Christina’s Choice


Christina is undoubtedly the most beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure to bed-down. Her measurements are a flawless 38-24-34. Her dark brown eyes constantly sparkle with lust, and those luscious lips of hers just beg to have a hard cock shoved between them. But most importantly, she loves sex – all kinds of sex – just as much as I do.

The following is a recap of just one of our many encounters.


This story begins on a warm Saturday afternoon in late June. It had been almost two weeks since Christina and I had last spent an afternoon sucking and fucking, and I was more than anxious to turn my divine little vixen anyway but loose.

When Christina arrived, I could tell immediately that she was just as hot and bothered as I was; and would do anything I demanded in order to satisfy her own lust.

“On your knees, slave!” I commanded.

Christina closed the front door and obediently knelt before me. Slowly, I took off my shirt, then dropped my pants to my ankles. My cock was already rock-hard and wanting the feel of those soft, sexy lips.

“Suck my cock.”

Obediently, Christina wrapped her warm lips around my shaft and began to suck. Her talented tongue swirled around my shaft. Slowly, she took my full length deep into her fabulous mouth. Even more slowly she drew back, until only the head of my cock remained trapped between those incredible lips. The rhythm she set was exquisite torture. A deliberate tease.

“Suck it Save!”

Christina maintained her tormenting pace, knowing full-well the consequences of her disobedience.

Grabbing two handfuls of her dirty-blonde hair, I pulled her forcefully to me, burying her nose deep in my pubes, while at the same time encouraging her to deep-throat my cock.

“Are you going to suck my cock like the good little slave I know you to be?” I asked.

Although all her years of training as a competitive swimmer enabled Christina to hold her breath for long periods of time, I knew that with her mouth full of cock (and her nose full of pubic hair), I would not have to wait long before her lungs would be demanding air.


A minute passed. Two. Bostancı Grup Escort Three. Finally, her defiance waned. She slowly nodded yes.

“Good slave.”

As I released my grip, Christina drew several quick breaths and immediately began treating me to the best blow-job ever.

“That’s my good little cock-sucker.” I said, “Oh yes! Suck my cock. Suck it dry!” *****

When Christina had finished drinking down the last of my cum, I ordered her to her feet.

“Now strip!” I commanded.

Slowly, Christina began to unbutton her blouse.

“Be quick about it!

“Now the skirt!

“Now the bra!”

In moments, Christina was standing before me, naked – save her thong-panties, and four inch heels.


“Don’t you wish me to remove my panties, Master?”

“Not yet, Slave.” I said, “That sweet ass of yours has some licks coming its way as retribution for the way you teased my cock, and its going to need all the protection it can get.”

“Yes, master.”

“Now, march!”

Although it was only four short steps down the hall to the master bedroom, Christina acted as though it were a mile.

“After you, my slave.” I said.

Once inside, I pushed shut and locked the door, then sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Come here my disobedient slave.”

Christina approached, and then lay down across my lap to begin receiving her punishment.

“Count them out!”

I brought my hand down hard across her thong-pantied bottom.

“One.” she cried.







By the time I had finished delivering the last blow to Christina’s beautiful bottom – number fifteen – the tears were trickling down her cheeks.

“Has that pretty ass of yours learned its lesson?” I asked.

“Yes master, it has.”

“Then show it to me. Your pussy too.”

Obediently, Christina pulled aside her thong, to reveal her lightly reddened ass, puckered asshole, and gorgeous pussy.

Another sharp blow.

“On the bed!” I commanded, “On all fours!”

Christina obeyed immediately.

“And Bostancı Manken Escort take off your panties and heels!”

Again, Christina obeyed immediately: her perfect breasts swaying seductively back and forth as she complied. For a long moment I stared down at her. She was a perfect “10”. I smiled to myself, then knelt behind my sexy vixen and reached around, taking hold of her thick nipples. In turn, I stretched them out from her breasts : pinching them; hard.

Christina moaned her pleasure/ pain.

Slowly, I began to stretch them out, using them as a kind of handle to move her breasts in a circular motion.

“Slave! Take one hand and keep pulling these nipples for me.” I said, “I want them to stay nice and hard!”

Christina brought up her right hand and began to feverishly pinch, roll and pull on her nipples, taking great care to pay equal attention to each.

“Good slave!” I said, “Now, spread your legs!”

Shifting her weight back and forth, Christina worked her legs further apart. Slowly, I ran my hand up her soft, inner thigh to her sticky pussy-lips. Roughly, I tugged on them, pulling them back from her clit.

“Your pussy is mine.” I whispered.

“Yes Master.” she moaned.

Without warning, I inserted three fingers deep inside Christina’s pussy, and began my assault on her poor little clit. I was merciless: pinching, twisting, milking her slick, little boatman for all it was worth.

Suddenly, Christina’s back arched as waves of pleasure began to set her pussy on fire.

“That’s a good slave. Enjoy your cum. Yes. Enjoy what I’m doing to your poor little clit. And get ready. Because now, I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“No Master. Please. Not yet.’

Ignoring her appeal, I placed the head of my cock against the folds of her soft, waiting pussy and began to fuck her.


With each stroke, I fed her my full length; and then withdrew. Her pussy was sopping. Slick. Hot. Tight.

I drove my cock into her, hard.



My strokes were short and deep: each one hitting bottom in her pussy.

“Tell Bostancı Masöz Escort me, Slave, does your pussy like the pounding its getting?”

“Yes Master. Oh yes!”

“Does it like being fucked?”

“Oh yes Master.”

I held still inside her.

“Then let me hear you beg for it. Beg me to fuck your pussy.”

“Oh please Master. Please.” she said, “Please fuck my pussy! Please!”

Even more slowly than before, I began to fuck her pussy. Each stroke; deep. Hard. My balls slapping against her thighs..

“Is this how you like it?”

“Yes Master. Oh yes.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Master, I’m very sure.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer to have my cock up your ass?”

“Up my ass, Master?”

“Yes! Up your ass! Now beg me. Beg me! Beg me to fuck your ass!”

Christina hesitated for a moment. Deciding. “Please Master.” she began, “Please, Master. Please fuck my ass. Please?”

I rolled Christina onto her side, and quickly impaled her adulterous ass.

“Now beg me like you mean it!”

“Oh Master! Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! Fuck it! Fuck it; hard!”

Obeying Christina’s impassioned requests, I began to pound away at her sweet ass. And what a sweet ass it was!

“Yes. Yes. Yes!” Each time my hips met her ass, Christina voiced her pleasure.

Harder. Deeper. Faster. With each stroke, I picked up the pace.

“Yessss!” she hissed.

“Tell me, Slave. Where do you want me to cum?”

“In my ass. Please, Master, cum in my ass. Please! Please cum in my ass! Please fill my ass with your cum!”

Harder. Faster. Deeper.

“Where do you want me to cum?”

“In my assssss!”

Seeking her own release, Christina began grinding her ass against my cock, taking in as much as she could.

My balls began to ache.

I could feel my cum starting to rise.

Forcefully, I drove my full length deep into her ass and kept pumping.




We were both soaked with sweat.

I tried desperately to keep from cumming; but couldn’t. Without warning, my cock began to erupt, filling her gorgeous ass with cum.


Since that day, my lovely wife and I have spent many lazy Saturday afternoons exploring the depths of our fantasies; but to date, none (for me) have quite compared to the day my darling Christina became my devoted sex-slave.

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