Casino Pleasures

Double Penetration

I was never one to go ga-ga over a man in uniform until I met James.

Last summer, my husband took me to a posh resort casino down south. The facility was beautiful- a spa, large casino floor, upscale shops and restaurants and a lobby with comfortable chairs and a cozy fireplace. Even with the dazzling structural spectacle though, nothing compared to the vision that awaited me every time I took a trip to the guest elevators.

The vision’s name was James and he was one of the guys that did hotel security. He stood about six feet tall with chocolate skin; the kind of chocolate that you wanted to melt in your hands just so you could enjoy licking the sticky, sweet confection from your fingers. His body was trim, showing signs of being a frequent visitor at somebody’s gym and he had the sexiest dark brown bedroom eyes and lick-able lips. His uniform wasn’t anything fancy- just more fashionable than your basic security uniform- black pants, top and shoes, Bordeaux colored blazer. It followed his figure like a Ferrari on the deserted roads of Texas and I wanted badly to be the driver of that vehicle.

Every time my husband and I passed James on the way to the elevator, I had to make eye contact- couldn’t help it. As I passed him while roaming the impressive resort alone, I had to speak to him- couldn’t help it. While I sat outside the casino, letting the alcohol hubby and I had at the bar, create sensual paths through my body, I had to stare- I…just…couldn’t…help it. The images that passed through my mind of James and I together were wickedly vivid.

On our second day there, my husband and I spent a relaxing day by the pool, had an exquisite Chinese dinner (complete with fortune cookies in which my fortune was “don’t be afraid to approach someone new, you may be pleasantly surprised.”). We even stopped for after dinner drinks at one of the romantic little bars that dotted the landscape of the building. Upon leaving the bar, somewhere around midnight, hubby decided that he wanted to try his hand at three card poker. Knowing that I wasn’t into the gambling scene, he allowed me some free time to roam the resort and do some shopping, which I eagerly accepted.

After quite some time, I decided it was time to do what I do best: people watch. I figured what better place to create characters for my next erotic story than by creating lives for people at a casino. I strolled to the guest elevator to go to my room to change. As I passed James, I slipped him a tiny sheet of paper and whispered “after you read the fortune, you’ll understand the rest.” On the fortune I had written my name, cell phone number, email address and web address. I then sashayed past James towards the waiting elevator and went up to my room to grab my journal and get comfortable.

When I came back downstairs, James caught my eye and nodded. I took this to mean that he understood my note, and went to find myself a tiny corner to hole up in. I needed the best vantage point for my writing task and wouldn’t you know it, I found a niche right across from James. I sat down on the bench just outside of the casino and in between stolen glances, began to write. Or tried to anyway because he stood a hallway’s length away from me, looking yummy, and licking his lips in true LL Cool J fashion. It was so erotic, it prevented me from ever putting one damn word down on the page of my journal.

Lost in my fantasies of James now, I decided to be naughty. Leaving my outgoing persona at the door, I dressed up as my nervy alter ego, put my journal down, and walked over to where he stood. I boldly licked his lips and as I caressed them with my tongue, he opened his mouth to me, allowing me suck it in and savor his taste. When the kiss ended, I whispered in his ear how badly I wanted him. He smiled, took my hand, and led me to a secluded room not far from where we stood.

Once inside the extravagantly decorated room, I took a moment to notice that we were in what appeared to be a conference room. There were large ferns and banana plants, windows with elegant ivory sheer curtains, and a gorgeous marble conference table that looked like it would seat thirty people. The sidebar, also marble, held a crystal pitcher and four glasses along with an elaborate statue of Aphrodite and several bottles of wine. The carpet, extremely plush, was the most beautiful shade of deep pomegranate that I had ever seen, and the walls held mirrors of various sizes in intricately decorated, gilded frames.

After what must have felt like a lifetime to James, I turned to face him and reached out for him. He pulled me closer and played in my hair as I caressed his face, kissing and nibbling every bit of his exposed chocolate flesh. He pulled away from me and told me that he wished he could take his time. I told him I understood and began to unbutton his blazer. After I removed it, he took off his shirt. As he pulled it over his head, I took the opportunity to lick and suck his nipples. I sucked one beautiful nipple, then the other, and started kissing my way down towards his waist.

With his fingers tangled in my hair, I unfastened his pants and drew them down his legs. I kissed his inner thighs and pulled his underwear down. He now stood naked, in all his glory, before me and I feasted on the sight. Still kneeling on the floor, I licked every inch of his dick, starting at the base and working towards the head. I swirled my tongue around the tip, tasting the sweetness of him. As I licked the underside of his cock, it began to harden and dance for me. Not being a patient one, I took every glorious inch of him into my mouth. His musky maleness mixed with the Kahlua I had had after dinner was dessert in its own right. I eagerly licked and lapped at his shaft as he moaned where he stood.

Wanting more of him, I motioned to him to lie on the floor by lightly pulling on his hand. He wasted no time coming down to me and pulled out of my mouth just long enough to take off my top and bra and give me a tongue searing kiss. He then began teasing my already hardened nipples with his tongue. Instead of allowing me the pleasure of having him back in my mouth, James gently laid me on the floor and removed my jeans. I was so wet now that I felt myself begin to drip onto the carpet. While he kissed his way from my nipples to my navel, I began to rub my already sensitive clitoris.

I felt James stop what he was doing and when I peeked up, noticed that he had taken a moment just to watch how I was pleasuring myself. As I continued to play, he knelt by my head and fed me his hard dick. Fingers in pussy, I stroked and fingered myself to orgasm, all the while devouring James’ cock like it was a lollipop. Tonguing and sucking every bit of him, I felt him growing as if ready to explode. Not wanting the sensation to end, I took him out of my mouth, lay him down and got on top of him in a sixty-nine.

James eagerly began to lap at my juices, drinking every drop of my nectar. As I again placed him in my mouth, slowly teasing him back to life, he tongued fucked me in exquisite fashion. He spread my ass cheeks and licked me from my clitoris to my ass, then dipped his tongue into my puckered hole and put two fingers inside my aching pussy. I continued to bob up and down on his dick as he tenderly assaulted my pussy with his tongue. Nearing orgasm, I moaned his name with him in my mouth, causing him to twitch in pleasure. James continued nibbling on my swollen nub just enough to release another earth shattering orgasm from my body. I came like a dam had burst just as James filled my mouth with his sweet cream.

Satiated, he rolled out from under me and lay down beside me and as the waves of pleasure ebbed, I positioned myself between his legs to lick him clean. Once hard again, he started to thrust himself inside my mouth, face fucking me faster and faster as his fingers slid in and out of my drenched pussy. As I lavished him with my tongue, I heard him beg for release. Ignoring him, I began to slowly lick his shaft, kissing and nibbling on the head, then putting him deep inside my mouth. He drove me crazier by thrusting three fingers into my pussy, using his pinkie to play with my ass and his thumb to diddle my clit. Bringing me another huge orgasm, I screamed his name as he moaned mine, cumming himself.

Somewhere in the background I heard my cell phone ring. I pulled myself together, got dressed, kissed James fervently on the mouth and got up to walk out of the room. As I walked away he touched me on the ankle, smiling. I smiled back and told him not to forget about me, then I walked out of the room and into the lobby where I snuck up to my loving husband, kissed his neck, and asked him how much he won.

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