Biking with OMGITSELAINE Ch. 02


It was starting to get later in the fall so there was not as much biking on some of my favorite trails. That meant that it was easier to get a good ride in without interruption. It was in September when I received an interesting email from Elaine. She had found the card that I had placed into her bike shorts after our first rendezvous and was just saying hello… or so I thought. We exchanged a couple of emails when she finally dropped a hint at what was really on her mind. She was hinting at another biking rendezvous, probably during the first week of October.

I made the arrangements and told her to meet at the same point on the trail. When the day came, I drove my old minivan, the one used for hauling materials, on a back road to only about ¼ mile from the spot where we met. I rode my bike to that spot and waited on Elaine. I had some special plans for her.

When Elaine rode up, in her nice tight bike shorts, I started getting a chubby immediately. It was as much the anticipation as it was seeing her tight little butt and nice legs.

“Well, hello, gorgeous!” I greeted her.

“Hi, Dennis.”

“How are you? Keeping out of trouble?” I smirked at her.

“I was until I decided to see you again. You are trouble!”

“Who me?” I feigned innocence.

“Yes, you! I couldn’t stop thinking about our little escapade out here on the trail. Every time I thought about it I would get wet.”

“Well, I have a better idea this time. I parked my van just up the road. I use it for hauling things so there are no seats in the back, and the carpet is still good. We can go there to investigate your ‘wetness’.”

Elaine smiled. “Well, that will certainly be easier on me! I was the one on the table last time.”

“C’mon. Follow me.” I got on my bike and she mounted hers and followed. We pulled up to my van and laid our bikes next to it. I opened the side door and showed her the interior. It was still in pretty good shape. We stepped inside and I immediately went for her shirt. She smiled as I pulled it over her head, revealing her nice white bra. I unhooked it and she shrugged it off, revealing those beautiful nipples.

“Yum! I still remember how nice and suckable those fucking nipples are!” I lowered my mouth and demonstrated my desire on them. Elaine moaned and held my head to her chest.

I straightened up. “Let’s get undressed!” We took off all our clothes and I laid her down. I was expecting my surprise at any moment and my two buddies didn’t disappoint. I had told them to wait about a ¼ mile away and watch for us to get into the van; then wait 5 minutes. They showed up just as I eating Elaine and getting her ready for her escapade. She closed her eyes as I teased and sucked her clit. When she felt the van move, she opened her eyes and looked up in time to see two other guys starting to climb in. “Elaine, I want to introduce you to my friends, John and Bob.” Her eyes were big, but I knew it’s what she wanted. She had hinted at it in our little email discussions.

“Uh… hello.” She said it a little hesitantly.

I looked her in the eyes and leaned over to whisper in her ear. “Tell me this is what you want.”

She stared at me and said quietly. “Yes, I want it.”

Bob Escort Maltepe and John crawled in and stood on their knees. I went back to eating her and Bob and John watched. Elaine rubbed and pinched her nipples while I licked her. She tasted wonderful and I was enjoying licking her from her asshole to her clit. I pushed her legs open so that Bob and John could see me working on her. Her pussy was soaking wet quickly, and I was lapping her juices up from her fuck-hole and smashing her clit with the flat of my tongue. She started moaning lightly and telling me to suck her clit, which I did, but I could tell when she was getting close. I looked up. She was starting to breathe hard and staring at the way Bob and John were devouring her with their eyes. They were both rubbing their crotches, enjoying the show.

Elaine looked at me when I stopped. “I’m close.”

I smiled devilishly. “I know, but not yet, my dear, not yet. I’m going to ask Bob and John to join us. You have to undress them and see what they have for you.”

Elaine smiled and got to her knees. Nobody could stand in the van, but kneeling was okay. She went to Bob first to pull off his t-shirt. He raised his arms and let her remove it. I was slowly stroking that delicious brown ass while she did this. She then undid his shorts and pulled both his shorts and underwear down at the same time. His dick sprang up and she giggled. She put her hand around it. “Yum. Another dick for me.” She gave it a quick lick and a single suck and then sat back on her feet. “Now how about Joe.”

Joe moved over and she did the same thing to him. When he was naked I pushed her back into the middle of the van and we all three lined up in front of her. She sat on her feet and studied the dick smorgasbord in front of her. We were all about the same length, but had different widths, pubic hair, and balls. She studied them closely, lifting our balls and dicks, checking out each one. .”Mmmm.” That’s the only thing she kept saying while studying them. By now everyone’s dick was hard and leaking pre-cum while she was having fun running her hands over all our crotches.

“Which one do you want to suck first?” I asked her. I was studying her nice dick-sucking lips and the way her tongue kept licking them.

She looked around. “Bob’s.”

She bent over and took him into her pretty little mouth. I moved to her side and pushed her onto all fours. She knew immediately what was going to happen. I looked over at Joe. “Why don’t you go fuck her tight little pussy while she sucks Joe’s dick.” Elaine moaned when I said that. She had confessed to me that she wanted to be spit-roasted.

I handed Joe a condom from the stash I had put into the seat pocket of the van and he ripped it open. He put it on. He moved forward and placed his dick at her entrance. He rubbed it around, getting it wet from her now leaking pussy. Elaine moaned onto Bob’s dick. When I looked up at him, Bob gave me the thumbs up.

I could see Elaine licking up and down Bob’s dick, enjoying the feeling of a different man’s dick. She would lick all the way down to his balls and then back up to the head. Then she would suck and lick the head while jacking the rest with her right hand.

Behind Elaine, John was fucking her slowly. He would ease his dick slowly in and back out. He was enjoying the sensation of her nice tight pussy and she was enjoying it, too. He wasn’t pounding her so she had the ability to give Bob his blowjob without getting pushed around. But she was getting close to her first orgasm. She put her hand between her legs and mashed her clit herself and pulled off Bob’s dick. “Oh, fuck… cumming!” She shuddered a few times and went back to sucking Bob. John grinned at me and kept slowly fucking her.

I was having fun watching them pleasure her, but I decided that they should both enjoy her cock-sucking abilities. “Elaine. It’s time to turn around and switch holes.”

“Mmmph. What?” Elaine reluctantly pulled her mouth from Bob’s cock. Bob looked at me like I was nuts. John looked happy.

“I want you to turn around and let them have the other end.” She did so.

Elaine looked at John’s condom-covered dick and pulled it off. She then lowered her head and took him in her mouth. He groaned. Bob reached over to the seat pocket and took out a condom so that he could fuck her.

As soon as he got the condom rolled on, Bob aimed it at Elaine’s pussy and pushed slowly in until he was buried in her. She continued to work on John and I could see that it was having an effect. John was ready to cum already. Suddenly he stiffened. “Oh, fuck, I’m gonna cum in your mouth!”

Elaine mumbled something without taking her mouth off his dick and he came, clenching and shooting several spurts into her mouth. Elaine just kept sucking and swallowing. When she finished with John, she let his softening dick drop from her mouth. She took several deep breaths. “Fuck, I’m going to cum again! C’mon Bob, fuck me hard!” Bob followed her instructions and began to pound her, the sound of his hips contacting her ass and his balls slapping her pussy echoing in the van. “Here we go, fuck, I’m cumming!” Elaine spasmed several times and Bob just kept his dick moving slowly in and out of Elaine’s pussy thru her orgasm.

When she calmed down, Bob pulled out and ripped off his condom. “C’mere, baby. I need that hot mouth again. You can suck cock like nobody I’ve ever had before.”

Elaine smiled up at me and then turned to Bob’s cock. She took it in and immediately went to sucking on the head and jacking the bottom to get him off fast. I moved over and started running my hand up and down her crack, rubbing her pussy juices up over her ass. I slowly rubbed her little asshole and started lightly fingering it working just up to the first knuckle. The work she was doing on Bob had him going in no time. Within a minute, he spewed several large streams into her mouth. For this one, Elaine opened her mouth and let us all see it spurting into her. She then swallowed, licked his dick clean, and sat up. “Yum. I just love cum! It’s such a turn on getting guys to spurt into my mouth.”

John and Bob sat back and were catching their breath. John spoke. “Well, baby, you can certainly suck a dick.”

“Thank you.” Elaine appeared a little embarrassed by the response, which was odd since she had just swallowed cum from both of them.

She turned and hugged me. She looked back and Bob and John. “Thanks, guys. You can leave now. I need to take care of Dennis.” She reached down and grabbed my still hard dick.

Bob and John got dressed to leave and Elaine continued to watch until their dicks disappeared from view. Once they had their pants on, she turned to take care of me.

“Let Elaine show you how a woman’s supposed to suck dick.” She kissed me lightly on the lips and then turned to my throbbing pole.

“Yum. I think this here dick looks ready to give me some sustenance.”

She pushed me onto my back and crawled around between my legs and parted them, making room to get in. I was only too happy to accommodate her, my erection standing tall. “Ready?”

“Uh, no. My dick always looks this hard and painful.”

She smiled. “Sorry, baby. Let little ole Elaine take care of that.” She leaned over and licked from my balls up to the top of my dick. My dick lurched. She giggled. Then she licked around the head and sucked on it. Fuck, this woman’s teasing was going to be the death of me.

Elaine finally took me entirely in to her mouth. Oh, fuck, she was amazing. She came up off it and then licked down around my balls again. She licked up the left side of my dick, then went and did the same to the right. She held my dick straight up and put the head in her mouth. She sucked up and down a little and I knew it was going to happen soon. She held just the head in her mouth and licked around the sensitive area under it. I knew I was going to cum, but she rose up suddenly and squeezed my dick around the bottom, letting me ease back from the orgasm. I moaned.

She giggled again. “When you cum now, it’s going to cum out so hard that it will hurt and go right down my throat. I’m going to swallow it all while I watch you wriggle in agony, cumming in my hot little mouth.”

“Oh, fuck. I want to cum now!”

She leaned over and stared at my one-eye monster and spoke to it. “So, Dennis’ dick, are you ready for me to suck on you? Are you ready to fill my mouth and my stomach with your hot, sticky cum? Will you please cum in my mouth? Please?”

And then she engulfed it again. Taking it down as far as she could, sucking furiously, licking everything. I knew it was coming. “I’m gonna cum!”

She looked up at me and just kept working until I exploded. I jerked, my hips coming off the floor violently as I kept spurting and pumping cum into her. She luckily had placed her hand around the bottom, controlling the depth of my thrusts or I’m sure I would have gagged her. She kept sucking and swallowing after each spurt until I collapsed onto to the floor.

She continued to suck and slurp until I had to ask her to stop.

She rose up. “So how was that?”

“Un-fucking-believable! You are in the top three of cock-suckers I’ve ever had.”

She slapped my thigh and smirked. “Only the top three?”

“Okay, right now you are definitely numero uno! Fuck. I haven’t cum like that in ages!”

“You’re welcome. I loved it, too. I loved getting fucked by two strangers, but I really loved controlling your dick and making you beg to cum!”

“Any time, baby. Any time.”

She smiled. “I’m gonna hold you to that promise!”

Then she dressed and left. I barely had the energy to say good-bye. I stood there and watched her pedal away, knowing there was no topping that blowjob.

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