Bob’s Nude Encounter Final Chapter


This is the final chapter recounting what happened one Saturday not too many weeks ago. To bring you up to date, my neighbor Amy caught me walking nude in the woods behind our houses and took some pictures. I had always wanted to relive this teenage exploit and the first time I tried it, got caught in the act.

Amy had previously arranged a reunion with her former Ohio State classmates and persuaded me to join them…nude of course, except for a silly French maids apron. I went along with it and even looked forward to mingling with seven other mature women while not wearing any clothes. These ladies were all in their early 60’s and were aware that I would be present…naked.

I felt confident the day would not be without something more than just ogling a nude man. Probably some touching and grabbing but I had no idea how far it would go. I daydreamed of them joining me, maybe even taking a nude hike…maybe something more.

Seven nude old chicks and me, bouncing and flopping about, all naked and friendly…one couldn’t ask for more.

But maybe one could!

Unknown to me, Amy and her friend Fran had scheduled some interesting games for us to play. And of course, I went along with them. Even got to pick one for myself. But that will come later.

When we left off last time, Alice was about to carry out her assignment, holding my pecker and directing it about as I pissed. She got a little carried away and here’s where we begin:

Alice’s turn.

Alice was paying attention, however, and quickly came up and helped me off the table. Grabbing my cock and leading me to the edge of the patio.

She wanted her turn and she wanted it now.

Without waiting for the others to gather she looked up and said,

“Start pissing, Bob.”

“I can’t piss with a hard on! Let’s slow down and get the others over here and take a break.”

The break didn’t last long as the others had taken notice and hurriedly came up to Alice.

“Now Alice, you be a good girl and wait for Bob to tell you when he’s ready.

More to drink, dear?” said Mavis

“My bladder is about ready to explode but I can manage another glass of water” I wanted to shoot out a really long stream of piss. The farther the better… for some reason, I thought the ladies would be impressed and wanted to put on a good show for them.

Alice was getting anxious to grab my penis again, so I nodded to her. This time she was gentler, taking hold of my cock and pulling me around so that all the girls could see.

“How far are you going to shoot , Bob?”

“I would suggest not aiming it at anyone, if that’s what you mean.”

As I tried to relax to get things going, Alice was moving my dick all over the place, up, down, over, around…so I told her to just hold it still and wait.

She did as I suggested.

Then mersin escort it came. First a little, maybe six inches, then a foot, then like a wide-open garden hose, it erupted.

What a torrent!

Fast and far, it gushed over the flowerbed where Alice had directed it.

Looked very pleased, a schoolgirl’s smile of delight on her freckled face.

It started to slow, then stopped. Alice still had hold.

“Shake it, honey. That’s what guys do.”

She snapped her wrist twice, like a pro. I wondered where she could have learned to do that so well.

As I smiled at her, bending over to give her a peck on the cheek, she whispered softly in my ear, “my husband let’s me handle his, Bob”

My heart swelled…a private moment between two strangers.

How nice.

How sweet.

We were fast approaching the final task and I wondered how it would end.

It was my move.

I had to get these gals moving and out of their clothes.

Amy and Fran had read my mind and brought out the towels and aprons, setting them on a table nearby.

I smiled at the girls as I made my way to the costumes and placed a hand on them.

“Let’s toast to friends and encouragement”

And raised a glass or wine to my lips and sipped.

The girls watched, knowing what was to come…their undressing…in front of me…a man…a naked man.

All at once they let out a collective sigh and toasted, drinking all that remained in their glasses. They were bolstered and they were ready!

“Amy, please come up here. Since you are the hostess of this party, it’s only fitting that you go first.” Amy and I had been naked together earlier on a hike and I felt she would be least the least hesitant of the group.

“Amy, take off all of your clothes and remain standing in front of me.”

She smiled and began to undo her blouse, then removed it. She turned and asked me to unhook her bra, which I did of course.

She turned back around and in one smooth motion, placed it in over my shoulder.

What a beautiful set of tits she had!

I loved her for her courage and strength. What a girl!

She then went on to remove the rest of her clothing, including shoes and socks and waited…standing before us.

“I don’t need a towel or an apron and neither do you, Bob”

And with that said, pulled off my apron.

We stood there together…naked…holding hands…facing the group…just like Adam and Eve in Paradise.

That’s all the girls needed and lined up to be disrobed.

This was the best job I ever had!

One after another, I gave commands for different articles of clothing and the lady at hand quickly complied.

I insisted that the others wear something, a towel or apron. I thought they looked more provocative mersin escort bayan that way…with a little bit covered.

Breasts, asses and vaginas soon surrounded me and we got a little playful. Pinching, slapping, peeking…it was a joyous time. Especially for yours truly.

Another glass or two of wine was consumed by all, while the undressing ceremony was completed. No one was drunk but I would say that any inhibitions were long gone.

I gathered the ladies together and told them I would close my eyes and begin counting to 100 as they hid.

They giggled and began to move in different directions.

As I reached twenty, I had the impression that everything was too still…something was amiss. But I continued counting…21, 22, 23…………98, 99, 100.

And opened my eyes.

There they were!

All seven of them, plus Mavis, standing there, towels and aprons intact…and not hiding.

No one had budged.

They looked slyly at me as Fran moved out to speak.

“You almost got away with it.”

“With what, Fran?”

“We can count, you know. One fantasy, Robert, not two!”

“You got us a little drunk, like guys like to do, and tried to get two fantasies for the price of one. “

Amy chimed in, “Yeh, Bob. You got us all to take our clothes off for you. Now you want to diddle around or something else with one of us.”

“Yeh, Bob, that’s not fair”, said Alice

“Be a gentleman and let us decide on the final fantasy. It’s the only right thing to do”

“Of course, you’re all right. But I didn’t mean to try and take advantage of you. It just seemed like the way to go.

I’m deeply sorry, please forgive me and accept my apology.”

“We knew you were a gentleman and suspected that you got carried away with all the excitement. Your pecker gave you away. It kind of perked up and got rigid when you were telling us your plans.”

“Maybe you were trying to hypnotize us with your little friend….. Only kidding!”

“By the way, what would you have done with the girl you found.”

“Fran, I would have had her lean back against that split rail fence over there, on her elbows, and then ask her to push her pelvis forward and close her eyes. Then , I would have sucked on each nipple… with my mouth only”

“What about the pelvis?”

“If I thought she was receptive, I would have given her pussy a nice soft kiss.

That’s all…nothing more.”

“That’s so sweet, Robert.”


“Oh yes, please do us, do all of us!”

“Looks like you’re going to get you wish after all, handsome” as Fran reached down and gave my pecker a tug.

Mavis then said, “Girls get over to that fence, lean back and give Robert some room between those legs. I want to see seven open snatches, pronto! escort mersin Bob, do you mind if I join in?”

“Take your clothes off, Mavis, and I’ll see you at the tee.”

Before you knew it, all the girls had moved over to the fence, leaned back and were waiting for me …with open charms.

Another sight, I’ll never forget.

All those lovely ladies, completely naked now, heads slightly back, eyes closed, legs spread and pussies gapping. You could see their nipples harden and vaginas quiver as I approached.

They were silent….waiting…just waiting… anticipating the first touch…the first kiss.

Alice was first.

I moved my head down and put my mouth around her nipple.

I kissed one then the other.

The others couldn’t see me as I knelt in front of Alice and gave her a gentle kiss on her clitoris, then a little nibble and a tug, pulling it out slightly.

She swooned.

Fran was second. I teased her left nipple with my tongue before sucking on it. Then did the same for the other. Her breasts rose as she inhaled and I lowered myself between her legs, my nose grazing her belly. She had shaven some of the pubic hair covering her lips, so after tenderly kissing her vagina, I opened my mouth, placing it full on her pussy and stuck my tongue in and gave it a twirl.

She loved it.

Yes, the doctor wanted more but fair is fair and I had six more ladies to service. A man has got to do what’s right and I wasn’t about to shirk that duty.

I did a little something different with each. Pausing in between to relish the sight of this lovely group of ladies, on display and waiting for their turn,

I was proud of myself. Proud and lucky to be here.

I wanted to do something special for Amy and Mavis and I did!

Extra nipple sucks, nibbling and several long thrusts of my tongue up their little twats.

And they did love it.

For you younger guys who don’t know yet, a woman gets better with age. The body may change but they get better…taste better…smell better…and are just all around sweeter.

Young girls are nice, don’t get me wrong, but and older gal. Well, they just enjoy it more. Makes us feel more manly. I know I did.

We took pictures afterwards, mostly of me and a gal. Some would hold my cock, some my ass, some just held hands. Mavis got down on her knees and posed for a simulated blowjob. You know, she just held my cock and opened her mouth and smiled.

We may publish a calendar…right…but stranger things have happened.

I drove back with Amy in the morning, both fully clothed and sworn to keep this weekend a secret.



Earlier, while alone, Mavis asked if I could get my old caddy friends to attend an outing at the club. This was to be a private party so we’d have the course to ourselves.

She was certain that the other ladies would not object if the guys wanted to caddy naked. Maybe, relive some of their antics from the past.

I knew the guys would go for it and hoped the girls would be as bold.

Mavis was stoking my cock as we talked, winking and nodding as these thoughts rushed through my mind.

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