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For three years, I worked with a woman named Stephanie teaching night school. Every evening, we would teach for an hour and a half, take a break and eat, and then teach for another hour.

During those breaks, I got to know her well–she drank a lot, fucked a lot of guys, and seemed to take great pleasure in tormenting them sexually. Her life was a maze of “Marco heard me talking to Jack” drama, and while it was stimulating, it was a world away from my quiet, sexually frustrating marriage. She was a good teacher, though, and we had fun together.

One night, after about a year of this, she was laughing about her weekend. She said the guy she was with lasted about a minute any time they fooled around. He was great with his tongue, and always made her feel great, but couldn’t stay hard when he blew his load, so she was left hanging repeatedly. I was squirming at that point, but told her she should give him a blowjob first to slow him down–seemed like good, wildly inappropriate coworker advice!

She said she had tried that, and she almost snorted when she said he came in under a minute from the blowjob, but still couldn’t last. At this point, I could feel my cock twitching. Lighting a cigarette, I paused and then jumped in with both feet. I told her I had the opposite problem–I could last all day because it was really hard for me to get off from a blowjob. I loved every minute, but it was a rare woman who could make me cum, and my wife wasn’t patient enough. She got me riled up, but then wanted to fuck.

“Poor thing!” was her laughing response.

That’s when the awkward pause happened. She exhaled slowly, then looked up at me from her pose against the brick wall of the school.

“Maybe,” she said, “you just didn’t marry the right woman.”

I didn’t answer. There isn’t really a good answer for that one, is there?

She went on, stumbling a little over her words: “I didn’t mean it like that–I just meant you should have married someone who could make you cum like that.”

She was actually blushing, even after our conversation five minutes ago.

I decided to let her off the hook a little, so I said, “That’s not why I fell in love, ya know,” trying to lighten the mood. “It just turned out that way…”

She looked even more embarrassed if anything. “I didn’t mean…”

“I know–I’m just busting your balls,” I said.

She laughed and looked down again. When she looked up, though, something had changed. Her eyes were challenging. “I could do that for you, you know,” she said with a direct stare.

It was my turn to blush. “I bet you could,” I said.

One thing I always liked about her was her direct attitude. She dropped to her knees and rubbed her cheek against my swollen cock through the fabric of my pants.

“I mean it,” she said.

“I know,” I responded, unzipping my fly and pulling out my rapidly swelling 7″ cock.

Looking up, she stroked in slowly, smiled and said, “I’ve always wondered about this!” before she took me in her mouth.

Leaning back against the wall, I could hear the kids in the courtyard, enjoying their break. Not like I was enjoying mine, though! One of Steph’s hands gripped the base of my shaft while she moved slowly up and down on my cock. At the top, her tongue would swirl around the head and then she would descend again, taking a little more into her mouth. Pretty soon, she flattened her hand against my abs, gripping me only with her thumb so that she could take more of me. Her other hand moved around to my ass, urging me forward rhythmically, letting me know that it was OK to fuck her mouth.

I ran my fingers through her hair, not trying to control her motion, but to let her know I appreciated what she was doing. Her bobbing stayed steady and relentless. She threw in a few strokes with her hand then, swirling her palm across my most sensitive parts before putting me back in her mouth and lapping at me with her tongue.

Glancing at my watch, I knew we had to finish up and get back to work, so I put both hands on her head, holding her steady. She got the message and relaxed her motion, letting me find the sweet spot I needed to get off, sucking hard when I pulled back and jerking me with her hand. Pretty soon, my cock began to swell and my balls started to tighten up. She held just the head with her lips, her tongue rubbing that sensitive spot below the head, and she stroked me with her slippery hand, jerking me off into the suction of her hot little mouth. Standing up tall, I thrust forward one last time, feeling the cum spurt out of me, feeling her sucking mouth drawing it out, her throat working as she swallowed every drop. When my throbbing slowed down, she squeezed me more firmly, güvenilir bahis milking the last few drops out of me as I shrank. My cock was clean and almost dry when she smiled up at me and tucked it back into my pants.

With a smile, she stood up, kissed my cheek, and lit a cigarette. With shaking hands, I zipped up and lit one for myself.

“That was amazing,” I finally said, smiling back at her.

She nodded and said, “I liked it too. I like a challenge!”

“You definitely won,” I told her.

“You definitely lasted more than a minute” was her only response.

Pretty soon, we were back inside teaching, breath minty fresh from the gum, and our attitude vastly improved by the blowjob.

When the night was over, we headed for our cars when the kids were gone. Stopping under a streetlight, she paused. “I’m not going to suck your dick every night, you know?” she said.

“I know that, ” I told her. “I’m just glad you did tonight.”

“I tell you a lot of stuff about what I get up to because I trust you, and I kinda think it turns you on. I don’t want you to think I’m a slut, though…”

“I don’t, Steph. I think you’re great, and I think you’re a good teacher, and I just found out that you give amazing blowjobs and take pity on your coworkers when they need something special.”

She smiled, got in her car, and honked twice as she drove off.

For the rest of that week, it was business as usual. We would have a snack, have a cigarette, and chat about her guys. We didn’t talk about the blowjob, or my marriage. I did check her out a lot more, admiring the curve of her slender hips, the bounce of her tips through the cotton tops she wore, and the smile that I had felt one night wrapped around my cock.

The following Monday, Mr. Cum-too-fast was gone. She told me on break that it was too much work, getting him hard all the time and then getting fucked for such a short time. She did confess that she would miss his tongue, but not the rest.

Tuesday night, she asked me if I still thought about her blowjob.

“Of course I do,” I told her. “Every time I see you, every time I jerk off, and every time I don’t get one at home. It was great–you know that.”

“Wow,” she laughed. “That’s a lot of thinking for one blowjob!”

“I told you, that doesn’t happen for me very often.”

“Right…” she said thoughtfully.

“What?” I asked her.

“I could tell you needed a good blowjob because you finally spoke up. I didn’t think you ever would. Now I find out you’ve been thinking about it ever since, but you haven’t said a word about it. Do you feel guilty or something?”


“Really? Have you cheated on her before?”

“No,” I said. “I’m a little surprised myself, but you did something amazing for me that she won’t do. I haven’t cum in her mouth in 12 years. Why should I feel bad that I met someone who can get the job done?”

She laughed. “Right up until you unzipped your fly, I thought you were the perfect husband, talking dirty but never following through!”

“Yeah–unzipping my fly kind of blew my cover, right?” I asked her.


She paused again, choosing her words carefully. “I kind of feel like it’s OK to ask this now that we’ve cleared things up a little…”

“What have we cleared up?” I asked her.

“You don’t feel bad about me sucking your dick. You don’t mind cheating on your wife. And…you can last more than a minute. Right?”

“Right,” I replied.

“So now I can ask you something else…”

“Like what?” I asked, looking into her eyes.

I was a little thrown off by two things: the direction of this conversation, and the realization that she was right–I didn’t feel bad about letting her blow me.

“Will you fuck me when the kids are gone?” she asked quietly, bringing my thoughts back to the present moment. “I really need to get fucked, and I don’t feel like going out and finding someone and finding out they can’t get it up or can’t last, or don’t know how to fuck. I’m pretty sure you know what you’re doing, and I know you’re horny for me all the time, and I know you have a nice cock, and I know that when the kids are gone, I’m going to be here in the parking lot of an empty school with a wet pussy, hoping you’ve got the balls to fuck me right here before you go home…” she trailed off challengingly.

I dropped my cigarette, ground it out, and stepped closer to her. My stiffening cock bumped against her stomach as I pulled her close and growled into her ear: “How the fuck am I going to teach thinking about that?”

She laughed and said she had the same problem all the time. Smiling at each other with anticipation, we headed back inside.

The türkçe bahis last hour felt like three. She knew I was looking at her now, and although she acted pretty normal and the kids got their work done, I was quieter than usual because I was imagining her naked–she would bend over to help someone, and I would imagine standing behind her, holding her hips and fucking her. She licked her lips, and I thought of how good that tongue felt on my hard cock. She wrote on the board, and I admired the long, slender curves of her body, her breast pulled taut and high, her leg flexed as she reached the top line. When it was over, we closed down the classroom and shepherded the kids out to their waiting parents.

“Go lock up,” she said as the tail lights turned the corner. I went.

When I came out, her car was gone. I laughed at the ruin of my expectations, then cursed her for being a cocktease and turned toward my own car. Suddenly headlights flashed from the far edge of the lot, away from the overhead lights, far from the entrance, and well away from the security cameras in front of the school…clever girl!

I pulled my own car over near hers, got out, and approached the driver’s side. Her door opened. She turned sideways in the seat, and my heartbeat got immediately faster. Her top was unbuttoned all the way, and there was no sign of a bra in the shadows of her cleavage. She shifted a little and put her foot up on the seat, and I saw another beautiful sight–her jeans were gone, and her long bare legs glinted in the dim light. Her tiny panties had a blue geometric print. “I thought I’d be ready when you got here,” she said quietly.

“I like it,” I muttered.

Right in front of her, I tossed my jacket on the ground and knelt down. I reach inside her shirt, slipping my hand around her bare waist, pulling her toward me while my other hand landed on her thigh. Our lips met for the first time, and she almost purred. Pushing her shirt aside, I dipped my head and kissed each nipple, getting the tip wet with my tongue, then pulling back to let the cool air hit them. They tightened up even more than they began and I gently bit each one, all the while letting my hands roam across her smooth skin.

When I pushed her back and pulled on her hips to move her forward a bit, she whispered, “You don’t have to be all romantic, you know…”

I smiled, tugged on her panties, and told her, “I know that…I’m just enjoying myself!”

She smiled and lifted her hips as I slid them down her legs and tossed them into the passenger seat. Then she purred again as I pushed her legs further apart and dipped my head lower, trailing my lips across her belly, kissing each thigh, stroking them as I opened her up.

When my tongue lapped across her pussy lips, I found them glistening wet already.

I snorted, and she said, “I told you so!”

I drove my tongue further inside her, tasting the tangy sweet flavor of arousal. She laid back to give me a better angle, and I took full advantage. Slipping my middle finger inside her, I swirled her juices around while my tongue circled her clit. Another finger then, twisting and curling to find her G-spot, and her breath came more quickly. I sucked gently, lashing her with my tongue and probing her with my fingers.

My other hand grabbed her ass and pulled her toward me. I could feel her thighs start to twitch, and soon she was grinding herself onto my face, urging me on with fingers wrapped around my head. A soft chorus of “fuck, fuck, yesss” hissed out as she came closer and closer to exploding. When I thought she was there, I pushed my fingers in all the way and sucked steadily, humming a deep note to vibrate her clit right over the edge. After a few moments, I felt her clamp down on my fingers, her hands pulling me hard against her core as I tasted a fresh wave of her fragrant juices on my tongue.

Her breathing stopped with a long gasp, and I held still for a long, long moment, letting her ride the wave of pleasure. When I pulled away, her eyes were closed, and she was slumped back against the console, one leg over my shoulder, the other foot still tucked on the seat beside her ass. I gave her one slow lick all the way along her pussy, just to bring her back to the scene.

Her eyes opened, and she looked at me questioningly. One eyebrow went up.

“Just returning the favor,” I told her. She nodded.

With that, I stood up, unzipped my fly, and pulled out my cramped cock. She leaned forward greedily and lapped at my cock, getting every drop of precum that had leaked out while I was pleasuring her. With a few firm strokes, she had me fully erect. I looked at her little car, right there but way too small for what I had in güvenilir bahis siteleri mind. Instead, I pulled her to her feet, grabbed her around the ass, lifted her up, and carried her a few steps to the trunk. The metal must have been cold against her bare skin, but she didn’t say a word about it. Her legs parted, and I stepped between them, kissing her hungrily while my cock nestled against her pussy, feeling her heat and wetness. She seemed to enjoy tasting herself on my lips, and her tongue sought mine playfully.

As I guided my aching cock between her pussy lips, I whispered, “I’ll try to last more than a minute…”

In response, she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her in one long stroke, letting out a long, heartfelt, “yesss” while I closed my eyes and groaned into her hair.

For all her fooling around, her pussy was as tight as a teenager’s, opening grudgingly as my cock pushed into her and clasping me when I pulled out. The neatly trimmed blonde curls tickled my skin as I buried myself again and again, savoring the contrasting feelings on my cock. I opened my shirt and pulled her upright. I loved the feeling of her breasts against my skin as I thrust inside her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and let me set the pace, her eyes closed in pleasure.

When I paused after a few endless minutes, she pulled her hips back. My cock slapped against my stomach, and she slipped off the quarter panel. Opening the rear door, she knelt on the back seat and wiggled her ass provocatively.

She looked over her shoulder as I approached and said in a throaty voice, “Fuck me like this. Fuck me from behind. I want to feel your cock going all the way in!”

No man in his right mind would refuse, and I grabbed her hips again, admiring the sexy curve of her ass as my cock slid fully into her depths once again. The sight of it disappearing inside her, coupled with the spread ass cheeks in front of me and the cool air around me was intoxicating. I stroked long and deep, letting her feel every inch. Every once in a while, I would bury myself inside her all the way and stop, tight against her ass, rocking my hips and feeling the head of my cock bumping against her cervix.

I reached forward, stroking her side and then wrapping one hand around her breast while the other twined itself in her hair. I started pumping her in earnest, and she arched her back, giving a soft little moan with each thrust. I could feel us both getting close, and looked all around, trying to distract myself, breathing through my mouth, fucking her steadily and trying to hold off my own orgasm until hers began. Just then I felt a tickle on my nuts–her hand was busy between her legs, rubbing her clit and occasionally stroking my balls as they swung toward her.

That did it for both of us…with one final push, I slammed my whole cock inside her and arched my back, feeling pulse after pulse of cum streaming into her body. Her motion stopped as she felt me explode. With a gasp, she came again, her pussy clasping me even tighter as I held myself there motionless, feeling every throb and contraction from both of us.

As I relaxed, I leaned forward and kissed her neck. My softening cock started to slip out, so I stood up and nudged it back inside her, not wanting the moment to end. When the inevitable happened, though, I got a nice surprise. Stephanie felt my cock slip out, and spun around, one hand over her sopping pussy as if to hold my cum inside her while the other held her upright. Her mouth was where her pussy had just been, and she sucked me into her mouth again, her tongue whipping everywhere, getting every last drop of cum from both of us just like she did the week before.

When I was clean, I slumped against the door. She looked sexy as all hell kneeling on the seat there, holding her pussy and smiling up at me.

“That was just what I needed!” she said in a satisfied tone. With that, she stood up, went to the front seat, and found her jeans and panties. She gave herself a quick wipe with the panties, then tossed them aside again and slipped on her jeans. I will never forget that image–bare feet, jeans over bare skin, shirt open to reveal her firm little breasts, and the flush of orgasm still visible on her chest and cheeks.

As I zipped up and buttoned up, she lit two cigarettes and handed me one. She stood against me as we smoked in silence, both of us at a loss for words. My free hand rested on her hip. When we were done, she sat down on the seat and pulled on her sneakers.

“I guess we’d better get going,” she said.

“Yeah…gotta get home.”

She buttoned her shirt up enough to be decent on the road. I didn’t know what to say, so I leaned down, kissed her softly, and said, “That was incredible.”

She nodded.

“Way more than a minute” she said, then closed the door, smiled, and drove off into the dark.

After a while, I started on my own way home, happily exhausted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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