Barbara’s Cuckold Story Ch. 09


This is a true story by a drop-dead gorgeous mid-thirties housewife (so I’ve been told) who has been proudly black owned for the past three years. Many of the details may not be as graphic as you would like, but I am putting this together from three years of memories.


The initiation night had arrived, and in two hours, my initiation as a Queen Slut would begin. Soon I would be gang-fucked by 13 black men with cocks ranging from 9-13 inches (or bigger) taking them in my cunt, ass, and orally, for three hours or more, until the last black member of the club had spilled his seed in me. Hopefully I could finish without passing out.

Carla picked me up and drove me to the initiation and would drive me home later and take care of me if needed. She asked if I had anything to drink yet, and when I said I only had time for one drink, she gave me a small pill that she said that would help my mind and body relax and that’s all. She said that it will kick-in, in about fifteen minutes and would last for two hours. Isn’t that cheating, I asked? She said that she was sure that all of the other Queen Sluts had taken something much stronger before their initiations.

She asked me. “What’s in the bag.”

I told her. “I got clean panties, bra and stockings”

She said. “What. Are you going out to celebrate later.”

She laughed. “I doubt it honey, I doubt it, not for at least four or five days. As soon as your done, we’re going to take you home, so they don’t take you for a second ride.”

We arrived at Carla’s house, and her husband met us outside.

He said. “All the male members had arrived, and were stripped and ready, and the majority of female members and their husbands were there also, and we’re ready as soon as she is.”

Carla said. “Keep them all inside the party room so we can get in without being seen, and give her time to get ready.”

He went back inside, and a couple minutes later, Carla stuck her head inside, and signaled me to come in. We went into her bedroom, and she said to strip down to my party outfit. I did as she said, and striped down to my black uplift bra, black garter belt, hose, 3″ heels and hoop earrings.

Carla said. “Smile, act confident and go with the flow. Party Time”

She led me from the bedroom to the party room and opened the door, while holding me out of sight.

“Gentlemen, Ataşehir Escort ladies, and guests may I introduce our groups newest candidate for Queen Slut………Mistress Barbara.” Carla said, as I entered the room.

The male members were seated in cushioned folding chairs in the front of the room, and the female members and their guests were seated in a semi-circle in couches, easy chairs and folding chairs on the sides and rear of the room.

The men all stood up and knelt on one knee, bowed their heads with the palms of their hands upturned behind their backs, until Carla clapped their hands, and they stood up again, this time hooping, hollering and making derogatory comments about what they were going to do to me tonight while all the others applauded me. I could tell by the looks on their faces, that many female members and their husbands supported my endeavor, while a few others didn’t think I was experienced enough to last the session, or to new of a member, to skip the right of passage to become a Queen Slut.

The majority of the husbands looked to be the macho type, or distinguished looking, not being the cuckold type that I envisioned, but a couple of them were.

As I stood in the center of the room, Carla came to my side and announced the procedures and rules of the night’s activities.

“All the men’s cocks range from 9 to 13 inches. The participants with 9 inches will start the initiation, and that their being four with that size, they would begin alphabetically, and proceed to the next larger, 10, 11, 12, and 13 inches. There would be no time limit for each member, but he must withdraw and terminate for the night upon ejaculation in or on her. The candidate will receive no rest breaks, except for the time it takes while the members are exchanging places, she may take a toilet break, but only with a Queen and male member as escorts to witness, and for drinks of water only. No member or guest may physically interfere with the candidate or her partner. Verbal comments from the viewing area are permitted.”

At least they were seated according to size, and after I lost count of how many I had to go, I could looked to the right of the empty chair, and tell how many I had left to initiate me.

“Any questions?” Carla asked everyone. There were none. Carla said. “Aaron, start the initiation please.”

Aaron Kadıköy Escort stood and approached me. He knew he would be the first to have me and he already had his cock primed and ready.

He said. “Suck it slut, taste my cock before I feed it to your black cock loving cunt.”

If I passed this initiation into becoming a Queen Slut, tonight, it would be the last night anyone would treat me with disrespect, I said to myself.

His 9 inches was easy to suck, and I remembered the last bit of advice Carla gave me.

“Use your mouth, cunt and ass to apply pressure to the head of their cocks heads, this will make them cum faster.” Carla said.

I did as Carla advised, and within two minutes of sucking Aaron’s cock, he shoved it into my cunt. He started off slowly for about two minutes and then began to increase his pace, but he didn’t last long, as I used my well conditioned pussy muscles to get him to unload quickly.

When he withdrew, he looked and commented to the men on the far right chairs. “Damn she’s tight. I feel sorry for her when she has to take-on you guys.”

I thought, that was quick, as long as I don’t over-work my cunt muscles and they don’t physically or mentally wear me out with orgasms or the hard pounding of their cocks and bodies.

Eventually, there were only three more left, and I soon found out they would be the most difficult for me. They had 12 and 13 inches of hard, pussy fucking cock meat, Each of the three remaining cocks were longer and thicker than their predecessors including James, and my pussy muscles would be useless as their cocks stretched my cunt and muscles beyond imagination. They were making me more tired and exhausted than the previous 10 had. I tried to find some pleasure in the screwing they were giving me, but it was hard but not impossible. I made my mind and body go with the flow, and finally it was over.

I survived the initiation and took them all without saying “Uncle” or passing out. I would soon be the fourth Queen Slut. I received accolades from each of the members and guests, before Carla ushered me out of the house and to her car for a ride home.

She reminded me that the crowning ceremony would be in two weeks, and it would be mine to keep along with a gold plated pendant at their next meeting and that it was expected that I wear the crown Bostancı Escort and pendant at the beginning of every meeting, and that I could remove the crown after the party officially started. Also that from now on, I was the one that could select any male member for sex, and not the other way around. If a guy wanted me, he would have to request it through one of the princesses.

I said. “There’s four guys I won’t be picking for a long time, that’s for sure. The first guy and the last three.” we both laughed.

We arrived at my house, and I got out with an aching body and a very sore and swollen cunt. I wanted to take a hot soothing bath, but when I went into my bedroom to prepare, after I finished undressing, I flopped down on the bed and fell asleep.

I woke up a little after noon and felt rested but sore and my body still ached. I took some pain relievers and cleaned-up, showering off all the dried cum and sweat from the night before. I didn’t relive much of the evenings activities, as there was only that I got fucked, and fucked and fucked, over and over again by thirteen black bulls.

I began to think about David, and thought it time that I told him that I met and fucked a black guy, and that I thought about seeing him on regular basis. I sent him a e-mail that afternoon, and I would soon find out how he felt about me having inter-racial sex.

I then called Carla and told her how I felt. She said she would come over the next day and give me a soothing massage, and then after, maybe we could enjoy some gentle, relaxing sex. I told her that sounded good, and said goodbye.

I then called James and thanked him for preparing me the past few weeks to pass the initiation last night, and to thank Cory and Nate also for the rehearsal. He said. “Appreciation accepted. You went from a wanna be slut to Queen Slut in a few short weeks.”

Do you still want to be my slut?

Do you admit that only a black man has the expertise and equipment to sexually satisfy a woman?

Do you find black men sexually superior to white men, including you David?

Do you give black men exclusive rights to your cunt, to your body, to use and share with others as they see fit?

Do you agree to having David, only orally please you for sex, clean you and your lovers up orally after sex?

I said “Yes” to all of James’ questions. He was making me feel like a true slut, and all his talk was making my sore pussy horney for his big black cock already. I was crossing the line to the “Dark Side” of sexual servitude for black men, and for my own indulgences also, and could not see my ever re-crossing it again.

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