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Public Sex

There’s an old adage. One man asks another, “What would you do if you found your wife with another man?” and the other responds, “Ignore it, congratulate them, or join in, depending on the circumstances.”


One night Mary asked me, “What are we doing Saturday night?” She knew very well, my schedule was posted on the refrigerator; I was a manager at Best Buy.

“I’m working, what are you doing?” I assumed she had an ulterior motive, and this was her way of breaking it gently. I was right.

“Well, James called, asked if we could get together. We haven’t seen him in a couple of months.”

I knew Mary and James had something special, I could cooperate with that. “So, how about this,” I suggested. “Why don’t the two of you go on a date?”

“You sure?” Mary didn’t often solo, but . . .

“Why not? I don’t mind, have a good time.”


Saturday night as I puttered around the store, waiting for the magic moment of 9:00 to roll around and we could lock the doors, I realized my wife was meeting with her special lover, that they’d be flirting and kissing. Perhaps already they were locked nakedly in each other’s arms. The thought never left the back of my mind, but because we were experienced in swinging I was able to concentrate on supervising the store.

The closing went smoother than usual, I was able to turn off the lights of the store early. It was just about ten when I got home, Mary’s car was parked on the street as normal, when I walked in the house they were on the couch in the living room. Apparently, they’d arrived not fifteen minutes earlier, they still had most of their clothes on, I joined them. Until nearly midnight the two of us made love with Mary, she was a very satisfied woman when James said his goodnight.

As we were preparing for bed, Mary said, “Were you surprised?”

“A little. I figured you’d go over to his place.”

“He didn’t want to. He wanted to see what would happen when you walked in on us. If you’d given us another fifteen minutes, we’d have been doing it when you got home. How would you feel about that?”

“With James? I wouldn’t have minded, you two can’t keep your hands off each other! But I wonder. If I hadn’t been expecting you to be with him, how would I have felt? Don’t know. And what if it had been someone unexpected? If it was somebody I didn’t avcılar elit escort know. That could get interesting.”

But it wasn’t going to happen, I knew. Mary had set up her rule long ago, kept it religiously with my agreement: she would always inform me in advance of her sexual liaisons, get my ‘permission.’ (If she had a hankering to give herself to another man, I rarely objected. We’d opened up our marriage years before, and who Mary slept with was her decision, not mine.)

By the next day, I’d almost forgotten the conversation.

Seasons passed, we participated in our share of foursomes and orgies and threesomes. This was our shared hobby, I loved watching a man pleasure himself in my wife’s body, I truly enjoyed bringing other women to passion.

I remember it was in hot weather, a weeknight. As was typical for me two or three nights a week, I had to close up the store, by ten o’clock I left the parking lot on my way home. I was thinking about nothing except an ice cold beer.

As I parked the car I could see from the street there was only one dim light on the first floor and candle light in the master bedroom. ‘Hmm,’ I thought, ‘that’s strange.’ I walked in the door, from the upstairs I heard the groan of Mary’s craze and the bumping of the headboard against the wall. I immediately knew exactly what was going on.

I paused in the foyer, wondering just what my emotions were. I wasn’t pissed, hell, I knew Mary was a hotwife, she’d been in bed many times, one more didn’t matter at all. There was a slight feeling she’d broken trust, that she hadn’t phoned me to let me know it was happening, get my okay. I even checked to make sure I hadn’t missed a call or text.

Of course, there was a rush of angst, the feeling of once again she’s getting it, that’s great, no it’s not! I was used to it, I just savored the old familiar emotion similar to jealousy for a few seconds.

I quickly wondered if she was cheating on me, if she’d done this before, how many fucking times? Then I settled. She was screwing around in our own house, at a time when she knew damn well I’d be getting home. So no, not cheating.

All of these reflections took no more than a few seconds.

Then I wondered who it was. I figured it was somebody we already knew, maybe a last second booty call from one of avcılar escort our old friends. I climbed the stairs, the noises from the bedroom persisted. The upstairs hall was dark, turning the corner I found the bedroom door open a crack, maybe six or seven inches. A breeze of air-conditioning hit me, the noise cloaked the creaks of the floorboards below me. I could see the bed, Mary was on her back, catty-cornered on the mussed sheets. On top of her, lifting himself with his arms, was a man. I could see his cock, shrouded in plastic, merging with my wife’s compliant genitals. This wasn’t odd, many times before I’d watched as men screwed my wife.

The two things that were strange were, first, they were in missionary. Mary hates the missionary position, she allows it only when she’s been satisfied again and again and she wants the man to complete and end the rendezvous. But she was keening as they screwed, they seemed a long way from taking a break.

The second odd thing was I didn’t know her new boyfriend. I’d never met him, never seen him. He was stocky, a dark head of hair, at least ten or fifteen years younger than we. He had his strength, the muscles of his arms and legs were taut, as a basketball player’s might be.

They couldn’t see me, I was sure. I was in the darkness, a couple of feet from the crack through which I watched. Mary gave a particularly keen yelp, then seemed to settle. I heard them confer, they shifted position, the man’s back to me, Mary’s back to him, almost in the fetus position on her side. The man inserted his strength into her slit again, the bed was rocking with their exertions. Mary moaned, the man cheered in his pleasure.

I wondered, once again, what to do. If I’d known the guy the choice would be simple, I’d simply join them in a threesome. But there was now a crinkle in the mix. What if Mary hadn’t told the guy about me? If I walked in I might freak him, and the whole thing would get weird. They were having too much fun, I decided not to disturb them. As silently as possible, I backed out, went downstairs, sat in my den. I listened as the sounds of love reached me through the hallways. For another twenty minutes, at least, the sex went on. I was able to hear Mary’s shrieks time and again, at last I heard low masculine grunts indicating the man was being sated. Long moments avcılar eve gelen escort went by when I heard nothing.

I heard Mary’s footsteps on the walkway above me, the toilet flushed. A few minutes later I heard a double pair of footsteps leave the bedroom. I turned off the light in the den and listened as she said goodnight to the stranger. When he asked her if he could see her again, I caught an unsure, “Uh, maybe.”

After the door was closed, locking the interloper out, I heard Mary’s soft call. “Adam? Are you there?”

“In here,” I answered. I stood, entered the dining room to find she was dressed in terrycloth. But upon kissing her and untying the belt, I found she was au natural underneath. Her breast was heavy, the nipple still pointed, her belly was warm. I was used to this feeling in my bride, the exterior of a well fucked woman. “That was unexpected.”

“Did you like it?” she smirked.

“Sort of.” I led her to the couch in the living room, pulled the robe off her shoulders. It was going to be my turn now.

“How long have you been here?” she asked. “I was listening, didn’t hear you come in.”

“You were much too busy when I got here to hear much of anything. You and he were going at it hot and heavy.”

“How come you didn’t come upstairs?”

“I did. I watched for a few minutes.”

“And you didn’t join us?”

“I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to. So I just came down here, waited for you to be done. So tell me, who was he?”

A waft of mischievousness covered her face. “Do you remember the time you wondered what would happen if you walked in on me out of the blue? I wondered too. So a few weeks ago we got a message on SLS from Ted, he had his phone number there. I called him, not letting you know, and when you were playing golf last Saturday I met him for a drink. We got along pretty well – nothing happened, just drinks – and I told him of my idea. He was game, so I had him come over tonight. I took him upstairs and we started playing around, waiting for you to come home and catch us.”

“So he knew all about it, huh? Damn, I should have gone in. He looked like he was giving you a pretty good ride.”

“Oh, he did! He’s in really good shape and he’s got a very nice cock.” By this time I was naked as well, she was playing with me. “I wouldn’t mind seeing him again.”

“Well, maybe another time you can invite him over when I’ve got the late shift. I’ll join you when I get home.”

“Okay, I’ll tell him to drop by next week!”

“And, oh,” I said, “Congratulations!”


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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