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It’s Friday, the day before the Keelsen Yacht Club Regatta; and Wynn and Leah are readying the boat and the camper for the weekend. Their third crewmember, Harry, has to put in a full day at work; but he will meet them bright and early Saturday morning at Keelsen.

As it is a 4-hour drive to the lake, they expect to arrive around 2 o’clock to register, weigh-in and launch. The next day calls for a full day of racing followed by a lasagna dinner and dancing at the Club. The regatta will conclude Sunday afternoon after one last race, haul out and awards.

As they load up, Leah notes that Wynn is trying to be all business and efficiency in a vain attempt to hide an unusual nervousness. She does not immediately guess how frantic Wynn has made himself with worry about whether she has changed her mind about being with him after being with Cal.

The first away regatta of the season–Wynn had fantasized about this day all winter long. His recall of how beautifully Leah had ravished his cock the previous fall has led him to masturbate at least once if not twice a week. To Wynn it was the blow-job of a lifetime. It was she who had wanted his cock in her mouth and had relished his semen, telling him how good he tasted. Their sweet cuddling under the quilts against the cool fall night air he vividly recalled, along with how well in the first light she had taken his strong morning hard-on from the rear. He could still hear in his head the uninhibited sounds of her passion as their orgasms had been nearly simultaneous.

As their four-hour drive begins, Wynn is so distracted by his thoughts that he is having a hard time thinking about his driving. He is glad that his shorts are baggy as his dick is hard from his teeming memories. He tries to focus on the traffic. And, as much as he dreads it, he knows he has to broach the subject of this weekend’s activity beyond the racing events as Cal is definitely going to be in the mix. “That topic should wilt my Johnson,” he thinks to himself.

They pick up coffee at the Dunkin’s just before the exit to the highway. In fairly light traffic on the interstate, Wynn feigns casual conversation, saying, “So, Leah, you saw Cal Farnham last Friday?”

“Yes, as I told you last week before the race, he took me to dinner and a movie, which were fun; and I spent the night with him,” she said plainly, taking a sip of her ice coffee.

“Are you going to spend the night with him at this regatta?” Wynn asks seriously. He grits his teeth in dread of her possible answer. He does not want to be left out in the cold.

“I wasn’t planning on it, Wynn. I was planning on spending Friday and Saturday nights with you. You haven’t changed your mind about us, have you?” she asks with a slightly worried frown.

“No, not at all,” he answers quickly, relieved that their plans were still on. “I was just checking. A lot of things can happen in a week or two. But Cal is going to want some time with you, isn’t he?”

“Well,” Leah exhales, swirling the ice around in her cup, “Cal tells me that he and the Goode’s won’t be pulling in until around 4 or 5 tonight. I told him that you usually take me out to eat the first night and that we turn in early so he shouldn’t expect to play tonight at all.”

“And what about tomorrow night?” Wynn asks, taking a slug of his coffee to brace himself, his grip tightening on the wheel.

“Tomorrow night, I promised to sit at dinner with him at the club. We always sit with Evan and his crew anyway,” she says matter-of-factly. “So no sweat, man. We’re cool,” she says playfully punching him in the arm. “It’s going to work out fine, Wynn.”

But, as the highway winds on, Wynn’s mind remains unsettled. He realizes part of his fascination with Leah is that he and wife are pushing 40 and that at the regatta last fall he was reawakened to the sexual hunger of a 23-year-old. He wants to enjoy his lucky, but limited, role as her occasional lover. As it is now a fact that she is fucking Cal Farnham and enjoying it, he thinks, “I just damn well better get used to the idea of sharing, that’s all.”

Arriving at Keelson around 2, they register, weigh-in, launch and assume one of the moorings provided for guest racers, which process takes all of about an hour and a half. Satisfied that they are ready, they pause to appreciate the favorable weather and the natural setting for the competition. The yacht club is situated on a beautiful lake surrounded by pines. They enjoy the scent of sun-warmed evergreen and pine duff during a brief lakeside saunter.

Upon their return to the camper, Wynn opens the door for Leah and follows her up the steps. When he turns back from closing the door, Leah throws her arms around him and begins kissing him passionately. “I have been waiting for this since last fall,” Leah whispers excitedly between kisses.

“So have I, Leah. So have I,” he whispers in reply.

He helps her off with her tee shirt and pauses. Bringing a hand to each side of her bra-clad breasts, he nestles his face in her ataköy escort cleavage and inhales her scent.

“So lovely,” he sighs. Then he removes her bra, and the big round tits with beautiful areolas and meaty nipples come into view. “So lovely,” he says again, groping her soft, lush flesh.

“Suck them,” Leah begs; and Wynn obliges, slavering the huge orbs with his tongue before lashing her taut nipples and sucking them to a new length. His hungry munching borders on roughness, but Leah loves it. “O yes!” she moans, “You’re making my cunt tingle.”

Slipping from his grasp, she slides gently down to her knees. She undoes his belt, button and fly and strips off his shorts. “This is what I want,” Leah breathes and, grabbing his growing cock with her hand, she begins to stroke it. “It’s beautiful,” she says, taking it into her mouth.

“Oh, my God,” Wynn sighs.

She plunges down his shaft to his balls. She works his swollen cock with tight lips. She feathers under the rim, then the length of his dong, and returns to find the hole in his tip and drills in with her tongue.

Wynn strips off his own shirt so he has a clear view of her as she pleasures his cock. Leah licks his scrotum and pops one ball and then another into her mouth lovingly. Then she grabs his glutes with both hands and commences a strong massage. When she slips one finger up his ass, he wants to explode.

Sensing his urgency, she goes back to his cock, gobbling up his glans just in time to suck down his jizz. He grabs for the door behind him as his knees weaken with the intensity of his ejaculation. Sucking and sucking and sucking, she drinks it all until his balls are dry. As his erection fades, Leah gently licks him clean.

Regaining himself, Wynn takes her face in his hands, looks into her eyes and gently says, “Thank you, sweet. How wonderful you are!”

“I wanted to taste you again, Wynn. I wanted you to feed me your beautiful cock again–just like last fall,” she says dreamily. “Let’s finish undressing and nap together before dinner.”

In the nude they make up the bunk in the camper top that is over the truck cab. Wynn cannot believe that his cock is reviving so soon after blowing his load so completely but minutes ago. He reasons that being naked with this beautiful young woman in such close proximity with the smell of her sex wafting through the bunk space must be what’s doing it–that and the way she moves. Leah loves displaying herself, and having sucked him off makes her wet and intensely horny. She moves with uninhibited grace that is purely erotic.

Bed made, they crawl in under the covers and hug face-to-face with Wynn’s stiffening cock warmly between them as it presses on her belly. The first to speak, he says, “Thank you, Leah.”

“What… for helping make the bed?”

“No, for taking me with your mouth. You make me feel so potent — so alive. Thank you. But now, it’s my turn to get you off.”

“You don’t have to, Wynn. Since last fall I have wanted to suck you and have you cum — my wish come true. And you had so much for me this afternoon! I’m fine, really.”

“But I’m not fine, Leah. I want you to cum. I want to watch you when you do. It’s not just fair -– it would be my wish to come true too.” And with that he rolls her onto her back and pins her down by partially lying on top of her. Reaching between her legs, he finds her swollen bud easily; and Leah mewls and squirms as he strums her clit.

She tries to push Wynn off, but she cannot. Her legs spread wider and wider with the stimulation as he drives her to on to her orgasm. Wynn loves watching her face and feeling her body strain and buck in lust. Finally, her hips push up hard and she cums.

“Now, it’s nap time,” Wynn asserts.

“Hoo… Wow… Yes,” agrees Leah breathlessly. “Uncle!” she says, slapping the mattress twice.

Laughing, Wynn rolls off. “I wasn’t too heavy on you, was I?” he asks.

“No. It was really kind of fun being unable to get away from you as you ravished me. Promise you’ll pin me down and ravish me again later!” she exhorts, enthusiasm glowing in her eyes.

“It’s a deal; but now,” he says, smiling broadly and pausing to sweetly kiss her, “let’s take a nap. Then we’ll go to dinner.”

Although it is the end of July, the weather is cool in this mountain lake region. The two curl up under the covers and, nestled together like a pair of spoons, Leah notices that the bedding smells of mothballs and Wynn. She loves the feel of Wynn’s flesh pressed against her backside with his semi-hard cock resting along the crack of her ass. She feels secure in his embrace as he drapes his top arm over her to pull her close to caress and fondle her tits.

Her willingness to be completely nude with him thrills and amazes him. His wife Barbara always insists on being partially covered when they make love, and she has never taken his cock in her mouth. He nuzzles Leah’s neck, grateful for her generous love and their new togetherness. ataköy eve gelen escort And after the exchange of a few tender kisses, they drift lightly off to sleep.

When they wake from their nap, Leah rolls out of the nest first. Wynn, resting on one elbow, admires the curve of her waist and womanly roundness of her hips and ass as she heads for the WC. Feeling his groin stir, he looks under the covers and tells his stiffening cock (as if it would have any effect) to ‘knock it off’!

When Leah comes out, Wynn rolls out of the rack. She smiles at him. She admires the 38-year-old former marine’s fitness. Though not as big as Cal, Wynn is by no means small. Wynn is fair-skinned, but his cock and scrotum are very dark creating a contrast that accentuates his handsome swag. “Mmmm, that’s all mine this weekend,” she hums to herself.

Picking up his clothes on his way, he takes his turn cleaning up. Leah fishes her robin’s egg blue dress out of her bag and slips it on. The color of the simple shift is perfect with her reddish-brown hair; and when Wynn reappears dressed, having added a tie and sport jacket, his mouth drops open.

“Do you have on any underwear under that?” he asks.

“No. I thought you’d like it this way,” she smiles.

“I do like it,” he says, nodding, “but I think I like it too much to make it through dinner, if you know what I mean.”

Flattered, she rolls the r, “Rrreally?”

“Yes, rrreally,” he mimics. He sees that she looks a bit put out; so he quickly adds, “It’s not bad, it’s just that being braless in a really nice restaurant might be a little too–how should I say it — informal.”

“Too informal,” Leah repeats. She keeps to herself the resounding, “Horse SHIT!” she is thinking. Instead, she shrugs in acquiescence saying, “Okay,” and turns to unpack her bra and panties. Whipping off the little dress, she is instantly naked again. Wynn shakes his head, smiling, and tells her he’ll wait for her in the cab while he has a smoke.

When Leah joins him in the cab, she has not only added underwear and pantyhose, but also a lovely silver necklace, matching earrings and a beautiful tortoise shell comb in her hair. “What a lovely transformation, Leah. You look great!” he says taking one last puff before setting his pipe in the ashtray. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I just didn’t know what you had in mind. Where are we going?”

Wynn had researched area restaurants on the net last week and found what he thought sounded like charming place on the shore about a quarter of the way around the lake from the club. It offered gourmet fare, specializing in locally procured delicacies like lake trout, fiddleheads, wild rabbit and venison. He had called ahead on his cell phone to make their reservation. Complete with valet parking, Place in the Pines was advertised as a wonderful dining experience. And indeed, its romantic ambiance, candlelight, soft music and good wine serves to complement their elegant two-hour meal.

Arriving back at the club around 9 o’clock, they see Evan Goode’s camper in the lot, which means Cal is there somewhere. Wynn parks their camper as far away from them as he can.

“Let’s go up to the clubhouse and scope out the competition,” Leah suggests enthusiastically.

But, “Let’s not,” is Wynn’s flat reply.

“But we always do. Why not?” she asks surprised. She knows Wynn loves to schmooze with the other skippers the night before they race.

“Well, I was looking forward to us,” he says softly.

It occurs to her almost instantly that the real reason Wynn might not want to do one of his favorite things is because Cal might be up there and that Wynn would really rather avoid him. “Okay, we’ll stay here,” she says sweetly.

As Leah gets out of the camper cab, she hears a voice softly call her name. Turning in the direction of the sound, she comes face-to-face with Cal, who grabs her around the waist and kisses her hard.

“Avast, you pirate. Unhand my crew!” Wynn demands with mock gallantry and a fake gruffness. Smiling, he comes up behind Leah from around the front of the truck.

“Hey, Wynn. Mind if I steal your crew for an hour or two?” Cal asks, offering Wynn his hand to shake in fellowship.

“How are you, Cal?” Wynn says, meeting the handshake. “We were just talking about going up to the clubhouse to talk trash to the competition. Come up with us,” Wynn offers, hiding his complete insincerity.

Cal is reluctant. His arms still around Leah’s waist, “I don’t know,” he says. “You’re both going up?”

“You know,” Leah interjects, “I just had a great meal, and it’s been a really long day for me. I’m awfully tired. Why don’t you two fellas go bullshit with the other crews? What I really want to do is hit the hay.”

“I was looking forward to spending a little time with you tonight, Leah. Come up with us,” Cal implores, hoping, and kisses her again. Leah fakes a yawn. “I’m really bushed, Cal. Why don’t you ataköy grup yapan escort go with Wynn and I’ll see you tomorrow night at dinner,” she says, tiredly yawning again.

“Come on Cal,” Wynn presses. “Let her go. She needs her beauty rest. She’ll be a beast tomorrow if she doesn’t get enough sleep. Trust me. I know!”

“Daddy’s right, you know,” she says with a wink at Cal. “I’m a beast on too little sleep.”

She kisses Cal firmly on the mouth and whispers something in his ear that Wynn cannot pick up. Cal lets her go; and, as Leah heads for the camper, the boys head for the clubhouse.

About an hour later Wynn returns to the camper. The glow from the one light that Leah has left on is cozy and inviting. “Daddy’s home,” she sings facetiously from the bunk.

“Smart ass! I’ll show you daddy,” Wynn smiles, stripping as fast as he can and throwing his clothes in the corner.

“Mmmm, I hope so!” Leah smiles seductively, pulling back the covers to let him in. “I’ve been waiting for you.” What she does not tell him is that for the past hour she has been pleasuring herself. Diddling her clit while thinking about the wonderful fuckings she has received from both Wynn and Cal, she has kept herself at a delightful level of arousal and is more than glad that Wynn has finally returned.

He climbs in and draws Leah’s body, so soft and so warm, close to him. He feels her nipples on his chest and they kiss. His cock that had been on standby all night can now fully express itself, and they feel it grow between them. Leah, for all her self-assured talk, is still young and inexperienced to the extent that she shakes with excitement and anticipation when he explores her body with his hands. When Wynn reaches between her legs, he is struck by how wet she is.

He is going to take her missionary style. Rolling over top, he pushes her legs wide apart with his knees and holds her by her wrists over her head. Her labia open, his cock is so rigid that he is able to penetrate her without any assistance of hands. Leah gasps when he enters her. She is so tight and so wet.

Wynn works slowly at first, savoring every stroke, wanting it to be the best not just for himself, but for Leah. At the bottom of his thrusts he grinds into her bare pubis. Leah moans in response, pushes her hips up against him and rotates her abdomen like a belly dancer — an action which stimulates her clit even more and massages Wynn’s cock deep in her channel.

His thrusting becomes more and more intense while at the same time he knows that he must restrain himself. He studies Leah’s face and listens to her, hoping for her signal. Her eyes closed, she seems to be in a world of her own. He encourages her urgently. “That’s it, Leah. Just right. Just let go. You’re safe with me and so beautiful.” She is entranced. Moving and moaning, now on fire with passion, she undulates to the rhythm of his fucking.

When Leah finally climaxes, she arches, crying out, and comes hard in a sustained orgasm. Wynn is right behind her, emptying his all deep in her vagina. With chests heaving from their exertion, Wynn falls off to the side; and, as they rest, tears leak from Leah’s eyes.

“My God, Leah, what’s the matter?” Wynn asks, afraid he has somehow hurt her.

“I don’t know. My orgasm was so intense; and then there was this big release; and I just started crying.”

“Are you all right?” he asks, still worried.

“I think I’m fine. I just never had such an intense experience. I think I need you to hold me,” she says uncertainly, puzzled by her own reaction.

Wynn folds her into his chest and lovingly strokes her hair. He can feel her tears on his own cheeks, but they soon subside as she begins to relax. “You are okay, Leah?” he asks again.

Leah exhales with a big sigh. “I’m fine Wynn. In fact, I think I’m better than fine. I never have cum so strongly, and afterwards there was such a rush of feeling! I just became overwhelmed. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. This never happened to me before. So… really. I loved the way you made me cum. It was fantastic.”

Cuddling Leah even more closely, he kisses her on the forehead. He is soaring inside; and, continuing to comfort her, he tells her, “Leah, no woman has ever made me feel so much like a man as you have. And I want you to know how I appreciate that you kept your promise of spending tonight with me. Also your pretending you needed to sleep meant a lot to me.

“On the other hand, I do confess, my darling, that your dating Cal seems so right to me; and I’m happy about it. In fact, when I smelled him on you at the 4th of July dance … the thought that you had just fucked him… well, it really turned me on!”

Slightly askance, “It did? So, darling, you’re saying you like my getting it on with Cal? How come?”

“I know it’s hard to believe; but, yes, it excited me. I didn’t realize why immediately, but I know now it’s because I love you on several levels — married man with family that I am! First of all, I am the luckiest man on earth that you are my loyal fuck buddy and are so good at it; and second, and you’re going to hate this, but I love you as a father and a protector. Leah, you are young and beautiful. You deserve experience with young bachelors, and it’s important to me that you have good sex on your journey in life.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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