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I’d grown hard in his wanting ass, my clasped right hand pumping his extended cock as we settled into a perfect fuck rhythm, him on his hands and knees in front of me. His submission continued to turn me on, his hole soft and tight, our sounds filling the space. The slapping of our skin as obvious as our words, him begging for more as I kept repeating ‘oh yeah’ while driving my cock deeper, a sense of power filling me as he went down on his arms, positioning himself for our mutual pleasure.

I now knew what it meant to be a top, moving my hands to his hips as he became my bottom. A willing fuck toy, his cock hard but no longer my concern. The sight of my shaft moving in and out of his sexy asshole was entrancing, turning me on, his moaning changing after his face met the bed, unable to support himself while being fucked by my increasingly demanding cock. Our balls touched when my cock went to the hilt, my thick pubic bush providing a last thin buffer until he pressed backwards, wanting to be completely filled by another man’s fucking, his offer fully accepted by my hot cock.

Parking had been difficult to find at 3:45pm on a Friday, unsurprisingly. Following well practiced routine, I paid at the counter, undressed in the locker area, drank a cold beer, then went upstairs to check out the porn and darkroom before going into an unoccupied cabin to do a hit of rush. Followed by going downstairs, quickly showering, including soaping my aroused rod before stepping into the hot tub, sitting near another man, alone in the bubbling water.

Letting a foot rub along his leg, moving closer to let him get my cock hard after his stroking of my thigh showed his interest. But the bubbling became simply too much, making me leave. Naked, juttingly erect, I grabbed a couple of condoms from the cubbyhole before entering the steam room, ready to enjoy its attractions. Letting my eyes adjust, I saw at least one cock sucking pair, and a couple kissing deeply, cock to cock, hands roaming over each other’s ass cheeks. I went to the dimly lit back, sat on the bench, enjoying the slickness against my ass cheeks.

It didn’t take long before a couple of other men entered the space, one sitting next to me as the other stood nearby, observing. A hand easily found my waiting cock as I spread my legs, pressing tighter against his length as my hand reached for his growing length.

We were both hard when he bent down, his soft lips kissing my cockhead. Saying ‘condom,’ I took my hand off his cock, opened the package, and began to roll it over my cock. While doing this, he had shifted to his knees in front of me. One of his hands was at the base of my shaft as his mouth began to follow the thin sheath down my shaft, my fingers between his and his mouth, until they met as the condom reached the end of its length. and his .

His skill apparent from the start, my legs widened as I began to slump, positioning myself to go deeper into his mouth. My now free hands went to his chest, finding his nipples. It was obvious he was jacking off as he sucked, and that his played with nipples were adding to his horniness, his mouth turning greedy as I sailed over the first wave of temptation.

A man sat to my left, his hand finding my nipple a few delightful seconds before my hand found his wonderfully half hard cock. I had noticed him come in, walk directly to this space, pausing just a short moment to acquire a destination, noticing the public blow job in front of him.

The other man remained standing close by, his cock hard. When the door opened, I could see how he was playing with himself, looking at me and my cocksucker. Our glances had met, but the pleasure between my legs caused my eyes to close as my head rolled. I knew the moaning was mine, something essentially beyond any control when getting sucked off so good.

His public stroking had only increased after my hand began to make another stranger hard, my own cock in paradise, riding the enticing edge of orgasm. The man next to me let his hand slide upwards over my sweaty skin, fingers reaching my neck as his lips met my chest, lickably close to my sensitive nipple.

By this point, the other man had stepped close enough to let me reach out for his stiff dick, beginning to stroke its sexy hardness, turning us into a foursome. At some point, the man to my left rose, his hand still playing with my slick and stiff nipple, my hand still pumping his cock.

It was not difficult to guide both horny cocks closer to each other, my hands leading canlı bahis each gently in the proper direction, until their cockheads touched. I could see how their hands began to roam before taking the final step closer, mouths open, tongues touching, all in silhouette from the diffuse light spreading from the glass entrance. I could feel how they began to slide against each other as I held them, precum making them even hornier as it spread its magic against their turned on skin and mine.

Being sucked, watching and feeling the motions of two cocks in front of me, thrusting and slick, recognizing just how addictive such fantastic sexual delights could be, I knew that finally indulging them was the right choice, after decades of waiting. Gay group sex is enthralling, men sharing each other fully, indulging themselves in a place where sex was intimately understood, luck and circumstance creating fantastic experiences of purely male satisfaction.

I only slowly realized my cock sucker had begun sucking my balls, drowning as I was in a sea of gay sex, waves lapping not only over me, but everywhere in sight. Looking outwards, a scene had crystallized from our original contact to men now three deep from the bench, all of them getting off in the steamy dimness. As I was being teabagged, at least according to my likely outdated understanding of the term, another man began to suck my covered cock.

Prompting my first cocksucker to rise, his mouth finding mine quickly, his balls against mine, as we began to kiss hungrily. Our new cocksucker adjusted to the situation, as our cocks shared a stranger’s mouth as our tongues swirled and explored.

Each hand was holding a slippery hard cock, the pair now split up, the man on my left starting to have a stranger slide against his ass. Feeling his reactions as a stranger’s cock began to fuck him, my stroking undoubtedly displaying my own horniness as a man’s tongue went deeper into my mouth, knowing it had been on my cock last.

The man on the right moved out of reach, the man sucking us shifting position as our kissing continued to overwhelm us, our cocks filled with the sensation of direct contact. The man on the left began to moan when someone kneeled in front of him, his guided cock sliding into a wet mouth, until the new man’s lips touched my circled thumb and finger. We were able to get into a rhythm for a bit, but I couldn’t follow everything that was going on, so my hand moved.

To stroke over the back of the kissing man’s head, meeting my right hand as I began to explore him, fingers over ears, sliding down his neck, my tongue going past his. Feeling his surrender to my desires, my hands holding him fixed, kissing him hard, mouths pressed tightly.

Orgasm began to rise, making me decide to leave the heat soon. My kissing slowed, my hands gliding down his sweaty skin to rub over his nipples, making his moans obvious even with our lips joined. The bench space to my left was free, the fucking and sucking threesome having blocked it. I shifted to my left, breaking contact slowly but firmly, then standing unsteadily before threading the crowd, removing my condom near the entrance, then throwing it in the trash.

The shower was warm, the soap soft, a fine complement to my state of satisfied horniness, knowing that I still had plenty of time to wander the sauna. Resisting the temptation to drink another beer, I sat briefly at the free Internet access, slowly recovering a bit of calm to balance the horniness.

Back upstairs, looking to do another hit, I walked through the halls, looking at the booths to see which one would offer the necessary privacy to enjoy a hit from the brown bottle. Going past one open door, it revealed a naked man on his stomach on a towel within. His ass was nicely exposed, one leg drawn up quite a bit. Taking up his invitation would be a purely intentional act of having sex with a man, at least from a certain perspective – a man wanted his ass fucked, and if I went into the booth, it would be to fuck him.

I have actually gone into cabins with strangers positioned like that, though never mustering the courage to do anything except stroke a thigh or maybe touch a bit of backwards pressed cock. Each time, I’d left quickly, feeling like some ultimately kinky point had been reached, one I wasn’t prepared to experience, always leaving the door open. For some reason, the idea of public male sex is less kinky than being alone with another naked man in private.

The cabin across from his bahis siteleri was empty, so I went in, locked the door, and took a bit hit of rush, hand on swelling cock. A door closed nearby, making me think that this had been another missed opportunity, one that became increasingly attractive as I played with my cock. Unlocking the door, gathering up my black bag and towel, I stood, and pulled the door open.

Seeing the other man still there, his ass enticingly displayed, was a welcome surprise. Stiff cock in hand, I took a couple of steps, entering his cabin, putting my towel and bag on the platform before closing the door. Sitting down, I looked more closely at him, my eyes enjoying the view more than I had thought a man’s ass would. He wasn’t hard, something I was sure could be changed, his cock looking nice underneath his hairy ballsack.

However, this encounter was not exactly about cocks, placing things in a somewhat different perspective. One making me surprisingly aroused.

I began to lightly caress his thighs and buttocks with my left hand, my right hand still stroking. I knew that in here, doing my best to make a stranger hot and horny before fucking him, I had taken another step into another world, one from my past fantasies. He had not turned his head, but his reactions clearly demonstrated he was enjoying my efforts.

It was simple to start teasing and playing with him, first his thighs, then his cock, balls, only slowly taking the step to tease his ass. The first reactions were subtle, yet able to provide me the necessary information to increase his pleasure, and mine.

His ass was turning me on the more I focused on it, his reactions showing just how much he liked being teased. Spreading his legs as his cock began to visibly thicken, I moved between his legs, using both hands to stroke upwards along each thigh, thumbs able to slide over cock going back and forth, making him plainly gasp each time his foreskin moved, exposing his cockhead. We were both getting hotter, starting to make real contact against his smooth hole, after having teased it lightly, light flicks against hairs and skin.

He rose on his knees as my thumb began to slide over, then press against his yielding ring. His cock hung free, leading my left hand to reach for it, then stroke him harder, my right thumb circling in and over his anus. A view that was fantastically erotic, watching until he shifted position in a way that blocked my view, his rear now beginning touch my body, unmistakeably saying ‘fuck me.’

Which was enough for me to grab a condom from the bag, resisting temptation to just indulge myself in his so available body. Internally debating whether to get out the rush, the feel of his smooth skin as he rocked his ass between my kneeling thighs made it hard to do anything except enjoy it. Thinking about anything but putting my cock deep in his hot ass was not practical at this point anyways, and all my limited concentration was required for the condom.

Very horny but not that hard, the condom slid on easily. After covering my cockhead, I pressed it against his ass, cooperating with his motions to push myself past his smooth anal ring, making me moan. Unrolling the condom a bit while going in, then holding it tightly as my cock reversed direction, my last necessary condition had been met.

As the sensations surrounding my cock grew, the feel of his ass was perfect, smooth and warm, tight but yielding. Reminding me most of the first time I had ever enjoyed anal sex, with my first girlfriend, the one that also introduced me to rimming, which she had read about in the Gay Joy Of Sex.

That first time, both of drunk on plum wine after painting her bedroom, we had been playing on her mattress on the floor for a while. Our normal foreplay involving fingers and mouths and pussy and cock, so when she asked me to fuck her ass, in an almost embarrassed way, somewhat giggling, I was definitely in the right mood. Vaseline was easily at hand, at that time it being by far my favorite lube when jacking off alone.

Taking time to play with her ass and pussy, which was sopping, my cock was no longer hard when her desire to fuck became obvious as she pushed me back, rising to her hand and knees. Making it easier for me go slow, helping to ensure that our first time was mutually enjoyable. Her ass was very tight, and though very turned on, it was obvious that she needed time to adjust to having my slowly growing cock go deeper into her ass.

Gentle may not be the bahis şirketleri best description of how we anally fucked, though it likely closest. Feeling her cum before I did was exquisite, yet in no sense was that first experience anything but an exploration of what another style of sex could be. A style we only revisited once in the next two years together, both of us having had our curiousity fulfilled.

My curiousity was also being satisfied in the present, but of another variety entirely. Now, I was having sex with a man, completely intentionally, without even the threadbare rationalizations of most of my male only sexual encounters. This was truly a bathhouse experience, having already enjoyed the whirlpool and sauna, taking full advantage the range of its sexual opportunities.

Easily 3/4 hard at this point, my cock no longer required manual help in any sense, the condom well placed before I gave in to desire. My cockhead would return to just inside his sexy ring, creating unbelievable pleasure, making me slow down several times even as he became more insistent. This forced me to increasingly control what was happening, to keep from cumming too quickly.

His body did not agree at first, though it responded well as time went on, both of us starting to synch our desires under my physical guidance, using my strength and now hard cock to guide him to my will. After riding and mastering the intense waves, fucking becomes easier. With a turned on partner, the animal interplay is a major part of the attraction.

The teasing was over, as was the danger of a fast orgasm. Wonderful as that can be on occasion, surrendering to the temptation of speed. The pair in the other cabin were vocal, being joined by our own sounds as we began to truly fuck, my cock fully hard, buried in his sexy ass.

In what seemed a short time, the other pair left the booth, the opening of its door being apparent. Though merely a minor note in what was becoming a symphony of sensation. My hands were on his hips, sometimes pulling, sometimes guiding, sometimes merely there as we shifted rhythms and motions. Generally, I was the one dominating him, but at times, his own desires would allow me to simply surrender to what he wanted as he rammed his body back against mine, changing angle and pressure. Until a point was reached where I would begin to thrust back, harder, driving him beneath me again.

The sexual power was unbelievable. I had come inside the booth to fuck a stranger, one who wanted to be fucked. Yet the dynamics of the situation had been unknown beforehand, especially discovering just how much pleasure there was in fucking someone my equal in strength and desire, beneath me while riding my hard cock.

Taking another short pause pushed deep inside, I bent my body against his, lips close to his ear as my left hand found his cock, incredibly sexy and very hard, feeling the reaction to my touch along my shaft. A sign of just how much ass fucking turned him on, a purely male response to having a hard cock fill his hole. One I knew from my own experience masturbating with something inside me, stimulating my asshole, perfectly lubed with Vaseline, from cock to crack.

I breathed out soft words, ‘oh yeah assfucker .. I love fucking you .. cock so deep,’ my hand stroking back and forth, then stretching my tongue to flick his skin lightly, before moving my chest against his sweaty skin, starting to kiss his neck, first on one side, then the other.

His moans turned to words, ‘fuck me .. fuck me again .. again’ while he began to move back and forth, the words turning into grunts as I responded, using my strength to service his desire. I rose, my hands returning to his hips, taking control again, his grunting mixing with my repeated chant of ‘oh yeah,’ in many variations. Sometimes hitting his cheeks on the ‘oh,’ then speeding up so that our balls rubbed at ‘oh’ and ‘yeah.’

This perfect state of male bliss seemed to stretch on, but at some point, our bodies could no longer keep the intensity at such a purely animalistic level. Now, we were enjoying the downwards slide, an inevitable part of male sex, starting to think more about practicalities, at least on my part. Though with my right hand jacking his stiff rod, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t thinking about much.

I finally pulled out completely, causing him to turn over, legs spread, cock hard, still wanting to be fucked. Something pretty much beyond me at this point, my legs having turned quite unsteady, my cock having reached a certain point, one which going beyond would lead to soreness. His turning over had also broken the magic mood that had so appealed to me – a truly faceless fuck until the very end, the first of my life in the baths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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