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You are headed home after a meeting in the city. You go up to the second level of the GO train and find a seat and lean back and close your eyes. You are so tired and just want to get home, you are almost asleep when the train pulls into the next station. You are really hoping that no one else comes up the stairs and you can have the train compartment to yourself. You hear footsteps on the stairs and you groan softly. You keep your eyes closed and hope that they are not going to be some chatty idiot who will talk on their cell phone the whole trip…

The train pulls away from the station and you open your eyes slightly to see who it was that came up the stairs.

I am sitting in the pod in front of you on the opposite side of the train facing you. I have on a short black skirt and fishnet stockings and tall black high heeled boots. My long blond hair is covering part of my face and my coat is on so you can’t really see what I look like…but you really like the parts of me you can see and there is a stirring in your pants that you haven’t felt for a while.

You close your eyes again and try to clear your mind of all of the pornographic thoughts that suddenly popped into your head.

You hear me rustling in my seat and sneak another peek and you see that I have now removed my coat and I am wearing a tight purple wrap around blouse and it is fairly low cut and you can now see that my huge tits are barely constrained inside it, the black lace of my bra is just visible above the V neck.

I have pulled out my IPOD and I am listening to music with my eyes closed. I scoot down a bit in the seat and cross my legs and for a brief instant you can see up my skirt and you can see that I am not wearing any panties you feel your cock harden and you cannot take ataköy anal yapan escort your eyes off me in case I shift my position again. Seconds later I stand up and put my purse on the seat and bend over it rooting around in my purse, your eyes are riveted to my ass because my skirt has ridden up at the back now and you have a clear view of my pussy as I bend over. The fishnet has wide holes and you can see my pussy almost perfectly through one of them. You close your eyes and can picture crawling up behind me and sticking your tongue into my slit while the stockings are still on, slowly opening the whole wider and wider until my whole pussy is free of the constraints…

I have sit down now and you do not realize that I am staring at you and the huge bulge that is now in your pants. I stifle a giggle and you open your eyes and see me staring at your crotch. You look down and see the huge bulge and your face turns beet red.

I stand up and grab my coat and purse and sit in the seat directly across from you. You open your mouth to introduce yourself and I lean forward with a finger on your lips and shush you…there is no need for names here…

I put one foot up on the seat in between your legs and you scoot forward so the tip of my boot is touching your cock. You start to stroke the soft leather while you watch me hike up my skirt even farther so you can see my whole pussy. I bring a finger down and begin drawing slow circles all over the sparse fabric. I undo the tie on my shirt and it falls open to reveal a nipple less bra made of black lace. There is barely any fabric there and you wonder how my huge tits are being held up by such flimsy fabric. I bring my finger up to my lips and moisten the tip and bring ataköy bdsm escort it down first to one nipple which immediately hardens, then to the other. I slip a finger inside my pussy and it slides in easily…I slide it in and out a few times fucking myself slowly while not taking my eyes of yours.

Do you want to taste me baby?

You nod in agreement and I spread my legs even farther apart and rip open the stockings and whisper…

Cum and get it baby…

You kneel down in between my legs and spread my lips open and have a taste. You slowly lick me from the bottom to the top, stopping slowly to tickling my hole before moving up to my clit. You run your hard tongue around it in tiny circles and stop to nibble on it while it hardens in your teeth.

I tug at my tits and pinch my nipples while I watch you slip two fingers inside me, you flick your tongue around my clit while you finger fuck me looking up at me the whole time, your eyes never leaving mine for an instant.

The train has pulled into another station and I sit up and pull my shirt around my body and throw the coat over my legs and smile at you conspiratorially…you pull your coat into your lap to hide your impressive erection and we wait hoping that no one joins us on this level.

The conductor calls to have the doors close and no one has wandered up so once the train pulls away we resume our activity.

I stand up and turn around and bend over in front of you…you have the perfect view of my whole pussy as I slide my fingers in and out of my wet hole. I ask you if you want to slide your cock inside me and you groan in assent.

You unzip your pants and scoot your ass to the edge of the seat, I straddle your legs and guide ataköy elit escort your cock deep inside me, in one movement you are inside me, you reach around and re open my blouse and start to massage my tits while I begin bouncing up and down on you. I spread my legs open and begin bouncing faster, I have leaned back and you kiss my neck and pull my face back until you can reach my mouth and kiss me deeply.

I reach down between my legs and stroke your balls with my fingernails, you groan into my back and grab my hips and bounce me even harder than I was bouncing myself.

I stand up and sit down on my seat and grab my ankles and spread my pussy wide open…cum and give me that cock I whisper…

You stand up and bend down and dip your cock inside my hotness, I am so wet that your cock diving into me makes a squishy sound and you begin to fuck me with all your might. You bend down and start to suck on my tits, causing each nipple to harden before moving on to the next one. I am moaning with ecstasy as you plough into my wet pussy. You whisper in my ear that you are about to cum…where do I want it?

I whisper back that I want to taste you and I kneel down in front of you. I take you deep into my mouth and feel your balls tense up in preparation for cumming. I suck you in long deep strokes licking all of my delicious juices off of you waiting for you to fill my mouth with your hot cum.

You grab the back of my head and thrust deep into my mouth and with a low growl you shoot your seed deep into the back of my throat. I don’t miss a beat and I take every ounce and gulp it down with relish. You taste so good that I don’t want to stop sucking but you beg me to stop because the pleasure is now almost painful.

I stand up and readjust my clothes as do you and we sit down again and wait for our stops. We realize that we are both getting off at the same stop. When the train stops we both stand up, you grab me in a quick kiss and we part and go our separate ways down to the main level. When we reach the platform we both look at each other and smile and turn away and walk to our cars…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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