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This is the first story I have written and is a true recollection of my ongoing relationship with my girlfriend Kylie. Please let me know what you think and I will be glad to continue the story. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!

“Hi beautiful im back” I called.

Brad had been away for almost two weeks now, studying at a private college more than 3 hours from where his girlfriend of six months and he had been living. They regularly meet up again on weekends and call each other on the phone each night, but last weekend was a busy one for both of them and they were eager to see each other once more.

“Sweetie, are you home??” I repeated.

Whilst Kylie and Brad’s relationship had been going for six months now, they had spent little time alone together. Whilst they have explored each other intimately they have not yet had sex together, opting to wait for the troubles of the last six months to dissipate, for they knew they would be together forever because their love for each other was so strong.

Brad was especially looking forward to seeing his love again as he knew the two of them would be alone for the night without any interruptions from Kylie’s roommate Julie, who was away that particular weekend. Kylie is an attractive 26 year old blonde who exudes a certain sexuality but also maintains a very child like nature which is what made Brad fall in love with her. The last time the two had had an intimate moment together was almost a month and Brad had become as horny as a bee in a flower stall and came home looking to spark the bedroom fires and was hoping Kylie shared his ideas.

“I’m out the back baby!” Replied Kylie in her soft sweet tone.

“There you are, how are you” Brad said with a wide smile.

“Hot!” she called back, wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“You sure are baby! Come here” Brad said cheekily as he made his way through the garden to meet her. “It’s been so long…kiss me!”

The two locked in a passionate embrace that remained for several minutes, relieving some of the tensions from the past fortnight.

“I’ve missed you so much”, Brad whispered to her whilst she continued to kiss his face and neck.

“I know, i’ve missed you too, but you know we agreed you needed to go away to finish your studies, it’s just for another three months”, Kylie replied.

“I know, but it’s still very difficult, I love you so much”, he pouted at her.

“And I love you too. Come inside out of the heat”, she finished with as she broke their embrace and turned to walk inside.

The couple went into the kitchen and relaxed with a cool drink before heading into the lounge room to enjoy the air conditioning. Brad lay back on the lounge and idly flipped on the television before Kylie came and laid herself against him, with her back up against his chest his arms enclosing around her body. They lay like this way for a while just chatting and catching up from the previous two weeks.

Brads arms held Kylie tightly into her chest, his hands encircling hers as they relished their time together again. Kylie picked up his arm and trailed her fingers very lightly over his skin, eliciting tingling sensations all over his body. They played games like this with each other all the time, trying to softly tickle each other into submission whilst the recipient tried not to flinch. They knew each others spots by now and Brad quickly reached down to her side to impart his own torture on her soft smooth skin.

“Hehehehe, hey that’s not fair!” Kylie giggled as she tried in vane to escape his grasp.

“Every time! I know you to well now beautiful!” Brad laughed as he held her tightly.

“Mmmm you do” she replied coyly.

Brad let his hands fall to her stomach, lightly brushing the softness of her skin there, occasionally moving to tickle that spot that creates such a response. They relaxed again into each other as Brads hands moved slowly over her, under the t-shirt, creeping closer to the soft peaks of her breasts, clad now in satin, hiding the flesh that so secretively remained beneath. She so enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her body that her breath was taken away as he moved closer to his mark. She had always been a boisterous ataköy masöz escort person with her child like manner, but when it came to matters such as these she was as quiet as a mouse.

Brads hands trailed a path closer to the satin material and with his fingers outstretched enveloped the softness of her breasts with both hands. He rolled his palms over them before gripping them both with his long fingers, kneading the soft supple flesh until it began to stiffen beneath him.

“I love you so much baby, you are so beautiful” Brad softly spoke as he kissed her cheek.

“Mmm I love you too, that feels soooo good.” she replied with anticipation in her voice.

His hands still working their magic on her firm breasts, he began kissing her neck and cheek, smothering her with his lips and hands. He than let one hand drop from her breast as the other continued to roll and knead, eliciting soft moans from Kylies mouth. Brads other hand began to trail down her stomach, finding her belly button and tracing circles around it, prompting Kylie to catch her breath before releasing it in one long soft moan of pure pleasure. Continuing its journey, his hand went lower, finding the elastic of her shorts and digging itself under to explore the darkness below. Caressing the soft flesh as it went Brads hand found the top of her matching silk panties and played with the small bow that nestled at the top of the forbidden valley.

Just as soon as he was about to continue southward the telephone on the table next to them gave a loud ring which startled them both as Kylie shot up into a sitting position on Brads lap.

Oh damn phone, he thought. “Just leave it baby”, he said frustratingly.

“No I have to get it, it’s probably Julie. She said she was going to call when she got to her boyfriends to let me know she was alright.” Kylie replied with logic.

She picked up the phone and sure enough it was Julie on the other end. She got up and repositioning her clothes walked out to the kitchen, continuing her conversation on the portable phone. Julie was going through a rough patch with her boyfriend and had gone to spend the weekend with him to try and sort things out.

Julie herself was quite an attractive young girl, quite a bit younger than Kylie at 19 but the two got on like sisters and shared every detail of their relationships with each other. Kylie wasn’t impressed with Julie’s boyfriend Rick, who treated her badly and didn’t respect her at all. Several times she had tried to convince Julie to leave him and find someone else. With her quite well developed body for such a young age, firm round breasts that sat high and proud on her chest she could attract any man she wanted. Her breasts were larger than Kylies but with their matching blonde hair they truly did appear like sisters.

Eventually after over half an hour Kylie hung up the phone and returned to the lounge room where Brad was still sitting on the lounge, now watching a tennis match as it came to its conclusion.

“She’s not too good, Rick is being a pig again and didn’t even kiss her when she saw him”, Kylie said in disgust.

“Well I don’t know why she doesn’t leave him. That guys a complete wank if he doesn’t see what he’s got in front of him. That girls cute!” he replied with a certain tone of interest.

“Oh so you think she’s cute do you!” she questioned in a cheeky but serious fashion.

“No…well yes…but not as cute as you sweetheart. You know you’re the only girl for me.”, Brad tried to dig himself out.

“Hmmmm, id better be!” she replied

With that she left the room and went into her bedroom to prepare her class notes for Monday’s lesson. Kylie being a school teacher spent a lot of her nights preparing her lesson plans for the following day, something that took away from their relationship time on many occasions.

When the tennis finished about 15 minutes later Brad walked into Kylie’s room to see how she was progressing to find her standing next to her bed searching for something in her top draw. Coming up from behind and putting his hands on her waist he kissed the back of her neck softly, brushing her long hair away from where ataköy otele gelen escort he was aiming his next kiss. Standing up fully, Kylie took his hands and pulled them around to her front, placing them on her stomach and resting her hands on top of his.

“Mmmm you always smell so good baby” said Brad, taking in her natural scent.

This time his hands went quickly under the t-shirt and straight up her stomach to cup her breast once more and pull her tight into him. Again he began to knead the soft delicate flesh through the flimsy material of her satin bra. Without wanting to waste too much time he moved his hands to her t-shirt and pulled it over her head, returning his hands to continue their work on her supple skin. He rolled his hands over both of her breasts, squeezing them lightly and causing them to become firmer by the second. Still with her back to him Brad unclasped her bra from behind and pulled the straps slowly away, kissing her bare shoulders as it fell to the ground.

Once more he pulled her close to his chest and reaching around grabbed a firm hold of her breasts, pulling at the pink nipples until they stiffened into soft white peaks. Her breasts were of a medium size, enough for him to be able to fully cup with his hands and massage into her chest. Kylie placed her hands on top of his, covering her breasts as she felt the sensations ripple through her body. Pulling harder on each nipple Kylie cried out as the electricity shot tough her and the pain sent tingles right down to her warm pussy that was building up her inner juices. Brad turned her around and with her now facing him the couple embraced in a passionate tongue filled kiss that was full of emotion and pent up sexual frustrations.

Brads hands went to her back and roamed over her naked flesh as she melted into his arms, her lips never leaving his as she continued to explore his mouth with her expert tongue. Releasing the embrace Brad kissed her cheek, neck and chest whilst his hands held her breasts firmly, covering her fully and pinching at her reddening nipples that were now quite hard and pointed. Bending his head he opened his mouth to plant a strong kiss on the left breast, sucking it into his mouth and rolling his tongue over the nipple. Kylie moaned louder than she ever had before as she felt the wetness of his lips and tongue encircle her flesh and bring on feelings that she had not felt in such a long time.

Her hands ran over his chest, up to his neck and running her fingers over his own nipples, producing gasps of pleasure which made his erection grow in an instant. She made her way down his body with her fingers, finding the waste band of his shorts. Feeling her own pleasure building she moved her hands across to her own body, running her palm down to her crotch, stimulating her own rising orgasmic sensations. Brad moved her hands away from her pussy and placed them on her left breast as he moved his mouth now to her right nipple, flicking it with his tongue causing her to rub furiously at her left and moan into his ear.

Brads hands moved swiftly down her back and rested themselves on the cheeks of her ass, gripping firmly with his large hands. Just as swiftly he pulled her shorts away from her body, falling down her legs to the ankles where she kicked them away. Standing now in just her purple silk panties his hands traced a path across her ass and underneath to find the soaked crotch where he ran his middle and forefinger along the outline of her labia.

“Oh God, you’re so wet!” Brad said as he pushed further into her dripping pussy.

“Mmm it feels so good baby, don’t stop mmmmmm”, she moaned as she felt her juices pooling in her soaked panties.

His fingers pressed harder against her labia as she moaned with approval and pressed harder into her breasts with her hands.

“Oh baby you make me feel so good. Oh harder baby, harder”, she moaned, pulsating with pure lust.

She moaned hard as her knees began to weaken and Brad lowered her onto the bed, her legs hanging over the side as he leant over her, his fingers never leaving her panties as they became saturated with her juices. Sliding himself on ataköy rus escort top of her quivering body their lips met again, their tongues dancing together as the passion rose in each of them. Moving his body slowly down Brad locked his lips over Kylies left breast once more, sucking it into his mouth and moving his tongue over the erect nipple. Grazing with his teeth he carefully bit into her nipple, drawing a scream of both pleasure and pain from her lips. Arching her back to draw more of her breast into his mouth she could feel the wetness growing between her thighs as his tongue worked wonders over her delicate skin.

Finally moving himself lower on her body, Brad planted his knees on the floor and ran his hands upwards from her knees to her moist sex, teasing her outer lips with his fingers but not penetrating. Brad knelt lower, positioning himself between her thighs and placed a kiss on her left knee. Slowly and tenderly he kissed his way up her thigh, getting closer to her melting womanly sex, which was bursting for release. His face was now inches from her leaking pussy and he inhaled her scent deeply.

Her panties were totally soaked now and Brad ran his hands up her thighs to rest at the top of her panties in readiness to expose her fully to his waiting tongue. Looking up at her teasingly before making his move, the expression on her face was of pure sexual passion and lust, waiting to be fulfilled. Without further hesitation he dove into her panty covered pussy, licking the entire length of her lips with the flat of his tongue.

“Aaaaawwwrrrrgghhhhhh godddddddddd that’s soooooo goooood!!” Kylie almost screamed at the top of her voice.

Her whole body lifted of the bed as she tried to ram her soaking pussy into his mouth. In an instant he peeled her panties of her body and tossed them aside, revealing her completely shaved pussy except for a small blonde line running from the top of her clit towards her panty line like a small runway strip. Seeing her wetness in full view now Brad used two fingers to spread her labia and expose her pink pussy lips as he closed his mouth around her glistening pussy, sucking in the sweet juices that flowed freely.

Keeping a tight lock on her pussy with his mouth he drove his tongue deep into Kylies love hole, curling it to rub against the walls of her vagina and touch her g-spot, sending her into yet another rolling orgasm. Collecting her juices with his tongue he released his pressure and spread his tongue out to flick against her clitoris, applying her juices to her now very sensitive organ.

“Ohhhhhh yessss right there baby, lick my clit…..yesssssss baby suck it, suck my clit yes, yes oh its soooooooo good. I can feel it Brad, don’t stop, don’t stop yesssssss.” She commanded

He leant in and licked firmly with his tongue flat against her pussy lips, Kylie crying out in pleasure, “Oh my god, ooooohhhhhhh, mmmmmm that’s sooooo good, mmmmm right there, yes yes awwwwwww god yes.”

“Oh baby ooooohhhhhh, don’t stoppppppppp…..uuuuugggghhhhhh, im goinnnnggggg to…..!!” She moaned

“Brad, fucckkkkkkk yesssssss im cuuuuummmmminnggg….!!”, her release finally coming in a wave of excruciating passion and lust.

He continued to lick up her juices, sucking in the folds of her pussy as she continued to cum in waves of pleasure, her orgasms coming one after the other. Kylies cum spurted out of her, coating Brads face in her juices as he kept hold of her as she bucked wildly on the bed, thrashing as the waves of her orgasm took her well over the edge.

Removing his mouth from her clitoris Brad continued to lap at her pussy as she came down from the most orgasmic high she had ever experienced. She was completely spent and lay back on the bed totally drained. Brad pulled her up further onto the bed and moved so that he now lay on top of her, looking directly into her eyes.

“You are the most beautiful girl in the world, I love you so much…and you taste fantastic!”, He said to her in such a tone that she new he really meant it.

He leant in and kissed her full on the lips, her juices still on his tongue, lips and face. Kylie put her hands around his head and pulled him into her, licking what remained of her juices from his face. Kissing him deeply she ran her tongue around the inside of his mouth, savouring her own sweet taste.

Regaining her energy Kylie leant into his ear and whispered softly, “I want you to fuck me, I want to feel you inside me. Fill me deeply, im ready Brad, fuck me now!”

But that is another story all together…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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