Can She Watch?


My cousin and I finally had girlfriends at the same time. For years one of us would have one while the other didn’t; now we both did.

A good thing: they liked each other.

A great thing: they liked to talk about sex with each other.

What my cousin and I didn’t know was a fantastic thing: they got off together; and wanted us to join them.

My girlfriend was Jami. She had firm 34C tits and a round ass just made for fucking from behind. His girlfriend was D.J.. She was small, about 5’3 and built for power banging. He and I would swap stories about how we fucked the girls all night, how we made them cum, the usual guy bragging. The girls would just roll their eyes when the four of us hung out. One day I went over to Jami’s house for an afternoon of porn and sex. She was the rare woman would loved guy porn – you know the type, no plot or story, just fuck ’em, cum on ’em, next scene porn. Nothing got her hotter than seeing a cock shoot its’ jism all over the place. She would practically be dripping down her legs watching it.

Well, it turns out that D.J. had spent the night, and had left about an hour before I got there. I came in to find Jami in a bra and panties, with a porno running and her dildo out with some baby oil ready for me. (She REALLY liked to watch me jerk off for her and cum on her tits.) I was pleasantly surprised to find her so openly horny and started to take my clothes off before I even sat down on the bed. She watched me get undressed with a “cat that ate the canary” grin on her face, her right hand rubbing her cunt through her panties.

“Boy you look fucking hot!” I said eyeing her hungrily. “You want to spread those legs so I can eat that tasty pussy while you watch or do I go first?”

Most times before we got to the fucking we would go down on each other to take the edge off. For example, she would blow me while I watched some guy ass fuck some slut, or I would tongue her slit while she watched two gays guys blow cock and cum on each other. After that we would fuck while watching ourselves in the mirror or have the movie on with the volume turned up. It made us feel like we had others mersin escort with us. We both had exhibitionist and voyeur fetishes (and I still do).

“Actually, I think you’ll want to hear about last night before we do anything else. When you hear what happened you wont need any movie.” Jami replied, her nipples forming a hard outline in her bra. “D.J. and I stayed up late last night watching movies and talking. About one a.m. I told her enough was enough, it was time for bed because you were coming over today and I needed my sleep for all the fucking I planned to do. We got ready for bed in our panties and T shirts. I turned off the TV and we got under the covers together. We just laid there for a few minutes when in the darkness she asked me what I had planned for you, what your cock looked like and how it tasted. I could feel her arm moving next to me; I reached over to her and realized the little bitch was fingering herself! I couldn’t believe she was getting off lying next to me. I turned on my nite light and yanked the covers down. She had her panties pulled over to one side and two fingers rubbing her clit. She spread her legs a little and I could smell her cunt. She thought I was mad cause she was masturbating about you. That wasn’t it – it was she was trying to be secretive about it when we could be getting off together.”

I couldn’t believe it! My dick was rock hard and twitching listening to this. I moved Jami’s hand away and jumped between her legs. I reached up and pulled her soaking wet briefs off and dove into her snatch, telling her to keep talking. Her back arched as my tongue went to work, moaned and squeezed her boobs, pulled on her nipples and went on.

“D.J. you fucking puta! Are you getting off thinking about my Mark, you dirty whore? You thinking about that big thick cock I told you about? ANSWER ME!”

“Her eyes got wide and her hand froze on her clit. She started to sit up, sputtering an apology when I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I burst out laughing and pushed her back down. I flopped next to her and opened my night table and pulled out my two vibrators. kocaeli escort ‘Why didn’t you say you wanted to cum you dumb bitch? Using your fingers when we have perfectly good sex toys to use…’ I pulled off my panties and told her to get hers off too. With that I fired the black one up and put it on D.J.’s clit making her squirm. I took the gold one and rammed it into my pussy but kept it off. I didn’t want to cum yet. I wanted to really get D.J. ramped up first. I took her hand and placed it on the vibe so she could hold it herself. Then I threw my right leg over her left one and snuggled next to her our shoulders touching. I reached down and turned mine on and moved it in and out. ‘Now, tell me what was happening. Was I there or just you and Mark?’ She then told me that it wasn’t really about her. She was thinking of you and I fucking while she watched. She wanted to see you shoot on me like I said you do. I told her it was great watching you stroke your hard cock.”

“We spent about 10 minutes talking about you and how good you are in bed. She was panting next to me and her pussy was making noise as she worked the vibe. ‘Yeah that sounds fucking hot Jam, does he cum a lot? What happens after he shoots? Doesn’t his dick get soft?’ When I told her that you stay hard most of the time and fuck me right after cumming on me she really began to moan. By now I was getting close to cumming so I rolled onto my side a little. I took her hand off of the vibe in her pussy and put it on mine while I grabbed hers. She rolled up on her side so we were facing each other and stared right at me biting her lip. We quickly developed a little rhythm, sliding the vibes for each other easily. I turned blackie on full blast for her and she did the same for me; when goldie hit ten so did I!”

” Oh Mark it was soooo good. I couldn’t help it I just had to kiss her. I leaned forward and as soon as our lips touched she stuck her tongue in my mouth. She was groaning into my mouth but didn’t stop pushing goldie inside me. Then she started to cum. She grabbed at me with her other hand and pull me into her and samsun escort came like an animal. That got me off too. When it was over she said it was one of the best orgasms of her life. I told her playing with herself while watching you cum on me would be even better.”

As Jami was telling me this she was filling my mouth with her pussy juice. It was pouring out of her like a leaky faucet. My chin was sticky with her cream but I didn’t care. I kept lapping and licking and sucking on her clit until her legs slammed shut on my head as she came, hard. She started yelling and screaming out my name and then D.J.’s name as she came and came. When it was over she made me lie down on my back with my dick pointing proudly at the ceiling. It had been rock hard the entire time she was telling her story. She licked up and down the sides a few times while looking at me with sly grin. She ran her tongue around the head and gave me two or three hard slurps. Then she moved up and straddled me, her legs outside mine her hands on my shoulders. Her titties swayed as she ground her clit into my groin and asked me a soft question

“So? Should we let her watch?”

She quickly raised her hips, grabbed my dick and put it against her cunt lips. With one smooth push she slammed down, swallowing my cock. My hands found her hips and helped her rise and fall on my shaft. For a few minutes I didn’t speak. I was reveling in the sensations, sounds and smells of her. She was my freak and I loved her for it. She was whispering in my ear about D.J. as she fucked me. Telling me about her body and how good her pussy smelled and that maybe she would lick it for me, would I like that? With a bellow I surged up and rolled her onto her back. I pushed her legs up until her knees touched her shoulders and power slammed my cock in her pussy. The thought of my Jami eating pussy while I watched was like a drug injection straight to my libido. I couldn’t get my dick up inside her hard or fast enough to satisfy my lust.

“Cum for me cum for me cum for me.” Jami chanted. “Cum in me, fill this pussy!”

I spurted my load deep inside her for once. My orgasm triggered another one for her and I felt her pussy walls spasm on my cock. I collapsed atop her panting. Her arms came around me and hugged me tightly against her chest. She locked her legs around my waist and wouldn’t let me pull out. She waited until my penis got soft then let me roll off of her.

“I take that as a yes then.”

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