to them.

Our waiter brought our salads and I slipped my hand between Susan’s spread thighs as I made casual conversation with the young man. His eyes followed my arm to where it disappeared under the table and he could guess where my hand was. He continued to stare as we chatted about the crowd entering the restaurant. When he left to go back to the kitchen he kept looking back trying to get a good look under the table.

I had Susan reach up and pinch her nipples before I let her eat her salad. She pinched the hard between her fingers trying to hide what she was doing with her hands. As she moved to grab her utensils her hard nipples were even more pronounced than they had been all night and the red blush of her excitement began to creep from her breasts upward along her neck to her cheeks.

I rubbed and stroked her clit throughout dinner and had her pinch her nipples three more times before we were finished with dessert. Eyes were steadily staring blow our table, watching the stimulation being applied to her clit. Susan’s body was slowly stiffening as the sexual tension between her legs slowly increased in intensity.

Diane came by denizli escort the table when we were just finishing our desert and told us she was finishing her shift. I invited her to join us for a drink if it was permissible and she told us she just had to go to the back room and change and she would be right out. I slowed my ministrations and whispered in Susan’s ear that she would be relieved of her tensions in front of our new friend. She just smiled nervously and rolled her hips against my fingers inserted inside her body.

When Diane came back she was dressed seductively in a short skirt and a tight fitting sweater. I invited her to take a seat beside Susan ad she slid sexily into the booth. We conversed lightly as I continued to slowly stroke and caress the wet sex between Susan’s legs.

Diane leaned down to Susan and whispered asking if we knew that everything we were doing could be seen by half the restaurant. We both smiled and I told her that was half of the excitement for Susan. I began to explain how she enjoyed being forced to expose herself to the public. Then I invited her to look down and she did, taking in the full view of Susan’s shaved mons and my fingers buried to the knuckles inside her. I increased the pressure on both Susan’s clit and her g-spot until her hips began to bounce around on the leather bench. I leaned in close and told her I wanted to feel her come on my fingers. Her hips went into overdrive and she rode my hand as Diane watched in silence, mesmerized by the sight before her. Susan began to pant, then to sigh openly, finally her body began to convulse and the orgasm caught in her throat as her juices ran from her sex and coated my fingers and hand in the sweet nectar. I moved my fingers in and out for her pleasure, then pulled them all the way out and fed the juices to Susan.

Diane sat there with her mouth agape. She could not believe what we were doing. I asked her if she found women sexy and she turned toward her drink and began to blush as she confessed in a low voice that it was one of her favorite fantasies. I then asked her if she would like to put her hand between Susan’s legs but she declined due to being at her place of employment. That was the queue and I suggested we all finish our drinks and move to the hotel lounge.

We quickly finished our drinks and as Susan slid out of the bench I told her to give everyone a good show. She slid out with her dress still around her stomach and spread her legs as wide as she could, exposing herself to the entire restaurant. She paused to lean back to grab her purse with her sex completely exposed before standing up and allowing her dress to fall over her thighs and cover her hot parts.

We were oblivious to the stares and the few comments from the stuck up older women as we walked proudly from the restaurant and hailed a cab. In the cab I sat Susan between us again and immediately told her to spread herself, which she did. She rode the twenty minutes to the hotel with her knees pressing my legs and Diane’s legs against the doors as I stroked her slit and Diane looked on. Diane was joined by the cab driver whose eyes never left the rearview mirror.

I invited Diane to join me in exciting my wife but she was still a bit too shy saying she would rather just watch for a bit longer. I heard the cab driver snicker a bit to Susan’s response.

The hotel lounge was located in the large bottom floor of the hotel and had a very open floor plan with small pockets of plants placed strategically around the tables to give a semblance of privacy. We took a seat at a booth that faced out to three tables, all of which were currently vacated. Again we sat with Susan in the middle, her charms spread and her dress above her waist, her bare ass on the upholstered seat. I commented that the hotel would have to have the seat steamed to rid it of the fish smell and both girls giggled.

We ordered our drinks as I continued to stroke the slit between my wife’s legs. I could tell she was again close to orgasm, her body slowly becoming rigid under my ministrations. I really wanted her to come on Diane’s hands so I stopped what I was doing and sat back. Susan gasped and began to plead with her eyes for me to continue and I just motioned toward Diane. Susan got the idea immediately and turned to Diane to plead with her to finish her off.

I watched, as Diane turned red with embarrassment but finally caved under Susan’s pleas for relief. She moved her hands tentatively to my wife’s thighs and slid them around nervously, rubbing the upper inner thigh area but never touching the real sensitive parts. Susan thrust herself forward with abandon, seeking for contact with her engorged clit. I knew she was just one or two stroke from freedom and I smiled at her unabashed wish for relief.

“Ask her for it,” I said to her and she gave out a low “Please,” to Diane. “Louder,” I said and then she began to plead, “Please touch denizli escort bayan me,” she said and then again.

Diane was now looking around with embarrassment but she moved her hand up higher until she could feel the wet slit. I looked down and saw her fingers spread the lips of my wife’s wanton cunt and begin to rub the hardened mini penis that was protruding from its cover. As I had suspected it took just seconds and my wife was flushing her sexual juices over Diane’s fingers. Diane looked down in amazement at the glaze covering her hands and the wild gyrations that Susan’s hips were making right there on the seat.

When she had calmed sufficiently, I instructed Diane to bring her fingers to Susan’s mouth. Diane followed my instructions and she gazed in amazement as my wife cleaned her fingers, sucking on each one individually and licking the entire palm and back of Diane’s hand to ensure she got all her juice from our friend.

Diane realized that the waiter was standing at the table and pulled her hand away from Susan suddenly. She was stammering something as the embarrassed waiter placed our drinks on the table and then quickly receded into another area of the bar.

We discussed what had just happened and I asked Diane outright if she enjoyed what she had done. She admitted that she had and then offered that it had excited her as well. I told her that if she wanted to she could go to the bathroom and remove her panties and return to the table for a bit of attention as well. She wavered just a bit and then asked if Susan could accompany her, to which I wholeheartedly agreed. I smiled brightly as I watched the two women walk shoulder to shoulder across the lounge to the ladies room directly across from our table. Two cute asses bobbed along, one almost fully exposed under a thin sheaf of silk, the other about to be revealed from the thin linen material that extended just inches below the full cheeks.

The girls took just a few minutes, Susan aware that I did not wish to be alone too long, before they appeared and strode sexily across the floor. As they came to the table Susan entered one side of the bench, sitting to my left, while Diane slid into a seat on my right. I smiled inwardly and outwardly, knowing that I was going to have a hard time getting my glass to my mouth to sip on my drink.

Susan immediately arranged her dress as she knew she had to, Diane hesitated just long enough to glance around the lounge at the other patrons. She then lifted her ass and pulled her skirt up her thighs until she exposed a hairy mons and her bare ass was pressed against the upholstered seat.

My hands fell to the two legs closest to me and slid sensuously along the inner thighs in circular motions. I could hear both women sigh under their breath as I moved my fingertips slowly higher and higher. I skimmed Diane’s pubic hair first, her pussy covered with a copious amount of brown curls. “We’ll have to do something about that,” I told her and smiled into her face. She said nothing but reacted by spreading her knees further. Then I touched both sets of lips at the same time and both women jumped, pushing their hips forward to increase the pressure against their sexes.

I did not waste much time pressing a finger into their holes. I stroked into two slick wet cunts, feeling the wombs of both women with my fingertips. I could feel both women gyrating their hips in back and forth motions seeking the relief they both needed. I pushed my fingertips as deep into each woman as I could and stroked the walls of their pussies sensuously.

Diane laid her head back on the seat and allowed her mouth to fall open in abandon. I stroked outward, grazing along her slit to stroke her clit while my other hand stayed buried deep inside Susan who was grinding herself onto my wrist. I knew this would not take long at all and I told both women to look down at the other and to watch what I was doing to the other.

I could tell that both women were voyeurs, their sexual excitement increased by watching someone else being manipulated. Both women began to move their hips more vigorously than before and I began to have trouble maintaining contact with their organs. Then I pulled my fingers away and moved my hands to each mouth, allowing them to lick me clean. “Do each other,” I told them and they looked into each other’s face questioningly.

Diane was the first to move, her hand going quickly over my lap into the spread legs of my wife. She began to rub immediately and then Susan caught on and moved her fingers to Diane’s clit. I had a front row seat to two women masturbating each other over my lap.

The sighs and groans increased in intensity and speed. I watched each woman try to maintain their diddling while enjoying the feeling of being beat off by the other. There was a struggle going on to see who would get who off first and I encouraged it by saying that whoever came first escort denizli would get to eat the other girl out when we got to our rooms.

In just another two minutes Diane leaned back and gushed her sexual lotion onto Susan’s hands. I had figured that Susan was trained to contain her release and that she would win the competition. It was less than twenty seconds later that Susan let go and vocalized her orgasm just a bit too loud, calling the attention of our waiter who hurried over to our table and was confronted with the sight of two sweaty and satisfied women sitting either side of me. I asked for three more drinks to go to our room and the check.

In the elevator Diane became a bit reserved once again and I told her that she should relax, that if she wanted to leave she could leave now or at any time during the evening. She told me that she really did not want to leave, that she wanted to experience the sensation of another woman, she was just a bit nervous. Susan and I both said we understood and we would go easy.

In the room Susan immediately stepped out of her dress, nothing else obscuring my or Diane’s view of her magnificent body. She walked toward Diane and gently put her hands under the tight sweater as she reached forward to kiss her new lover. Diane responded hesitantly, her passion in check yet. I could see Susan’s hands caressing the full breasts that capped Diane’s chest and jealously wished that I had initiated the contact.

I watched intently as the sweater was raised, Diane raising her arms to allow the removal of her clothing. She wore no bra and the tips of her tits were already pencil eraser hard from the caresses applied by Susan’s hands. Both women fell toward each other and the four nipples met perfectly, then their breasts mashed together. I took a seat to watch the spectacle of two women making love in front of me.

They moved toward the bed and Diane fell on top of Susan. They continued exploring each other’s mouth with their tongues as their hands explored the erogenous zoned exposed by their lack of clothing. They were rubbing and stroking and scratching each other with their fingers, palms and fingernails. I could see them each tremble at times, whenever the other woman touched a sensitive spot on their body. Diane’s legs spread involuntarily around Susan’s legs and the magnificent view of her hairy pussy came into my full view right there in front of me. Her slit was involuntarily open due to her excitement and I could see the pink color of her inner lips and hole through her entangled pubic hair.

Susan snuck her hand around Diane’s back and stroked her fingers along the cleft of her ass, over her tight sphincter and to the wet hole of her cunt. She pushed her fingertip into her lover slowly then removed it and pushed again, this time deeper. I could see the moisture of Diane’s pussy coating my wife’s finger. I had now had a hard cock for hours and decided it was time I released it.

As I undressed my eyes never left the spectacle unfolding before me. Susan was now fingering her lover incessantly and Diane was reacting by moving her hips against the legs that she was straddling. She was almost brutal in her movements, pressing herself hard against Susan and then lifting her ass high into the air, exposing her asshole and pussy fully to my view.

Diane whispered something to Susan and then began to slide lower on Susan’s legs. She stopped to kiss Susan’s breasts, her belly, she licked Susan’s belly button incessantly and then slid lower until her mouth was at the ridge to Susan’s mons. At the same time, Diane’s open slit was touching Susan’s toes. I could hear her say something incomprehensible as she then slid to her final position, her mouth on Susan’s sex and her cunt rubbing along Susan’s toes.

I had the perfect view of Susan using her toes to rub and stroke along the slit that was pressed against her feet. She moved her toes back and forth, spreading and then closing the gaping hole. The motion was causing the juices to slowly seep from her slit and coated the digits of Susan’s pedicured feet.

Only ten minutes had passed since we had entered the room and both women were moaning and groaning, withering in bliss to the ministrations of the other. I was about to witness the wonder of two women getting each other off before I joined them, although I still had no idea if Diane would stay with us or not. I continued to watch as they snaked around on the bed in a fight of sexual release.

Susan came first, screaming and bounding around as her orgasm pulled at her body intensely. She wrapped her hands around Diane’s head and pulled her lover against her slit hard, rubbing herself furiously up and down her lover’s face in orgasmic bliss. When she calmed, Diane suddenly sat up and her cunt slid over Susan’s foot, the toes and then the whole foot disappearing into the other woman

Susan was amazed, her eyes wide and her mouth agape even after just coming the way she had. Move your toes Diane told her and then Diane began to thrash her hips violently with the foot deep inside her womb. She was rubbing her exposed clit along Susan’s ankle and she came violently on my wife’s foot, her juices flowing and flowing until there was a large wet spot on the bed and Susan’s foot and ankle were soaked.

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