Boys Rule


Saturday morning. Romulus Johnson woke up and stretched. This tall, good-looking black man had nothing to do. He worked as a police officer in the city of Boston. Five days a week. He got the weekends off, to do with as he pleased. Romulus loved his job but he was a young man and wanted to enjoy himself while he still could. He didn’t want to look back two decades from now and feel a lifetime of regret. He loved going to the mall, checking out the beautiful people and have a good time. His six-foot-two athletic body and male model’s features attracted folks like moths to the proverbial flame.

Romulus went to visit some friends of his. He went to visit his buddy Marcus Jackson and his wife, Kali. They lived in an apartment in the Back Bay. When he knocked on the door, they greeted him and invited him in. Romulus smiled at the sight of his old friends. They hadn’t changed a bit. Marcus was a tall, good-looking black man whom Romulus had known since high school. They were on the same wrestling team. They were college wrestlers as well. Romulus went on to take the state wrestling championship in the 230-pound weight class. Marcus was a champion in his own right. He took the regional championship in the 189-pound weight class. In college, Marcus met his future wife Kali. Back then, Kali Monroe was a tall, caramel-colored gal of African and Irish descent. They met and fell in love. Marcus graduated with a degree in engineering. Kali earned herself a degree in psychology and later took a teaching position at a small private school.

As for Romulus, after getting his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, he went straight to the Massachusetts State Police Academy. He found a job working for the Boston Police Department, in a small precinct near South End. Romulus loved his job. On the weekends, he went to chase the ladies, and sometimes the gentlemen. Yeah, Romulus was bisexual. He didn’t advertise it, but he didn’t hide it either. Onwin He didn’t have that great a talent for discretion anyway. The way he saw it, life was too short to hide who you were. If you were queer, then there was nothing wrong with that. Ignore the haters. Do your own thing. That was the motto that officer Romulus Johnson of the Boston Police Department lived by.

Romulus sat in the living room of Marcus and Kali Jackson. Damn, the place looked good. They were definitely doing well for themselves. Romulus was working for Steel Enterprises, one of the top engineering companies in North America. They paid him good money. He was on the fast track of the corporate ladder. His wife Kali, the regal biracial beauty was also doing well. She had recently published a trilogy of fiction works featuring African-American heroes and heroines. Apparently, her books were doing quite well. She had even reached the Best Seller list and remained there for two weeks.

Romulus looked at Marcus and Kali Jackson. Both of them looked so happy together. Marcus sat comfortably on his couch, wearing a blue T-shirt and gray pants. His wife Kali wore a crimson negligee and looked simply sexy in it. Yeah, those two had it made. Romulus couldn’t imagine being married. It simply wasn’t for him. He didn’t want a wife. He’d seen what marriage and divorce did to some of the men on the job. A vindictive wife could ruin a man’s life. Especially since divorce courts were rather biased against men these days. Nope. No marriage for Romulus. Not in this lifetime. Not ever.

He remembered some of his most interesting adventures. Like at the academy. He was just a young recruit back then, among the many other hopefuls. Yet he had attracted the attention of Instructor Mabel Thorne, the only female instructor at the police academy. Romulus licked his lips when he recalled that experience. Mabel Thorne was a tall, good-looking woman with short blonde Onwin Giriş hair, pale blue eyes and milky white skin. A very sexy gal. She had approached him and flirted heavily with him. He responded, and next thing he knew, they were doing it in her quarters at night.

One night, he swung by for a visit. Mabel greeted him, wearing a black bra and matching panties. Romulus smiled and went inside. As soon as she closed the door, Mabel wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into a deep, passionate kiss. They went to bed, where he got naked and she disrobed. Once naked, Mabel went straight for his dick. She sucked his cock and licked his balls. Romulus grunted and stroked her hair as she sucked on his thick member. Damn, the woman really knew what she was doing! He thrust his cock down her throat, feeding her all that she could take. Mabel sucked him off until he came. When he did cum, she drank his seed.

When she was done sucking his cock, Mabel told him to lick her pussy. Romulus gladly obliged. He spread her legs and began eating her out like it was going out of style. Mabel screamed her lungs out as he fingered her pussy and licked her wet snatch like there was no tomorrow. Never one to rush a good thing, Romulus stuck around to make sure the job got done. He licked and sucked and probed her until her ecstatic screams filled the night. Mabel was left panting, her sexy body covered with sweat. She looked at Romulus, wide-eyed. He smirked. Yeah, lady. It’s like that.

Next, the main event was up. Mabel was feeling especially freaky tonight and Romulus was down for whatever, as usual. He licked her asshole and fingered her. Mabel moaned in pleasure. He took some lubricant and applied it all over her hole, then slid two fingers inside her. He twisted them around, working them inside her. Mabel’s ass greedily swallowed his fingers. Romulus smiled. Yeah, she was ready for more and he was perfectly willing Onwin Güncel Giriş to give it to her. He rubbed his cock against her back door, and pushed. Mabel gasped as Romulus cock went into her ass. It was awfully large, even with the lube. Romulus slowly worked his dick into her, letting her get used to its girth.

Mabel lay there on all fours, taking what she had coming to her. Anal sex had always appealed to her mainly because most people considered it to be dirty or forbidden. Well, most people had no idea how good it could feel. Romulus held her by the hips and thrust into her. He really knew how to work it, she could tell. He had done this before. She was in the skilled hands of an anal connoisseur, if you can believe that! As he slammed his cock into her, Mabel relaxed and enjoyed. It didn’t hurt anymore. Rather, it felt good. She heard herself scream, begging him for more. Naturally, he gave her all that he had, which was plenty. Finally, he came, filling her up with his seed.

Romulus and Mabel lay on the bed, motionless. The young black man and the white female instructor. Boundaries had been crossed tonight. Rules had been broken. Nothing would ever be the same. They fell asleep. In the wee hours of the morning, Romulus went back to his dorm. He didn’t tell anyone about his exciting night with Mabel. Who would believe him anyway? Half of the male recruits and plenty of the women would give their right arms to sleep with the sexiest instructor on campus. Romulus got it without even trying. Oh, well. It’s good to be sexy!

Romulus smiled at the memory. He looked at his best friends, Marcus and Kali. They had a good life. The life of a husband and wife who loved each other. He didn’t want such a life for himself. He wanted a life of adventure. A life of risk. Fast cars. Fast women. Sexy men. Danger. Power. All the things that made life interesting. Romulus could never settle down with anyone. It simply wasn’t in his nature. You might as well try to convince a bird not to fly. Smiling, he took his leave of his friends. The adventure beckoned him. He had things to do, places to go and people to see. Sticking around with the newlyweds wasn’t an option.

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