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You wake in the dark. He doesn’t stir next to you, which is not shocking at all—he sleeps long and hard, even in unfamiliar places. You on the other hand find this whole weekend a cause for restlessness, probably because the surroundings are so familiar.

The clock on your phone reads 12:57pm.

Not even late. You wonder if your brother and Ava are still up…


The thought of her brings your feet to the floor and makes your mouth dry—perfect excuse to go in search of water.

Maybe at least Ava will still be up.

Your feet carry you through the door and out into the hallway. The house is dark and silent. Your hope dwindles.

You continue down the hallway towards the kitchen—there is a light on after all.. a long thin sliver emitting from the doorway to your brother’s old room. The room where he and Ava are staying. You know you should continue you walking, down the hall, down to the kitchen, run run run away…

You don’t.

You hear them before you see them. The heavy breathing, the low moans. You approach the sliver, trembling with anticipation.

Ava is on top of him, upright, slowly moving up and down. Her gaze is upward, away from him, mildly disinterested. She is fully naked. Her small, firm breasts bounce with every movement. Her hips grind up and down, and in between, barely swallowing the fullness of his dick. You realize your heart is pounding and you’re moving in closer to the door. You feel a tinge between your legs, a need.

Then all the sudden, she’s looking at you. You’re caught. But you can’t move. She locks in her gaze and you can’t tear yourself away. What’s that playing on her mouth? A smirk? She gives a long moan and pushes deeper into him, not moving her eyes away from you. Her body changes as she becomes more alive. Your brother seems to notice her sudden engagement and grabs at her thighs and tries to kiss her, but she pushes him back down and away from her distractedly. She crouches over him for leverage, her back arching, she doesn’t break eye contact. With every thrust, she gasps. Her eyes bore into you.

Your hand is at your mouth as if to try to hold in your desire. You hear a moan and realize it is you. Triumphantly she cries out. She comes.

At that, you’re running.

Back down the hallway.

Back to your room.

You shut the door. The room is completely dark. Completely silent.

He does not stir.

Heart pounding. Pulsing between your legs. You reach down. You are dripping wet.

You pause bahis firmaları for a moment to try to calm yourself.

No use.

In the bathroom. You shut the door. Back against it, you reach down into the wetness. Touching yourself. Desperate for some relief.

The image of her watching you watch her fuck floods your vision.

It’s not enough.

Frustrated, you look around the bathroom. You spot his mechanical toothbrush.

You emerge from the hallway, hesitant. Light floods the house. You’re nervous at the brightness, as if it will reveal what had happened the night before. Did it happen? Surely not. Surely it was a dream…

Ava has her back to you as you enter.

Well, look who decided to show up! Your brother says. He’s lounging at the table, feet on a chair, scrolling through his phone.

Ava turns.

Confirmed. Last night definitely happened. The same eyes, same smirk. Not to mention the curve of her body and the resulting ache in yours.

Good morning. Coffee? She speaks directly to you.

But now she’s looking away by now—already turning to get a mug for you.

You slide into the chair next to your brother.

Your man and I are going golfing—you want to join? He asks.

You shoot a glance over to Ava, but her back is still to you. Your eyes move over the curvature of her bum down to the point where it meets her thighs. A split second. You can’t help it. You wonder what it would be like to grab it. You force your mind back to your brother.

Ava doesn’t seem to think it sounds as fun as we do.

Huh, go figure! Ava retorts.

Your brother leaps up and grabs her about her waist, burying his head in her neck affectionately. Best mood you’ve seen him in in a while. Ava indulges him for a moment and then disengages to bring you the coffee she promised.

What was that you said about leaving? Ava said, turning to your brother with her hands on her hips.

Alright, alright. We’ll be back in a bit. See you later!

Bye, you interject.

The door slams. His footsteps trailing away down the driveway. The sound of a car starting, then retreating. Silence. He’s gone.

You don’t wait to make a fool of yourself. You get up and make towards the hallway.

Don’t want to talk about what happened? Ava’s voice stops you in the doorway.

I don’t really want to talk no. You respond without turning.

Did you like it? What you saw? She asks.

You continue into the hall. All the sudden her kaçak iddaa hands are on your arms. You stop. She gently trails them up and down your arms, onto your shoulders, caressing your neck with gentle fingertips, then back down your arms. Then she grabs your wrists and pushes your palms against the wall hard. You let out a surprised gasp. A purr runs through her body as she presses up against your backside, her mouth is close to your ear. Her breath sends a tingle up your spine.

Who were you watching for—me or him?

You shove back against her body with your backside. She grabs your hair to stop your movement. You comply. She sucks on your earlobe. Her smell is intoxicating. Your head droops back onto her shoulder.

Come on. Who was it for? She asks again.

You know, you reply weakly.

Tell me.

She continues to suckle your earlobe but otherwise her body freezes. Her pelvis pressed up against your back. You press back. She waits.


At that, her hand grabs at your nightshirt at your hip and wrenches it up. You try to turn but she pushes your hands back onto the wall, facing away from her, pushes your legs apart and then gently trails her hand from you ass down below between you legs.

No doubt her hand feels your underwear drenched. She chuckles.

Is all this for me? She asks innocently.

She slips her finger under your underwear. You shiver. She pulls it out and flips you around, your back to the wall. She trails her wet finger over your bottom lip, then sucks it off. Her mouth is intoxicating. You grab at her to pull her close and for once she lets you, pressing her mouth hard to yours. Her hand travels back down between your legs and she sticks a finger in and then another, pulling them in and out quickly. She begins to pump them harder and harder, fucking you with them. You cry out in surprise and she covers her mouth with yours. She pulls your underwear down to the ground flips you back towards the wall.

Now tell me, she whispers, after you saw us did you go touch yourself?

I went to bed, you reply.

She slaps your ass. A moan escapes from you. You feel your wetness dripping down your inner thigh.

Now I don’t think that’s true.

Would that bother you? Knowing I could just go straight to sleep after that?

She slaps your ass again, harder. You can’t help but moan again but this time you laugh a little. You feel her pull away at the sound of your chuckle. You turn and she’s staring at you. You can’t read her expression. Suddenly kaçak bahis you’re afraid she’s going to stop and you need her to touch you again.

You really want me to say what I did after I watched you fuck? Make me.

Go to the room and strip, She orders.

You immediately obey, down the hall, into your brother’s room. In front of the bed, you lift your shirt off and you’re naked. She follows you in. She pauses at the door as if to shut it, but leaves it cracked and turns back to you, smirking.

Lay down, She says.

You obey. She comes towards you. You’re trembling with need. She crawls on to the bed at your feet and begins to rub up your legs, gentle caresses. She spreads your legs and begins kissing the inside of your thighs up and up and up towards your wetness. She pauses at your upper thigh and looks up at you.

So you went back to your room… she murmurs.

I went back to my room, you repeat.

Very good.

She licks your lips. You let out a sigh. She licks gently, parting them, long strokes with her tongue.

And were you turned on?

You moan as her tongue runs over your clit, sending shivers through your body. She licks it again reaching up and pinching your nipple, hard.

Yes, you gasp, I was.

Very good, she replies. She slips her tongue up into you and continues to pinch at your nipple. Your back arches and you run your hands through her hair, groaning. She pauses—

And what were you thinking about?

This time, you reply without hesitation. You.

What about me?

Her tongue goes back to the long strokes, with a break between each one, slowly, teasing. You look down at her and she’s staring up at you, between your legs, her eyes are hungry like they were last night.

You answer honestly: You looking at me, your body, watching you come for me.

Mmm, she replies, and did you go and come for me?

She’s waiting for your response. You’re desperate for her to go on.


At that her mouth is around your clit, her hands at your hips pulling you into her, your hands bury into her hair. Pleasure hits you like a wave and your head rolls back.

Yes, yes, don’t stop, don’t stop, You demand desperately.

How did you do it? Did your boyfriend help? Did you fuck him? She pauses to ask. Her tongue goes back to stroking, playing.

No, don’t stop, you moan. You’re almost there. Your toes curl.

Tell me.

Her lips close on your clit. You’re almost there your eyes are clouding, your legs tremble, you’re on the verge of crying out

I fucked myself with his toothbrush.

At that she gives you what you need, her mouth around you clit, her tongue, her hands all over you. You explode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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