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Over at Clarence and Carol Kemp’s house, Bret Harris joined about a dozen Lakeville fans and parents of players in celebrating the win and the league championship. The fans — the old guard of the town — were ecstatic over the win against Valley Falls, but their attention quickly turned to the playoff picture.

“You know,” Clarence Kemp said, addressing the coach, “if you lose to Highland next week, Valley Falls won’t make the playoffs.” A sly grin came across his face, and everyone laughed. To Bret, whether or not Valley Falls made the playoffs wasn’t that big of a deal. To the townspeople of Lakeville, however, it was huge. Having Lakeville qualify and their rival not was a huge feather in the cap to those who knew and did business with Valley Falls people.

And Kemp was right. If Lakeville lost to Highland, Highland would take second place over Valley Falls regardless of how Valley Falls fared against Prairie, which was out of the playoff picture after a loss to Redwater, that team’s first win of the season. Bret thought about the possibility of losing to Highland on purpose to keep Valley Falls out of the playoffs. He decided he would address his team and the situation on Monday. No doubt the players knew the scenario as well.

But on this night, the coach didn’t want to think too much about football. He was interested in drinking beer and catching glimpses of the Kemps’ daughter, Carrie, the standout volleyball player who had been kicked off the team for drinking.

The Kemps also had a son, Chris, an eighth grader who was spending the night at a friend’s house. Meanwhile, Carrie, despite the fact that she should’ve been locked in her room, was busy prettying herself to apparently go out. She popped in and out of the spacious living room on several occasions, and each time, the coach thought perhaps he had seen the tall senior motion for him to come into the other room. He held off, partly because he knew what she was after and partly because he was the center of attention on this night, his team having defeated Valley Falls.

The coach finally excused himself to use the bathroom and, although he entered it with the lights off, he found Carrie Kemp waiting for him, leaning back on the sink in quite a sexy manner. Her tight red button-down blouse held in what the coach surmised was a nice set of tits. Her black pants and boots looked sexy, too, the coach thought.

“You’re distracted in there, aren’t you?” Carrie asked, licking the red lipstick on her full lips. “You’re thinking of me out here, all by myself.”

“You’ve got to get out of here,” the coach said. “I can’t be caught with you in here.”

“Then let’s meet outside. There’s this tree in the backyard …” She was teasing the coach, and he was beginning to get hard.

“What do you drive?” he asked. “I’ll leave here and we can meet, OK?”

“The school,” she said, “I want you at the school.”

They quickly made parking plans and decided how Carrie would enter the school. Hiding their vehicles was a crucial point since students tended to drive around the school and meet and talk after games, home and away.

“Get us some beer, hon?” Carrie asked — or did she tell — the coach as she walked past him out of the bathroom, brushing her breasts against him. Bret stayed at the party for another 45 minutes or so, and during this time period Carrie announced to her parents she was going out. Bret was amazed they let her run wild even after having been caught drinking. Obviously, the girl ran this family.

Bret said his goodbyes to his fans, his biggest being Clarence Kemp, who promised to stay in touch with the coach. “Whatever you need,” Clarence said.

Bret grabbed a beer for the road — he already had a barely opened one in his other hand — and left the party, headed for the school. He drove past Carrie’s Isuzu Rodeo. It was parked several blocks from the school in a lot the students often used when they were getting in to ride with someone else. Three other vehicles were parked there, as well. Bret parked behind the school in the faculty parking lot and found Carrie lurking in the shadows. He handed her the unopened beer and they sat in an unlit area and finished their drinks.

She continued to talk nasty to the coach, all but asking him to fuck her. She teased him about wanting her in the middle of classes. She teased him about wanting her in her tight volleyball uniform. That might’ve been the case, he teased back, but she’d never find out now since she was booted from the team.

“It’s OK,” she said, “they’ll do fine without me.” Bret wasn’t so sure that was case. He unlocked the back gym door and let Carrie enter before him. He wanted to know what she had in mind. The gym? The stage? The locker room? A classroom?

She walked toward the gym and then turned right and walked up three stairs onto the stage. Dimly lit security lights enabled them to find their way. A couch was in the back corner of the stage. It was used for school plays, but on this night it was strategically placed bahis firmaları for the coach and volleyball player. They sat close together on the couch, and the nasty talk and teasing from the senior continued. She moved slowly on the couch, her sexy body squirming as she humped her hips up a little. Her hand had moved to Bret’s nylon coaching pants. The fingers were now on the inside of his thigh, creeping upward slowly.

“Tell me,” she said, no longer giggling, “did you play with your cock on the way over here, thinking about me?” Carrie leaned closer. Her lips came toward his. Closer. Then closer still. The pink, moist tip of her tongue came out. It ran slowly around her slightly parted lips until they glistened in the light. The last inch between them disappeared, and her lips found his. Her tongue was insistent, worming into Bret’s mouth and meeting his. By the time the kiss broke, they were both panting.

“You’re hard right now, Coach,” she whispered, her hand searching until she confirmed that undeniable fact. “Mmmm, yes. You’re all big and hard for me.” Carrie took charge. She opened her blouse, showing Bret a sexy little black bra. Then she slid out of it in an instant, tossing it next to the blouse on the stage floor. She then pulled off Bret’s polo shirt and his chest was against hers, her breasts mashing into his chest. Her hands searched for the waistband of his pants and pulled them down and off. He kicked off his shoes and socks and his black briefs followed.

Her pants and panties followed, joining the pile near the couch. Bret touched her freely and was touched in return. Carrie settled down between his open legs, kneeling on the hard stage floor. Her breasts dragged down over his stomach, crossing over his cock in a wondrous, sliding delight that was over much too soon.

As exciting and heavenly as her naked breasts on his cock and balls felt, he quickly forgot all about the thrill as she spoke, saying things he suspected she’d say after listening to her all night.

“I’m gonna do you, Coach,” she said, wetting her lips again and staring straight at his rock-hard boner.

“Mmmmm,” Bret groaned.

“I’m gonna suck you off,” she panted, squirming delightfully between his thighs. “I shouldn’t have teased you, baby. I’m gonna make up for that right now. Come for me. Come in my mouth.”

As Bret looked on in awe, Carrie’s lips dropped down, touching the head of his prick. It jerked, bobbing back and forth over her lips. A shiny bubble of pre-cum burst as she kissed his cock head. The slippery fluid stuck to her lips, stringing out from his prick as she looked up into his eyes once more. She knew Bret was watching. Carrie smiled. Then she licked her lips and moaned. His cum-trail broke, melting into her tongue.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you,” Bret said.

“Me, too, but not right now,” she said, her tongue slipping out to swipe over his cock. “You’re too hot right now, Coach. Let me get you off. I love giving head, anyway. Let me take this one in my mouth, then you’ll last longer when you get inside my pussy.”

Carrie stopped talking. She was too busy for speech. Opening her mouth, she dropped down all around his jerking length.

“Mmmmmmm,” Bret groaned again. Carrie was sucking on his cock — not just sucking, but making love to him with her mouth. God, she was good at this, Bret thought.

Monique? Tamica? Angie? Lori? Pamela? He thought for a moment Carrie might be the best.

“Mmmmm, I love sucking you,” she said. And she was proving it. She opened wide, taking more than half of his throbbing thickness between her nibbling lips. The silky smoothness of her lips slid up and down, ovaling over his hard-on. Inside her sweet mouth, that teasing tongue of hers was flicking wildly, never stopping as she started bobbing her head up and down.

She bathed every inch of his aching hard-on with her sweet tongue as she sucked and slid her lips around his purple-headed prick. Bret tried to stay still, but he had to push his cock up, driving it into her mouth, practically fucking her face.

Carrie purred, pumping her head in time with his thrusts. Bret watched her pretty face as she worked her magic around his raging hard-on. She was really enjoying this. Carrie licked and nibbled and sucked over his prick, moaning deeply in her throat every time Bret jerked from her attention. The hotter she became, the further his hard cock seemed to sink into her mouth. Bret felt the rubber back of her throat, thinking that he was as far in as he was going to get.

However, one more moan, and the head of his boner slipped down into her throat. Carrie was right about one thing. Bret was too hot to last. Carrie must have known. She pulled up, freeing his prick from her throat. Her pretty face twisted with lust as she started bobbing up and down faster.

Her snake-like tongue was back, doing things to his raw nerve-endings that were heavenly. Her hand was cupping his balls, urging the hot cum that was building inside them. Bret tried to warn Carrie kaçak iddaa that he was coming, but she only moaned and tightened her grip around his balls. When Bret came, she stayed with him right through the shuddering blast.

She took it — right in her mouth — and that only made him come more. Carrie slurped up every drop, even licking the small amount that had escaped onto his stomach. Again, she surprised him. She didn’t stop; if anything, she started doing even sexier things to him.

Her fingers dropped under his balls, massaging his asshole. And then her heavy, grapefruit-sized tits were back, dragging up over his cock.

“Stay hard, Coach,” she groaned, her flushed face showing him just how hot she had become. After hearing that, Bret was willing to bet his cock wouldn’t go down for a week. He pulled Carrie up and she rolled with him, easily falling onto her back on the couch on the high school stage.

She parted her legs for him, opened, and then Bret was pushing inside, slipping into that oozing tunnel of pure delight. His first stroke filled her, long and deep and tight. Carrie was moaning into his ear, urging him to fuck her — to fuck her harder, deeper, faster. His arms went under her upraised legs. She pushed up on his chest to tell him what she wanted. Bret propped her up, preparing her for the pounding fuck that he knew she wanted.

“Like this?” Bret gasped, turning the tables on the talkative high schooler. “You like to be fucked like this?”

“Yes!” she hissed. “Fuck me, Bret! I’ve been wanting this. Ooooh, fuck me!” As Bret was stroking his still-hard cock into Carrie, he thought he might’ve found his prize at this school. He could see her pretty face responding to everything he was doing to her. His long, slow strokes built her passions. When he plowed into her hard and fast and unexpectedly, she shuddered, her inner charms rippling along the full length of his buried cock.

“I’m coming, baby!” Carrie screamed aloud. “God, I’m coming!” He had been fucking her, but suddenly she was fucking back at him. She squirmed around, ending with her hands gripping his biceps. Her feet were flat on the couch beside his hips. As she fucked up to him, her pussy was like a velvet glove coated with the slickest lubricant. She milked around him, the wicked smile on her face telling him that it was on purpose.

“Mmmmm,” moaned his nasty volleyball player. “You like that, baby? Coach likes his student’s nice, tight pussy?”

Bret had stopped moving. He was pressed up as if at the top of a push-up. Under him, Carrie was anything but still. She was wild. She squirmed and shivered, working every muscle in her luscious, young body for his enjoyment. She fucked up to him, trying to screw her entire body up over his aching hard-on.

“Come,” she purred. “Shoot off inside me, Coach. I’m safe. You don’t have to worry. Don’t pull out. Oooooh, God! Let me feel it. Let me feel your hot cum, baby.” The hot wetness of his volleyball player was bubbling out around his prick. He’d just blasted off in her mouth a few minutes before, but her naughty words were making his cock jerk again. Bret started to stroke in and out of her silky fuck-hole in time with her upward thrusts. Even with this first fuck, Carrie knew the perfect thing to do — for both of them.

She pulled him forward just enough to put the sawing ridge of his prick over her swollen clit. In seconds, she was coming. Bret was behind her by about two strokes. That fiery, pink slash between her legs sucked the juice out of his body. Bret came so hard that little lights burned into the back of his closed eyelids just as he collapsed over her panting body. They shared a long, hot French kissed and then dressed on the stage, Carrie sneaking out to her Rodeo while Bret went down to his office to calm down.

On Monday, he had lunch with Clarence Kemp. This was definitely a man whose home he wanted to visit again. Bret was hoping for a bit of a diversion for his football team as the Raiders headed into the final week of the regular season.

The opponent, Highland, needed a win over Lakeville to qualify for the playoffs. And for once, Valley Falls would be rooting for Lakeville. Valley Falls needed Lakeville to eliminate Highland. They also had to win their game against Prairie.

The scenario was played out in the newspaper and on radio all week long. Everyone knew that if Lakeville lost, Valley Falls’ season was over. The question was posed to the coach: “Would you lose on purpose to keep your rival out of the playoffs?”

Of course not, Bret replied. How can you tell high school kids to go out and lose, especially when an undefeated season and a high ranking were on the line, not to mention a high seed into the playoffs? But the controversy still existed. Valley Falls folks swore up and down that if Lakeville lost, it would be on purpose.

The district volleyball tournament was scheduled for the week leading up to the game against Highland Friday night. The Lakeville girls’ volleyball team — minus kaçak bahis Carrie Kemp — hosted Highland Wednesday in an elimination match. Both teams had lost earlier in the week on the road, and since Lakeville had a better league record than Highland, the Raiders hosted the Huskies in this match.

The Highland football team, wanting desperately to taste state for the first time, came out to support their girls wearing their away football jerseys, the same jerseys they would wear Friday. There wasn’t much animosity between these two teams. They regularly played clean games with little fighting.

Sure, they wanted to beat each other, but this was nothing like the rivalry Lakeville and with Valley Falls. In fact, before the volleyball match, football players from both teams gathered in the lobby of the gymnasium to discuss Friday’s game and flirt with each other’s female students.

One of the major flirters turned out to be Carrie Kemp, and from where Bret Harris sat, it appeared Carrie had drunk a bit too much on this night. She wore tight jeans and a tight tank top that showed off her sexy breasts. The thin straps on the shoulders at times fell down to her arms, and she took her own sweet time putting them back up.

It got worse as the night went on. Apparently, Carrie had sneaked alcohol into the gym. The athletic director at the school spotted the commotion she was causing, but Bret stepped in before the A.D. could.

“I’ll take care of her,” the football coach said. “I know her father. I’ll drive her home, and he’ll give me a ride back here. You stay here. You need to be here for this match.”

And so Bret hunted down Carrie Kemp and removed her from the gym without causing too much of a scene. They walked into the parking lot together toward her Isuzu Rodeo, where Bret helped Carrie into the passenger seat.

Once in the driver’s seat and out of the parking lot, the drunk senior was all over the coach. He had trouble keeping the Rodeo on the road while fighting her off. They finally made it out of town to a little-used road above the town’s water tower.

There, Bret parked the vehicle and walked around to the passenger side, letting Carrie out.

“You’re a good actor,” the suddenly sober senior said, French kissing the coach long and hard.

“Not so bad yourself,” the coach replied between kisses.

“It was a boring match anyway,” she panted. Bret turned Carrie around so she was facing the passenger door of the Rodeo and pinned her there, moving one hand around her midsection. He untucked the tank top from her jeans while his other hand moved the hair away from the back of her neck where his lips began their magic work.

She trembled from the touch and grabbed the hand holding her. She sighed quietly and began rubbing her body against his. Then, she pushed his hand down inside her jeans and panties, between her legs, rubbing herself with his hand until he found the rhythm.

As soon as he began playing with her unassisted, she moved her hand between them to feel him. She shuddered when she felt how large he was and how hard he already was. Using only the palm of her hand, she rubbed hard against the length of his cock, now straining to get out of his jeans.

“I want you in my mouth,” she said as she turned her head to kiss him. His tongue invaded her mouth as she experienced his taste. Carrie slid down Bret’s body, turning as she did until she was on her knees in front of him. She fumbled with his belt and pulled his pants down around his ankles. As she pulled his briefs down, his cock sprang out, brushing against her hand. She wrapped her hand around it and began licking the tip. She found herself licking around the tip of Bret’s shaft, thinking it was larger than it was Friday night on the stage.

Her hands moved to his balls and she began playing with them, using her nails to playfully scratch along them and make them swing slightly as she did. The suppressed groans above her told her that she was having the desired effect and aroused her to insert his hot cock in her mouth.

“Fuck my mouth,” Carrie said, and then put his cock back into her mouth. Bret’s hand moved behind her head and slowly began pulling her head toward her, pushing his cock into her mouth. Slowly, he began to pick up the tempo with Carrie fearful that he would choke her if he pushed too far. Still, her entire concentration was focused on the act, and she lost herself in his increasingly urgent thrusts into her. His hands turned into fists, pulling on her hair in a way that excited her. And then, she felt his balls tightening, knowing he was seconds from coming.

He began to withdraw, but she placed her hands on his buttocks and pulled him farther into her mouth. In a few seconds, he began coming in her mouth. He tasted wonderful, and she enjoyed the moment as he continued coming.

Then, his hand relaxed, and he held her head tenderly in his hands. Bret made the next move, pulling her up to her feet. As he did, he grabbed the straps of the tank top and took it off of her, revealing her large, sexy breasts. Her pants were next. They came off with ease and then her lacy panties. There she stood, leaning against her SUV, naked, cum dripping out of the side of her mouth.

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