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Big Dicks

Harry walked through the halls with a grin on his face. He had a new scare on the corner of his eye from another encounter with Voldemort. He had been captured and tortured for over 3 months, and truth be told he was slightly insane now. People avoided him, including his old friends and his girlfriend from before he was captured. But he had a plan. He had done nothing but learn since he got back last month, and he had enough to know what he could do. He just needed the right opportunity.

There was a giggle down the hall and he looked up and mouthed ‘thank you’ to the sky before slowly heading over. He looked down a long corridor and his grin got bigger when he saw Ginny talking with Hermione and Lavender Brown. Slowly, he crept over and stunned them before they noticed he was there. He tied them up and created a portkey, grabbing the rope holding them all together and activating it.

The group appeared in a well furnished house, and with a wave of his wand he levitated them down the hallway, down a set of stairs, and into a dark cellar with stone walls. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine torture devices in here. As it was, there were a number of hooks and pulleys around the room. He waved his wand and the ropes holding the girls dissapeard. Another wave and their clothes started sliding off their bodies and folding themselves up in a corner. He banished the wands upstairs so there was no risk on the off chance they escaped. He started salivating at the sight of the three girls cunts. Ginnys had a slight fuzz as if it had been shaved recently, Lavenders was completely bare, and Hermione had quite a bush. He flicked his wand and all the hair completely disappeared from the areas.

He shook himself and caused a rope to grab each of the girls arms and legs and suspending them in the air, spread eagled. Their heads were lying just above their chests. He disrobed and walked up, gently caressing each of their chests. Ginny had maybe a B cup, Hermione a D, and Lavender a D cup. He licked at their nipples, looking at the shine given by his Saliva, and his dick got painfully hard. He decided it was time. He woke them up.

“Wha…” Ginny started as the other 2 blinked, before they screamed.

“It will do no good. I do so love the silencing ward.” He told them, twirling his wand around in his right hand. “It makes everything much more…” he looked them up and down. “Private…” they looked at him fearfully.

“Harry? What are you doing? Why are you doing this?” Hermione asked, starting to cry.

“I read a little known thing the other day. Apparently if a virgin witch is… forced into sex, magic itself will force the witch to fall in love with the person forcing themselves on them. All I want is to be loved.” He told them with his grin.

“We do love you Harry! Everyone loves you! You know we do!” Ginny cried.

“Then why have you all avoided me like the plague?!” he suddenly spat casino şirketleri at her, before returning to his grin. “As it is, by the end of the night, you will all be mine…”

“People will notice! They are bound to!” the third girl screamed.

“Not really. You would just tell them that you all realised your mistake.” He told Lavender. “And according to my source, you girls will think you did this completely willing… Magic is such a wonderful thing, don’t you think?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. Lavender spat at him, hitting his cheek, and he raised his finger to scoop it into his mouth. He closed his eyes and savoured it as the girls looked on, disgusted. With a wave of his wand he banished his robes.

“No! Please! We’ll do anything!” Hermione begged.

“Too late. I did find a most interesting book in the restricted section. It had some wonderful spells for intercourse… Some to make sure a girl doesn’t get pregnant…” he waved his wand and the girls glowed a grey colour for a second. “Some that makes sure they do, some that bring a girl to a state of exstacy with the slightest touch…” he again waved his wands, and liquid started seeping out of the embarrassed girls, and he brushed Hermiones nipple, causing her to scream as liquid squirted out of her in a strong stream. “and a most wonderful one to make sure the man can stay hard for hours on end, even after he cums…” he waved his own wand and his 10 inch long, 4 inch thick dick glowed blue. The girls were crying.

“No, no, no, no, no. This is not happening…” they whispered to themselves. Harry stepped forward to Ginny so that he was lined up with her entrance and she was looking at him with betrayal in her eyes.

“Oh, but it is.” He whispered huskily, before thrusting hard into her, tearing through her Hymen and causing her to cum heavily. Ginny screamed in a mix of pleasure and pain, and magic started swirling around them. Harry looked down and saw Ginny’s tiny pussy squeezing his cock, groaning at the tight wetness engulfing him. He started sucking her tits into his mouth, nipping her nipples with his teeth as he plunged in and out, slowly but steadily. He was nudging her cervix with his head. She was sobbing as he continued, and the magic built into a whirlwind, turning slowly from a white to a red often used for hearts. A stream of cum was constantly escaping from Ginny, and her pussy gripped at Harry’s cock every time he pulled out, pulling the lips with him.

Finally, after almost 20 minutes of using Ginny’s body, he came hard and strong inside her. He pumped her so full of cum it started spurting out from between her pussy lips and his cock. As soon as it finished the ropes retreated back to the ceiling and ginny was floated down to a bed, putting her arms around Harry’s neck and kissing him deeply. “That was wonderful my love. I don’t deserve someone as wonderful as you. I love you.” She said exhaustedly, falling casino firmaları asleep as harry pulled out with a sloppy ‘pop’. Hermione and Lavender watched in horror at ginny’s decleration of love and their own sobs renewed. Harry looked up, still on top of the sleeping redhead and smirked evilly at them.

“Who’s next?” he asked and they started screaming. “I already told you, no one will hear you…” he looked between the two and slapped Hermione hard. “Shut up bitch. Soon you will be just another cum bucket focused on my pleasure. But first, I will enjoy the mental anguish of ‘hogwarts smartest witch’ as she watches what will happen to her.” He stroked her cheek and turned to Lavender. “Now, lets see if Hogwarts beauty really is a slut.” He hissed, striding over. He stroked his cock along her slit, and she shivered from the pleasure. Inside she was mentally damning the charm. “Lavender…” Harry whispered huskily. He slowly nudged into her.

There was a bit of resistance, but he was soon inside her. After a moment he was stopped and he looked into her crying eyes and grinned. “Virgin? Oh, I am so pleased the rumours aren’t true!” he said giddily as he pulled back slightly. “At least, until now, my little slut.” He said in the same tone before plunging in until his balls slapped her ass. She screamed like ginny as her hymen tore. “I love the sound of virgins in the evening.” He sighed to himself as he started a much faster pace. He had no mercy as he pounded in and out of her love tunnel as fast as he could, giggling and telling her how wonderful she felt, how tight she was, how absolutely delight it was to love her.

He only lasted 7 minutes this time before cumming in her. Again, the ropes released her and they floated onto a newly appeared bed and she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled happily at him. “Never leave me, Harry.” She begged, pulling him into her. “Never. I love you.” She too fell asleep, and he smiled at Hermione as he slowly pulled out, with the same slurping sound and pop.

“Soon, you will love me too, Hermione. When rape is inevitable, just jay back and enjoy it.” He told her.

“Don’t do this Harry! I wont tell anyone! I swear!” she begged. He approached and waved his wand. Hermione sighed in relief as she felt the ropes moving. “Thank you! Thank you so much!” she started, before she realised she wasn’t being released. The ropes holding her hands hand moved so they were being held firmly to the floor, her knees were being held down, as were her ankles, and a ston table had appeared under her, propping up the rest of her body.

“I have a special treat for you, My love.” He told her, kneeling behins her and shoving a few fingers into her ass. She groaned as he inserted them in until he could push them in no further. “unfortunately there is no bookworm style, so doggy style should suffice.” He told her. He took his fingers out and licked them, enjoying güvenilir casino the bitter taste of her cavity. He held himself level and nudged in. she was sobbing as she knelt there.

He felt her walls expanding and gripping the head of his cock tightly as he pushed in. He felt the silky smoothness of her pussy walls, the warmth, the cunt juice soaked confines of her maidenhood. He didn’t pull back, just kept applying preassure until her maidenhead finally gave way. He leant foreward and grabbed her chest as it hung over the edge of the ledge, squeezing and kneading the fleshy orbs as he pulled out slowly, feeling every millimetre as it left her warm confines before pushing back in. As he went on his speed increased until he was slamming her as fast as he could from behind. She was gasping with every thrust, and there was a pool of liquid underneath her. As he fucked her he put one of his hands in the liquid and licked it off.

It was sweet, sweet nectar to him, and he leant foreward to whisper into her ear. “Your’s is by far the best. I will be enjoying you much more.” He told her before he came deep into her. She was lifted onto another bed and gave him a saucy wink.

“I hope so, loverboy. I cant imagine being with anyone else. Love you.” She said, lying back with her hair splayed out on the pillow. He grinned and stepped back, leaving her to go to sleep. He was about to leave when he realised he had 3 girls who were crazy about him sleeping naked in his basement. He turned back to ginny who was smiling in her sleep. He grinned and walked over to her, flipping her onto her stomach and he spread her legs, sitting between them. He put his cock in line with her ass and pushed it in, gently.

He had to put a huge amount of force behind it before her ring suddenly gave way and she woke with a grunt. He pushed harder and harder, holding the back of her neck to the bed. “Harry! Oh! Fuck my ass baby! I am yours! Do whatever you want with me!”

“Damn right your mine, slut! You will never let another person touch you! You are mine and mine alone!” he growled at her. He was enjoying the feel of her shit pressing around his cock as he fucked her ass. She groaned.

“It hurts a bit, but its fine, because it’s you, and I know you love me!” she moaned. “Fuck my ass Harry! Fuck me with your huge member!” he kept fucking her ass as long as he could before cumming again, filling her ass. When he pulled out he had shit all over it. He wiped off some of it onto his finger and stuck it into his mouth, doing it over and over. When most of it was gone he went up and knelt next to her head.

“Suck me clean, slut!” he commanded. She hesitantly looked up. “Now!” he demanded, and she quickly started sucking.

“I love the taste of my shit on your cock, my love! I cant believe I hesitated to try this! You taste so good!” she got out, around the cock stuffing her cheeks. After a while he pulled out of her and fucked her pussy again until he came. Ginny went back to sleep, a pleased blush on her cheeks, and harry made another portkey and returned to Hogwarts, smirking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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