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It’s not unusual for Sally to be drinking wine when I get home from work but what is unusual is to find her still in her work clothes.

We’d first met at work. Where I had lusted over her for quite sometime. Her blonde hair, pert little breasts she dressed in pencil skirts, pussy bow blouses and heels. She was my absolute fantasy woman. Back then as we chatted in the office she had no idea that she had been, for many months, the inspiration of my morning glory. Each morning, as I lay in bed, thinking about her, my hand would instinctively slide inside my boxers to find my swelling erection. My imagination wandering to her perfect bottom squeezed into a tight pencil skirt. My hand would, without instinctively, slide along my length, up and down, faster and faster until I came.

I am sure Sally had no idea of what I had being doing only a short while earlier as I said good morning to her. It was sometime before I finally plucked up the courage to ask Sally out and I was so glad I had as she turned out to be was everything I fantasied about and so much more.

Now, we no longer worked together, I missed the work clothes which had inspired so many fantasies. So it was surprising but also very pleasant to find Sally in a black pencil skirt and white pussy bow blouse, leaning against kitchen counter, her legs crossed at ankles and a glass of white wine in her hand.

Sally put down her glass without a word. A broad smile spread across her face. She reached out and took my hand, leading me upstairs to our bathroom. She stood me in front of the sink and gave me a long lingering kiss. Looking straight into my eyes she unbuttons my shirt, undoes the buckle of my belt, slowly pulling it from its loops. Without a word I take off my shoes and socks, then Sally removes my trousers and underwear. Never once losing eye contact.

I am stood naked only few minutes since I stepped in ataşehir escort the house.

Sally runs some water into the sink and gently lifts my cock and balls into the sink. She begins washing my stiffing cock in the sink. Warm, soapy hands gliding along my shaft to my balls, she grips the head of my shaft in her soapy hand, squeezing the velvety head of my dick between her thumb and forefinger. I can’t describe just how good this feels! I really don’t want this to stop but then Sally rinses off the soap, picks up a towel and dries me. Grasping my stiff cock in her hand she leads me along the hall, through to our dressing room. The dressing room is small with a full length mirror against the wall.

She leaves me in door way of dressing room and without a word walks along the hall to our bedroom. My eyes follow her, taking in the gorgeous shape of her body, as she turns into the bedroom, I think, though I’m not sure, that I saw the seam of stockings down the back of her ankle. Do you get seams on tights?

After what seems ages, but was, I’m sure, not more than a minute she steps out of the bedroom and stops, one hand on the ball at the end of the banister the other on her tilted hip. My heart stops, and I’m sure my face is a picture from the smile that spreads across Sally’s beautiful face. She is wearing a black lace bra, matching knickers and suspender belt, beautiful classic black stockings and black patent stilettos.

Sally pauses for a second, letting me take it all in before walking slowly towards me. Flaunting her sensual body. Her gorgeously dark brown eyes fixed on mine as she brushes past me, she gently takes hold of my cock and leads me to stand side on to the full length mirror.

She turns and stands in front of the mirror. Leaning in close to the mirror she applies a thick coat of red lipstick. Bright pillar box red.

‘Water avcılar anal yapan escort proof’ she says with a smile.

Adrenaline is pumping through my body as my eyes drop down from her lips, darting up and down her body. The outfit might be a cliche but god she looked so very, very sexy. This is my wife, my gorgeous, beautiful, sexy wife.

In front of the full length mirror Sally fixes me with a long lingering gaze, she slowly crouches down in front of me, her hands gliding down my arms on to my sides, stopping on my hips. Without taking her eyes off mine Sally sucks my long shaft into her mouth, her bright red lips sliding tightly along my shaft. My cock is a good length yet she takes it all deep into her mouth. Then slowly, with her eyes fixed on mine, she draws back until just the head is left in her mouth, I can’t tell you what she is doing inside her mouth but it feels incredible. She pulls back her lips so I can see her teeth dragging gently down the head of my cock, just the pleasure side of pain. Then pulls back my foreskin and her tongue licks and flicks around the hard edge at the of the tip of my cock, absolute heaven.

My eyes flick from the mirror to the view below me. Sally is in complete control, with a stroke of her hand or a flick of her tongue my body is rigid with ecstasy. Teetering on the edge of orgasm. She relishes the control she has, how she can take me from soft to coming in a few moments. She can please not just with her lips and tongue but her words and eyes.

Not only is my wife very, very good at blowjobs, in fact her ability is beyond words but what makes its so good is she really enjoys sucking my cock. I can tell. Not just because she is incredible at it, not just because it turns her on but because she tells me.

Sally will look me straight in the eye, slowly slide her avcılar bdsm escort lips from the silky smooth head of my cock and tell me, ‘I love sucking your cock Charlie’ gives me a big grin and take it all back inside her mouth, slowly, inch by inch.

Sometimes when we’re out, and Sally is a little drunk and feeling naughty, she’ll lean into my ear and whisper. ‘When we get home I’m going to give you the best blowjob in the world, I’m going to drink every drop.’ Which leaves me sat in a public place with a very noticeable bulge in my jeans, desperate to get her home.

Sometimes the blowjob is slow and sensual and other times fast, hard and I would be coming before I knew where I was. Left breathless, trousers undone, dick limp and spent. Sally knows that making me come in her mouth gives me the most incredible, time stands still, shout out loud orgasms. She sucks and she sucks until I come, then sucks some more. The pleasure is so incredibly intense. The best high ever. Bar none.

Now, stood here in front of the mirror I can start to feel the edge of my orgasm, looking down I can see Sally can sense this and her hand moves from my thigh to the base of my cock and holds my balls. She lifts my cock from her mouth and begins to flick her tongue along the hard ridge of the head, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me, pushing me to come, her hand is gliding up and down my shaft willing and urging me to come and then it hits me, the first wave, my balls tighten and Sally immediately sucks the head of my cock into her mouth, her hand stroking my shaft as I start to come. I groan out loud, everything goes quiet as the pleasure total absorbs me. I’m lost in it.

Then slowly I come back down to earth. Sally stands up reaches for her wine glass and takes a long drink draining the glass.

‘I like the taste but not the texture,’ she says with a smile.

She passes me the glass, ‘Get me a wine and meet me in the bedroom, I need some sex as soon as this is hard again’ she points at my cock and walks off back to the bedroom.

As I watch her walk along the hall and then flash me a big grin as she turns into the bedroom I can already feel my cock swell with lust. I try not to run for the wine!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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