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I waited in the Liberty House kitchen far enough away for Anne, Renee’ and the young membership to feel comfortable that they could talk in confidence. After being part of an all-female make out session I did not need to know more about their secrets. The less I knew, I felt, the better I could protect their interests.

The living room door opened. Young women, now dressed, rushed out. They went upstairs, probably to bed. It was 10 o’ clock now and these young ladies all had jobs to go to in the morning. Renee’ and Anne were the last to come out. They invited me to join them at the kitchen table.

“I’m sorry that we made you wait so long,” said Renee’. The girls tried to reach everyone on their cell phones so we could take a vote. We couldn’t get a quorum.”

“It’s all right,” I answered. “No worries.”

Anne looked at me with sad eyes. “Rob, I have to tell you something. When I was told to retire I wanted a woman to succeed me. President Harper and I didn’t see eye-to-eye.”

“I get that. This is a women’s college.”

“That’s not all, Rob. Liberty House is as much a part of Alden as the garden. It’s one of the things that make this school unique. Most of these girls came here because of Liberty House. I’ve steered them here for years. No man could understand our house.”

“But you could not tell President Harper, right? You could not explain why this house is so important?”

“I tried, but she didn’t care, and I did not want to reveal anything. I never had problems until she came. There were Liberty House alumni on the board to back me, protect me.”

Ignoring Renee’ I looked into Anne’s eyes. “If you steered girls into this house, this school, did you also…”

Renee’ took Anne’s hand. “Yes, we did. Sometimes only me. Sometimes Anne and I together. We love all of these women. We take care of them.”

I was clueless to react. Anne and Renee’ had feathered a bed, so to speak, for two decades, more or less. Not that the current occupants of Liberty House had appeared to be unhappy. I put my head in my hands. “Well, obviously I cannot do everything Anne has done to maintain a legacy.”

“Rob, you can help us. But there’s a risk,” Anne said. “I need you to meet some of our donors. They’re powerful. They can influence President Harper to change her mind and keep Alden all-female.”

But I’d be out of a job again. While Anne had her interests everyone else who had interviewed me had an agenda. For most it was self preservation. Admit men and they got to keep their jobs. Anne was at risk, no matter what. Her finances in retirement were not secure if the college closed. Liberty House, perhaps the most important part of her life, could close no matter what.

“But Anne, I don’t see a way out,” I replied. “Alden can admit men as transfer students for a few years. But men will eventually be part of a freshman class.”

“That’s why we wanted you to meet our girls. Close this house and half of them will leave for other colleges—or they will drop out altogether.”

“Are you telling them to leave?” I was red-faced. Alden could not afford to lose students at the same time it was failing to recruit them.

Anne nodded. “I called my contacts. I helped all of the freshmen and sophomores arrange to transfer, if they wanted to leave. And not just the girls who live here.”

“You did what? Do you have any idea how hard you’ve just made this job for me? And I’ve been in your bed all this time.” I felt pain in my stomach as I dropped my face deep in my hands. I’d been screwed big time for the second time in my career. Amanda Prentice, who had shafted my hopes at my previous school, had nothing on Anne. No wonder President Harper and the trustees wanted to get rid of her. Alden had about 600 freshmen and sophomores, several who had paid good money to come there. If Anne had been successful I would be leaving not long after many of them had gone. I got up to leave, alone. Anne could get a ride from Renee’ or stay in her bed for all I cared.

“Rob, please, don’t go,” Anne pleaded as she reached for my hand. “There’s a way out, I promise.”

“I’m going to get my things out of your house, check into a hotel, and call President Harper tomorrow morning,” I said, raising my voice. “I’m resigning. And I’m going to tell her what you’ve done.”

“If you do, you will never work in admissions again.” said Anne. “I am your best friend on this campus. You want to move out. Fine, move. But you are going to help me save this house, and my school.”

“How do I do that? I have no say over who lives where.”

“Very easy. I’ve arranged a meeting with possible donors, mothers from my graduating class. They have daughters, also alums.” Anne kicked at the bottom of the chair leg, asking me to sit down. I did, and she looked into my eyes. “They have the money to sway President Harper, but they have not been active for some time. I need you to bring them on board.”

“What do you mean, bring them on board?”

“When bahis firmaları they came to alumni weekend they used to share a suite. Rekindled old times so to speak. I arranged a gathering to honor them before you took the job. It’ll take place in two weeks. Harper, the trustees, they never refuse anyone with money.”

“And you want me to…do what?”

Anne grinned. So did Renee’ “Anything they want,” said Anne. And I mean anything.” She licked her lips as my stomach pains returned.

Over the two weeks before the event I combed Aldenburg in search of an apartment. I wanted as little as possible to do with Anne outside of work. I found a small studio, very clean and very cheap that a former professor had rented before the college had denied her tenure. Now, having some evenings free, I explored around and found a regular place to drown my sorrows. There were few admissions jobs for someone with my experience, even fewer where I would be the director. Occasionally I would talk to one of the few women who came in alone, though none really excited me. Aldenburg and its surroundings were places that young people left on their way to better things. The only middle-aged women worked at the college. Most were neither faculty nor administration.

Anne would occasionally knock on my door, ask how I was doing outside of work. As her event drew closer she gave me bios of the four women who would be honored that night. Lisa Whitman, who had been Anne’s classmate, married well, as had her daughter Anita. Both had gone on to earn law degrees after Alden though Lisa no longer practiced. Alicia Claremont had been Lisa, and Anne’s, best friend in college. She had a MBA and ran a hedge fund in an investment firm that employed only women, including her daughter Catherine. After Alden all four women had continued their education at schools that you will certainly recognize. The stresses of their lives ended earlier than they do for most who have careers. They had more time to devote to causes such as Alden College. I had no doubt that Lisa and Alicia had devoted time to Anne back in college; they had probably eased her retirement concerns, too.

“Why so nervous?” Anne asked the afternoon before I was to meet this quartet. “I’ve already told them a lot about you.” She checked outside the door and out the window, then squeezed my ass while no one was looking.

But I did not flinch. My desires for her had long checked out. “I think I know you better. This is not the usual meeting.”

Anne licked her lips and touched my hand. “No dear, it isn’t. They expect a lot from you. So do I.”

“Yeah, you expect me to be the savior,” I grumbled. “But I feel like an idiot savant.”

“Don’t be that way. You’re the one who wanted this job. I couldn’t keep it. But I needed someone I could control.” Anne grinned, then took a seat in one of my guest chairs. “You were the perfect choice, so desperate. And you came from such a great school. These dopes saw ivy on the brain when they chose you.”

I closed the door then slumped in my desk chair. “Only I was the dope. I signed on for this.”

“But you can be the hero, my dear. And don’t think that I didn’t enjoy having your manly companionship these past few weeks. I never had a man set my loins on fire like you did. I never lied to you about the young man who pretended to pine for me back in the day.”

“But many women, right? You’ve fucked every girl in that house! Was that an admissions requirement? You take these girls and their self doubts and you use them like a harem.”

Anne sat up and looked straight in my eyes, serious-like. “Now you listen and listen good. These are bright young women who needed attention; some needed love, too. Liberty House is their safe house from a world that has bullied them, told them ‘no’. If we have men and they learn its secrets the lives of hundreds of Alden women are ruined, mine included. No one, not even you, could possibly understand.”

“So where am I meeting these folks?” I had not cared about the meeting until I had to care. If these women resembled Anne in temperament, I was going to be polite, but not submissive in any way. I was already properly dressed, though I would need a tuxedo for the awards ceremony that Anne was likely to force me to attend.

“We’ll meet at their suite at 4 o’ clock. Then go to Liberty House for dinner at 6:30. Plenty of time for them to get to know you better.” Anne grinned, then licked her lips again.

“I can hardly wait,” I answered.

Anne frowned, catching my tone. She at least had the decency to leave my office for the rest of the afternoon and to allow me to go to the Whitman and Claremont suite by myself. I hoped that she’d go home and stay away for the night, but I was probably not so lucky.

I arrived at Alden House, a rather nice mid-rise hotel, five minutes before the appointed time, and was escorted by elevator to the very top floor. The doorman explained that the whole floor was kaçak iddaa the Presidential Suite, three posh bedrooms off a common lounge and kitchen. He eyed me head to toe as the elevator approached the floor, probably expecting a very nice tip. He grunted after I handed him five bucks before he opened the door.

Alicia Claremont greeted me as soon as the elevator door closed behind me. “Robert! So nice to meet you!” She took both of my hands, squeezed them tight. Alicia, like Anne, was round, curvy, though she was more skilled at applying make-up. Her black curly hair, frosted in strands, was stylish, not what I might have expected of a woman near retirement age. She wore only a robin egg blue robe, its knot appeared loosely tied. The upper halves of silver-dollar sized areolas and ample cleavage were clearly visible. “Anita! Lisa! Cathy! he’s here!” she said excitedly, “and he’s everything Anne promised.”

Alicia introduced me to Catherine first, she was slightly chubby with long curly hair that cascaded past her shoulders. She had a bright full smile, but a slight overbite obscured it for me. Lisa and Anita were pure opposites, taller, far leaner, and small breasted. All three, like Alicia, wore robes loosely tied. The curvier ladies, Alicia and Catherine, stood to both sides of me, sizing me up like I was prime cattle while Lisa and Anita watched. They eyeballed me, too, only not as closely.

“Why don’t we sit down, relax?” said Alicia, motioning all of us to take seats in the lounge area. There were two couches and two single chairs. I took the one facing out the window. But as the other ladies took their seats, Catherine closed the curtains, blocking my view into space. Lisa and Anita sat together, One of Lisa’s hands ran thru Anita’s shoulder-length brown hair, the other rested between her thigh.

Alicia and Catherine, however, sat further apart. “Rob, sit here,” Alicia said, running her finger in circles around the couch cushion between her and her plump daughter. I obeyed quietly. After I took my seat, Alicia ran her fingers through my hair while Catherine rested a hand upon my left knee. Alicia started nibbling on my ear as Catherine ran her hand along my zipper line. “Enjoy this, dear Rob. Not many men get to experience anything like this.”

The Whitmans smiled at the sight across from them. Then Lisa ran a finger up Anita’s inner thigh and slowly slid it between her legs. Anita leaned over, kissing her mother’s neck. Then she pulled back her robe as she kissed her way down to nipples. Lisa pushed her daughters face down on them as Catherine unzipped and unbuckled me. Alicia kissed my cheeks, then my neck, before I stood up to drop my pants on the floor.

“You’re a good sport, Rob,” Alicia said after I sat down again. “I like that in a man.” She took over the rubbing duties from Catherine who took a seat beside her mother and started kissing her deep. Alicia had good technique. She got me rock hard in seconds. Then Catherine took my cock into her mouth while her mother fingered her ass and kissed along her spine. I worked my hips to give her more of me as she devoured me in her throat.

The Whitmans, now more aroused, began untying each others robes, their tongues dancing hard as they unwrapped. Anita practically leaped onto her mother’s lap and started rubbing her in tightening circles. She wrapped her legs around her mother’s legs, now stretched across the couch, and proceeded to take her as well as any man might have done. Then Lisa stopped her. They got up and went into one of the three bedrooms, kissing as they reached the doorway. Before she closed the door, Lisa turned and waved flirtatiously.

Alicia blew her a quick kiss, then resumed to helping her daughter intensify my blow job. Catherine’s technique was sloppier. Alicia ran her fingers though her daughter’s hair to slow her down and enjoy my throbbing mass. “Mmmmmmm, mmmuh,” Catherine murmured, before she took me into her throat. But Alicia became impatient. “Let’s go dears. Save some for me.” Alicia and Catherine got up and kissed. They untied each other and fondled each other’s tits before smiling at my still-hard cock. “Poor boy,” said Alicia. “We’ve got to take care of him.”

“Yes, mom. We must.” Catherine rubbed my cock, sculpting it into something that rarely got as large, though her mother had come quite close with her mouth. They took my hands and led me into another bedroom, ordering me to lie on the bed, my back against the headboard. Then I watched them embrace, running their hands along each other’s backs, exploring trails that I had no doubt they knew. The sight of them was powerful though I resisted the urge to touch.

“Oh, right, that beautiful cock,” said Alicia. She took long licks against the shaft, teasing the rim with her tongue. Catherine joined in, licking and sucking my balls, rubbing them, too. “You take him first,” said Alicia as she reached for something in a bag on the floor. She pulled out a long rubber toy with many kaçak bahis jagged edges. As Catherine took me deeper into her throat, Alicia slowly guided the toy into her daughter’s pussy hole. As Alicia pushed it deeper, Catherine sucked me faster and harder. Since I’d be reluctant to be there, I could care less about holding back the jizz. I fired it way deep into Catherine’s throat. However, I came too early to please her mom.

“Bad boy, Rob. We have to punish you, ” said Alicia as she tapped the toy against her hand. “Turn over. And get on all fours.”

I did as she ordered. Alicia spread my ass cheeks and slammed the fake cock right between them. Each thrust after the first went only deeper and hit me more painfully. I could only grit my teeth as Catherine watched her mother pound my ass. I was not enjoying this. They clearly were.

“Okay, that’s enough. Our boy appears to be in pain. We don’t want to make this too painful for him, do we Cathy?”

“Mmmmm, no mom,” Catherine answered as she licked her lips.

Anita and Lisa knocked on the door in time to see me still on all fours. “Oh Rob, what a nice butt you have,” Lisa said as she playfully slapped each cheek.

I turned on my back and looked up at both couples. I had absolutely no idea what to say or do as each woman sized me up. I had no desire to reach for any of them, only to catch my breath. Alicia and Lisa wrapped their arms around each other and started to kiss deep. So did Catherine and Anita. Somehow, I felt aroused but I stayed where I was as these ladies admired each other’s tits. The older couple left the room. I could hear them giggling as they closed a bedroom door. Anita and Catherine stayed behind to watch over me.

“I’m sorry for my mother,” said Catherine. “She can get a little over-anxious around men.” She and Anita slid onto opposite sides of me. Anita started playing with my cock while Catherine ran her fingers through my hair. “We’ll take much better care of you.” Catherine slid her tongue into my mouth as Anita’s magic raised my wand.

“Eat me, baby,” Catherine whispered in my ear. She got into a catcher’s crouch above my face while Anita started to suck me off. As I rolled my tongue along Catherine’s pussy lips, Anita’s lips slid further down my shaft. Anita’s technique was even better than Alicia’s had been. I wrapped my tongue around Catherine’s clit, then I teased it along the tip. “Ohhhhhh, yessss,” Catherine murmured. “Mmmmmmm, oh ‘Nita mmmm loving this.” Anita was too occupied with my cock and balls to listen as she pushed me into her throat. I slid my tongue deeper into Catherine’s pussy, juices hitting my cheeks and squeezed her plump ass. Anita got me to cum just after Catherine’s nectar blasted all over me.

Catherine got out of her crouch. She and Anita laid beside me once. “See what we Liberty girls learned in college,” Catherine said, then she joined Anita in licking juice and cum off my body.

“Nita, isn’t he yummy?” Catherine asked as she licked around my balls.

“Mmmmm, yes,” Anita answered. “We’ll have quite an after-party here tonight.”

“After party?” I had actually enjoyed this threesome, but Anna had given me no sign that I would be “needed” past the awards ceremony.

“Oh, Anne didn’t tell you?” asked Catherine as she nibbled on my ear. “We always have an after party up here. Anne comes, Renee’, too. They bring the graduating seniors along with them. Sort of an ‘initiation’ into the real world.”

Or a reminder of what they might be leaving behind, I thought.

There was a knock at the main door to the suite. Anita put on a robe and left to answer it. She returned with Anne in tow. Anne beamed. She actually looked quite nice in a blue dress that she had bought for the evening. The dress had a scoop neck that flattered her upper body and made her soft belly appear more taut.

Alicia and Lisa had heard the door open. They came into the bedroom and each embraced Anne in a big hug. They also shared kisses, but those were more friendly than intimate. Anne’s wealthy classmates had more money, and they certainly had each other, but they were not necessarily more attractive than Anne.

“So, what do you think of our hand-picked admissions director?” Anne asked and smiled. She ran her fingers along my juice-covered leg. “Isn’t he yummy?”

“Mmmmmm, yes,” said Alicia. “It was tough to get him to play, but he was a good sport. And our girls seem to like him.”

“Ohhh yesss,” purred Anita. “He’s really tasty, too.”

“Yes, he is,” said Anne, as she sat beside me and stroked me lightly. “But we have to get ready for the big night.”

“Nothing to worry about. I’ve got a check in my purse. I think you’ll be happy,” said Lisa. “Alicia has another check, too. Harper’s gonna faint when she see’s how much they are.”

“Thank you, Rob,” Anne said, and kissed my cheek. “Thank you for being a good boy.”

I blushed. And I now understood what it meant to be used.

Lisa left the room. She returned with a carafe of wine and four glasses and filled each of them a small part of the way.

“To Alden…a women’s college,” said Anne. The ladies clicked glasses and quickly downed their drinks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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