Braless Bike Ride Ch. 02


I don’t know why but the story that I wrote titled “Braless Bike Ride” seems to be one of the stories that I get more questions about, and more requests for a sequel even though it doesn’t have a very high ratings number with readers. However, I’m going to go ahead and write a sequel to this story anyway; and hope to write a few more sequels to other stories soon.

If you read the other story this one will make more sense, but I think that it will also be able to stand alone if you don’t want to go back and find the old story.


After the last Braless Bike Ride I’d always been after Sam to “go it again,” but as with most things in life times goes by all too quickly and we never quite got around to having another bike ride where her little titties were so totally on display.

Yes, we have gone on other bike rides since that time where she did not wear a bra, and we even went on a couple where she wore a skirt and no panties, but each of those times only provided some accidental flashing and nothing that was so overt and intentionally exhibitionistic as that first time. We did however enjoy talking about her showing her tits to a fellow teacher, and even a couple of her former students, and that always added a bit of passion to our lovemaking.

A couple of years had passed and one warm August Saturday we ended up with nothing that we had to do that day. We enjoyed a leisurely champagne brunch as we talked and read the daily newspaper. As we cleared the dishes and cleaned up Sam asked me “what do you want to do today?” My suggestion was “let’s go for a bike ride.” She just smiled at me and after a couple of naughty comments went off to take a shower.

It seemed like she was taking a long time, but I thought that might just be due to my having to wait as she’d locked the door behind her. I was thinking of following her into the shower, and since she suspected that I might do that she’d locked me out to have some privacy.

It really wasn’t very long before she opened the door, knowing that I would be standing in the hallway and said “surprise!” I was surprised as she had taken the extra time in the bathroom because she was shaving her pussy. She rarely does this as she prefers that I do it for her. She looked so fresh and clean (and sexy) that I wanted to grab her and start licking her immediately, but she pushed me into the bathroom. I think I took a shower in record time, but made sure that I was also nice and clean and freshly shaved (face not groin as she doesn’t like that).

I was surprised to find her looking in the closet, still totally nude, as she pretended to fuss over what clothes she should wear for the day. She finally looked at me and with a phony “woe is me” voice said that I better pick out her clothes for her since she just couldn’t make up her mind and she didn’t want to be wearing the wrong clothing while we went for a bike ride. After all, she might pick out something that was way to revealing, or not revealing enough.

I played along with her and quickly closed the underwear drawer of her dresser. It just didn’t seem right that on a nice warm day like today that she should cover up that freshly shaved pussy and her nice little tits. After all, they would enjoy the fresh air and stay cooler if they weren’t covered with and extra layer of clothing.

She agreed with me, and right then I knew that I would be in for a wonderful day of enjoying my lovely wife and she exposed her little titties and perhaps even her shaved pussy as we were in the park. I was really hoping that we would meet the right people, and that even someone that we knew, or that she used to teach school with would get to enjoy viewing her almost naked body.

I tossed out a couple of suggestions for clothing, but they were too sheer, or too short. We finally settled on a denim skirt that was about mid-thigh. She’d worn it before when we’ve ridden our bicycles and it was only if she wasn’t careful, or if she was trying to show a bit, that someone would see her panties. I knew that she would feel comfortable in the skirt, but could still show off if she was willing, and since she’d taken the time to shave her pussy that morning I was sure that she was willing.

The top was more of a problem as everything suggest was too big and draped too much or was too sheer. Her choices were a bit more functional and although they would allow her little titties to bounce around that would not allow much exposure. I finally reminded her that she asked me to pick out her clothes and tossed her a tank top that was a couple of sizes too large for her. She just slipped it on over her head and said “let’s go.”

When we got to the garage I was hoping that she would opt for the bike with the lower handle bars, but instead opted for her upright instead. diyarbakır escort We filled the water bottles and clipped them on the bike frames and as she leaned down to reach her bottle her top fell away from her breast completely. You could look down the front of her shirt and see both of her little tits, and you even got a complete view of one of her tits through the arm hole of the top.

She asked me if it “shows enough” and I told her that when she bent down it showed her breasts completely to anyone that would be standing close. But when she sat up she was pretty well covered up and no one would suspect that she was able to expose herself completely. I asked her who she was hoping that we might meet up with on the trail, but she just said it didn’t matter to her and asked who I wanted her to show off too. Other than “everyone” I told her it would be good to run into a couple more former students, and if we ran into some of the neighbors I would like her to flash them as well.

We took off to the park and as we rode along the side streets to get to the lake I could see that she was practicing leaning down now and then to see what kind of breeze she would feel. I caught up to her during one of those moments and she leaned forward and even though I was right along side of her it was easy to see her complete bare breast through the side of her shirt.

I was more than satisfied and as we reached the park we started the loop around the lake. As I explained last time bicycles have to go only one direction, while most people walk the opposite way. This provides for an excellent opportunity to quickly meet people and pass them by with out being to obvious.

However, the fun part of the ride is when you do meet walkers you can’t ride side by side, so I always ride behind Sam. That way I get to see the reactions on peoples faces when they realize that they’d been flashed. We met several couples and with about half of them Sam leaned forward a bit to show off her little titties. I could tell that she was getting the job done well as almost all the men were smiling and all the women frowning as I went past.

A couple of women even made rude comments such as “whore” or “slut” to their men, but I don’t think they intended Sam to hear, but it was easy for me to hear them. We had only gone about a quarter of the way around the lake and she had already flashed a couple of dozen people her titties, and tried to give a couple others a glimpse of her pussy.

Sam pulled up under a tree and leaned down to pick up her water bottle just a a group of 12-15 immigrants were walking past. They didn’t speak English, but the volume and pace of their language sure picked up as they passed by Sam as she was fully showing them her tits! I couldn’t tell if they approved or not, but I hope that it made for a hot night of sex for some of them.

We talked a little bit and I congratulated her on how well she was doing and asked if she was having fun, she replied that she was doing it for me, so I told her that I was having fun. As we were sitting on the bikes a couple who we know from school just happened to walk up and stopped to say hello. We chatted to a little while, and since Sam was sitting up straight she looked very proper.

After a couple of minutes she took a swig from her water bottle and leaned down to snap it back in place on her bike frame. Since she was less that 3 feet away from the couple they got a good long look at Sam’s white little titties and her dark red nipples. I thought for sure the wife gasped, but as Sam sat back up the husband’s eyes were glued to her chest. We spent a few more minutes talking about the weather, gardens, the lake and other small talk .

Just when the wife had seemed to settled down enough to talk, and the husband had stopped staring at Sam’s chest I said that it sure is hot out, today and riding a bike makes a person really thirsty. Sam took this as a prompt and leaned down to retrieve her water bottle one more time. She seemed to have a difficult time getting a hold of it, but finally came up with it and took a drink. By now the husband was grinning and had given up all pretense of not looking a Sam’s titties. But the wife was just beside herself and said they had to go and dragged him away before Sam could replace the water bottle.

By the time they got out of sight we were both laughing and the wife’s response and speculating about if he would get scolding for looking, or perhaps he would get something else? We both thought it would the scolding.

We took off and pedaled our way around the lake for another half hour or so without meeting too many people. Sam did her best to try and show off now and then, but it wasn’t easy to make it look like escort diyarbakır she didn’t know what she was doing. By now we had come more that two thirds of the way around and I suggested that we stop for a minute as I though her bike needed adjusting.

She wasn’t sure what I meant but pulled under the next big tree that offered us some shade. As a couple of groups of people went by she reached down and got her water bottle, and then replaced it as another couple came past. I reached under her seat and twisted the lever that holds the seat in place. Then I told her to hop up on it and when she did the seat dropped down 3-4 inches or more. I then stood in front of her and held the handles bars as she put her feet up on the pedals.

It was obvious that this new seat position would make it a bit more difficult for her to pedal since she would no longer be straightening out her legs on the down push, and when the pedals came up her knees would be out to the side. Even so it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for so I asked her to stand up and when she did I slid her skirt up a couple of inches in the back.

When she hopped back on the bike seat the difference was noticeable. Unless she really tried there was no way that she would be able to cover up her shaved pussy. If she passed by someone quickly they might not notice, but if she was going slow, or stopped to talk to someone they would easily be able to see her nakedness.

She asked me what showed, and I told her that that her pussy was clearly on display, especially if she stops and talks to anyone, or even if she goes slow. She asked me if this was what I wanted and after my “absolutely” she started to pedal back to the path with me trying to catch up.

Once I got behind her I asked her to slow down and bit and she did. I think that her nerves had taken and she was going faster than usual. Although she’s flashed and shown off her titties several times in public this was new to her. She’s never exposed her pussy, much less her freshly shaved pussy, in broad daylight. She was taking it nice a slow and I’m sure that everyone one we met had a quick view of her bare slit. A couple of people even turned around to look after we passed by so I knew that she was giving a great show.

About this time I really started hoping that we would meet up with someone that we knew, or perhaps even some of her former students. So far we had only met the one couple that we knew and Sam had fully taken advantage of that situation. We had almost completed the circle around the lake and just when it looked like my desire to expose her to people that we knew was not going to happen everything changed.

We only had about 50 feet of the trail left to go and as we rounded the last corner before the the parking lot we came face to face with two of the women from the public school where she had taught. I was amazed at how brave Sam was as she actually called out to them and pulled up to a stop to talk with them.

We quickly introduced ourselves as we didn’t know the husbands. Even with just a few quick words of hello being said it was obvious that one of the husbands, who was standing behind his wife, had already given up any pretense of paying attention to the conversation and had his eyes and I’m sure his thoughts fixed on Sam’s naked pussy. The other husband was more alongside his wife and he couldn’t stare so easily without being caught.

However, since I was slightly behind Sam I could easily watch all of their faces and see their eyes dart down and back up. Even the women would take a quick look now and then and I thought one of they might ask her to cover up but they all pretended that nothing was unusual. So I decided to push things a bit and asked Sam for her water bottle as mine was empty.

My bottle wasn’t empty, and she knew that, but she slowly bent down and reached for her bottle. She continued on with her conversation as she tried several times and finally succeeded in freeing her bottle. The guy in the back was oblivious to everything else and was just enjoying the show. The two women looked, looked away, and looked again as Sam gave them a prolonged look at her bared breasts.

When she turned to pass the bottle to me she twisted just slightly and although it was intentional this time it exposed her bare pussy even more. With that one of the woman said it was time to go, the other agreed and grabbed her husband. I waved to the guy who was in the back and as he started to follow his wife I leaned over and asked if he liked the show? His grin was enough response, but he suggested that we call them the next time we go out for a bike ride.

Sam seemed to be really flushed, she said from the sun, I thought from the experience of diyarbakır escort bayan showing herself off to some coworkers husbands but handed her the bottle and after having a drink of water we started off towards home. However, going home meant going through the big parking lot for the beach and picnic area and there was quite a crowd of people coming and going.

I don’t think that Sam had realized that her skirt had slid up a bit more when she turned around so her pussy could easily be seen by anyone that looked at her. I thought perhaps I should tell her, but then again I was enjoying watching the people’s reactions as they realized she was naked.

We had just about made it through the parking lot when someone called out Sam’s name. It was a former student of hers named Joel. This guy was one that she had taught several years ago in a “Baptist School” before she spent some time in the public school. I’m certain that this wasn’t one of the former students that she had hoped to meet up with, but it would be certain that after today he would think of her in a whole new way. Well, he may already have thought of her that way but he would see what he’d only dreamed of before.

Sam pulled up and stopped behind a couple of cars as he came running up to her. Once again I stopped slightly behind her so I could watch. He seemed eager to see her and started to tell her about how well he was doing in college and all of a sudden stopped talking in mid sentence. His eyes were fixed on he bare pussy which was completely exposed. She prompted him to continue and he made a couple more statements and stopped again and stared.

I thought that I would break the silence so once again asked Sam for her water bottle. She did the same routine that she did before and after fumbling around to retrieve it twisted around a bit and handed it to me. Now he didn’t know what to say or where to look. I took a drink and handed it back to her and when she leaned down her little titties were less that 2 feet away from him.

He was still trying to make a complete sentence but had a lack of words. Sam wasn’t sure what to do, so I finally told Joel that it was ok to look. He looked shocked and surprised, but all of a sudden seemed to have more words than he knew use and quickly took in all he could he stared at Sam’s pussy. At the same time she leaned down a bit to give him the chance to see both her titties and her pussy at the same time. It seemed like a long time, but was perhaps just seconds as his eyes went back and forth, up and down.

Finally he managed to say: “I always knew you were beautiful and sexy, but know I’ve seen that you really are.” I asked him if he liked what he sees and of course that left him almost speechless again. He started with lots of questions but we just waved them off. Even though we were in a public parking lot we seemed to be screened from everyone else so I thought I’d press my luck a bit.

Joel was enjoying the view and not saying much of anything now. Mostly he was staring at Sam’s bare pussy completely exposed. I must say it looked good, nice and smooth with the sun shining on her. I just that’s what caused me to ask: “would you like to touch it?” He looked at me, and then at Sam, I wasn’t sure what she would do but she nodded her head yes. Slowly he reached out and cupped her pussy with his right hand. She slid forward a bit so that she wasn’t sitting down any longer as he started to massage her nakedness.

It only took a moment and I saw Sam shut her eyes as his middle two fingers disappeared from sight. He was starting to rub her pussy and finger fuck her with two fingers when all of a sudden a loud motorcycle came past and everyone jumped. I couldn’t tell in the biker knew what was going on but he just went on his way. Sam had pulled her skirt down and Joel had both hands in his pockets looking embarrassed. The moment was broken, and I wondered what might have happened if we hadn’t been interrupted.

Finally Joel said that he had to go as a couple of friends were waiting for him. He also mentioned that they had gone to the same school, but hadn’t been in Sam’s class, and could he introduce them to her? I wasn’t too sure about this but with a yell and a wave they appeared right away. After they were introduced Sam remembered who they were and they knew her as well.

I think that Joel was hoping that Sam would show these guys her titties or pussy but she had covered up and wasn’t moving while they chatted about school and what they were doing now. Just as they said goodbye and started to leave Sam leaned over and shook both of their hands. I’m sure that this gave each of them a good view of her little titties.

With that our adventure was over. When we got home Sam indicated that it was a good thing the biker had gone by as she wasn’t going to stop Joel until he wanted to stop. My take on it was the flip side, too bad the biker came by and spoiled things. I teased her that if Joel had been alone I would have invited him over to play with her some more. She didn’t seem opposed to that suggestion, I just wonder what she would have done if he had followed us home?

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