Candy’s Treats


“Hi, I’m Candy,” the pretty blonde Latina said to me as I sat alone in the casino bar. She had a nice pretty face and a great body with a store bought pair of dd’s. I knew the moment she sat down that she was a pro. Five straight years in Vegas at the show had taught me how to spot them instantly.

“Hi, I’m Greg,” I said dropping her a fake name.

“You here for the show,” she asked in a thick Spanish accent.

“Yup. Not the porn show, the other one. I come down every year.”

“Nice,” she replied. She clearly meant it to have a double meaning as she blatantly looked me over.

“Thanks, I should say the same thing,” I said playfully. “Very nice.” I looked at her fantastic tits and smiled.

“You like,” she asked as she squeezed her tits together and looked deep into my eyes.

“Hell yes, who wouldn’t.” I had planned on playing it safe by flirting and then going up to my room alone to jerk off to hotel porn but the more we flirted, the more I wanted her.

“Do you want to take me upstairs to your room mijo,” she asked after another drink and much more flirting.

“Let’s go,” I said, throwing caution, and several hundred dollars to the wind.

Candy pressed her body against mine as we rode the elevator to the 23rd floor. She rubbed my stiff cock through my pants. “Mmmm. Very nice mijo,” she said as she squeezed my stiff cock.

I leaned in and brushed my lips across hers as she continued to toy with my stiff dick through my pants. “I want to fuck you,” I panted as I tried to kiss her.

She turned away and flicked my ear with her tongue. “You want me to suck your cock mijo?”

The elevator door opened and we stumbled down the hall to my room. I quickly opened the door and we slipped inside.

“You want to fuck me mijo,” she asked as she ran her hands over her slender hips up to her big beautiful tits.

“God yes,” I answered honestly.

“Four hundred dollars and you can do what ever you want for an hour.”

“$400 for two hours and I will make you cum,” I countered.

“Oh really mijo, you make me cum?”

“Yes, deal?” I asked.

“Okay,” she said. She pulled her shirt over her head revealing her incredible tits as I pealed off four crisp $100 bills from my money clip and handed them to her. She stuffed the money into her purse and dropped it on the night stand. Candy pulled my shirt off and dropped to her knees. She unfastened my pants and pulled my cock out as my pants and boxers fell to the floor.

My cock was at full attention and she grabbed it with both hands. The sexy Latina fikirtepe escort pressed her tongue against the underside of my dick and noisily licked it as her hands pumped and squeezed it. Her lips parted and she took my cock down her throat while her hands moved in perfect syncopation with her wet warm mouth.

I felt my climax building and I feared I would cum too soon but Candy knew exactly what she was doing. She pulled my cock from her mouth and started licking and sucking my balls as she teased my asshole with her fingertips making me moan.

“You like, mijo?” She asked playfully.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned enthusiastically.

Candy pushed me back on the bed and climbed between my legs. She slurped noisily on my cock as she continued to tickle my ass with her fingers. She pushed my legs up into the air and grabbed my hard throbbing rod as her tongue slithered across my balls to my puckered asshole.

I groaned loudly as the sexy Latina hooker started licking my asshole. Her tongue dipped inside me as she continued to stroke my hard cock.

“You like mijo,” she asked playfully.

“Hell yes,” I hissed as she pushed her tongue up my asshole.

“Good, I will finish after you make me cum, mijo.”

“With pleasure,” I said softly as she rolled onto her back. I had never been so horny and worked up in my life. I sat next to Candy and unzipped her tight jeans. Her red lace panties were a sight to behold as I slid her pants over her slender hips. I sucked on her tits as she cradled my head in her arms.

I pulled her pants off and settled between her thighs as I prepared to eat her pussy. My eyes traveled slowly up her shapely legs until I saw the bulge in her panties. Candy had a cock. My first thought was confusion but a strange thing replaced it. Excitement.

Something came over me at that moment that I could not explain. I had never had a conscious homosexual thought in my life but at that moment I wanted to suck her cock. Maybe it was because of the amazing pleasure she had brought me earlier. Maybe it was the idea of experiencing something so different and taboo but what ever the reason I was into it. I had made her a promise that I would make her cum and I was going to keep that promise.

I looked into her sexy dark eyes and I smiled.

“You like,” she asked as she ran her hands over her big tits and down her tight flat stomach to her panty covered cock. She pulled the mushroom tip of her cock from the silky confines of her red panties and I went crazy with raw lust.

I bent forward as gebze escort she pulled her panties down to expose the full 6″ of her hard cock. I watched, out of body as a hand, my hand, reached out and grabbed her warm throbbing rod. Precum oozed from the bulbous purple head and I wondered how it would taste.

“Suck it mijo,” she said breathlessly as she squeezed her cock and milked a huge drop of precum from it.

I leaned forward and parted my lips as Candy pointed her cock at my mouth. My tongue shot out of my mouth and scooped up the viscous precum from her drooling dick. It was warm and thick with a slightly salty taste and I found myself wanting more.

“It’s good, no?” she said. Her voice was thick with lust and her Spanish accent made my dick ooze its own stream of precum.

“Delicious,” I answered as I parted my lips wide and accepted a dick into my mouth for the first time in my life.

Candy moaned and ran her soft hands through my hair as my head bobbed slowly over her warm hard cock.

I could feel the veins and contours of her cock as it slid past my lips and tongue. Her head hit the back of my throat and I pressed forward until my nose pressed against her smooth shaved pelvis and her balls tickled my chin. My eyes watered as fought my gag reflex and deep throated 6″ of hard throbbing flesh.

I continued to suck her cock as a mix of saliva and precum spilled from my mouth onto her slippery shaft. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and milked it as I sucked and slurped on her thick bulbous head.

“Faster mijo, I’m going to cum,” she panted as her hand ran through my hair. I wanted it too. I wanted her to fill my mouth with thick creamy cum and I wanted to drink it down.

My hand was a blur as I furiously pumped the shaft. I sucked hard on her head as her cock throbbed in my mouth.

“I’m cumming mijo,” she cried out as she exploded in my mouth. The first blast hit the back of my throat and I quickly swallowed it. She continued to fill my mouth with her delicious seed until it spilled down my chin. I swallowed it all and then sucked hard on her cock drawing more cream from her hole.

My cock ached it was so hard. Candy rolled a condom over it and coated it liberally with anal lube. She got onto her hands and knees and looked back at me over her shoulder.

“Fuck me mijo,” she said as she batted her long lashes at me.

I pressed the lube slickened head of my cock against her asshole and moaned as it sank inside her. My balls rubbed against hers as I buried my dick all the way up her ass.

“Yes içerenköy escort mijo, fuck me hard,” Candy panted as I thrust my cock into her tight ass with long steady strokes. Her sphincter clutched at my latex covered cock as I held her slender hips and fucked her hard and fast.

“Yes mijo, faster mijo. My dick is hard again mijo. Fuck me harder,” she begged.

I could feel my climax building. “I’m gonna cum baby,” I moaned.

“Cum on my tits mijo,” Candy said breathlessly. I pulled my cock from her ass and ripped the condom off it as she rolled onto her back.

My fist was a blur as I furiously stroked it. I felt the first shot blast from my cock with surprising force. It cleared her tits and landed on her lips. The remaining blasts coated her fantastic tits with thick warm cum as she stroked her hard dick.

Candy pulled out another condom and rolled it over her hard dick. “It’s your turn mijo,” she said as she positioned me on my hands and knees. I had never had anything up my ass and I was nervous but surprisingly excited by the idea of this sexy Latina fucking me.

I got on my hands and knees as Candy lubed her hard cock. She slid behind me and rubbed her slippery cockhead over my sensitive asshole.

“Are you ready mijo,” she asked.

“Yes,” I hissed. I wanted it.

Candy eased her big hard cock up my virgin asshole until she was balls deep inside me. I groaned loudly as pain shot through me. She pulled back slowly and I moaned at the surprising pleasure her cock gave me. She pushed back inside me and I felt an incredibly enjoyable pressure.

Candy fell into a steady rhythm as she fucked my virgin ass with long steady strokes. She held my hips and thrust her warm throbbing cock into me with increasing force. Her dick stroked my prostate and my cock stiffened to an achingly hard state.

Hard and fast she fucked my ass. I felt my climax building as her cock stroked my prostate.

“I’m cumming,” I cried out as I unleashed ribbons of cum onto the bed.

Candy continued to fuck me as she approached another climax. “I am going to cum mijo,” she said breathlessly as she pulled her cock from my ass. She pushed me onto my back and tore the condom from her dick. The sexy Latina straddled my face and thrust her cock into my mouth as she stroked it fast. She came in my mouth and on my face and I loved it.

I sucked her cock clean and then watched from the bed as she dressed. I was exhausted and completely satisfied as she dropped a card onto the nightstand.

“Call me again mijo,” she said as she slipped out the door.

I looked at the glossy card after she left. The front had a picture of her in lingerie and her cock was tucked out of sight. The back had a picture of her beautiful cock and a web address. I knew I would be calling her again.

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