Cherie Ch. 1


I glanced down at my watch as I fidgeted uncomfortably on the lounge I sat on, wondering why she was late.

My name is Jeff Karnegie. I’m 19 years old, tall and trim, with short black hair and green eyes. Tonight was my birthday, and the woman who I was waiting for was my present from a few of my friends. I don’t know what her real name is, but she goes by the name Cherie, a hot Asian woman who me and the aforementioned friends had seen perform once during a visit to the local strip joint. There had been something in her delicate oriental features, something in her entrancing movements, that drew me deep into a forbidden passion with the kind of woman you don’t like to take home to meet the parents.

I mentioned my desire to one of those friends, and he quietly assured me that he could arrange a personal ‘meeting’ between myself and Cherie – who, he told me, did personal one-on-one ‘performances’ for some of her customers. The rest, as they say, is history – and here I am, waiting for her, wondering why she’s late.

And then, the moment I had been dreading: the doorbell of my hotel suite rang. I had taken our ‘business’ to a hotel on the edge of town, telling everyone that I was going on a short business trip, but taking leave off work for a couple of well-earned days.

Standing up, I quickly straightened out my clothes, before heading to the door, opening it to be confronted by the woman of my dreams.

She was 24, a few years older than me, though she looked barely out of her teens. She stood only up to my chest, about 5’4″, and she was thin, though her womanly shape was evident, accentuated by her form-fitting black lace dress which contrasted beautifully with her pale skin. The dress was nearly see-through, doing little to hide her small, pert, braless breasts, the nipples clearly standing to attention under the material. Below, her black panties were obvious, though they covered her cunt entirely. My eyes now scanned up to her flawless face, pale as the moon, her defined cheekbones, her beautiful, brown eyes, and her long, black hair. A devilish smile crossed her lips as she looked me over.

“You are… Jeff?” she purred, stepping into the room without an invitation, her long, dainty fingers reaching up to stroke my jacket. That slightest touch sent shocks of pleasure through my body, and I could already feel my penis growing beneath my trousers.

“Y…yes.” I stammered, reaching around her to close the door.

“Good.” She whispered, her voice sweet and devilish at the same time. She now placed her palms against my chest, gently pushing me backwards. “Please… get comfortable…” she whispered, her eyes dancing with passion. I did not resist her, and soon enough, she pushed me down onto the same black leather couch I had been sitting on. She smiled slightly, again, that smile that nearly made me cream my pants, before leaning over me and kissing me softly on the forehead. She then stepped away, placing herself on the other side of the table that stood before the lounge. Then, she reached up with both her hands, her eyes now closing, before she began to dance.

Her movements were stunning. I had never before noticed such beauty in dance, never before seen Onwin such fluent motions, so amazing, so graceful, and also so sexually alluring. Her arms, her legs, her hips, all moved in perfect harmony, and I lost all track of time as she moved, her body the only thing in my world for a moment.

After her dance was done, she stepped up onto the glass table before me, her tiny frame now looming over me, as she continued to move to music that did not exist, nor could not exist, for it was far too melodic and beautiful for the music of mortals. Her hands ran across her body, her thighs, her stomach, her breasts, through her raven-black hair… I could feel my erection pressing painfully against my pants.

Finally, she lowered herself down, until she was sitting on the side of the table closest to me, her eyes meeting mine as she ran her hands across her breasts again. Now her motions took on a much more definite sexual tone as she clasped each tit in each of her hands and began to gently mould them, her body swaying backwards and forwards rhythmically. And then, when I thought I could handle no more, she displaced herself from the table, now sitting on my knees, her legs on either side of mine, her face coming tantalisingly close to mine as she released her breasts, her hands now moving to clasp around my shoulders. Finally, she drew me into her, her lips parting to meet mine as she pressed my body against hers, her tits against my chest. Too nervous to control myself, I acted out of instinct, my lips opening to meet hers, and, when our faces met, I could immediately feel her tongue inside my mouth, running across my teeth, meeting with my own tongue, running underneath and lifting mine, and, finally, I took enough control over myself to react, my own tongue now entwining with hers as we kissed passionately. My raging manhood pressed through the fabric of my trousers against her smooth thighs, but she seemed not to notice, totally engaged on our kiss, her hands now reaching up to cup my face in her palms, her tongue now driving into my mouth with more force, and I was forced to lean back, to give way to her passion. As I reclined on the leather couch, she moved forwards with me, her legs moving slightly to achieve better purchase on my lap, and I could feel my erection pressing against a patch of moisture that could only have been her panties, wet with the juice of her pussy.

At this touch, she pulled back slightly, as if teasing me, her hands now moving down from my cheeks and to my jacket, quickly taking it off and throwing it away, her tongue now removing itself from my mouth, that long, sensual kiss now replaced by fast, erotic pecks, licks, and sucks, her lips and tongue working overtime across my lips. I moaned in pleasure, my hands now moving instinctively to cup her tiny ass, my hands grasping each of her ass cheeks firmly as we continued to kiss. My shirt soon followed my jacket, pulled off completely, not even unbuttoned, my lightly haired chest now revealed. As I gripped her ass more firmly, her own hands played across the hair on my chest and traced my muscles. As she continued to kiss me wildly, her hands now moved down my stomach, to the hem of my trousers, which she quickly Onwin Giriş unbuttoned and unzipped like a pro, wrenching them down to my knees. I let out a small gasp as the fabric threatened to take my dick with it in its violent motion, but soon the pain was forgotten, replaced by indescribable passion. A tiny patch of pre-cum stained my boxers, the only thing now which covered my groin.

I realised suddenly that in my pleasure I had been tightening my grip on her ass cheeks, but she seemed not to have noticed. She was probably used to being handled roughly, I realised. I released my hold on them a little, now gathering more of the lace of her dress in my hand, pulling it upwards until all the bottom was bunched up around her ass, revealing her slim legs and thighs. Sensing my intention, she finally moved her lips away from mine for the first time, though her eyes never left mine, her deep brown eyes sparkling with desire as we swapped silent sentiments. She then reached behind her and grabbed my hands, still staring into my eyes, both of us silent. I released the dress, and it fell back down into place, and she slowly guided my hands upwards to her back. About half-way up her back, when her arms had reached the farthest point they could in her current position, she pressed my hand against her back. Feeling the cold of metal, I knew what she was telling me, and my hands moved up the zip to the top, where I clasped the small metal piece and began to unzip her dress slowly. As I did this with both hands, she moved back down on top of me, her mouth now moving to my neck instead of my own mouth. Her hands and legs pressed against the couch on either side of me, she nestled into my form, gently kissing my neck, letting her tongue trail across my skin. Finally, when I had completely unzipped her dress, I released the metal. I felt the dress fall limp under my touch, but it did not come undone until she reared back, taking the material in her hands, and pulled her arms out, the material now falling down to the ground. My eyes grew wide as I took in her body, her beautifully slim legs, her moist black panties, but my eyes lingered on her pert breasts. Seeing this, she smiled knowingly, before taking my hands in hers and guiding them to her tits. I froze, completely unable to move, my hands hanging numbly onto her breasts. I now glanced up, away from her nipples, and saw that she was staring deep into my eyes. Smiling, she lay her palms on the backs of my hands, guiding my hands around her breasts. Once I was into a rhythm, she released my hands, and I began to mould her breasts, slowly at first, but gathering momentum. As I did, she arched her neck back and closed her eyes, opening her mouth but making no noise, as her hands moved around to the back of my head. I did not resist as she thrust her chest forwards and pushed my head towards her breasts, and, when her right nipple pressed against my lips, I opened my mouth to gently suck on the tiny bud. My other hand still kneading her left breast, I now began to lick and suck on her right tit, her hands pressing my head forwards encouragingly. Her panties pressed against my boxers, her mound pressing against my erection, and again I felt the Onwin Güncel Giriş moisture on the fabric of her underwear. This time, however, she did not pull away, instead pressing against my cock. My free hand moved down to her panties as her own hands glided down my back to the hem at the back of my boxers. For a moment, we both paused, completely still but for my tongue, still licking and sucking at her right nipple, and then, she slowly began to pull down my boxers. As she did, I pulled down on her panties, and, soon enough, both boxers and panties were on the floor at our feet. Unable to glance down to see her pussy, I simply thrust out with my cock, and was rewarded at the feel of her shaved mound. As I continued to knead and suck each of her breasts respectively, she guided her cunt onto my cock with expert precision. I moaned into her tit as my cock glided easily into her slick hole, plunging in to the hilt on the first stroke. My left hand slipped off her breast and glided down towards her ass, and my free, right hand also made its way to her butt. Clamping onto each of her ass cheeks firmly, I waited for her to pull herself off my shaft before I thrust forwards, in synchrony with her downwards thrust, and I heard her moan, my own sounds of pleasure muffled as she pressed her breast further into my mouth. Nearly gagging on her tit flesh, I was forced to suck harder on her nipple. As the entirety of my cock slammed into her pussy, she pulled away again immediately, before thrusting downwards again. I met her cunt with another perfectly synchronised thrust of my own groin, my cock plunging into her pussy, making her moan again. I could feel the pressure in my balls building, and, suddenly remembering that I wasn’t wearing a condom, I tried to pull away before I came into her pussy. If she noticed my attempts to stop, she did not act upon them, and when I tried to say something she plunged her tit further into my mouth, silencing me instantly. Unable to make her stop, I concentrated on holding my orgasm in, but as she impaled herself again I could not resist any longer, and my cum burst from out of my cock, filling her pussy with my seed. For a moment, impregnating her was forgotten, and I closed my eyes, moaned into her breast, and came again with a body-shuddering orgasm. When I was done, I heard her making a long, high-pitched moan, and I felt her juices running down my cock, and I knew she, too, had reached her orgasm. My cock grew limp inside her cunt as she continued to orgasm, her cum spilling down my cock and into my pubic hair. Once she was done, she pulled her tit from out of my mouth and fell limp against me, her cunt still placed over my flaccid cock. She lay her head on my shoulder, our bodies pressed together, and for a moment, we were perfectly united – our bodies as one. Then, the sudden realisation of what I had just done sank in.

Holding her arms gently, I pulled her off me, our eyes meeting again. Her face showed her confusion evidently as she blinked, as if she had just been awoken by a bright light.

“I… I tried to pull out, but…” I started.

Her confusion now dissolving, she smiled wryly and placed a finger across my lips, silencing me immediately.

“Quiet. Don’t worry about it.” She purred, before replacing her finger with her lips, a slow, sensual kiss that lasted several seconds. She pulled away, smiled at me, and then kissed me again.

Unsure what to think or do, I simply relaxed, and let her kiss me.

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