Caught Cheating Ch. 01

Harley Quinn

Hailey lifted her head, which had been resting on her arm up for the second time that hour. Down at the front of the lecture hall, her chemistry teacher was droning on about the wonders of balancing chemical equations. Sitting up in her chair, Hailey stretched out her arms and yawned softly. As she did, the smooth fabric of her bra shifted around her chest. She smiled slightly as she resettled into her seat. Peering out from beneath black bangs and a white and pink hoody, Hailey noticed that only about half the class had showed up. Late night chemistry on a Thursday should have been banned by law, however, her teacher continued on cheerfully enough. Rolling her eyes in exasperation at the situation, Hailey reached under the fold out desk and into her bag. Her arm stretched down between her legs as she fished about in her purse. After a moment, she came up with her Iphone and checked it. Nothing new in her inbox and no one had sent her any messages either. Feeling bored and rather distracted, Hailey took out her headphones from her hoody’s pocket and plugged them in.

Relaxing in her seat, Hailey scrolled through her music and decided on some Coldplay. Closing the screen, she opened her photos and popped open one of the many folders. Immediately, the screen was filled with a large black cock dripping cum from its tip. Looking at it longingly, Hailey licked her lips as she moved on to the next picture. It took only a minute before her hand once more digging in her bag. Her Iphone was on her desk and shining in the half-light. At the bottom of her bag was a bundle wrapped in a pink pouch. Pulling it out, Hailey placed it on her lap. Looking around once more, Hailey saw that no one was paying attention to her. The only other person in her row had his head rolled to one side and was dozing. Looking at her Iphone’s screen, Hailey saw a perfect ivory ass being split in half by a thick ebony cock. Opening the pouch in her lap, Hailey pulled away the cloth and leaving in its place a veiny seven-inch dildo.

She had just got it a week ago after looking online for on she liked. It was an inch longer than her usual one and also much thicker. Her dildo at home was a cute pink girly one that was a straight smooth shaft and about as wide as a candle. She had bought this one, because it was much more realistic and she was crazy about fat cocks. Hailey grinned at this last thought.

She could feel her cheeks flush as she lifted the cock and brought it to her mouth. Sucking on it, Hailey rolled her tongue over the shaft as she pushed it down her throat. When she removed it, she almost gagged as her throat relaxed. Her flesh colored dildo was now covered in saliva. With her other hand she reached behind her and grabbed at her thong. A moment later she had pulled it away and her skirt was now bunched around her hips. Rising halfway to her feet, Hailey slid the wet dildo between her legs, stopping directly beneath her ass.

Hailey gasped as she sat down. She felt the dildo flex under her weight before suddenly bursting into her ass. Slowly taking its length, Hailey eased back into her seat. Looking down, Hailey saw that her cock was stiff and straining against her panties. Freeing it, Hailey admired the sight of having two cocks between her legs. One was hers and the other was a thick bulbous dildo that had just buried itself in her ass. Sitting on her dildo, Hailey squeezed it as her hand began to quickly stroke her erect cock. Biting her lip, Hailey bounced and rolled her hips letting the dildo ravish her tight bottom.

Before she knew it, her dick was swollen pink and squirting quick pearls of sperm into the seat of her baby blue panties. She hadn’t wanted to cum so quickly, but Hailey had misjudged how much the boredom of class had affected her. She was simply horny and yearning for pleasure and the thick dildo in her ass was giving it to her. Leaning forward, Hailey looked up and saw that she was unnoticed. She had been as quiet as one could be considering her cock was twitching and still oozing a strand of cum.

The hall lights flickered for a second and then sprang to life as the auditorium was filled with a ringing sound. Hailey’s jaw almost dropped from fright and then she realized that people were beginning to pack away their things and to get to their feet. Lifting her ass up, Hailey grabbed her panties and yanked them back under her skirt. Her cum was sticky and warm all between her legs. Also, the seven-inch cock in her ass was pulled tight to her and she could feel it slither inside her as she sat back down. Hastily, she dumped her things into her purse and then slid out of the chair.

Hailey felt unsteady in her heels as she started to walk down the row. It was one thing to walk with a little swagger and try and get boys to look at you bum but it was entirely different when your panties were soaked with your own cum and there was a massive cock buried in your soft pink asshole. Hailey could feel that she was blushing furiously and her little dick was starting to stiffen. feriköy escort Her first thought was to try and make it to the washroom as quickly as possible, but as she neared the door, a fat girl with a bored look on her face said, “Edwards?” Hailey nodded, “Professor Christiansen wants to speak with you.”

Replying and at the same time ignoring the unrelenting deliciousness that was centered deep in her ass, Hailey said, “Seriously? Can it wait?” The fat girl just shrugged and then left. Hailey stood confused for a moment and then decided that she might as well see what was going on. Her only concern was the dildo in her ass and she was sure it wouldn’t fall out. For one her ass was far too tight and her panties were secure high up on her hips. Just in case, she gave it a little squeeze and felt her cum spread further around her crotch.

Professor Christiansen was at the podium on the auditorium’s stage and when he saw Hailey, he waved her over. Cursing her luck, Hailey went left and walked up the steps to the stage. Her skirt fell rather high up on her legs and she had no desire at the moment to be in any sort of elevated position unless it was back at her apartment, in bed, and her ass jiggling wildly on her dildo. Reaching the podium, Hailey tugged her hair back and asked politely, “You wanted to see me?”

He casually looked her up and down noticing that her hoody hid most of her cleavage and that she seemed to be rather flushed. “Yes, I did. Will you follow me to my office? We need to talk about your exam.” He had the strangest feeling that he had seen her before. Or maybe she just reminded him of anyone one of the nameless porn models he whacked off to on a daily basis. Professor Christiansen shrugged and began collecting his papers.

Hailey didn’t know what to say, so she just stood there and then remembered to nod. Waiting for him, Hailey shouldered her purse and absent-mindedly fixed her bra. It was a cute matching demi-bra to her baby blue panties and at her apartment she even had a little nighty that completed the set.

A few minutes later, Professor Christiansen beckoned Hailey to follow him. She walked apprehensively behind him and occasionally shivered as her dildo slid back and forth between her cheeks. Two flights of stairs later, he was holding the door open and Hailey went into a sparsely though neatly decorated office. It was all books, wood furniture with clean lines, and even a window that over looked the west end of the quad.

Putting down his briefcase, Professor Christiansen pulled out his chair and flipped open his black Macbook. “Sit please,” he said politely.

Taking the chair, Hailey hung her purse from the chair and sat down. The dildo seemed to jump inside her as though some stud had just slammed her down on his cock. She almost moaned and instead, coughed, trying to hide her blushing face. She sat very quietly as her professor ruffled through some papers and then pulled her exam and test sheet out from the stack.

The sleek wooden chair designed by some obscure Scandinavian architect had most certainly never considered the situation that she was in might occur atop one of his creations. The hard wood chair had a wonderful base for sitting and the straight back forced a rather proper and English posture on its user and Hailey felt as though she had been split in two. Almost all of her weight seemed to be balanced on her dildo and her tiny pink ass loved it. To say it was distracting would be to put things mildly, it only added to Hailey’s confused mental state.

“Can you explain this? I have a test marked, Hailey Edwards and yet there is no one by that name on my attendance list” Hailey began to fume, silently cursing her luck and her own stupidity. “I do however, have one person whose last name is Edwards. But surely that isn’t you?”

“Well, um…” As Hailey trailed off, she could see Professor Christiansen’s eyebrow rise. “I’m his twin sister…” The eyebrow lowered and was replaced by a slight frown.

“This poses a problem. You took someone else’s test and that is a clear violation of our school’s Academic Honesty policy. Unless there is an amazingly strange and good reason for doing what you did, I’m going to have to report you.”

On his laptop’s screen, Daniel Christiansen, clicked open IMovie and waited eagerly for the camera to adjust. Unbeknownst to everyone, Daniel had tapped a small webcam to the bottom of his desk. As the desk was a simple table, it gave him a wonderful view of anything that sat down in the chair opposite his. On the screen was a sharp and clear view of Ms. Hailey Edwards, he clicked record and returned to what he had been saying.

“The exam you took will of course be thrown out. I doubt you’ll be able to pass the course even if you’re allowed to remain here.” A moment later, her phone rang and she quickly fumbled at her purse trying to shut it off.

Distractedly, Hailey put her purse on his desk as he looked at his laptop gülbağ escort screen. Hailey’s little dick had grown considerably and she could feel her panties beginning to lift. Crossing her legs tightly, Hailey dropped her hands in her lap and tried to ignore her growing erection.

Crestfallen, Hailey said, “I know what I did was wrong. But, really, there was a good reason for it.” She said this last bit earnestly trying to put as much conviction in her voice as possible. Adjusting her hoody, Hailey continued, “My brother has been really sick lately and I thought I’d take some of the stress off him. He’s in the hospital…” Hailey trailed off as she looked away. She had no idea if he’d believe her but she also was terrified that she might get kicked out of school.

“That’s very kind of you, but this is serious business. If he is in the hospital then he can make it up later or retake the course at a later date.” Professor Christiansen was looking straight at Hailey and he was struck by how cute she was though she seemed to blush almost constantly. Looking at his laptop’s screen, he saw that she had crossed her legs and her white thighs were clearly visible. As were a very cute pair of baby blue panties.

Hailey was saying something, but his attention was elsewhere. Looking intently at the screen, Daniel thought it was very curious that the bright blue fabric was much darker right where her legs met. Shaking his head slightly, he looked up and said, “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I said that he can’t let anyone know that he’s in the hospital…” Casting about for a suitable reason Hailey added, “It’s drugs, I’m pretty sure he’d get in trouble if anyone found out. And he’s almost done with school. I just thought…”

Nodding encouragingly, Professor Christiansen said, “Thought what?” Meanwhile, his mind was trying desperately to determine if what he had seen meant that she was sitting right in front of him in a pair of creamed panties. He felt his penis stiffen noticeably under his linen pants. It would explain all the blushing he mused.

“I just thought that I’d try to help him while he got better. I’ve only taken one other test far him so far.”

Looking over his well-organized desk, Daniel let his eyes wander over her slender body. She was quite tall, almost all legs, under her hoody, he thought he saw the faint outline of a bra strap. “You’ve done this in an other class? Hailey, this is quite bad, even if I were to over look this occasion and simply give your brother a 0 for the exam, I’d still be compelled to talk to your other teacher.” Knowing that he was about to become noticeably aroused quite soon, Professor Christiansen, said, “Hailey, do you smoke?” She shook her head, “Well, I’m going to go have a cigarette and think things over. I don’t want to be indelicate, but neither can I ignore what’s going on here.”

Standing up, Daniel hid his video recording application and pulled up his grade sheet. “Make yourself comfortable,” and with that he walked past the down cast senior and grabbed his cigarettes from the pocket of his jacket. Looking at Ms. Edwards, Daniel admired her plentiful ass and lit his cigarette as he closed the door.

Hailey sat still for a moment collecting her thoughts. She was a nervous wreck. She almost smacked herself for telling him about the other test and then she began to despair. What if she got kicked out of school for this? And why on God’s green Earth had she gone and written her name on the test. She always signed it with just her last name and it was only her lecture classes that she attended dressed up. Mentally swearing at herself for a minute or so, Hailey got to her feet, thinking standing might helped. It certainly, relieved the pressure in her ass, though it did nothing for the fact that her pink little hole had never been so stretched or ravaged for so long.

Walking to the window, Hailey looked out and saw that Professor Christiansen was talking to a group of students and that he had just lit a second cigarette. Going back over to her chair, Hailey tried to think but the dildo buried between her cheeks made that impossible. Glancing at the window, Hailey decided that at the least she should remove her dildo. She needed to think and not being driven mad by how much she wanted to cum.

Walking in front of the chair, Hailey opened her purse and grabbed the bag she used for her dildo. Taking it out, she dropped it in front of her and then with her left hand lifted her skirt up and pulled the baby blue panties to one side, revealing her bare cheek and the base of the dildo. Letting go of her skirt, Hailey held onto the top of the chair as she leaned forward and at the same time her right hand pulled on the cock that was in her.

Involuntarily, Hailey let out a long moan as the thick cock exited her hole. The moment the tip cleared her cheeks; Professor Christiansen’s webcam caught a perfect view of Ms. Hailey Edwards’ gaping pink asshole. Breathing rapidly, Hailey kağıthane escort tried to prevent it, but her cock could take no more teasing. She blushed and quivered atop three-inch heels, as her panties were once more flooded with semen. Trying to ignore what had just happened, Hailey released the chair and grabbed the bag. Quickly, she stuffed her dildo inside it and then dropped it into her purse.

From the corridor outside the office, came the sound of well-heeled dress shoes, and Hailey, quickly turned around and resumed her seat. This time it was much more comfortable, her dick and balls had shrunk considerably after releasing their second load of cum though Hailey knew without looking that her panties were thoroughly messed. Behind her the door opened and then shut, a second later her Professor glided past her towards the window. Leaning on the sill, he took in the view while thinking about Hailey’s bubbly butt.

In fact, the whole time he had been outside he was unable to think of anything else besides her very cute ass and a pair of sodden baby blue knickers. Without turning to look at her, Professor Christiansen said, “I think the best course will be for us compromise. Something like this, is not worth ruining someone’s entire career or life over and as you said, you had good reason for doing what you did.”

Leaving the window, he walked to the corner of his desk and looked at Hailey’s face. It was still glowing from her recent orgasm and she looked very pretty with her short pixie cut and glossy pink lips. He didn’t like her earrings terribly, but Daniel knew he was being picky. There was however, something quite androgynous about her, perhaps her eyes he mused. Or perhaps, it was how she had styled her make-up.

Leaning over, he peered at the screen of his laptop for a moment before finding the name, ‘Edwards, Christopher.’ It had a high grade next to it, in the mid nineties. “Your obviously quite bright Ms. Edwards…” He noticed she looked away after he said this, he smiled, he liked shy girls. Moving the mouse over to IMovie he clicked it, once more the camera was filled with Hailey’s legs though they were no longer crossed but instead slightly parted. “Hmm,” Daniel absently voiced as he looked at a beautiful spectacle. An edge on view of a black pleated skirt that covered the top of Hailey’s panties, and thanks to the light from his window, her crotch was left only in the faintest of shadows. His eyes popped as he saw that Hailey’s panties were now completely soaked. The little minx must have fingered herself silly while he was out, thought Daniel.

Returning his attention to her, Daniel made a note to seriously reconsider the little nymph that he had in his office. Changing his though around, Professor Christiansen moved around the desk and stood next to Hailey’s right leg. “Like I said, a compromise would be best. I don’t condone cheating by any means, but I can tell you’re just trying to do right by your brother. I would do the same thing, I’m an older brother as it were.” Looking at her, he casually sat on the edge of his desk and stretched his feet out. Hailey was still terribly nervous and on the verge of cracking, she made room for his leg by opening hers further while her mind hurried frantically to continue her lie.

“Are you the older sister?” Hailey nodded, and Professor Christiansen went on, “I’ll keep this matter between us and provided that you take your brother his coursework, I’ll even let you continue to sit my exams.” Hailey let out a sigh at this and Daniel saw that her hoody was indeed hiding two small and sporty mounds. Delightfully, cute B-cups perhaps. “The catch is that you’ll have to take your exams here and that you need to bring me a statement from your brother’s doctor. Nothing serious, but I do need some statement that says he is incapacitated. Otherwise, if this is all a lie and you’re trying to con me, I wont be held responsible.”

Hailey looked up at her professor and said, “Yes, really thank you so much. I was so scared,” at this she laughed slightly and grinned sheepishly. Daniel was gazing at her legs and wishing that her skirt were just a little higher. It was just past where her slight tan faded and her thighs went pale. Shifting his weight, Daniel dropped his hands in front of his lap discreetly hiding his now prominent erection. “I’ll bring you the statement as soon as I can.” Hailey was feeling immensely cheered by the turn of events.

“I forgot to mention,” said Professor Christiansen smoothly, “I also expect you to meet me twice a week for coffee. You have quite the aptitude for chemistry…” He paused and leaned forward slightly as Hailey unconsciously tugged at her bra. “What was it that you said you’re studying?”

Moving her bangs out of her eyes, she said, “Fashion. I study over in building L. I mean, of course, there’s no problem about meeting with you. Thank you, I was actually quite worried about if I had made my brother fail or not…” Daniel could tell that she was distracted.

“I can assure you, that you did superbly. A…” At this, he craned his neck backwards and glanced at his laptop’s screen. His leg was an indistinct shadow but her panties were as blue as the afternoon sky and stained. “A 94%,” he finished easily. “Fashion? What is it that you design?” he asked innocently.

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