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At last I have the courage to write about my sexual experiences. All the stories are true. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty.


Soon after meeting Gerry in the work’s toilet several weeks ago, I was moved to another department within the works. This was normal when one’s an apprentice. Its to help gain work experience, and in my case other kinds of experiences. I soon made friends with my age group. We all would meet up at the railway club on a Friday night for beer and a knock on the snooker table.

One Friday night us lads were in the club having a drink and a laugh. When, who I found out later was (lets call him Gordon) a man I recognised that works in the same department as me. He stood awhile talking to me. He was a black man, I believe he came from Jamaica to work in the UK. We talked about snooker and the different pubs and working men’s clubs he goes drinking in.

It then became my turn on the snooker table, so I said “ see you again”. “OK Joe” he said and he moved on elsewhere in the club.

One of my mates told me that there is a rumour ‘he’s gay’. I indicated that none of us are perfect, and carried on playing.

My mind was not really on the game. I couldn’t help thinking about this Gordon, with his clothes a little baggy one him. I could see him at the bar talking to some other guys. He would glance over at me and give me a faint smile, I would smile back. I was intrigued that he new my name.

I could not concentrate properly on playing the game.

One of my mates said “what’s up with you tonight Joe, your play is piss-poor” . “I don’t know”- “one can’t be on top form all the time” I said..

But I knew the reason was this Gordon. I could tell as he moved around the bar area that he was nicely shaped, even through his dark baggy clothes. At last we finished the game, and the next set of players ‘set up’ the snooker balls. I went to the bar for another drink. I discreetly looked around, but I could not see him, he was gone.

Over the week end I would at times, without consciously knowing, be thinking of him, wondering what he was doing now, or screwing. I would wonder if he is gay or what he looks like naked.

One night I lay in bed thinking of him. I could not help myself to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wank off. On several occasions I would lay on my back with my head propped up with a double pillow. My legs bent up and wide apart. I would quickly squirt my cum onto my chest thinking about him watching me with that smile. After a few weeks the thoughts passed along with the fact that I was not yet 19 and he must be 30 years old.

It was normal at the end of the working week, provided you have completed all the week’s work, for the apprentices to meet up and talk on a Friday afternoon. On this particular Friday afternoon, us mates would gather outside the department behind some wagons. We would talk about what we were going to do over the weekend. Some said lets go to the dance hall tomorrow night. Two of my mates were keen on darts and snooker. One of my mates was very un-happy because he had been ‘dumped’ by his girl friend.

One by one they returned to the department to clean off the tools and lock up equipment and other duties. I was alone, so I lit up a cigarette thinking what I might do this weekend. It was about 4 pm and the sun had just gone down with it being winter, but a clear sky and a strong twilight made it still light to see.

I stood there rolling a cigarette and leaning back onto the wagon side. This man came into view from behind the wagon. It was the ‘Jamaican’ that spoke to me in the railway club a few weeks ago.

”Hello Joe” he said. “Hello Gordon – where have you been, I’ve not seen you since that night in the club”. “I’ve been on nights for two weeks, that’s why you’ve not seen me” he said.

We made some small talk for about 5 minutes. During this time I started thinking them horny thoughts I had of him some time ago. I noticed how attractive his deep brown eyes were. He asked if I was courting a girl. I replied can’t find one I like!. He laughed.

I asked him if he was marred. “ Oh no, no I’m not marred, I live on my own quite happily”.

I finished my cigarette and threw the end onto the floor. “Be careful, you might catch the oil spills on fire” – he said.

Suddenly he popped is dick out and started weeing onto the cigarette end that lay on the gravel floor.

“That will put it out güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri OK”-he murmured.

He gave me a faint smile. I couldn’t help looking at his dick, it was the first time I’d seen a black cock and he noticed I was looking. His smile broadened. His dick looked lovely and smooth, with the knob end appearing from the big foreskin. Hmm, I thought it’s a bigger foreskin than my mates.

I looked on as his wee slowed down to a trickle. All this time his arms stayed at his side, not moving at all. So exposing and horny was this view of Gordon empting his bladder.

That feeling appeared again, at the bottom of my stomach. His wee finished, he looked at me again with a big grin. I looked down again, it was now just drops coming out of that shining black end. I had that urge to touch his member, to squeeze it dry. I thought ‘dare I grab it’.

His arms still at his side, his body slightly moving side to side aiming at the fag end with the last drops, he smiled showing a good row of white teeth.

I blurted out “I’ll shake the drops off”. He didn’t stop smiling.

I turned to face the right hand side of his body and held his dick with my right hand. I shook it, some more drops came off. Then, I slowly worked the foreskin up and down.

“I think all the drops are gone now” I said. “Carry on and make sure” was his whispered reply. So I did.

He had a full foreskin which I like. Yes- I’ve got this right, he’s getting hard, I said to myself. It was now standing right up with pre-cum on the tip.

“That’s nice” he whispered.

I worked him slowly at first. Watching his knob-end appear and disappear under the foreskin. His cock felt like velvet wrapped around a rod of iron.

“Yesss-you’ve done this before” whispered Gordon. “I have a few times with a mate of mine” I replied. “Have you been fucked yet”. No- was my reply.

I was now working his dick faster. He spread his legs just a little to steady himself, still with his arms at his side. His breathing started to quicken. I judge he was close.

He started to lean on me, so put my left hand on his arse. “Yes:- I’m Cumming now” he said.

His knees trembled and spunk shot out of the knob end onto the side of the wagon. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Then another shot, on to the rails it went. Then a dribble onto the gravel by our feet.

“OOOO, that was nice -You are good at this. I relieve you now” he said putting his dick back in his pants. “Yes please” I said. as I un-zipped.

But before I could pull it out. We herded someone coming. “I’d better go Joe, it’s my turn to relieve you the next time we meet”.

The Jamaican quickly walked off behind the wagon towards the department. It was one of my mates. We talked about going out tonight for a drink and then to the club after. I thought to myself it would be a laugh if I saw Gordon in the club.

We talked a little more about the snooker team meeting next week I had to put both hands in my pockets so as to hide my very hard on from his view. I was angry and very frustrated that Gordon hadn’t been able to finish me off.

All weekend I kept think of what I did to Gordon behind the wagon. It made me feel really horny. Remembering him asking ‘have you been fucked yet’. I wondered what it would be like to be fucked. ‘Is this something he’ll like to do to me’.

One night in my bed room I had an idea. I quietly lifted the mirror of the wall and placed it on the floor leaning against the bedroom wall. I sat down on the floor with my back against the bed and my legs open and in a bent up position.

The mirror was now only two feet from my bum. I looked at my reflection. I stared at my anus. I’d not seen it so clearly before. It was really erotic, it was nice and round and a little puckered. Without any more thought I licked my middle left hand finger and slowly pushed it in. I must not make a sound because my parents were asleep in the next bedroom.

I started to wank with my right hand as I moved my middle finger in and out of my arse. ‘This is great, the feeling of arousal was over whelming’. I felt so full and complete with my finger slowly moving in to the knuckle and out to its tip.

I came, shooting my cum onto my left shoulder (which I’d never done before), the next one onto my chest, ending up with some on my hand.

I had to bit my lip to suppress any noise. I lay there out of breath with my finger still right up, and my body front spattered with a lot of cum. “Ooh I needed that” I said to my self.

My mind was made up to try it out with him. How can I arrange It. I don’t know were he lives or gets out in the evenings. I can’t risk any contact at work. If my mates found out my life wouldn’t be worth living. I will find a way some how!! But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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