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Hi, I’m Chris. I’m a 17 year old boy. I’m reasonably tall and skinny but I have a fair amount of muscle. I have blond-ish hair and green eyes. I like to think of myself as straight but I do occasionally fantasize about guys too, mainly one guy in particular. So I am going to tell you a little story…

It was summer time; the sun was hot, the grass was green, everyone was tanned and walking around in as little as possible. That is why I love summer. My friend Alex had invited me down to his beach house which was quite a long drive down South, but I like going South…

Before I get into this, I’ll give you a little background about Alex and myself. We are now both 17 in our last year at an all-boys’ school and have been at school together since we were 11 but only became good friends in 3rd form when we were 13 on school camp together. Alex is smaller than I am, shorter and skinnier, but wasn’t tiny either. He had blondish hair also, kind of curly sometimes, as well as lightly coloured skin which browned in the summer but not as brown as everyone else’s. He wore glasses over his blue eyes but normally just popped in contacts instead.

Now Alex and I started hanging out more in 5th form when we were 15, this was because we sat next to each other in maths and saw each other every day. Despite being a boring subject with a boring, incompetent teacher and a rather untalented class full of large smelly pubescent boys, I enjoyed maths. Why? Because I was next to Alex. Now Alex didn’t come across as the jock type or the funny type, he was more of the nerdy sci-fi action lover type. Not totally nerdy, but more that category than anything else. The thing about Alex was, well, he was different to my other friends. We would sit in the back of maths mucking about, not paying attention to the half-assed douche of a teacher, joking about and talking about sex. SEX. Sex was the thing which was constantly running through my mind back then. I would get horny off seeing an exposed thigh, I would masturbate anywhere at any time, I would get boners in class from female teachers who were older than I care to admit. The thing is, I was horny. Very horny. That was why I liked Alex, he was horny too. We would constantly talk about blowjobs and get ourselves rather hard in the process, which, as you could imagine, wasn’t ideal for 5th form maths classes…
So there we were, two 15 year olds sitting in the back of maths talking about sex. But not just any sex, Alex seemed to enjoy turning me on by joking about sucking my cock and licking my balls, which really REALLY turned me on. We would talk about sucking each others cocks all lesson, joking about wanting to suck the cum out of each others dicks, or so I thought we were joking. Alex was such a tease, sometimes he would look really sexually at me and talk about licking my tip which gave me an instant boner, in fact, he turned me on so much that if I was walking around school and I saw him, I would start getting a boner! This led to me thinking more about Alex and polluted my mind with dirty thoughts of us getting naked and naughty, giving me boners constantly. And when that happens, there was only one thing to do. Wank. So I did. I went to the toilets and jerked my cock with my hand until I came all over my stomach. As I explained before, I’m not gay, I just get super turned on by Alex.

So there we were, two years later in the back of his Dad’s car, driving down to Alex’s beach house for the weekend. The journey was long and the temperature was melting us like ice cream. We sat in the car with the windows down talking about nothing important for a good two hours before we finally arrived at his place. It was a decently sized building for a beach house, it had a small grassy driveway attached to an aged wooden building big enough to comfortably fit a family of four. The thing was, Alex and I were not sleeping in this building. Nope. We were sleeping in the out-house, the smaller, newer, structure around the back of the house which was about the size of a two-car garage, yet had curtains, carpet and even it’s own bathroom complete with a shower and toilet. Nothing fancy, but it would do us fine. Alex and I limped our way into the out-house with our heavy weekend bags banging against our legs making it incredibly difficult to walk normally. We got in, dropped our bags and I began to look around. Sure enough it was just as Alex’s Mum explained, everything except for one detail, there was only one bed. It was a Queen sized bed, so big enough for two people. But we were guys, teenage guys, and according to teenage guys everywhere it is totally gay to share a bed, which was not the look we were going for.

“Hey Dad!” yelled Alex, “Where’s the stretcher thing?”
“What?” his Dad yelled back
“The stretcher…thing… you know, the… the stretcher bed for Chris”
“No, Chris gets the bed and you get the stretcher”
“Yea, yea, but where is it?”
“I dunno, the car?” his Dad yelled, neither of them bothering to move closer to communicate. Alex sighed and started making his way to the door to find the stretcher.
“Hold on.” He told me as he walked out of sight. I took this opportunity to take a look at the bathroom, yep, nothing special, just an ordinary bathroom I thought to myself as I heard Alex talking to his Dad. I walked outside to see what was happening. Alex was rummaging through the back of the car.
“It’s not here, Dad” He said without turning away from the car
“What do you mean, look lower.” His Dad instructed.
“No it’s definitely not here.” Alex’s Dad walked over and had a quick search, pushing various objects out of his way.
“Ah shit… Honey! Did you pack the stretcher?”
“I thought you packed it!” said the Mum’s voice from inside the main house
“Shit, shit, shit. Sorry, Chris. I guess you guys will have to share the double.”
“Don’t worry, it’s fine” I replied.
“Shit. Ah sorry about this”
“No don’t worry, it’s fine” I repeated, not giving a hint of the ideas rushing through my head.

After dinner, we mucked about inside the main house until about 10pm before Alex’s parents told us to go to bed. We didn’t object, we knew we could stay up as long as we wanted in the out-house as long as we didn’t make enough noise to let the parents know we were still awake. I thanked his Mum for the meal and we said goodnight, talking about nothing in particular on our way back to our little private cabin. We switched the light on, locked the doors, shut the curtains and went to brush our teeth. We were sharing the one basin so I playfully pushed him out of the way with my hips to hog the basin which started up a little tooth-brushing war. I’m bigger than Alex so I managed to hold my ground against his violent hip bumping, grabbing the basin now with two hands, toothbrush hanging out of the side of my mouth. The sides of Alex’s hips kept banging into mine, not budging me much, so he took a different approach. He turned around so his back was facing me and started bumping me with his bum to make me move. His ass was a lot softer on my body, and for some reason, his bum banging against my hip started giving me a boner, I pressed up harder against the basin so Alex wouldn’t see it, but it felt so good and it was pressing against the fabric of my underwear. I decided to let Alex win this round and slid over with my boner still hiding between my legs and the bench in order to finish brushing my teeth as quickly as possible to avoid embarrassment from the large bulge in my pants. He celebrated his victory and I laughed. He spat his mouthful into the basin so I let him finish and leave before I moved from my spot. He walked back out into the bedroom and my penis started going flaccid again, I rinsed my mouth out and walked into the bedroom.

I stopped at the doorway. Alex was getting changed and didn’t hear me come in. He was standing side-on to me with his pajama top on and nothing else. His limp dick just hung there, looking soft and inviting. I couldn’t help myself, I just stared. I felt my penis begin to grow in my pants again. He leaned over to put his feet into the holes of his pajama pants, exposing his soft white ass cheeks before standing straight again to pull them up around his waist. I watched as his dick disappeared into his pajama pants, snapping me out of it.
“Oh dude, penis alert”
“Haha sorry I thought you were still doing your teeth, anyway you can’t talk, look at your penis.” I went bright red. I had forgotten about the bulge in my pants. I told him to shut up and laughed it off, then started raiding my weekend bag for my own pajamas trying not to dwell on it. I came across my pajamas, blue ones, pajamas so comfortable you could live in them all day every day if society were to accept it. The thing I liked most about my PJs was that they were very roomy downstairs. When you walked, your dick would sway freely, when you got a boner, you didn’t have to re-arrange it with your hands, it would move as it pleased. It also felt great rubbing against the inside of your pants which made masturbating a lot of fun.

I grabbed my PJs and walked around the corner near the entrance to the bathroom so I could get changed without exposing myself. Alex was busy taking his contact lenses out. I whipped down my pants and underwear simultaneously and stepped out of them without losing my balance too much, then grabbed my PJ bottoms and pulled them up to my waist. I then pulled my t-shirt up over my head, leaving me looking nowhere but at the inside of my shirt for a second or two before my head casino şirketleri came out the other end. When it did, it came out to look straight at Alex, standing in front of me in his PJs smiling. I grinned back.
“What are you looking at?” I laughed. Unlike my pants, I had no problem taking my shirt off in front of other guys, I have a nice body.
“Nice body” he told me.
“Haha your eyesight isn’t so bad after all then” I joked, poking him in the stomach with my finger as he walked past to the bathroom, he flinched and giggled a bit. In fact, giggling isn’t a very manly word. Chuckled is better. Yes, he gave a high chuckle.
Anyway, he walked past me and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I smiled to myself and continued putting on my pajama top.

I walked over to the bed, throwing my clothes beside my bag. I sat down and checked my phone to see if I had any texts. One from Mum asking if I arrived safely and all that sort of stuff, I started giving her a brief reply when I heard the toilet flush and the door open soon after. I sent my text and looked up to see Alex walk past me around to his side of the bed. He jumped on the bed in a sort of high jump style, landing on his back before pushing himself up against the headboard to get into a casual sitting pose. I put my phone down and did the same.
“Hey you’re a virgin right?” I asked
“Haha umm yea, why?” He answered, kind of confused at the question.
“Just wondering.”
“Are you?” He asked me
“Na, I lost it to my last girlfriend, I thought I told you”
“Oh yea that’s right.” There was a short silence. My mind started wandering, I thought about sex, then I recalled 5th form.
“Haha do you remember maths in 5th form?” I asked, kind of embarrassed.
“Yea, why?”
“Do you haha, do you remember when we like, talked about all that sex stuff?”
“Hahaha aaaaahh yes, I remember that. Good times.”
“Yea, though can I ask you a question?” I asked him before I asked him.
“Yea, sure”
“Like a…personal question, I guess.” I felt my penis twitching upwards.
“Did you ever get, you know, hard? From it?” I added. Alex smiled. His eye got a twinkle in it.
“Yes” He said, keeping eye contact with me the whole time. My dick started twitching upwards like the hand of a ticking clock. I tried subtly suppressing it with my forearm. I started getting horny again, really horny, I could tell he was too.
“If there was a dick, like right in your face, would you suck it?” I asked him, getting bolder and hornier, it was just like back in 5th form maths.
“Who’s? Yours?” He asked with a cheeky smile. I didn’t know what to say. My boner was hard as a rock; it was uncomfortable holding it downwards, so I tried to rotate it round with my forearm. Unfortunately, my forearm isn’t very skilled at moving dicks; it got halfway there and then sprang to attention. I quickly bent my upper body over, hiding it with my elbow, pretending to take a sudden interest in my feet.

“How about you, if you had a big meaty dick in your face would you suck it?” Alex asked me.
“I asked you first” I told him, still trying to elbow my dick to a more convenient position.
“Well it depends who I guess” he replied, apparently unaware of my boner situation. “give me a scenario”
“Well” I started, “what would you do if I grabbed your dick right now?” I finally managed to get my dick under the elastic on my pajama pants. I pulled my shirt over to cover it up and sat back up against the headboard to hear his reply.
“I would grab your dick too, and I’d rub it through your pants until you were hard. Then I would pull down your pants and suck your dick and stop just before you cum, just to tease you” he winked at me. I was so turned on right now, we had said all this sort of stuff before in maths, so I knew it probably wouldn’t go any further than just talking. Back in maths he would always tease me by telling me what he would do to me, he would put his hand on my thigh and we would play chicken, seeing who would put their hand closest to the other person’s dick before they chickened out. Once he hovered his hand just over my dick in maths but didn’t touch it. I always fantasized about him finally touching it and we doing all those things to each other, but it never happened. And I knew it was probably the same situation again tonight, but that wasn’t going to stop me from making up sex stories with him.

“Your turn” he told me. “What would you do if I took all my clothes off right now and jumped on you?” All the blood was rushing to my dick now.
“I would pull my shirt and pants off and naked wrestle you on the bed, then I would pin you down and rub your dick ‘til you’re moaning then I’d suck your dick until you were just about to come and then stop” I grinned.
“You couldn’t pin me down!” he protested, smiling.
“Haha I so could!” I argued. Alex pushed himself up onto his knees and sprang at me from where he was kneeling. I laughed as Alex half landed on me, trying to pin my arms down. I managed to push him off me and get up onto my knees before he sprang again. This time he wrapped his arms around me and tried to wrestle me onto the bed covers, but I was ready for him and I was doing the same. Both still in our pajamas, we wrestled quite vigorously for about five minutes until we both fell onto the bed covers, both trying to get on top of the other person. I managed to roll him onto his back and jump on top before he rolled me over him and got on top.

He was proned over me trying to pin my arms down again but failing. I got my knees on either side of his hips and tried to push him off using my legs, but he would just push back harder. I gave another big push with my legs but when Alex pushed back, his hips slipped past my knees and his crotch collided with mine, leaving his rock hard dick pressed up against mine and his face just inches away from mine. We slowly stopped laughing and came to the realisation of what was happening. Alex had a boner, there was no doubt about it. And I’m pretty sure he knew I had one too. I had never been this turned on before. He looked into my eyes, raised his eyebrow and bit his lip. We had stopped wrestling and were now just holding each others arms, not wanting to move. My penis took control. I grinded my hips forward slowly, I couldn’t help it, it just felt so good. Alex responded by grinding his hips into mine, rubbing his boner up and down my shaft, making me want more. I could hear him breathing, sighing whenever our dicks finished a stroke. I began to breathe more heavily as our hips began to grind more purposefully, slowly gaining repetition and speed as our hips went forward and backwards.

“I win” he said softly, his face mere centimeters from mine. Then he stopped moving his hips and got up. I smiled, I could hardly believe what had just happened. In fact, what did just happen? Whatever it was, I liked it. A lot. I wanted more! Alex rolled over and got off my side of the bed. I sat up and flicked my legs around and got up too. Alex stood there, smiling cheekily at me. He turned and started walking around to his side of the bed, my boner and I followed. He bent over slightly to pull back the bed covers, exposing the shape of his tight buttocks through his pajamas. I was driven by my animal instincts, I moved forwards, legs further apart than normal and allowed my boner to press into his ass crack through our pajama pants. Alex stopped what he was doing. I pushed my hips forward, letting the fabric of my pants and curves of his ass tease the tip of my cock as I rubbed it up and down his ass crack. Alex still didn’t move, he just stood there, bent over his bed, just feeling my dick explore his ass crack through his pants. I gave a short moan as a wave of pleasure rippled through my cock. As my craving got bigger, my thrusts became stronger. I let my hands glide upwards and grasp his hips, holding them steady so I could grind deeper into his ass crack, letting my balls massage themselves against his firm ass cheeks. Alex slowly moved his ass up and down with me, letting our bodies move in unison. He stood up, not turning his head or pulling his hips away, and I felt his hands move to my legs, they worked their way up on both sides, gliding from my inner thigh to outer on their way closer to my crotch. I wanted him to grab my penis and massage it through my pants with his hands but at the same time I didn’t want to remove my cock from his ass. He wedged his hands between my hips and his ass, circling them around my cock without touching it, oh how he liked to tease. My breathing quickened as he circled closer to it, closer and closer but then didn’t touch it. His hands started sliding down to between my upper thighs and back up around to beside my cock. I wanted him to touch it so badly; my cock ached for him to stroke it.

His hands slid further down my legs and again started to slowly come up the inside of my thighs, up they went, closer and closer to my balls. Next came something I didn’t expect, his hands did not stop this time, they slid up my thighs, slowly rubbing up my balls. I moaned as his right hand slowly massaged my balls and dick, leaving me a slave to the feeling of ecstasy. I closed my eyes and moaned as I felt him rubbing my big tender dick through the soft fabric of my pajama pants. My hands drifted forwards from his hips and slowly made their way down to his crotch. As I neared the center of his pants, I felt the cloth of his pants arch away from his body like a tent. Not too long after I found what I was looking casino firmaları for, my hands came across his stiff meat stick, he was hard as a rock and I felt him sigh when my fingertips glided down his trapped pole. My two hands moved up and down, massaging this lump, going down to rub his balls and then slowly back up his shaft while he had his hand doing the same to me.

After a few more minutes of rubbing and breathing, he turned around, keeping his right hand cupped over my dick the whole time, and pressed his body against mine, raising his eyebrow again. He began to massage my dick again, walking around behind me. I stood still, feeling the pleasure in my dick overwhelm my body. When he got behind me, he suddenly pushed me onto the bed. My body was bent over and my hands outstretched to stop me from face planting. In a moment, I felt a big, warm, hard object start rubbing into my butt crack. Alex had me bent over the bed and was grinding his dick up my ass crack, it felt so hot having a big dick so close to your ass hole, I wanted him to fuck me, right then and there. But I knew it wouldn’t happen. Over and over, Alex’s dick slid up and down, pressing against my ass. He began slow pushing motions with his hips, humping me and grinding me at the same time. His motions gradually quickened, turning his motions into more of a pumping movement, harder and faster and faster and harder he thrusted, slamming his clothed hips at my ass, puffing and moaning like an animal. I have never been this horny in all my life before this moment, I wanted to do something. Anything. Everything. All of a sudden, it was over. Alex pulled away from me and spanked me on the butt. The slap made me jump and stand upright. I looked at him surprised, he just smiled and winked at me. He walked over to the door.
“Night, Chris” He said.
“Umm goodnight” I said, kind of confused, but still really turned on.
He flicked off the light switch and I watched his silhouette cross the room and get into bed right beside where I was standing, so I walked around the bed and hopped in my side, a little disappointed at how it all finished.

I lay in bed on my back, my eyes were closed but I couldn’t sleep. How could I? I had a raging boner and the person I most wanted to fuck was in bed next to me. I began to relive what just happened; thinking about Alex rubbing my hard on while I stroked my own cock through the fabric of my pants under the sheets. I started to get carried away, rubbing a little faster now, I accidentally let off a soft moan. I stopped. Did Alex hear that? I heard the sheets stirring. I quickly put my hands on my stomach. Did I wake him? Right then I felt a hand brush over my leg towards my cock, it started stroking up and down like before. Oh my god it felt good, am I dreaming? His hand went up over my balls, up along my shaft and over the tip of my penis. I felt his hand get to the elastic waistband at the top of my pants and slip under it. My heart began to beat faster as I felt Alex’s hand go down into my pants, running down the skin until it found the tip of my cock. His hand made itself at home as his hand rubbed my actual dick like before but there was nothing between his hand and my dick this time. After a few rubs, his open hand went to my cock and gently wrapped his fingers around it. He began slowly pumping my dick up and down, making the sheets go up and down with it. He increased the speed of his pumping, paralyzing me with pleasure.

I could hardly believe it, I was in bed with my friend who is jacking me off. A guy. A guy is giving me a handjob. No guy had ever touched my cock before, let alone played with it, I felt so naughty, so dirty, so wrong, but then again I would never want it to stop. I moaned, arching my back a bit, automatically thrusting my hips to the movement of his dick pumping. I wanted to do everything. I reached my arm over past his arm and felt around for that lump I missed so much. There it was, still hard as a rock. I followed what Alex did before and gave it a few rubs through his pajama pants before I slid my hand down into them. This was a completely new experience for me and I was going to savour every moment of it. I let my fingertips slide down his smooth soft skin until I found the tip of his dick, wow it was nice. So smooth and soft, yet so hard. The tip of his dick was round, definitely a full blown boner, I let my fingers slide down the shaft of his penis, feeling every ridge and vein as I made my way down to his balls. I began to fondle his little ball sack, enjoying the feel of his hair on my hand. I wrapped my fingers around his dick and began to pump. As I did, Alex let out a muffled moan and began to pump my dick harder, oh it felt so good, it made me want more and more, I began to pump his dick even faster until we were both moaning and pumping furiously at each other’s cocks.

Alex gave a loud moan and quickly rolled over under the sheets, crawling his way over to my side of the bed. He climbed on top of me, pulled off his shirt and pants so he was lying naked on top of me, pressing our hard boners together. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I could make out his face and his teeth biting his bottom lip. He sat upright, letting his ass rest on my dick, and began to undo the buttons on my pajama top. One by one he undid them, until he got to the last one. When he undid that one, he pulled my pajama shirt open and let his hands explore my hairless chest, rubbing over my nipples and abs while my dick was poking through my PJ bottoms at his naked ass. I made out a smile on his face as he leaned down and put my left nipple in his mouth. It was a weird feeling as he sucked and licked on it, but it was pleasurable nonetheless, making my dick begin to throb. He let his lips slide down my torso as his body began to move further under the covers until the only thing not under the sheets was my torso and head. I felt Alex’s small hands fiddle with the button on my elastic waistband and once it was undone it sprang apart. Alex pulled my pants down past my hips, past my ass, past my knees and then my ankles. I lay there, naked apart from my unbuttoned shirt, aware of what was most likely going to happen next. Sure enough, hands began to slide up my legs, teasing me, rubbing the skin up my legs until they rested on either side of my dick. I felt Alex’s warm body also slide up and closed my eyes as one hand pulled my stiffy down so it was standing straight out. A warm pleasure began to engulf my penis, his mouth slid right over the tip and down my shaft, allowing his tongue to swirl around the tip as his lips massaged their way back up.

This felt too good. I grabbed the sheets and flicked them off to the right. There was Alex, looking up at me with his big blue eyes and my cock in his mouth. It turned me on hugely to see this guy sucking my dick like I had wanted him to for the past three years. His right hand gripped the base of my cock and pumped it into his mouth while the other hand fondled my balls to result in the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. He kept going, pumping and sucking, taking as much of my thick cock in his mouth as he could.
He pulled it out of his mouth but continued to pump.
“It’s so big” he said with wide eyes and a smile that I could fuck. It’s true, my dick is quite impressive, I’m not sure of the exact measurement, may be 7 or 8 inches long, nice and thick too, but is definitely bigger than most. Alex took my cock in his hand and began to suck on my balls, letting my wrinkly sack get all wet in his mouth as he massaged my balls with his tongue. He then licked from the very base of my dick and ran his tongue right up the shaft of my dick and up to my tip. He swirled his tongue around the tip as I watched and then winked and stuffed the whole thing back in his mouth, gorging himself on my meat, shoving almost every last inch deep into his mouth, bobbing up and down. I almost cried it felt so good.
“Ohhhhh my god that’s good” I managed to moan, “Ohhh I might cum soon”
Alex continued to suck for a few more seconds before pulling my big hard cock out of his mouth. He licked his lips and wiped his mouth with his forearm.

Fuck I was horny, I wanted Alex’s dick and I wanted it now. I pulled the rest of my pajama shirt off and jumped on Alex, letting our naked bodies rub up against each other, allowing our hard dicks rub against each other too. Our faces were only centimeters away from each other again, he leaned up towards me and closed his eyes, lips perched.
“No Alex, no kissing. I’m not gay” I said, turning my face away. He shrugged and felt for my penis. I let him fondle it for a few seconds before I slid down his body, letting my hands wander over his smooth, fit body. I positioned myself so my head was at his crotch, I began to pump his dick while pointing it at my face. I had never given a guy a blowjob before, but I had always fantasized about sucking Alex’s cock. It was quite big in my hand, slightly shorter than my own but just as thick and it was still quite long. I licked my lips and let my moist lips run over the tip of his penis. Its smooth tip glided slowly into my mouth, connecting with my tongue. My lips continued downwards, feeling every ridge and curve on his big hard dick. It tasted different. Not bad, just different. My lips were about half way down his shaft when the end of his dick started running out of room. Oh I wanted this so badly. I sucked his cock so hard, running my tongue all over it and bobbing up and down, taking his big dick in and out of güvenilir casino my mouth, pumping it hard like a machine, making his dick fuck my mouth. Alex was moaning loudly, his hand ran through my hair as I slurped his big meaty dick. I took it out of my mouth and began licking it like a golden fucking lollipop, getting as much of his dick in and around my mouth as possible. Alex started moaning louder as I brought him closer to orgasm, he was panting and his back was arching, trying to fuck my mouth with that big cock.
“No…. Ooooooh no stop it. Oh FUCK that’s good, no stop I’m gonna cum” he gasped
But I couldn’t. I wanted it far too badly. I was too horny and all I wanted was his hot white cum in the back of my mouth.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh” Alex moaned loudly
I started thoroughly massaging his balls as I sucked his big dick and licked his tip, I sucked his big wet cock like there was no tomorrow, pumping it furiously with my right hand and trying to suck his big red knob. He gave one big final moan, his balls tightened, I rammed his big sausage down my throat as he let off a massive load of cum into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of hot sticky liquid burst into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could and sucked and pumped his big dick until every last drop was inside me. His dick was beginning to get soft now, he was panting but I liked how his big floppy dick felt in my mouth and I sucked a bit more. I pulled his dick out of my mouth, licking up white strings of escaping cum.
“Oh wow” he gasped “That was fucking incredible.” He looked up at me, mouth open, breathing deeply. I wiped my mouth and smiled.

Alex got up, and started walking towards the bathroom.
“Oh hey do you want a shower?” He asked me.
“No I shower in the mornings” I replied.
“So do I” he winked, and walked into the bathroom. The light turned on and I heard the shower start. Without missing a beat, I jumped off the bed, and made my way to the bathroom. When I got to the doorway, Alex was testing the water temperature. I shielded my eyes from the light, but when they adjusted I admired Alex’s cute butt, inviting me as it followed Alex into the shower. I closed the door and walked over to the shower, my dick nodding at the ceiling as I walked. I pulled back the curtain and got in, closing it behind me. Alex just stood there. Naked. He was all wet, head to toe, and looked so fucking sexy right then that I grabbed him and pulled him to me. His boner began to grow again and we were soon rubbing them against each other. His body was all slippery and our chests and abs were sliding against each others like it was magic.
‘Fuck it’ I thought. I grabbed Alex and kissed him. Our lips collided. I kissed him firmly, letting our lips interlock and our tongues slide against the inside of each others mouths. My dick was getting so hard from kissing him and I was so fucking horny I would do anything right now. Alex’s penis was poking into my stomach now, so I stopped kissing him and got on my knees. Without the use of my hands I took his big fat dick into my mouth and sucked that meat as I bobbed up and down on it. In, out, in, out, I was addicted. Slurping his thick juicy dick, I put my hands on his legs and pulled them to try to make him fuck my mouth.
“Fuck me Alex, fuck my mouth” I ordered between slurps. I loved the taste of his cum in my mouth. “Fuck me now”.

Alex grabbed my head and began to really fuck my mouth.
“Fuck yes, Chris. Suck it. Fuck yes!”
In a moment Alex took his cock out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet.
“My turn” he said with his sexy raised eyebrow. He got onto his knees and took my hard boner straight into his mouth, sucking it and shoving it right down his throat. I grabbed the back of his head with both hands and started mouth fucking him like never before. Alex’s hands explored my ass cheeks, massaging them, pulling them apart and moving his fingers closer to the center. The hot water was a huge turn on, everything on our bodies was shiny, slippery and wet. His fingers found my hole and began massaging it. I let out a gasp. Fuck it felt good. I took my dick out from his mouth and presented my ass to him. He squirted some liquid soap onto his hand and began to rub around my anus. It felt so good, but the soap rinsed off quickly in the water. I held my breath as Alex spread my ass cheeks and put his face to it. I felt his warm tongue flicker quickly over my ass hole. I let out all my breath with one gasp and began panting as Alex began to lick my ass hole. His tongue swirled around it, round and round in circles, teasing me again. I almost came with the pleasure. His tongue slowly ran over my hole, making me shiver with pleasure. It slopped all over my hole and then Alex began to push his tongue into my ass.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh” I moaned, feeling his tongue penetrate my ass. He pushed it in and out making me moan louder and louder. It was so hot but so dirty having his tongue squeeze up in my tight little ass, making me moan for more.

“Oh fuck me” I moaned “Fuck me now, Alex.” Alex pulled his tongue out of my ass and squirted some liquid soap on his hands. He rubbed some over his dick, sliding that slippery goo all down it and put some of it on his finger. He got his soapy finger and shoved it deep into my ass. I moaned as he twisted it and finger fucked my hole, lubricating it with soap. He pulled it out of my ass and stood up behind me. His slippery boner fitting nicely into my ass crack, as he leaned close to whisper in my ear.
“You want me to fuck you?”
“All night long” I replied. Alex grabbed me by the hips and directed the tip of his rock hard dick straight for my hole. A moan escaped my lips as I felt his slippery tip push against my hole. My ass stretched around his cock and slowly let his big dick slide into my tight little hole. I gasped as he squeezed in inch after inch of his massive dong into me. Eventually he got in the whole thing. His crotch was pushed up hard against my ass cheeks. One of his hands slid around my waist while the other wrapped itself around my cock and began to pump it from behind. His hips moved away, sucking his cock from out of my anus, sliding it out again, inch after orgasmic inch. Just before the tip came out, he slid his big dick back into me, making me gasp as he shoved it harder and faster this time.
“Harder, fuck me harder” I groaned. Alex pumped my dick with his hand and started moving his hips, in and out, faster and faster, pumping his meat in and out of my tight little ass, fucking my sweet little hole like a rabbit. It felt so good having something big stretching my ass, filling me like I had fantasized. Alex fucked me for ages in the shower. Both of us in complete ecstasy, moaning while our slippery bodies rubbed up against each other. Eventually the hot water ran out, Alex quickly turned off the shower and continued to fuck my hole. His dick gave me a wave of pleasure with every thrust, going deeper and deeper inside me, his balls slapping against mine as he fucked me from behind. Thud thud thud thud against the bathroom wall.
“Oh fuck me, fuck me!!” I shouted.
“Oh yes, yes!” He moaned. “oh” thud “my” thud “god” thud thud thud “I’m” thud “gonna cum”
“cum inside me” I groaned. Alex thrust his big dick deep inside me, in and out, sliding his massive cock up my ass. Once again, his balls tightened, he let out an ear defeaning moan and spurt after spurt of hot liquid filled my ass. His thrusts began to slow down as he came, but he thrust so hard into me I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

We stood there for a second, panting. His dick still in my ass, my cock still in his hand, cum dripping out of my ass. He pulled his hips away, letting his big soft slippery cock slide out of my ass. I let out a final gasp and turned around. He pressed his body up against mine and pressed our lips together. We made out for a couple of minutes before my still raging boner wanted to finish him. He had had two orgasms already and my cock was just about ready to explode. I spun him round, pushed him against the wall and spread his legs apart.
“Lean over bitch” I ordered. I felt his smooth little ass cheeks in my hands before I felt around for his hole. I found his little entry point and pressed my finger into it. Alex’s body tensed as my finger slipped into him. I smiled and pulled it out again. I slid my raging boner down his ass, letting the tip slide across his skin. When it came into level with his ass, I began to push. We both moaned softly as his hole began to give way. My tip disappeared into him with a small pop. Fuck it. I rammed my cock straight up his ass, thrusting it deep into him in one strong movement. He let out a yelp, but I didn’t care, his ass was mine. I put both hands on his hips and began to slide my dick in and out of his tight hole, fucking him so hard, ramming it into him to make him scream with pain and pleasure. I pumped my dick into him furiously like a piston, not stopping for breath, not stopping for anything. All of a sudden, my balls tightened, and I moaned like I had never moaned before. I thrust hard into his ass one last time, shoving my big cock deep inside him. Oh my god, I began to cum. My cum spurted thickly from the end of my dick, my spurt after spurt after spurt, filling his tight ass with my man-juice, I came so hard in Alex’s ass that my balls hurt.

We stood naked there in the shower for about five minutes, just breathing. After we caught our breath, we turned the water back on to quickly wash up by rubbing each others’ cocks clean. After we dried each other, we got back into our pajamas and got into bed. I was exhausted, but wow I felt good. I looked over at Alex, he looked at me and winked. It was going to be a good weekend.

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