Birthday Gift


I thought it would be just another birthday. Another day older, another new tie, and another expensive birthday dinner I wouldn’t remember next week. It didn’t turn out that way.

When I arrived home from work the kids were gone. Staying at grandma’s house. My bride cheerfully met me at the door with a nice hug and kiss. She invited me to have a cocktail and poured me a scotch. As she poured me the drink, she explained that she would prefer to stay in for the evening as she had planned a special one just for me. She obviously had romance in mind or she wouldn’t have arranged for the kids to be away for the evening.

She had spent the whole afternoon preparing. The house was clean and tidy and filled with aroma of cooking food. The gifts from the kids were wrapped and on the coffee table, the dinner wine was breathing, appetizers were prepared and dinner was in the oven cooking.

She seemed unusually cheerful as she went about the task of preparing a plate of stuffed bacon wrapped shrimp, brie cheese, crackers and fresh fruit to start the evening. As she was preparing the appetizer plate she suggested we dine in our pajamas. That she new, what I would appreciate most, was an evening of undisturbed passion. She couldn’t have been more correct or chosen a better gift.

She said she had laid out a new silk robe for me on our bed, and I should go shower and put it on and to wear nothing underneath. This sounded great ,so I went showered and changed as requested. When I came back she said it looked fantastic on me and invited me to sit down have another cocktail, open the gifts from the kids and enjoy the appetizers while she changed into something more comfortable. While I was opening the brightly wrapped gifts she came back looking absolutely stunning. She had purchased a tight white silk and lace teddy. Over it she was wearing a long sheer see through white ankle length robe and finished it off with white satin high heal shoes.

She coyly smiled at me as she walked past to poor herself a glass of wine. We sat together and enjoyed the cards the kids had made, the appetizers and cocktails. She cuddled me and told me how much she appreciated me and how much she wanted to make the evening special. I told her that if the evening ended right here it couldn’t have been more perfect. She smiled and said the evening was just getting started. We smiled at each other and kissed passionately. I was happy, my heart was pounding, this must be heaven.

We snacked on the appetizers and chatted. I hadn’t noticed until she began lighting them that she had placed candles all over the house. Lots of them, everywhere, in every room. She looked so beautiful, she seemed to float around the house lighting them. When all the candles were lit she turned down the lights and we moved to the dining room to enjoy each others company, the fine wine and meal she had prepared. She had planned so far ahead as to only serve very small portions as she didn’t want us to get too full and spoil the energy level. The meal was outstanding but even better was her company. She was unusually bright and cheerful, so much so, it filled the room with happiness. After dinner she fixed pressed coffee and brandy placed them on a tray and suggested we adjourn to the bedroom for the rest of the evening.

The bedroom glowed from the candle light. When we came in she asked me for my robe, said she wanted to enjoy my nakedness in the glow of the light. She placed the coffee and brandy on our night stands, turned some low soft sensuous jazz music, and suggested we smoke an after dinner joint to enhance the mood. Wanting the evening to last forever I fought back a rising erection as we savored the smoke and after dinner drinks. As we were smoking she began explaining she had planned the evening to fulfill one of my fantasies. That she new I wanted to surrender to her in the throws of passion. To be restrained while she used my body to satisfy her strongest sexual desires. The conversation was so erotic, she had never had the courage to speak like that, my cock was raging hard with anticipation. I anxiously agreed knowing just how hard this was for her to do. Her only condition was that I cooperate with anything she wanted. fatih escort Any resistance on my part would give her second thoughts and would spoil the mood permanently. I understood and agreed not to resist anything she wanted.

We passionately kissed and touched while we finished our smoke and drinks. My mind raced with anticipated possibilities, my heart beat with excitement, what could she possibly do that I would resist. She got up and said “honey I have planned this evening for a long time, I hope you enjoy it. I have spent hours of anticipation planning this out for you.” She said she couldn’t deal with any look of disapproval on my face and therefore wanted to blindfold me for the evening. I couldn’t imagine being disappointed and readily agreed.

She produced a large black scarf form her dresser drawer and placed it over my eyes. My heart beat even faster. After it was securely in place she kissed me passionately and for the first time that evening reached between my legs and grabbed my cock. She stroked it firmly and said she was now going to restrain me so I would be appropriately willing for what she had in mind.

“Yes please do” I said, I shared my fantasies with her but never thought she would be willing to make then a reality. She produced a pair of handcuffs and secured my hands behind my back. She pinched my nipple and asked if the cuffs were too tight. She then spread my legs and began wrapping a cord around the base of my cock and under my balls, around my balls, pulled it tight and tied it. This seemed to pull the skin tight and make my cock swell to its limit.

“Comfortable” she asked. I nodded my head yes. She then tied my ankles together, my knees together, and my elbows together with soft scarves. When she had finished she lit another joint and smoked it. She held it to my lips and shared it with me. Not much was said other than she hoped I enjoyed what she had planned. I assured her so far it was the most erotic evening of my life. She held the glass of brandy to my lips and told me to sip while she said the evening was just getting started. She admired her handiwork and asked me to sit up properly on the edge of the bed with my back straight and remain that way. This was somewhat difficult with my arms tightly secured behind my back, but I managed to do as requested. She kissed me and said I looked just fine. Then she asked me to open my mouth as wide as I could. When I did she stuck a whole orange about two and a half inches in diameter into my mouth. “There that should keep you quiet” she said. Just exactly about that time came a knock at the fount door. “I think your gift may have just arrived” she said “ill be right back.” She left the room and closed the door behind her.

I sat there on the bed somewhat embarrassed at the thought of a delivery person possibly being able to see what sat behind the closed door. I heard the front door open and the muffled conversation between a man and my bride. More like an introduction than a delivery. She invited him into the house! What was she doing? What could it be? I could hear the conversation had moved into the kitchen and a drink being poured. She wasn’t dressed appropriately for another mans company. My mind raced in jealousy. I wanted to run out there and see what the fuck was going on. I couldn’t move, I was restrained. She was in a sexy teddy she had worn just for me. What was she doing. I was in agony. My heaven had suddenly turned into hell.

Just a couple of minutes later the bedroom door opened. My bride said “Your gift has arrived lover. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will” Oh my god I thought, watching her fuck another man has never been one of my fantasies. What is she thinking? About then a deep masculine voice spoke. “Hello, I’m here to fulfill your fantasy. I’m a gift from your beautiful wife”

My god what could she be thinking, imagine how I must look sitting here all tied up with a big orange stuck in my mouth! She then said “I’ll sit over here and watch.” “I want you to massage him, relax him, he’s gotten soft, make him hard again.” My heart raced, I thought it may just come out of my chest. About then I felt his presence standing over me. His large hands touched istanbul escort my chest and pushed me back, he put his hands around my neck and began massaging, my neck, shoulders, upper arms, chest, abdomen and worked his way to my crotch.

Once there he said “Your wife wants to watch me have sex with you. Don’t resist, she will ask me to leave.” He then removed the scarf that bound my knees together and pushed them apart so he could fondle my cock and balls. My bride wasn’t going to fuck another man, she was going to have another man fuck me! I could never have sex with another man! I’m straight! It was just a fantasy I had mentioned one night in during a heated fantasy conversation. But my cock was hard, his hands felt strong and confident. He had no face, no name, I was blindfolded, restrained, I could say I was being raped, though voluntarily. He was skilled, his hands knew just what to do, what he was doing felt wonderful.

From the other side of the room I heard my bride say “Yes, that is so hot. Now I want you to strip your clothes off and suck my husbands cock. Honey, this is so hot to watch.” The stranger removed his clothes and knelt down in front of me and took my cock into his mouth. His mouth was so hot and wet. His tong massaged the bottom side of my shaft on the way up and down and circled the head each time he moved up. With his right hand he lightly toyed with my balls between his thumb and forefinger while pressing his middle finger into my anus to massage my prostate.

As he firmly pinched my nipples with his left hand, cum began to spew from my loins in intense gushes. As I was cuming my bride was saying “Oh, yes honey, cum for me, cum all over his face, cum all over.” As the orgasm subsided he knew just when to ease the pressure. He had simultaneously stimulated every major erogenous zone in my body while bringing me to orgasm. I lay there, my head spinning, out of breath, my heart pounding out of my chest. My bride was saying “that was beautiful honey, I have never seen so much cum at one time, beautiful. Now honey, I want you to watch you suck his cock.” She instructed him to release my hands and arms, and for us to trade positions.

My ankles were still tied so he helped position me on my knees in front of him and removed the orange from my mouth. He then grabbed a hand full of my hair and guided my face toward his swollen cock. My bride was sitting there saying “yes honey suck his cock.” I opened my mouth to accept is manhood. As it entered my mouth I fought back the initial choking reaction. I could feel the swollen head of his circumcised cock sliding back and forth in my mouth. My saliva began to flow, I reached up and took hold of his cock and balls and began to stroke and fondle them. I had never imagined really touching another man. I fondled his hot flesh with one hand while roaming his hard lean torso with the other. He was hard and fit. The skin of his body tight.

I probed for his anus and tried to duplicate what he had done to me. His nipples were hard and his anus welcomed my probing finger. As I sucked him he was encouraging, giving me guidance on just what he wanted. Unlike me it seemed to take a long time to get him off. All the while my bride was giving words of encouragement. “Yes honey that’s so hot. Suck that hot cock. Pinch his nipples. Fuck his ass with your finger.” I had never heard my bride talk so dirty. I couldn’t believe it was her. She had never been so open about her sexual interests. I continued sucking, licking, pinching and fingering. The longer it went the more fevered things seemed to be.

Finally, he let out a soft moan, began shuddering as hot, salty loads of cum came pouring from his cock. I tasted it, smelled it, felt it forcefully splashing against my face and over my chest. I continued stroking his cock and lapping at the salty cum as my bride encouraged me on. “Yes honey, suck him, eat that cum, that’s right, do it.” I continued lapping and sucking until the intensity of the moment died down. The moment was broken when I felt my bride at my side helping me to my feet. She passionately kissed me, tasting his cum on my face. She then gently placed me back on the edge of the bed and gave me kağıthane escort a sip of brandy and placed the handcuffs around my wrist behind me.. She asked the stranger to sit behind me and massage my back and neck while she rolled another joint.

We sat on the edge of the bed with the stranger massaging my back and neck while we shared the joint. She lightly fondled by cock while holding the joint to my lips. The aroma of pot and cum was overwhelmingly intoxicating. When the joint was gone she whispered in my ear “I want you to know what its like to be stuffed full of hot cock. I want him to fuck you in the ass. Will you do that for me?” I cautiously nodded yes. They positioned me in the middle of the bed and raised my ass into the air. Sort of doggy position only my arms were restrained behind me so my chest was to the bed. My bride handed him some lubricant which was cold as he applied it to my virgin sphincter. She reassured me by telling him she wanted him to fuck me not hurt me.

As he positioned himself behind me my heart again was racing, my cock was swelling, my ass hole tightening. He slipped his finger in and began to massage slowly while pushing the head of his cock at the opening. The harder he pushed the more I resisted until the pressure was too much. I gave, his cock slipped in and pain ran through me. It was an intense pain but intoxicating. As his cock slid in my bowels felt full. He moved slowly allowing me to adjust to the new sensation. As he reached his full length I could feel it stimulate my prostate. My cock was jerking in spasm involuntarily. My bride reached between my legs and began stroking my cock and massaging my balls.

“You okay honey she asked” I nodded my head yes. As he began to move out my bowels relaxed and I could feel the void where his cock had just been. He moved in again and sensation against my prostate returned. Slowly he picked up the pace. In and out, occasionally withdrawing completely and re entering. Each entry being easier and more satisfying. My bride continued stroking me and encouraging him. “Yes fuck him, now fuck him hard, show him what its like to be fucked with a raging hot cock.” The whole experience was like an endless orgasm.

I began to feel the sensation of cuming from deep inside. As he picked up the pace and intensity of the thrusts I seemed to orgasm with each thrust he made. As I came I felt my bowels fill with hot fluid as he shot his load deep within me. He stopped thrusting and buried his cock deep within me as he came. When his orgasm was over he withdrew and I laid down completely stimulated and shuddering. “Oh yes” my bride cooed in my ear “that was so hot.”

As he moved off the bed my bride said to him. “You performed very well. thank you, Hear is the fee we agreed upon plus a little extra. You may leave now” All he said in return was. “Thank you Mam. It was my pleasure I assure you.” He left without another word. I never saw his face or knew his name.

After he had left, my bride released my restraints and blindfold. She held me in her arms and asked if I had enjoyed the surprise. Oh yes I did, but I wanted to know who that was. She said she had called a male escort agency and explained what she wanted. They arranged for someone to come over to take care of her request. She said the only way she could satisfy my fantasy was with someone totally anonymous, that neither of us would ever know or see again. She knew I would never voluntarily seek out sex with a man, that to me it was just a masturbation fantasy. A deep dark secret I would never share with anyone but her. Then she said that that was only half my gift, I still had her.

She got up from the bed and turned the bath on. “Take a nice relaxing bath. When your done, make love to me”. She went on to say watching had made her so hot she wanted me, needed me to show her it was okay. I assured I wanted her more than ever.

As I relaxed in the bath, she lay on the bed masturbating. Satisfied she had fulfilled her fantasy and mine. We made hot passionate love many times until dawn when we finally fell asleep in each others arms. The next evening when we woke, I thanked her for the most erotic evening. She just said Happy Birthday honey and that she didn’t ever want to talk about it again. I understood and would never mention it again. We cleaned up the house together and went to pick up the kids. Life was back to normal as though it never happened. Though I’ll always remember on every birthday.

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