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Latasha decided to sleep in. Betsy sipped her coffee and thought about how much her life had changed in the last few months. She was out of school, working her first job, moved out of the apartment she shared with her mother, and she not only experienced sex for the first time but it was with a woman! Now she had tasted several women and was living with a black sex goddess that made Betsy her submissive bitch and much to her surprise, she loved it.

Bashful Betsy’s eyes lit up when Latasha glided down the steps and she served her mistress coffee. The 18 year old cooked breakfast, they chatted, and enjoyed their day off together. Latasha asked, “Have you ever been to a lesbian club?”

“No, never; what is it like?”

“Well, they are all different but the place we are going to go to tonight is wild. It is called ‘Naughty Girls’, has knockout strippers, and you will see chicks from all walks of life, all nationality’s, and all shapes and sizes. You will love it and they will love you. I want to show my little bitch off, so we will go buy you something new to wear tonight.”

“I have clothes; why do we have to get new ones? What is wrong with my outfits? Don’t you like them?”

“Don’t go get sensitive on me; your clothing is fine but we need something special for your introduction to ‘Naughty Girls’. Trust me, you will be noticed tonight.” The girls got ready to go shopping.

They walked in a uniform store and Betsy was puzzled, she had anticipated sexy lingerie and mini-skirts. She was really baffled when her ebony lover picked out a Catholic School Girl Uniform! Latasha had her try it on and model it for her. The store clerk was a stocky, buxom blond, in her late forties. The clerk pointed out that the skirt was too short. Betsy turned crimson when Latasha announced, “She is my submissive slut and we want it short. You have no other customers; why don’t you let her show you what a fabulous pussy licker she is?”

The startled woman stared wide-eyed and stammered, I… I never, I mean, been with another woman. I… I don’t know!”

Latasha offered, “Don’t tell me that you never thought about it. I know you have; this may be your last chance to have a sweet young girl between your legs! My little bitch has a very talented tongue and knows how to please a woman. If you don’t grab the opportunity now, you will regret it for the rest of your life. If you let her, you won’t forget her.”

Betsy just stood there silent. The timid girl felt so embarrassed and humiliated but she could also feel the moisture form between her legs. Latasha only had to mention lewd acts and Betsy would get aroused. They both stared at the confused clerk waiting for her response. The nervous clerk finally answered, “Well, if she wants to do it, I suppose that it would be alright. What do I do?”

Latasha spotted an easy chair and told the woman to sit down, spread her legs, relax, and enjoy. Then she ordered Betsy to make the clerk’s pussy hum and cum. Latasha then said that she wanted to hear the woman scream out in ecstasy. Betsy walked over to the chair, got on her knees, pulled down the woman’s panties, and lifted the clerk’s skirt to her waist. The woman trembled as the young girl’s tongue touched her clit.

Betsy eagerly ate the slushy pussy. She chewed on and sucked the pussy lips and then stuffed three fingers in the hot hole. The woman did scream when she reached orgasm while Betsy sucked her clit and finger fucking the woman vigorously. Latasha put her leg on the arm of the chair, exposing her hairy black pussy and offered, “Poor baby, how thoughtless of me! You can see how much my bitch likes feasting on your juicy cunt and I know that you want to try it yourself. I should have offered you a treat sooner but here it is now!”

The confused woman didn’t know what to do but Betsy was still busy between her legs and the woman was lost in a twister of lust. As Latasha moved closer, the horny clerk stuck out her tongue to taste a pussy for the first time in her life. The sight and scent of the aroused black pussy spread a whirlwind of carnal craving throughout her entire being. She devoured the chocolate delicacy with abandon passion. They all reached a rousing orgasm together.

While trying to regain her composure the clerk was horrified to notice a group of people staring in the store window at the lewd display of public sex. She hurriedly stood, straightened her skirt, stuffed her panties in her pocket, thanked them for cuming, and unlocked the door. The clerk invited them to come back but said that next time they would use the storeroom. On their way out Latasha and Betsy heard two young ladies say that they should go in the store and have some fun with the clerk. Latasha knew that the front door was not the only door that the clerk had opened.

The 32 year old ebony goddess complimented her young friend on her school uniform and told her that they would get some shoes and socks to go with her schoolgirl outfit. They entered a small shoe store and were greeted by a young black girl. Betsy sat in a chair and tried on several pairs bahis firmaları of plain black shoes to go with her outfit, also some socks. Latasha observed the black girl staring up Betsy’s plaid skirt with interest and she was wearing an aroused look on her young face. Latasha spotted the girl’s nipples stiffen on her small tits and asked, “How long have you been into girls my dear? Please don’t try to deny it. The look of lust in your eyes gives you away!”

While still on her knees and gazing at Betsy’s spread creamy legs the young black girl said, “I’m sorry but she is so pretty that I couldn’t help but look at her but I meant no disrespect.”

Latasha asked, “How old are you darling?”

“I am 19 and out of school. Does she go to a Catholic school?”

“No, she is out of school but we are going to the ‘Naughty Girls’ bar tonight and I figured that this outfit would get a lot of attention from the dirty-old-ladies.”

The shoe clerk knew about the lesbian bar and it excited her to know that Betsy might be interested in her. As she slipped a sock on Betsy’s foot the girl ran her hand up the shapely leg to her creamy thigh. Latasha smiled and inquired, “How many girls have you been with?”

Just a few of my friends and oh yeah, a lady that lives down the street.”

“Have you ever been with a white girl?”

The slender black girl drooled as her eyes drank in Betsy’s white panties and she could see the outline of the white girl’s pussy and answered, “No I have never been with a white girl, never even thought about it until now.”

“Well this little white girl is my bitch and her pussy is very sweet. Eat her out right here and right now if you want it.”

The startled black girl couldn’t believe her ears. At first the thought of doing such a thing at work was frightening but the idea of risking getting caught eating this white girl’s pussy filled her with overwhelming desire and lust. She kissed up Betsy’s legs, pulled down her panties, and licked and sucked the deliciouses pink pussy with fervor. Two long black fingers entered the soaked pussy as the black girl sucked her clit. Betsy quivered to a mind-blowing orgasm and the black girl had a big smile on her pussy juice covered face, then she exclaimed, “Oh thank you both so much! That was fantastic, I hope that I can see you again!”

As they left the store, Latasha told the girl her phone number and said, “Call me tomorrow and we can arrange something; I can tell that you love eating pussy and want to try your talented tongue soon.”

They went home to grab a bite to eat and get ready to hit the club. Betsy stepped out of the shower, dried herself, and went in the bedroom to put her hair in a pony-tail. She wasn’t thrilled with the idea but Mistress Latasha told her to do it. Betsy was shocked when Latasha entered the room in a black leather outfit, complete with black mesh stockings, boots, and hot-pants. The white girl was startled when her black mistress placed a black leather choker around her neck. Then Latasha hooked a jeweled black leash on the collar.

Betsy prayed that none of the neighbors were watching her being pulled by the leash as they left the house. Once in the car Latasha told Betsy to lose the panties. “But these are the white panties you told me to wear!”

“I know but I changed my mind. This is going to be a night of wild sex, and panties would only get in the way.”

“Wild sex? Isn’t that what we have been doing all day?”

“Oh baby, that was just the warm-up; the best is yet to come.” Betsy tugged down her white panties and left them on the front seat. Wonderment filled Betsy’s blue eyes as she was led into the club. She did not out feel of place there; she saw females in all kinds of costumes, policewomen, nuns, belly-dancers and there were even other Catholic school girls. Also, she was not the only one being led around on a leash. As a matter of fact, the only stares she got were looks of lust and desire.

Instead of sitting at the bar, they joined a couple of Latasha’s friends at a table. Betsy was intrigued by the other couple, an obviously well-to-do white woman in her forties named Victoria and a 21 year old black girl named Naomi. Victoria addressed Latasha saying in her southern accent, “How nice Latasha, you have a young white submissive and I have a young black girl. I suppose the old saying is true, opposites do indeed attract! We must get together at my place soon. It could be quite entertaining, just think of the fun we could all have together.”

“Hell, why wait? Betsy, crawl under the table and lick their pussies, and do it good.” Betsy did as she was ordered and started with Victoria and then Naomi. After she satisfied both of them she sat back in her chair and Naomi got under the table and brought Latasha and Betsy to glorious orgasms. Latasha stated, “That was marvelous, we will pay you a visit soon.”

Victoria handed her a card and requested that she call next week. Latasha laughed and quipped, “I will call lickety-split and we will play lickety-clit!” The lights dimmed and three exotic belly-dancers kaçak iddaa appeared on the small stage. Their sensual movement was highly arousing; they all had dark hair, voluptuous figures, and were from Egypt. As the dance heated up, hands reached out to touch the dark skinned dancers. One of the dancers received a large round of applause and extra tips when she washed a young blond’s face with her pussy juices. After the show the dancers mingled with the crowd and were bought drinks, given tips, propositioned and wooed by aroused admirers.

Latasha noticed a table of four attractive Oriental women in their early thirties. She went over to talk to them for a minute, then came back to the table and instructed Betsy to crawl under their table and feast on some Chinese food.

The women smiled and bowed their heads as Betsy approached the table. The 18 year old American girl nervously went to her knees, crawled under the table, got between spread legs, pulled aside their thongs, and gave all four women wicked tongue lashings. Hands held her face tight to their smoldering pussies. One woman held her head so tight with her legs that she thought she would never escape the vice-like grip. Betsy did so good that they all wanted and got seconds. She came out from under the table, stood up, was being thanked by the grateful Oriental women and started walking back to her table when suddenly two policewomen cuffed her and walked her towards the door.

Just before they got to the front door they made a right turn and led the frightened girl into the ladies room. One of the police women pushed Betsy to her knees, dropped her pants and demanded that she eat the bald pussy. The other policewoman did the same. Betsy was told that she would be very popular in prison. As women entered the restroom the police women told them that their cuffed prisoner would like to eat their pussies. After two hours of eating strange pussies, Latasha entered the ladies room and told the two customers dressed as policewomen to release her. The black mistress asked her submissive slut how many pussies she had tasted. She replied that there was so many that she lost count.

They went back to the table, finished their drinks, and went home, explaining that Betsy was worn out. On the way home Betsy announced, “I thought that they were really the police and that they were taking me to jail; it was horrible and some of the women that I was forced to eat smelled foul and tasted worse.”

“Poor baby, I bet your tongue is in need of a rest. We will go right to sleep tonight and let you recuperate. It’s a shame that you missed the strippers though, maybe next time.” Betsy was grateful for her mistress’s compassion and lovingly thanked her.

Things went fairly quiet for the next few days except for for a visit from the shoe sales girl. Latasha asked Betsy what days her mother had off at the bar she worked at. After learning that the woman was off Tuesday and Wednesday, Latasha asked, What is your mother’s name anyway? She does look good in a trashy sort of way. I was thinking of inviting her to the prison for a visit. The inmates would just love her. How old is the whore?”

Her name is Doris and she is 37. Visitors aren’t allowed inside the prison, are they? I thought they were only allowed in the visitor’s area.”

“Normally that is the case but we can make an exception every now and then. The warden can have first crack at her.” The ebony Mistress called Doris and she quickly accepted the offer to visit her daughter at work. She hadn’t seen her Betsy since she left home and Doris missed her.

About noon on Tuesday Latasha received a call from the gate and told the guard to send her to the warden’s office and that Rose was expecting her. Doris was escorted to the warden’s office and introduced herself. The warden said, “I know all about you! Latasha told me that you are a slut for big cocks and you have just recently learned to eat pussy.” Rose slipped a tape in the VCR and stared at Doris as she watched her daughter eat Rose and Evonne’s pussies.

The black security guard that brought Doris to the office was still in the room. The warden stood, disrobed, and told them to do the same. The 6′ guard was out of her uniform in no time at all but Doris just stood there frozen. Rose told the guard to help her off with her clothes. Doris offered no resistance at all and could not help but stare at the screen and watch her daughter eat the two Latin women as her black lover encouraged Betsy to gobble up the spicy Latin pussies.

The warden observed, “You like watching your little girl get nasty, don’t you whore? Well let’s see if you can please a woman like your daughter can.” Doris was placed on her back and the guard devoured her pussy while Rose sat on her face and demanded that she eat her horny cunt! They changed places several times and Doris was told that she was not bad for a beginner but she still needed a little work on her cunt lapping skills and was advised to let her daughter teach her.

The guard then took Doris to the supply cage to visit with her daughter. kaçak bahis Latasha let them talk for a while, then they walked down the hall to a shower. Doris was instructed to disrobe and take a shower and that she would have some company soon. The bewildered mother stepped in the shower and wondered who her company would be.

The slender blond mother was beginning to relax and enjoy the soothing effect of the water rolling down her body when the door opened and six naked women wearing strap-on-dildos joined her. She could hear Latasha tell them that this was their reward for being the best workers in the cell block.

There were 3 white women, 2 black, and one Hispanic. Doris was forced to bend over and suck their fake cocks. Then a dildo was roughly stuffed into her pussy. At first it hurt but as her pussy got wetter the dick felt better and soon she was fucking back wildly. Just as she was about to cum the dick was pulled out of her hot hole. For a second she felt disappointed, but then it was rammed up her butt-hole and another was shoved in her seeping cunt. She flailed about like a rag doll and screamed to an orgasm as both holes were filled to the hilt. After they all fucked her, Doris was made to suck the dildos clean and eat their sloppy cunts. When they all left her alone the exhausted mother collapsed on a bench and went to sleep.

Doris was awakened by Latasha and Betsy. The walked the shaken up mom to her car and asked her how she enjoyed her visit. “It was certainly different than anything else I have ever experienced. I only wish that I could have spent more time with Betsy.”

Latasha told her, “Don’t worry baby, tomorrow night we will pick you up and take you out for a good time. Be ready at 9pm.” With that said they went their separate ways.

The next night they picked up Doris and drove to ‘Nasty Girls.’ They sat at a table next to the stage, ordered drinks and watched a voluptuous redhead bump and grind on the stage. Betsy was red-faced when the dancer stopped in front of her and danced erotically. The dancer moved even closer, her shaved slit was only inches from Betsy’s face and she could smell the aroused sex. The redhead grabbed a fistful of Betsy’s hair and pulled her face to her pussy. The bashful girl forgot all about her embarrassment and licked and sucked the delicious pussy with fervor. The dancer fucked the 18 year old girl’s face furiously and after reaching orgasm she told Betsy, “Good girl, I like you! I want to get to know you even better; after this set I will join you for a drink.”

The dancer did join them for a drink and they exchanged numbers. Before she had to go back on stage Latasha promised her that they would get together soon. They were watching the next stripper when a 31 year old Oriental woman approached their table. Latasha recognized her as one of the ladies from last week. The beautiful woman bowed and then slipped under the table.

There was little doubt what the woman was doing when Doris cried out, “Oh my God, that feels so fucking good! Yesssseee, please don’t stooppp!” Doris was so vocal that even in a place where public sex was the norm, heads turned and the women gave them a knowing look, everyone knew what was going on under the table. The lovely Chinese woman proceeded to service Latasha’s sopping black cunt and then Betsy’s excited pussy. When the woman emerged from under the table she was helped to her feet, offered a drink,thanked, and told that she was awesome.

Doris proclaimed, “I have had lots of men go down on me but none of them even came close to bringing me the pleasure that you just did. How can I ever thank you?”

The woman pointed to her friends in a booth and invited the girls to join them at a private party. They walked down the street a block to an up-scale hotel and the Oriental women led them to a suite where there was a party going-on. They entered to find a group of a dozen Oriental women, dancing, chatting, drinking and fondling each other. The women were served drinks and mingled with the other party goers.

A slender Chinese girl asked Doris to dance, she accepted and felt her pussy flood when the 19 year old girl lowered her hand’s to the white mom’s buttocks and squeezed her ass cheeks while kissing her ear and neck. An 18 year old girl got behind Doris and rubbed her ample body seductively against her back while fondling her breasts. The woman who not long ago thought that lesbian sex was disgusting found herself incredibly turned on by being the center of a sandwich with the two Oriental sex-kittens. When one of the girl’s whispered in her ear, “Please come to the bedroom with us, we want to taste you!” Doris did not hesitate for a second; she walked hand and hand with the two young girls to the bedroom.

The girls quickly stripped Doris naked and disrobed themselves. The blond was gently placed on her back on the queen sized bed. Kissing lips and flicking tongues explored ever inch of her inflamed body. She started screaming and pressing her pussy forward as two tongues entered her craving cavity at the same time. Her whole frame tingled as she reached a titillating orgasm. One of the girls lovingly nursed on the mother’s pink nipples while the other continued mouthing her juiced-up pussy. Doris orgasmed twice more before the girls came up for air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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