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The winter wind ripped down the valley, tearing the exhaust from the sled’s engine. He squinted into the weak sunlight as the road wound out of the shadows. The settlement seemed to sprawl around the volcanic vent, the houses looking for all the world like a parasitic infestation on the icy purity of the planet.

“Welcome home, tay-Lor,” his companion’s voice vibrated through the speakers in his helmet, “Hurry, I’m waiting!”

tay-Lor cranked the throttle and pointed his snowmobile down the road. Today he sped down the hill, eager to give Val the good news. He pulled up in front of the low rounded walls of the quonset structure the company had provided about 5 minutes later. Once inside, he waited impatiently for the hydraulics to seal the door; finally the green light flashed.

Slowly he unbuckled and lifted the frosty headgear off. The ice dripped from the helmet as the airlock warmed. He smiled as he felt the Earth-quality atmosphere engulf him when he walked through the inner door. Val loved the sultry heat of his birth planet and always tried to emulate it at home.

Val stood as tay-Lor walked into the lounge. tay-Lor could see his pet had been in the UV room again, his skin was bronze and smooth. The clone felt that delicious twinge in his groin as he thought of the human’s body rippling casino şirketleri beneath him. Val was obviously intrauterine grown, with that quality of yeilding hardness only a mother could instill in a boy. His pure humanity was incredibly arousing to the off-world raised “gen-mod”.

tay-Lor’s blastocyst had been genetically modified to allow him to survive the extreme temperature changes found outside of the sealed living spaces on this planet. He was then incubated invitro and raised at the Company’s clone development center on Io. Now, he was here with a gorgeous human to call his and to use as he willed, not to mention a challenging planetary exploration and cartography mission to keep him otherwise stimulated. Val moved to kneel at tay-Lor’s feet and eagerly reached for the fastners of the environmental suit.

tay-Lor grunted as he felt his cock sink into Val’s hot, wet mouth. His blood pounded, filling his prick, throbbing with his pulse. He flexed, thrusting into that oh so willing, sucking mouth. tay-Lor stroked the slick skin of Val’s shaved head, loving the steps his dear one took to please. He quivered as Val pressed a finger against his asshole, the stroking of his sensitive pucker an exquisite counterpoint to the caress of Val’s tongue on his cock. Selfishly he fucked that youthful casino firmaları face, his own pleasure all he sought.

“Stop,” he groaned, “I need to cum inside you Val. Stop.”

tay-Lor shuddered as Val licked along his shaft. Val looked up, “Your need is mine. I want to cum with you inside me tay. Fuck me, please.”

Grinning, tay-Lor helped Val to his feet, “No, Val. You fuck me.” He led the way into the bedroom, stretched out on the bed. His cock lay heavily against his abdomen, a slippery strand of semen stretched from just below his belly button to his cockhead. His seminal fluid was almost dripping as he imagined Val’s tight muscles opening for him. tay-Lor watched as Val took the tube of lubricant off the table and squeezed a generous gob onto his fingers. The cold of the jelly made his gut clench as Val prepared his cock.

tay-Lor reached down and urged Val over his body. The touch of so much hot skin was a powerful aphrodisiac and tay-Lor could hardly wait. Val straddled his waist and leaned forward to kiss him. tay-Lor wet his own fingers with saliva. He probed Val’s ass even as his tongue stroked into that hot mouth. He heard his lover’s sweet moans as his finger worked through the sphincter. He twisted it round and felt the opening soften and stretch. He slowly inserted three güvenilir casino fingers. Fucking Val’s tight hole with his digits, lubricating him.

“tay-Lor! Now!” Val cried out.

The clone gripped the human’s thighs and pulled them further apart. Val raised up onto his knees and grasped the slippery cock, rubbing it against his wet, wanting ass. He moaned loudly as he sat back, impaling himself. tay-Lor cupped Val’s balls and tugged gently, pulling the man down onto him. He moved his hand and squeezed Val’s shaft, sensing his precious human was going to cum.

Val rolled his hips as he started to fuck tay-Lor. He quivered as he rose up and sank back down. tay-Lor was balls deep inside the tender sleeve of his lover. He stroked Val’s cock, milking it with his fingers. They panted, their passion nearing culmination. The scalding splash of Val’s orgasm ripped loud growls from tay-Lor’s throat. They tensed as cum spurted onto and into each other. Val weakly fell onto tay-Lor’s chest as the post-orgasmic tremors shook through him.

tay-Lor stroked his lover’s back absently as they descended from sex-induced euphoria. “Good news today, Val. I received notice that I’m authorized a clone litter. Will you donate your cheek cells for the production?”

Val laughed happily at the news, “Of course, tay! You’re the only person who will ever have them!”

“I look forward to a whole lotta little val-Tor’s running around. Especially if they look just like you!” tay-Lor got out of bed and presented Val with the swab kit, “Now’s as good a time as any, I guess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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