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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 70). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 75 – Conception. Special Club Performances


Elsa and I hadn’t just made love; I’d fertilized her egg with my sperm. The essence of my being, my family, and my heritage had merged with hers to create a life. She knew with certainty that we’d done the deed that night. As we’d finished and I’d filled her vagina with my spend, her eyes got large after we kissed. She whispered, “I love you, daddy,” and then she cried with joy so I felt her tears on my chest as we lay in bed cuddling. She whispered, “We did it. That was ‘it.'”

I was skeptical. We’d decided at dinner that night to get serious. She showed me a calendar on her iPhone and exactly fourteen days had passed since she’d stopped the pill. She’d had her normal period and this was our first serious try at fertilization. No one got pregnant on their first serious try, except by accident when they were teenagers and just starting to experiment with sex. I was proven wrong.

I came home from work one night in late January, and Elsa was there with some of her sisters. They were all grinning – more so than usual. Elsa alone came to greet me. Unusual. She said in a cheery voice, “Welcome home, daddy.”

I grinned at her, “You’re sure?”

“Very sure. I’m six weeks along. We did it that night I told you I knew. I’m due September tenth at two-thirty-six in the afternoon.”

I pulled away and looked at her in shock, “They can’t tell the birth time that accurately?” Even as I posed my serious question I knew I was being played. I heard a lot of laughter at my expense from the others scattered throughout the living room.

Elsa laughed and poked at me, “Of course not, silly. I’m just teasing, and that’s just my wistful thinking. That hapdpened to be the time of day that I was born.”

“Shouldn’t you be sitting down or something? Don’t you have to be careful?”

Elsa put her hands on her hips, “I just finished forty minutes running on the treadmill down in the gym. I did weights too as well as ab crunches. I’m supposed to stay in shape. I need to practice squatting and maintain my core muscles, so more sit-ups again until junior complains. Doctor’s orders.”

“But none of your jiu jitsu classes where you get thrown onto the mat? No urban survival?” I posed expecting that rough play should be avoided.

“Wrong,” Elsa protested. “I can do all that stuff so long as I’m comfortable. When I start to have a real baby bump I’ll have to go easy on the bump or I’ll jar junior out early, but anything goes. I can jog; do yoga, all of my regular exercises, shoot, and martial arts. I can even fly until mid-August, preferably at lower altitudes or in a pressurized plane. I can even have wild and unabated sex up until I have to go into the delivery room. Fucking is considered a beneficial experience for the expectant mother, especially by the baby daddy, and I am totally serious; that’s what the OB/GYN said. There’s even a school of thought that says that baby daddy sperm in the vagina helps the baby’s immune system and the birth process.”

I looked skeptically at her but she seemed serious. I’d had conservative parents that passed on to me old school norms of how an expectant mother needed to be treated. I was learning some more modern ways of thinking.

I asked, “Do we know the sex of the baby?”

Elsa shook her head. “Not yet. We’ll do some kind of test in a few months and maybe have a reveal party.”

“A reveal party?” I asked.

“The doctor will give me a sealed envelope with the sex in it on a card. We take it to a caterer, and without any of us knowing the baker does a special cake with either a pink or baby blue interior cake. It’s all covered over with white icing so no one knows until we cut into the cake at a special party.”

“Do we have names?”

“You and me do that, although I have about five hundred suggestions from my sisters so far today. Some are very funny. Do you like ‘Willing Wendy Worthington’ as a girl’s name?”

On that note there were gales of laughter from deeper in the living room. I laughed too. I could see that all of my wives were fully invested in the baby, and even the usual crew of guys who sat around in my living room.

After my welcome home, I saw most of the group were having some wine. Elsa was drinking diet ginger ale. I got a glass and was standing illegal bahis there. Cindy told me, “We’re going out to dinner to celebrate the official announcement of my sister’s delicate condition.”

“Fine, except she just assured me that she is not delicate or to be treated as such.”

Cindy laughed, “True, that. We did a little martial arts earlier today.”

Elsa joined us and kissed me again. “Hi, daddy.”

I smiled, “Softening me up, huh?”

“Right. It’s a condition you’ll never shed for the rest of your life.”

* * * * *

The Grand Opening was a success, but it was the traffic over the next two weeks that we monitored closely. Stacy’s aggressive ad campaign had reached out five hundred miles in a large circle centered on the club. She’d negotiated special Club Infinity rates at local motels, providing the patrons showed their membership cards. By the end of the first week, we’d ‘sold’ six hundred memberships, and more were coming in every day. Stacy and Lee hired some temporary help to process the applications.

Stacy had also hired a PR company, and they worked up some coupons and giveaways to encourage attendance, purchase of full meals, bottles of wine, and ‘bring a friend’ memberships. By New Years the club had over a thousand members, and the place was booked out for dinners, and a risqué champagne evening to welcome in the New Year.

That first month we were at the club almost every night. Christmas sort of passed by at a blur. We were at The Meadows, but that was more of a convenience because we could get to the Club ten minutes faster from there than from the downtown condo.

We partied at the club for New Year’s Eve, and had about eighty people in our party alone. The band, comedians, and strippers were superb, and the event created enough of a buzz that we had another three hundred applications for membership in early January. Kate did the New Year’s strip to thunderous applause and appreciation from the crowd that was mostly couples out to celebrate.

One noteworthy event happened on the first Saturday evening in the New Year, we held an Amateur Night. Stacy got out a lot of press about it, and again the club was sold out. At that event, Vanessa, Anna, Felicity, and Monica, all got to dance and strip. They’d been rehearsing their routines with Van and Anna helping the latter two with their dance moves, timing, and strip routines.

Van and Anna got standing ovations. Monica did reasonably well, but blushed the whole time. Felicia was so into the dance and strip that she won the contest. I thought that her win might have been because she’d trimmed her pubic hair into a heart and dyed it day-glow pink. Stacy presented her a small trophy and as Felicia stood naked in front of the audience, she invited her back as a ‘guest stripper’ periodically. The mostly male crowd loved the girls and showered them with money tucked in their stockings and garter belt.

We had a number of other amateurs come forward as well, and a few were really good. Stacy kept track of everyone, and made sure each of them got a letter thanking them for participating and a special coupon for a free dinner for their troubles and bravery in many cases. Stacy offered one girl in her early twenties a part time job.

Whereas many new clubs start with a splash and then winnow away until they close, the Club Infinity went in the other direction. We kept picking up business until we were opening the doors for lunch. We didn’t do full strips at lunch; we turned the event into a lingerie event, where the girls paraded through the tables wearing sexy and seductive lingerie, some of which didn’t hide much of their assets. The place was very popular.

We had a sell-out crowd every night for dinner and perhaps dancing that did shrink and become more male as we got closer to the adult entertainment hours, but even those were well attended. Typically, by the time the strippers took the stage, the men-woman ratio in the club was three or four to one, considerably more balanced than any other club we knew about. We’d also started with a four-night schedule – Wednesday through Saturday, but that became a seven-day a week endeavor in short orders, nicely forcing us to hire more dancers and staff.

We became the ‘go to’ place for bachelor and bachelorette parties within a hundred miles or more. Some nights we had two or three groups celebrating an impending wedding or some other special occasion. The strippers always had something special for those groups in the way of special lap dances and simulated fucking that left some of the groups breathless and horny.

Stacy was putting on ‘Strip for Your Man’ specials now and then. When Valentine’s Day came, the place was packed. About twenty-five amateur women paraded on the stage one after another to do a public but sexy striptease for their lover who sat in a chair of honor right in front of the stage. A few women were daring and went ‘all the way,’ to great applause illegal bahis siteleri from the appreciative audience. Elsa told me there wasn’t a dry dick or pussy in the house.

To help reinforce the message to their Valentine – me, that I was loved and appreciated, I had eight women who danced and pranced on stage as a group as I sat in the chair of honor beside the stage completely surprised by the effort and show. They were the last of the amateur performers of the night, only it was a pretty professional show with the seven of my girls plus Kate who I later learned had come up with the idea and then helped choreograph the production.

The show started with the stage lights off. As they came up, Kate was wearing a bright red see-through teddy with a red boa around her neck. She sat on a tall stool looking upwards. She had a small toy bow and arrow (with suction cup on it), like a cupid. She looked around and then acted as though she called over each shoulder to the back of the stage. The band played some comfortable but generic dance music and the volume was reduced to call attention to the dancers. A few couples were dancing on the dance floor too but their attention shifted to the stage.

From the two wings of the stage came Elsa, Cindy, Sheila, Melanie, KC, Izzy, and Stacy. They too were wearing see-through red teddies with boas, red thigh high stockings, and red fuck-me shoes, and carrying toy bows and arrows. Each teddy was tight, revealing without question the size, shape, texture, and ply of each breast, and then south of each navel the design of pubic hair (for those that had some) and the start of each slit. Again, there wasn’t a soft cock in the house.

I sat mesmerized by the display of womanhood as they lined up across the stage with Kate in the center. They each turned in a rehearsed domino effect, and pushed their tight little asses out at the audience, but in particular me. They were beautiful and for the most part bare, given the design of the teddies.

They turned back to face the audience and started to sing in tune with the band the song that the Shirelles made popular called ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’ Elsa, Melanie, and Sheila stepped forward to deliver about ninety seconds of the song.

The music then changed and Mel and Sheila stepped back in line and Izzy, KC, and Stacy joined Elsa to sing ‘The Game of Love’ that Santana and Michelle Branch had as a hit a decade earlier. The guitar player in the band played even better than Santana on the number.

When that faded, all the girls stepped forward in front of me and sang ‘I Love You,’ the Martina McBride version. Kate was there too, harmonizing with Elsa who took the lead again. She had a great voice.

At the end of the song the lights went very red and each woman peeled their little teddy from their body, leaving them naked except for their sexy stockings, heels, and the boa. They each then paraded in front of me – and around the stage, took careful aim with their cupid bows and arrows and lobbed an arrow into my lap. Each teddy followed the arrow.

The last to shoot her arrow of love and give me her teddy was Kate. She also gave me a megawatt smile and blew me a kiss as she followed the others off stage.

The audience was going wild with applause and shouts of encore, more, more, more. I expected that the floorshow had ended because the lights stayed dim and the band segued into some danceable music.

To the contrary, Elsa sashayed out from behind the back of the stage, still naked and as sexy as anything. She waltzed to the pole, wrapped around a few times, and then came down the stairs, past a dozen outstretched hands that felt her all over, and into my lap where she proceeded to give me a couple of minutes of sexy lap dance. I thought of her doing this routine months earlier with Sean in Las Vegas at the Wet Pussy Lounge.

Right behind her came Sheila, who duplicated the pole dance, hip wiggle walk to the steps, the dance through the thickening crowd of guys, and into my lap. Izzy was next, and then KC, Stacy, Cindy, and Melanie.

Kate was the last to come out, only she did some really fancy dance steps at the pole, even turning upside down, and then some very athletic moves that would make an Olympian proud. She took an extended route through the club to my lap and then she mounted me face to face so she could kiss me.

Kate whispered to me after the hottest kiss I’d gotten of the night, “Before you leave tonight, I want you to make love to me in your little sex room upstairs. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. Your wives have all told me it was OK and that you were supposed to do what I just asked.” She looked tentative at me, smiled hopefully, and then kissed me really hard before getting up and heading backstage again. I was nonplussed.

Things quieted down after that. A few couples danced some more, but after the girls left the place thinned out rapidly. One of the bartenders canlı bahis siteleri made ‘Last Call’ about one-thirty so we could close at two a.m., but by a quarter-of the place was empty of patrons.

I sauntered upstairs to my safe room – or the sex room as the girls called it. When I went in Kate was sitting watching out the window at the cleanup squad. Most of the mess would be left until the morning.

I went to Kate and enveloped her in my arms. I said, “Kate. I don’t want you to think you have to do anything with me because I gave you some money for your family. I’m not that kind of guy. I think …”

Kate put a pretty finger on my lips and then kissed me. “This has nothing to do with money and everything to do with the love I have for you and the kind of person that you are … other than being rich.” The kisses rained down on me, and I returned them with fervor.

Ten minutes later I brought Kate her first orgasm with my tongue happily engaged in stimulating every nerve ending that I could find along her slit and all over her pronounced clitoris. I could tell that she was enthralled with my attempts to bring her pleasure.

Twenty minutes after that Kate started to scream something before passing out from The Experience, only to awaken in my arms with my kisses two minutes later. She looked up into my eyes with such a look of love that I had no choice but to reflect back the same emotions to her.

We made love after that, and we took a long time. Twice actually.

Eventually, I asked, “Shouldn’t you go? What about Tori, your daughter?”

“She stays with my mother on work nights. I try to see her off to school in the mornings, and after school at home. We do an early dinner and then I drop her off again. We’ve got a routine, and they live close so it works out. She knows I’m going to miss tomorrow, but it’s not that big a deal for a seventeen year old.” She paused and said, “What about you?”

“What did the girls I came with do, go home? I kind of let you overwhelm me … in many ways. I confess to not having thought about them since your lap dance. Hopefully, they’re not peeved at me or at us.”

Kate snickered. “Well, some of them planned some kind of sexual interlude with the band members – all of them actually, so I suspect they’re in the green room backstage fucking madly away, unless they’ve worn them out by now. Shall we go and see?”

I dressed and Kate slipped on a robe she’d apparently worn to get to the club’s sex room so she and I could make love for the first time.

The green room was a relatively small backstage room reserved mainly for the entertainers before and after they went on stage. There were a few large mirrors and then Alice had done the room up with a few sexy posters of various headliners for major strip shows around America. We wondered where she was able to procure the antiques. The room also had several sofas and chairs, a few tables in it. The men and women’s’ changing areas exited the room at different ends of the room. The room had been painted a subtle shade of green in keeping with tradition.

Kate and I stood in the doorway and looked at the carnage in the room. The six members of the band were naked and slumped over chairs, sofas, or lying in puddles on the floor looking remarkably similar to Salvador Dali’s painting of the drooping clocks. They were done for. They had every last erg of energy fucked from their body by the female members of my family.

The naked girls were just returning to the room from showers, and they looked fresh as daisies and totally recharged and ready for another round. They were happily babbling about the club, band, and entertainment.

Elsa saw us and broke into a grin. “You guys done already? We thought you might stay up there all night. I was just going to go up and peek in.”

Kate grinned, “Well, we’re done for now. I hope there’s a later.” She turned and looked uncertainly at me but still obviously happy.

I gave her a quick peck on the cheek. I whispered firmly, “Yes, Kate, there’s a later, and I hope it’ll be a one that lasts for years.” I pulled her to me for a hug from behind her and felt her sexy naked body melt back into my arms. The body contact made me harden yet again and Kate was so desirable. Kate had tears in her eyes at my comment to her.


The lunch with Kim and Pam proved to be an interesting recitation of the positive aspects of an open relationship by the two of them.

We got our salads and then Kim launched into it. “That psychologist you sent us to is wonderful – Dr. Eleanor Slarinsky. She’s so wise and talented. She had a knack of boring right into the key things that were bothering me.”

“And me,” Pam chimed in. “I know it’s probably strange, but we had a group appointment. Sean and I went with Greg and Kim. Since it was the sex that seemed to be the center of things, and since we’d all had sex together, even that morning, it just seemed like the thing to do.”

I teased, “And did Dr. Slarinsky tell you to stop having sex together and not come to any of our parties?”

Both women responded in horror, “OH NO.” Some of the people around us turned because of their vociferous and unison replies.

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