Confessions of a Teacher Ch. 08


All characters are consensual participants at and over the age of 18.


Regionals were a hit and we ended placing in the top three, earning us a spot in the state playoffs. The girls were hooting and hollering all through the hotel after the victory and we were almost kicked for noise violations. Jim and I didn’t try to dampen their good time too much and treated the team to a final dinner before we boarded the bus that evening. The next day would be a school day and we wanted to get back to the school by a reasonable time that night. You never want to deal with an angry parent that watches a clock, concerned about his or her child’s whereabouts.

As I cleared out my hotel room, I fondly looked at the in-room jacuzzi and the bed. Never have I had my dick sucked so well. Ashley Ramirez’s blow-job skills were exceptional. While she struggled to take it in her mouth and still expertly used her tongue, the only thing I could think of was that it’s a pity she’s terrible in science classes. She was clearly well-versed in anatomy and simple physics. But that’s a lie. I was also thinking about how rewarding it was to pound her tight young pussy on the bed. It took some skillful easing in and slow exhales on her part, I was gentle at first. Once she acclimated (she surprisingly took a good bit of me), I really gave a lesson in fucking. Maybe I was taking out my frustrations of her antics in my class. She moaned and let out silent screams, especially when I had her on all-fours. Luckily for me, my slightest movement inside of her sent her into orgasmic squirms. I wish I could’ve had some way to save this memory.

Unfortunately it will have to remain in my visual memory, just in bits and pieces. I closed the door behind me and savored the rest of that experience again. I did my final round of the girl’s rooms to ensure that everyone was accounted for and out of their rooms. Jim saw to it that they all made it to the bus while I arranged to check-out with the hotel concierge. Handing the key cards and a list of the rooms, the assistant coach of the cheer-leading squad was also taking care of the squads rooms. “Hey Reg. Great game last night!” She said.

“You all did a fantastic job getting us there Tina. Everyone was in rare form.” I told her, returning the compliment.

“I’m looking forward to going to State with you all. I think we really have a chance to win it all.” Tina said optimistically, her teeth blindingly bright.

“Jim and I think so too. It’s going to take some focus, but I definitely think they’ve got it in them.”

“Well!” Tina beamed, “Whatever it is you’re doing, keep it up! It’s totally working!” I reserved a satisfied smile, recalling the images from my last few practices.

“You as well Tina. If I recall correctly, you had the loudest squad last night,” I grinned really hard, “Ashley really knows how to lead and bring the crowd to attention.” Tina continued to beam and nod earnestly in agreement. “I think she’s a natural at working them up and making them erupt!” A flashback of cupping Ashley’s ass and lowering her on my cock came to mind. Tina’s laugh made me snap back to reality.

“Well that’s what we pride ourselves on! She’s a real noisemaker. I’m very proud of her. She’s going to go very far with those skills. Did you know she got a scholarship?” Tina asked.

“Yes, I did. I had a chance to speak with her mom on Friday and she was very excited about it.” I shared.

A whistle was blown by someone in the lobby. Tina and I both turned and it was Jim, waving his hand towards himself, signaling us. “I guess we have to go! We’ll have to catch up some time once the season is over Reggie.” Tina suggested. I nodded and agreed. We completed our checking out at the desk and made way for the buses.

Since the team got to ride the tour bus on the way to regionals, the deal was to switch with the cheer-leading squad on the return trip. As a result, this was going to be an uncomfortable two and half hour ride back home. The seats are standard leather with the steel frame bolted to the bus floor. Tina took one look at it and shuddered. She turned to me and wished me good luck dealing with it. I dreaded it, especially after being spoiled on the tour bus. However a silver lining was that this would be a wind-down trip and not as anticipatory as the ride here. Even as I began boarding the bus, there was already a silence that was comfortable. Most of the girls had headphones on, blasting their music, and drowning the world out. Jim sat up front with the roster and was in mid-count as I boarded. He pointed to the back and sentenced me to a turbulent hell. I made my way back and saw that all the girls were preoccupied with their phones in their own seats. zorla sex The good thing about a small team is everyone gets their space.

I didn’t stray too far back and took a seat a few behind Justine, to have my own personal space. I thought it would be far enough, but I saw that Jodie had made a pillow with her hooded sweatshirt and appeared to be napping. In an effort not to disturb her, I placed my things down quietly and settled in for the ride. The sun had already set and we finally embarked on the trip home. As I looked out towards the front of the bus, I saw the cell phone screens go out sporadically and it seemed like the weekend had finally caught up with the girls. The bus was warm and I, exhausted as well from the events of the night before, began to doze off.

A few potholes made good effort on waking me up along the way but I quickly fell asleep again. Despite the loud white noise of the road being traveled on, I was awoken by the sound of a bag zipper. I darted my glance over to my bag to make sure everything was okay. I didn’t think anyone would tamper with it, but it was a rational concern. I looked out over the rest of the bus and it appeared everyone was asleep, as nobody was seen upright in a seat. Out of the corner of my eye however, I heard the sound of the zipper once more and movement. I sunk down slightly and looked across and to the front of me.

Jodie’s bare ass greeted me in the dark as she was crouching in her seat. She held something in her hand that I could not see clearly, but as she brought it up, it proved to be her black sweatpants. Grasped in her other hand was a white garment. While the night was pitch dark outside, there was indeed a full moon for my viewing pleasure. Her apple-bottom butt held a nice, succulent peach in its centerpiece, and her ass puckered deeply as if it coyly winked at me. Jodie moved her legs through the white garment and pulled it up, just providing a small peek of her cheeks. It was a white skirt. When she turned to sit back down, I quickly laid back and pretended to be asleep again.

With my eyes closed, I could see Jodie’s butt again in my mind. It had looked so plump and tight, I wanted to slap it until it turns a juicy red plum color. I slightly opened an eye and saw a light emanating from her seat. It seemed like she was on her phone. I also saw a headphone cord, so it was likely she was listening to music. I moved slowed not to make any sudden movements to be registered by her. Making a hesitant move toward her seat, I stood up.

As I slightly leaned over her bus seat, I could see that she was on her phone. On closer review though, it looked like she was watching porn! Some blond bimbo was struggling on a giant cock. Not alerting Jodie, I continued to check her out, elevated from my seat. Her hand was in her skirt and from the heavy breathing from the rise and fall of her chest, she was certainly enjoying herself. I didn’t intend to interrupt her since I was really enjoying the view. She came twice as I could see her slightly shiver each time as her head tossed back. I was teeming with cum already and I planned on rubbing one out in my seat. As I got up to get my towel from my bag in the seat behind Jodie, I accidentally pulled too hard on the snagged zipper and hit my hand on the back of her seat. She looked back alarmed and I quickly improvised a signal to have her put her phone away. Jodie looked at me wide-eyed, probably concerned with what I had seen, and rushed to put her phone away.

Being thrown off a bit, I took my seat and immediately realized that I had sat in the seat in front of mine, across from Jodie. She appeared to be trying to nap again and her phone was put away. Rather than grabbing my towel, I picked up my coaching shorts by accident. I looked over at Jodie’s seat and wondered if she was watching me and only pretending to be asleep. I took the risk and decided to change my pants right there. I pulled them down slowly in her direction, allowing my cock to freely make an appearance. I spread my legs slightly in her direction while I attempted to have misplaced my shorts. I gave myself a few good tugs until I found my shorts and start to put them on. I had hoped she got a nice eye-full. Settling down, I tried to nap again with these racing thoughts of her ass once more.

With my sleep already ruined, I didn’t doze as easily. I opened my eyes once more and saw that glow coming from Jodie’s seat again. Her hand was in her skirt once more and this time her legs were open towards me. From the reflection of the screen on the window, I knew it was porn again. I made a deliberate movement to appear stirred and she did not noticed immediately. As she continued to watch, I watched her closely porno indir as she tried to climax again. Avoiding her direct attention, I started stroking myself through my shorts. From my periphery, I could see that she had stopped pleasuring herself and was watching me. I stroked a little more furiously and suddenly stopped when I realized she had been watching. Her mouth was slightly agape and her legs were still open.

I held my hand out to her and gestured her to come over to my seat. Jodie looked at me dumbfounded and confused. Then I pulled my cock out and gestured her over again. She looked around the rest of the bus and scooted to my seat. For a moment, she just stared in amazement at it. I looked up and ensured that no-one was up. I shook it at her as a signal to get to work and gave her head a gentle push towards it. Jodie’s petite hand attempted to wrap itself around my shaft but was unsuccessful. Jodie is the shortest senior on the team, easily mistaken for a junior varsity player. She ambitiously wrapped her thin lips on my cock’s head while I started stroking her well-conditioned thighs. I was in no rush to explore up her skirt and wanted to enjoy this moment. From any on-looker’s perspective at the front of the bus, you would only see me in the seat. Jodie is so petite that she hid well behind it. I didn’t even see her when I boarded the bus. She continued to struggle with the head so I gave her a little thrust in her mouth and she instantly gagged a bit.

I didn’t push it further and let her suck it to her liking, to pretend she was in the porn that she was watching. Her saliva started to run down my dick and she gave it a few strokes while she sucked harder. I let me hand explore her skirt some more and could already feel the heat emanating from her pussy. My finger found a comfortable place and Jodie flinched at the touch. I could feel it get doused with her wet lips and her ambitiousness to take more of me in her mouth improved. I took my hand out and put it on her head while I took my cock out of her mouth. Pushing it towards my balls, she started licking and sucking on my jewels while running her tongue the length of my shaft. She got the hint quickly to make it wet for her own use. Jodie sucked and slathered over it for a few minutes while I tossed my head back in bliss.

I pulled it away from her and patted on the seat near my lap. Jodie made the move to settle between my legs and I pointed her to face the front of the bus. Even though she was standing, I might have appeared that she just sitting up in the seat. I grabbed her luscious, luscious ass through her skirt and lifted the skimpy white thing up to her waist. Spreading her cheeks open, I could see the succulent peach I wanted to have. Not being shy at all, I dove in to devour it like a hungry man. Jodie nearly jumped at the feeling of my tongue deeply tasting her juicy fruit. Any sign of discomfort disappeared quickly as she started to push her ass into my face to get extra licks in. I grabbed her hand and had her stroke my cock again, bringing it to maximum attention once more. As I pulled away my face from her pussy, I could see it dripping wet and glistening in the low-light of the night.

Holding her by her waist, I lowered her down on my cock slowly… only first to explore her pussy lips. Once I found my opening, I felt her moistness wrap around me. Jodie held my knees tightly as I eased her down. I could feel her wet pussy sending streams of herself down me, the seat below us already becoming wet. Surprisingly, she took my entire cock like this, truly a cowgirl. I began to give little thrusts and Jodie immediately put a hand on her mouth. Her ass was so soft and big, it felt like my dick had disappeared altogether. But I was happy because it was in a better place. Jodie put her hands on the seat in front and put her head on the the seat back while I really gave her a bounce on me. Every pothole and dip in the road was a pleasant exclamation of joy she covered her mouth for.

I was close to cumming in Jodie’s pussy but I couldn’t let myself go so carelessly like that. I didn’t know if she was on birth control or had any other contraception. So I pulled out and slapped my dick against her pussy and bought some time. Jodie was breathing heavy and I could feel her thighs shuddering on my legs. I spread cheeks open again and ran a finger around her ass hole. She was playing with my balls and quick nodded her head at the feel of my finger on her tight hole. I didn’t hesitate. I picked her up by her ass again and brought it down with her cheeks wide open. A greater struggle than her pussy, Jodie slowly eased herself down and I felt nice and snug in her ass. Reaching around I grabbed her small ensest porno tits and pulled her down harder and faster on my cock. She kept a steady hand on her mouth to keep from screaming and I kept pounding.

Finally to rest, I let her work on me while I sat back and enjoyed. Jodie started to twerk on my dick and I began to lose it. Her cheeks were bouncing and clapping gloriously, giving me peeks and glances at how my dick was being swallowed by her tight ass. I didn’t dare try to stop her performance and lost myself in the mesmerizing sight. Tensing up, I clenched her knees while she twerked, and attained temporary nirvana in her ass. Jodie started to slow down and tightened it up as if to milk me dry. Lost in the moment, I stared at her ass and gave it another grab while she pulled it off and pulled her skirt down. I closed my eyes for a moment and Jodie returned to her seat. When I looked over at her way, she had already laid down again. I pulled my shorts back up and dozed off as well.

It was near midnight and I could feel the bus coming to a stop. We had arrived at the school and a parking lot peppered with parents awaited us. I gathered my things and woke the other girls along with Jim. All of them, waking from a slumber, moved slowly to get their things. As they began to file up, I stood at the back of the bus with my things waiting for everyone to get off. Jodie held her bag and faced forward while waiting for the others to get off. I gave her a pat on her back and pointed to her headphones still in the seat. She leaned over and I took another look up her hiked skirt. When she returned to look forward, I let my hand slip under the skirt again and palmed her pussy one more time. It was still wet. She turned and smiled for a moment before moving to get off the bus. I looked at her seat again and saw where my cum had leaked out of her ass.

As I got off the bus, I saw the cheer-leading squad had de-boarded their bus already. Ashley Ramirez appeared to be walking in my direction when I saw that her mother had parked near our bus. She looked to have a slight limp and looked very tired. When she got in the car, her mother began to drive and rolled down her window to me.

“Congratulations Mr. Antoni!” Ashley’s mother yelled out. I walked a little closer to speak with her. “Ashley tells me it was quite the tournament and that you all are going to state playoffs.”

“Yes! It was a great time, I’m really proud of our girls. I’m very proud of yours too! Ashley really supported the team. You’ve got a talented, hard-worker there.” I said to her mother, as I looked at Ashley, remitting the thoughts of the night prior. Ashley’s mother looked at her.

“I know she is. I’m proud of her too. She is a go-getter you know?” Ashley looked annoyed by her mother’s compliment. “Though she’d never accept it from me!” Her mother laughed.

“Mom! Can we go home now? I’m really tired and sore.” Ashley pleaded. Her mother casted some pity on her.

“Of course we can dear. You must’ve really pushed yourself this weekend.” Ashley’s mother noted. I smiled widely.

“Yes Mrs. Ramirez…” I looked lustfully at Ashley, “You should have seen her last night. The performance she gave… Wow! I can’t tell you how enthusiastic she was, it’s no wonder she’s sore. She was loud, bouncing all over the place, really getting into it. I really couldn’t contain my excitement for the game and she really brought it out of me. Didn’t you Ashley?” A satisfied look came over her eyes and she smiled. Her mother looked at her.

“Yeah mom, it was a really good time. I had fun. Mr. Antoni even had a chance to help me with some of my science work after the game.” Ashley shared. Mrs. Ramirez was visibly glad that I found the time to work on her daughter.

“That’s great!” Her mother said to her and turned to me, “Thank you so much Mr. Antoni.” She turned back to Ashley, “Did it help?”

Ashley bit her lip and smiled again, “Yeah, it really did. He took some really big concepts and made sure I could get a good grasp on the subject. I felt a lot better afterwards.” Mrs. Ramirez was ecstatic and immediately asked me if I could tutor Ashley occasionally. I hesitated for a moment but as her mother looked at me for an answer, Ashley nodded to me in earnest.

“I will check my schedule Mrs. Ramirez and see what I can do.” I told her mother and then looked at Ashley. “But you have to promise you’ll work extra hard when we meet. I won’t accept any less.” Mrs. Ramirez chirped in.

“That’s right Ashley. You’ll have to dedicate yourself with Mr. Antoni.” She said as Ashley began to roll her eyes. “Don’t roll your eyes at me miss,” She turned to me, “I’m sorry Mr. Antoni.”

“No worries,” I reassured Mrs. Ramirez, “I’ll just have to pound away until she gets it, like you said before.” She smiled.

“Yes, please do…” She looked at her daughter and back to me. Ashley looked at me like a hungry slut vixen as her mother finished,”…I think that’s exactly what she needs.”

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