Birthday Girl


Paula was 20 years old, and looking for a fun night out.

A guy friend she knew from the clubs had invited her and friend Rachel to a birthday party. The idea was simple, the girls would meet everyone at a bar in the city. After drinks they would head back for shots and cake. Both Paula and Rachel dressed up for the night, Paula was in stockings and a short black dress while Rachel put in shorts and a low cut top.

Everyone met at the bar, Greg was the first at the bar with the drinks and paying for everything since it was his party. With him were a group of his friends, everyone was dressed up and drinking shots and celebrating. The music was loud and when the girls arrived everyone offered them drinks and a dance.

After a couple of hours of dancing and drinking Greg came over to Paula and said, “We are heading back to my apartment to carry on, are you coming?”

Paula smiled, she was new to being able to be out so much and loved it. “Of course! I’ll get Rachel,” she smiled back and went over to get her friend. 20 minutes later everyone was falling through the door of Greg’s apartment.

Greg made his way to the kitchen while everyone else headed to the lounge and found places to sit. He returned with two bottles of Tequila.

“OK, birthday drinks for everyone,” he shouted. Everyone cheered.

Paula looked around, there was her and Rachel, then Greg and five of his friends in the lounge. Everyone was looking pretty drunk. Paula was already excited from a night at the club, and now they were back and she and Rachel were the only girls, she was really enjoying the fact that she could feel the guys looking over her. They had all drunk a little too much, and their eyes were wandering, and every glance and stare at her or Rachel’s figure was warming her up.

The shot glasses were on the table and Greg poured everyone a large measure. Then one of his friends, Paula was sure it was Nate or something similar, stepped up.

“Greg, happy birthday mate! heres to you – anything you want for your birthday”, Nate laughed at the end and raised his glass. Everyone did the same.

Greg smiled, then looked over to Paula, “well I wouldn’t mind a lap dance?” he joked.

Everyone laughed, Nate jumped in, “well I’m sure we can call a cab and find somewhere to go!”

Paula jumped up before even thinking. Fueled a little by the drinks and attention all night, “I’m sure we can do something here, rather than head out,” she said.

The room went quiet for a minute, then everyone cheered. Nate stepped back, “well I think we need to give the floor to Paula!”

One of the other guys got up from an armchair, “here you go Greg, you need this.”

Greg fell back in the chair. Paula looked over to Rachel, and Rachel smiled and winked, “you go girl!”

Paula downed the shot and then handed the glass to one of the guys and stood up and walked over toward Greg. One of the guys turned on the music, 50c started playing and suddenly Paula felt the rush of feeling like a stripper. She slowly started dancing, moving her hips to the music. As the music kicked in she could feel the excitement building, slowly everyone else was dropping away and she found herself staring at Greg seated balıkesir escort in the chair in front of her.

Paula moved her hips and the started running her hands up and down her thighs and then over her breasts, touched herself through the material of her black dress, inching closer to Greg. She was watching his eyes focused more and more on the curves of her body, and each stare she got made her more excited. Everyone in the room was dropping away and now all she wanted to do was turn Greg on and make him want her.

She moved closer with the music and then slowly leaned forward toward him, bending forward to allow him a view down her dress to see her pert tits. She wanted more and more for him to enjoy the view. Her hands moved up and down, starting to cup them as she leaned in front of him and squeeze them together so he could enjoy her cleavage.

She moved her feet each side of his thigh, and then while still squeezing her pert young tits she slowly lowered herself onto his thigh. She only had a thong on and she could already feel how hot her pussy was as it touched his jeans. She couldn’t help but rub her pussy gently over his thigh, leaning forward more so she could feel his breath getting heavier on her chest.

Paula could hear the other guys voices, low murmurings of excitement, but was now so focused on Greg it was all slipping away. All she knew was that she wanted to feel Greg’s cock, her hand ran up his thigh while she ground her pussy on it. As it reached his crotch she felt the rock hard cock there. It was huge, the biggest cock she had felt and she knew she wanted to feel it more. She moved her leg over so she was straddling him now and then lowered her pussy onto his crotch. His hard cock pressed through his jeans on her thong, the excitement was building as she leaned forward more to felt him face touch her chest through her dress for the first time. Each touch turned her on more and each increase in excitement made her grind her pussy harder on his crotch.

She leans next to his ear, “is this good for you?” she moaned.

He nodded excitedly.

“would you like to see more Greg?” she teased, wanting to hear him ask for it.

“Oh god yes!” he moaned back, “tell me what you want to see baby?” Paula asked wanting more.

“I want to see those lovely tits for a start!” Greg blurted out excitedly.

Paula leaned back and then slowly lowered the straps from her dress, gently pulling is down, inching is lower. As the material brushed down she revealed her black lace bra, lowering her dress to her waist.

“Why don’t you take off my bra Greg and play with my tits? would you like that?” Paula teased.

Greg needed no encouragement and was quickly undoing her bra and pulling it free, his hands cupping Paula perfectly formed tits and stroking her nipples. His touch pushed Paula further into excitement. As his hands work over her tits and reaches down and starts to unbutton his jeans, reaching in and pulling his huge cock out.

“Oh Greg look at that” Paula moaned as she started pumping his cock while she sat on his lap.

“I bet you would like to stick that cock in a nice warm pussy wouldn’t balıkesir escort bayan you” she teased, her inhibitions quickly leaving her.

Paula now knew what she wanted that night and it was to be fucked and Greg looked like he was going to be lucky guy to enjoy her pussy. Greg was squeezing her tits now, and lifting his head so he could like and suck them, Paula was loving it. She leaned back a little and pulled her thong to the side, lifting her dress up and then started rubbing Greg’s cock over her pussy and clit. Each long stroke made her wetter and as she held his 10″ cock she was starting to wonder if it would fit in her young tight pussy. All she knew was that she wanted to find out.

Lifting herself up she straightened Greg’s cock and then slowly impaled herself on it. Driving he hard rod into her pussy, she moaned loudly as each inch slide in her. Slowly and carefully she pushed it deeper in her, as she got the last inch in her pussy she ground her pussy down feeling his huge cock filling her pussy up, then all she knew was she wanted to be fucked like a slut, she leaned forward and whispered to Greg,

“I’m your slut Greg, you better fuck me really hard!”

Saying the words turned her on more and more and she started bouncing up and down on his cock, her tits bouncing in front of Greg’s face. he started fucking her harder and harder. Each thrust of his cock made Paula more dizzy and more excited.

Paula found herself lost in the excitement, she had long thought about meeting a guy and just fucking him and now here she was. She didn’t know Greg well, but he was fucking her pussy and she was loving it. The more she thought about how this guy she barely new was fucking her the more she wanted it.

She looked around to the other guys, they were silent. Everyone was watching her being fucked and loving it.

She leaned over to Greg, “I want to be on my knees and you show all the guys how to fuck a girl!” she begged.

Greg lifted Paula off his cock and she turned and dropped to her knees, moving to the middle of the room and lifting her ass.

“Enjoy your birthday present!” she giggled.

Her hand between her legs rubbing her pussy and sliding two fingers in and out as if to give directions to the gift. Greg stood up and quickly stripped before kneeling behind her and easing his cock back into her soaking pussy.

As he pushed his cock deeper into Paula she let out a long moan, “oh babe give it to me!”

Greg didn’t need more encouragement, Paula’s dress pulled up over her pert ass and her tight pussy wrapped around his cock was too good. He started picking up speed fucking Paula harder and harder.

Paula leaned back into his pounding cock, her dress down and her pert tits bouncing with each thrust. She was loving the focus of the crowd, it was so exciting in the dim lighting thinking about all the guys watching her naked, watching her being fucked and seeing how much she was enjoying it. As she sighed with the rocking motion and felt the rush of an approach orgasm she couldn’t help thinking how every one of these guys would probably be jerking off tonight thinking about her. How much cum would escort balıkesir be split on their beds, or maybe in their girlfriends pussies, or mouths. How every drop of it was building up right now watching her. The thought of each of those hard cocks was flashing through her mind as she starting to cum hard, moaning and clenching Greg’s cock.

She shook and moaned, “oh babe thats it — fuck me hard!”

Greg’ cock felt massive as it pounded her soaking wet pussy, Paula could feel her juices covering it as the noise of Greg’s balls slapping her pussy, she was starting to shake, moaning louder and louder. Leaning back into his cock and cupping her pert tits, pitching her nipples to bring new sensations through her body. Looking around room, seeing the hungry eyes of the other guys, all admiring the view and wishing it was their cock pounding her tight snatch. The orgasm was powerful and ripped through the body. Moaning and shouting to Greg to keep fucking her Paula came with everyone watching, squeezing her tits and her hard nipples.

As she felt the glow of the orgasm settling on her she leaned back again.

“Oh babe, that was so good, when you are ready to cum I want it in my mouth, I want to taste that birthday boy hot cum.”

Greg was covered in sweat already, slowed for a moment.

“Now that sounds like the icing on the cake,” he said easing his cock out of her pussy and stood up.

Paula turned and then knelt in front of him, pulling her dress down to her waist so her could enjoy the view of her body in front of him. She reached up and gripped her hard cock, it was glistening with her juices as she started jerking it slowly looking up and licking her lips.

“Oh Greg, give me that icing, I want it all in my mouth,” Paula teased then she slowly took his cock back in her warm mouth, sucking it gently up and down.

She was loving the taste of her pussy off his cock, looking up and seeing his face and the expression of bliss written over it. She used her other hand to touch and tease her breasts and nipples, more than aware that the other guys in the room were enjoying the show. She started sucking harder and faster, as Greg’s moans got louder and louder.

Paula could already taste the pre-cum through the strong taste of the juices she had covered his cock in, as the taste of his cum built up she wanted it more and more. Looking up and his face and wanting to see that he couldn’t hold back. He hands grasped her hair as he started to loss control, fucking her mouth harder and harder.

He lost control as he unloaded in her warm soft mouth. Paula couldn’t believe it, almost choking on the thick river of cum, she pulled him out a little, jerking him hard to milk every drop into her mouth. The taste was so strong and from the corner of her eye she could see the transfixed faces of the others in the room, savoring the view of her money shot. She jerked the last drop and opened her mouth full of cum so that Greg could see she took it all and ask he, and the room, watched she closed her mouth and swallowed it all down.

Opening it at the end to show her achievement.

“Yummy birthday icing,” she teased.

Greg stepped back and fell into the chair exhausted, Paula giggled and stood up. She pulled her dress back up, covering her body. Everyone in the room was still motionless. She straightened her dress and picking up one of the drinks sitting around the room.

“Paula you have to come to my birthday!” one of the guys croaked, his throat dry from the excitement.

Everyone started laughing.

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