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*Thank you to Pete L for editing, at midnight when your fingers are flying like lightening and you forget to turn off the auto correct. . . well things definitely get interesting. There was a “train of cum” and Microsoft thought it was fine! Lmao. Feel free to email me with comments, questions, and suggestion. Enjoy.*


Groaning Lisa smacked at the alarm buzzing in her ear insisting that she awaken at 8am for her morning run. Her first instinct was to turn off the alarm and sleep for a few more hours, but in the moments it took for her to reach over and turn the small dial to stop the insistent buzzing, the events of last night came roaring to the front.

Remembering her wanton behavior with her brother she changed her mind about sleeping in. It would be way too awkward to find herself sitting across the table from Chase and remembering the feeling of her body pressed close to his and the feeling of his hands pressing, moving and stroking over her . . . cutting off the thought with a groan, Lisa rose from her bed and changed into a workout top and yoga pants. Peaking out of the window she could see Chase’s black SUV still parked in the driveway. Grabbing her smart-phone and ear buds, she slipped quietly down the stairs and put on her running shoes. Pressing the play button to start her music she moved on tiptoe through the kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

Standing in the backyard Lisa breathed a sigh of relief. With any luck Chase would go back to his hotel room and she could avoid seeing him this morning. If she were really lucky he might already have plans to do something other than join the family for breakfast. Lisa tucked her phone away and headed for the gate determined to forget about anything that had occurred just hours earlier. She was just lifting the latch of the back gate when she felt a hand close over her arm.

* * * * *

Chase spent half the night tossing and turning full of guilt, shame and remorse. The other half of the night was spent falling into fitful sleep full of erotic images of his sister’s rose colored nipples, or the feel of his hands slipping over her legs to the junction of her thighs. Chase tried to force himself to sleep again, but with the sun’s rays filtering into the small window he decided to dress in the clothes that he’d worn last night and head to his hotel room. He was just reaching the top of the steps when he saw Lisa heading through the kitchen, where she took a bottle of water and slipped out of the house onto the back patio near the pool. Hearing no other movement in the house, Chase decided to try talking to Lisa while she was alone and hope that the rest of the house would stay quiet for just a few more minutes. Closing the door as quietly as possible Chase exited the house behind Lisa and called out.

When she didn’t respond and headed for the gate instead of turning around, Chase frowned and went after her snagging her arm before she could leave. As soon as he touched her, he regretted it, not only was it awkward since she probably didn’t want him touching her, but it reminded him of all the places his hands had wandered last night and of all the places he hadn’t touched but was wishing that he had.

Lisa on the other hand hadn’t been expecting his touch because she was startled by it and spun around with her hand pressed to her chest.

“Gracious! You just about scared me to death” she exclaimed and pulled one of the ear buds from her ear.

“Sorry” he apologized. “I didn’t realize you had music playing”

“Oh.” She said awkwardly and smoothed a hand over her ponytail even though there weren’t any stray hairs that needed to be pushed back. Glancing at her arm that was still being held in his hand she asked “Uh, do you mind letting go?”

“Sorry!” he dropped his hand and shook his head not really sure what to say. “About last night. . .”

“Thanks!” She blurted out before he could finish. Realizing how badly that sounded, she quickly rushed on to say “I think I had too much to drink last night!” giving a nervous giggle she continued on. “Good thing I had a sober ride. Cause I can’t remember anything after dancing!”

Frowning Chase replied “Yeah. Anytime” He wasn’t sure if he believed her, but since she wasn’t yelling pervert loud enough to wake the entire neighborhood, he decided it might be best to forget everything that happened. He watched as she placed the ear bud back into her ear, left the backyard and quickly jogged off down the street. He left the backyard and got into his SUV.

He glanced down the street at Lisa’s jogging body and rubbed his brow. He didn’t believe her. He couldn’t believe she didn’t remember. If she had drunk enough alcohol to black out on her first time out drinking, then she should be in bed with a massive hangover. She wouldn’t be awake early and shouldn’t want to go jogging. Pulling out of the driveway he decided that if she could forget then he could forget too. Once again the thought went through his casino şirketleri head that maybe it was just a sexual drought.

Chase hadn’t been at his hotel for long when his mother called his cell phone.

“Hey! I woke up this morning thinking that I would be cooking breakfast for my whole family for the first time in about 6 years. And what do I find? Not a single one of my children are here!”

Chase laughed. “I’m sorry about that Mom. I appreciated you leaving the pajamas last night. I was pretty tired and I was unprepared for a sleepover.”

“Well, you could make it up to me by coming to the house later for dinner. Do you think you could make it?”

Chase wasn’t happy about the idea but the sooner things got back to normal the better right? Finishing the call with his mother He sat down to his computer determined to get some work out of the way.

Hours later he looked at his watch and sighed. He had been working on these accounts for hours and the amount of work he’d finished was miniscule. Chase was too distracted to get much work done. Giving up, he finished up what he could and emailed what work he had finished to his assistant.

As hard as he had tried to focus, he just was not successful. He still found time to think and thinking was the last thing he wanted to do. Every time his brain had more than seconds to think, he envisioned his little sister climbing out of the pool in that bright pink bikini. He envisioned his hands running over her legs. He could feel her pebbled nipple on his tongue. He remembered feeling her moist heat through the thin cotton of his pants and her panties…

With a groan Chase looked down at the erection straining against the jeans he was wearing. This was beginning to happen way too often. Stripping out of his clothes he climbed into the shower and began to wash his body off. Pushing aside guilty feelings he began to stroke his hand over his soapy throbbing cock as he envisioned himself back on his parents couch. This time however there was no phone call, and there was no fabric hindering him from touching Lisa. In his mind she was laying with her legs spread and his face was pressed to her center while her hands gripped his head and she arched her body up into his as she cried out in pleasure. Chase laid his palms against the tiles of the shower as he stood there breathing heavily. Allowing his heart rate to drop down, he watched as the water rinsed away any traces of his passion.

* * * * *

“Sweetheart is everything alright?” Lisa heard her father asking from behind her as she grabbed a soda out of the fridge.

Turning around she smiled at her father before popping the tab on the soda. “I’m fine. Do you want help seasoning the steak?”

Keith opened the pack of steaks sitting on the counter and began to rinse each one and set it on the plate while Lisa then sprinkled them with seasonings. Glancing sideways he probed once more “So, nothing happened last night?”

Lisa laughed but shook her head no. “I’m fine dad. Nothing happened.”

Keith grunted and shook his head. “Didn’t meet a guy then?”

“DAD!” Lisa pretended to glare at her father. “Have you always been this nosy?” she questioned.

“Course, I have. You usually don’t make me pry so hard.” he chuckled.

Lifting the plate of steaks Lisa headed out of the back door towards the patio and pool. “C’mon dad you are moving slow as molasses. And everyone is starving”

Her father began to arrange the steaks on the grill as Lisa wiggled onto the bar stool next to him and continued to sip her soda.

Lisa shifted in her seat and plucked at her wraparound. “So are you and mom still heading out tonight?”

“Yes, your mother has everyone excited about going to Bingo down at the American Legion.” Keith shook his head. “My mother plays Bingo. I’m too young and handsome to play Bingo.”

Lisa hopped off the stool and gave her father a peck on the cheek “You can be young and still play Bingo. Mom is always asking me to come. She keeps trying for bridge but I can’t focus on the game long enough to learn the rules, so nobody wants me for a partner.”

Since the steaks were almost finished Lisa went to help her mother set out the side dishes on the patio table just as Chase and Camilla brought out drinks and napkins from inside. Soon everyone was gathered around the table having dinner. Surprisingly enough the conversation wasn’t as stilted and awkward as she imagined it would be. It wasn’t long before everyone was finished eating and was beginning to separate.

Lisa rose and left her wrap on her chair as she got into the pool and swam through the water to reach her sister who was floating in the middle.

Across the patio Chase watched as Lisa began to chat with Camilla. He wasn’t having much success forgetting the events of the previous evening despite distractions. His mother was telling him about an accounting firm with an opening when suddenly there was casino firmaları a giant splash in the pool. Cam had either dived off her floating chair or Lisa had pulled her over. Judging from Lisa’s attempt at a quick retreat and Cam’s sputtering, he would bet that Lisa had just attacked Cam again.

He watched as Lisa attempted to run in the pool rather than swim and he was treated to the sight of her full breasts bouncing around in her top. She raised both hands to slick her wet hair back out of her eyes and then made the mistake of looking back. Cam chose that moment to dive at Lisa taking them both under the water.

Chase jumped into the pool entering the fray and grabbed the first wriggling body and threw her into the deeper end of the pool separating the two. Cam appeared gasping for air behind him while Lisa came up wet and laughing on his other side. Cam wasn’t finished yet. When Chase looked toward Lisa he felt a spray of water hit the back of his head. He turned to retaliate by tossing water at Cam and Lisa decided to spray him in the back. Caught in the middle of the water fight Chase attempted to defend himself but didn’t seem to have enough hands to shield his eyes and splash both girls. He tried to move backwards and escape from the middle, but before he could move very far Cam dived at his legs while Lisa pushed his shoulders, dunking him under the water.

Chase came up and grabbed the giggling Lisa, hoisting her body in front of his and using her as a shield he began to spray Cam with water. It didn’t take long before Lisa’s innocent squirming, and the feel of her warm body pressed to his made the innocent play begin to feel like something more. Chase attempted to lift her higher onto his chest so that her bottom wasn’t pressed directly against his crotch, but he lost his grip on her and she slipped down so that his arm was pressed against her breast and his erection was pressed into her lower back. He slipped a hand underneath her bottom and tossed her in Cam’s direction before quickly slipping to the edge of the pool.

Lisa took Cam under the water again. This time when Camilla came up for air it was with the words. “I quit. I quit. You beat me again. Happy?”

Lisa threw her hands in the air and did an awkward celebratory dance causing Cam to laugh as Lisa spun in a circle chirping “I won. I won. I won.”

Chase noticed Cam climb out of the pool and begin to towel off. It seemed that the water battle was over. Drifting off to the side Chase willed his lower half to behave.

Lisa watched Chase with lowered lids. During their water play she was sure she felt him growing aroused. She knew it was naughty but she wanted to feel his touch on her again. She wanted his mouth over her taunt aching nipples. She wanted his fingers to continue their wicked play between her legs. She wanted a chance to touch him back. She knew she should stop thinking about her brother this way, but her fingers ached to walk across his chiseled chest. She wanted to see if the flat nipples on his chest would pebble like hers if she pinched him and licked him. Would his body jerk underneath her touch if she swirled her tongue in his belly button? Would his body shake if her tongue made its way lower than his waist?

Lisa bit her lip and ducked her body under the water hoping to disguise her erect nipples and the reason for it. When she came back up Chase had turned from the edge of pool. She smiled at him briefly and was considering splashing him with water when her mother appeared in the doorway. “Hey Mom, are you and Dad taking off already?”

Rummaging in her purse she barely looked up when she answered. “Yes, your father and I will likely be out until late. We are heading to a friend’s house afterwards. So don’t wait up.” With a wave goodbye she headed back through the patio door.

Chase wasn’t looking at her so she shoved her hand through the water directing a stream of water directly at Chase. Her brother responded quickly diving underneath the water and she felt hands on her waist pull her under the surface. Feeling his body press close to hers she wrapped her legs around him hoping to straddle him and keep him from surfacing before her. The plan backfired because she felt a bulge press tightly between her thighs and his arms circled her, pushing her breasts into his chest as they both came up for air.

Lisa felt tiny goose bumps rise over each inch of flesh not pressed tightly against his. She gave in to the temptation and allowed her hand to smooth over his chest feeling the ridges across his taunt abs. She could feel his body harden underneath her. She circled her hips, savoring the feel of his hardness pressing against her, before letting go and drifting back a step when he released her.

Suddenly unsure of herself, Lisa decided not to go any further and instead climbed from the pool. She adjusted her suit and grabbed her wrap before heading inside the house to change out of her wet bikini

Chase glanced güvenilir casino at the windows in the back of the house. Since he didn’t see any movement he left the pool and decided to follow his sister into the house.

“Lisa” he called as he headed up the stairs.

Heart pounding she turned around when she heard her brother call out her name.

He opened the nearest door and pulled her in behind him. Inside what turned out to be the bathroom, he pressed her against the door and pressed the lock.

“What are you doing?” she whispered and attempted to push him back.

Chase moved closer instead and using a hand under her chin tilted her face up toward his. “God, I knew you were lying.” he said softly while searching her eyes. He dipped his head so that they were cheek to cheek and whispered “You remember everything that happened last night just as well as I do, don’t you?” when Lisa didn’t respond. “I tried to forget. Then you started rubbing against me in the pool. You want me. Just as much I want you.”

Lisa shook her head. “I don’t know.” she stuttered. “I know its wrong but I lay in bed last night wishing I could touch you, and hoping that you felt the same way.”

He moved his hand over the stiff nipple still covered by her bikini top. His lips wandered over her chin and down her neck. Then he swirled his tongue over the spot below her neck and sucked gently. When she arched her body toward him and gasped, he took that as permission to continue and pulled the string holding the top of her bikini on. Chase leaned back just long enough to pull it from her body. With one hand still stroking her cheek, he leaned in and kissed her softly. He took a moment to taste her fully and capture her tongue with his before ending the kiss and biting her lip.

“Tell me to stop.” he begged her. “Tell me you don’t want this. Tell me you changed your mind and I swear I’ll stop.” He moved down her chest. Pressing her breasts together tightly, he licked first one nipple and then the other. “Tell me to stop.” he whispered against her chilled skin before taking as much of her nipple into his mouth as he could and sucking. He then gently bit her nipple before sucking and biting the other nipple. With her breasts pressed tightly together there were just inches separating the nipples so he began to suck back and forth between the two sides, first hard soft, then biting and pinching. He could feel his sister writhing against him and moaning softly.

Releasing her breast he dropped to his knees and kissed her belly button. He dipped his tongue into her belly button, and then pulled the strings on her hips allowing the pink bikini bottoms to fall away from her body, revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. Finally, he thought to himself. Running a hand over her bottom and under her thigh he lifted her leg over his shoulder to open her legs wider. He kissed her just above her clit and heard her small gasp. Smiling he palmed her bottom and squeezed her closer to his face as he ran his tongue up her slit sampling her wet pussy. He allowed his tongue to slide first over one side and then the other before then moving up to circle around her clit. He felt her hands move to grip his hair and he felt her breathing speed up.

Chase began to softly suck on her clit and moved his hand over her stomach. Feeling the clenching in her stomach, he dropped his hand to stroke over her thigh before reaching between her legs again and slipped one finger inside her tight clenching pussy. He swirled his tongue down and pushed another finger inside. He pressed her clit with his thumb and crooked his fingers. With his cheek against her abs he could feel her shaking and trembling. Looking up at her he could see her head was tossed back against the door. “Look at me. I want to see you.” he said. He wanted to see his little sister’s face when she exploded all over his fingers.

Chase reached down and adjusted his throbbing cock inside his pants. Standing slowly he pulled her leg over his waist and continued to fuck her with his finger. Lisa was whimpering on the edge of climax now. Chase suckled the upper edge of her breast and then bit down on the skin creating a small red mark. Chase felt her begin to come apart in his arms and covered her mouth with his to muffle the sound. He held her body close to his as she shuddered through her climax continuing to flick his fingers over her clit then back and forth over her wet slick pussy.

“Damn.” He groaned. He wanted his cock inside of the wet pussy he could smell on his fingers. He licked his fingers clean and Lisa gasped in surprise. Holding her face between his two hands he kissed her softly on the forehead and slipped from the bathroom.

After Chase left Lisa turned on the shower and washed off quickly. For once she felt desirable, alive, and happy. She lingered over her breasts and her hips when she was rubbing lotion into her skin. Rather than her typical ponytail she brushed her hair and left her wavy hair drifting around her shoulders. She wished she had something sexy to wear. Since she didn’t, she settled on a pair of low slung jeans and a red t-shirt that was a too small across the breast and showed a small strip of her stomach.

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