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I work for Aardvark Industries. We’re the big company out in the industrial park on the edge of town. We employ over 11,000 people. A lot of people in town have a place to live and food to eat because of AI.

We run a pretty clean operation. If we find someone who lied on their resume, out they go! If we find someone trying to pull a fast one on a customer, out they go and to court they go.

All of the big companies on this town (and probably every other town in the US) use corporate whores. Your company is ready to sign a big contract with us but you want a party first? Party we got! You want first-rate drinks at the party? Nothing but the best! You tell us what kind of band; we get the best in town. You want pussy? We got the best in town.

How does AI get the best pussy in town? Well, that is up to the Customer Interface Director (CID). I’m the CID for AI.

When we need a new corporate whore, I put the word out. Exactly where and how I put the word out is why I am CID. (If you want to be a CID, you can just develop your own damn sources. It is every man for himself and all the broads for me!)

A girl will come in for an interview. She may be a girl who already works for AI or she may be an outsider. She comes to my office, which is separate from the rest of the AI corporate offices. She interviews and, if she has the right stuff, she might be selected.

Most of the girls who come in for an interview are desperate for money. They are in such a bad financial bind that they have no choice. They can sell themselves for AI or they can sell it on the street.

The first thing I check is the girl’s birth certificate. My motto is ‘be 18-years-old or begone!’ If the girl passes the birth certificate test, the face test and the body test, I have the girls suck me and then fuck me. If she passes all the tests, I set her up as a secretary in the CID office. The girl first gets a new name. I do not want to ruin the rest of a girl’s life and I do not want anyone to be able to locate one of the girls after she leaves AI.

Once the girls are hired, I have little jobs for the girls. AI pays secretary wages for the little jobs. The money is in the customer parties. AI has to throw wild customer parties because every other big company in town does the same thing. Most of the companies just use young secretaries. I use real corporate whores. AI does very well.

AI hired a guy named Nat Coleman, for some unknown reason. AI paid Nat, but Nat did not do any work for AI. Perhaps the main reason behind the lack of work performed is that Nat really did not have any skills in the areas where AI needs workers. Nat was, however, extremely skilled as a stab in the back politician. When AI finally decided Nat was a worthless piece of crap, they fired Nat. Nat went away mad but he did not really go away, instead Nat sued AI. That’s where I come in.

First, I got sworn in. Then Nat’s piece of crap lawyer started in on me.

The lawyer asked, “Did AI now or in the recent past employ a woman named Shirley Wilson?”

I told him, “Yes, I have her employee file and she is present in court.”

I avcılar elit escort gave the file to the clerk. The lawyer then examined it. He finished and looked over at the late 40s/early 50s woman. He then asked me the next stupid question. “Does AI employ any other Shirley Wilson?”

I looked the lawyer in the eye and just said, “No.”

My mind flashed back to the day I interviewed the girl who was, for a time, to become ‘Shirley Wilson.’ She was not quite 20 years old. She had a pretty face. She was in deep financial trouble. I told her, “If we decide to hire you as a part of CID, you will entertain AI customers, do you know what that means?”

The girl said, “Yes, I have to have sex with the customers and that’s OK with me.”

I said, “First the customers like to look. Strip for me and make it sexy!”

The girl took off her sweater and showed me a nice, big set of tits supported by a French bra. She let me see the tits and then reached to unfasten the French bra.

I said, “Do you look better with the French bra?”

She said, “Yes.”

I told her, “Leave it on and take off everything else.”

The girl took off her skirt. All that she had on under the skirt was a garter belt and black nylons.

I said, “You look very nice. Your bikini area is shaved; our customers like that. The customers will want to feel your pussy.”

The girl moved in and presented her pussy for my fingers. I stroked her labia a little and she got hot. Normally I would have her suck me off first, but she was an emergency case. I took her in to the bedroom off my office and she laid on the bed. I stripped and got on the bed. I put her legs over my shoulders and slid my cock in the pussy she had kept ready with her busy little fingers. She was tight, but so wet that I could get my whole length in on the first stroke. This girl was not dead meat, but an athletic, involved fuck. She would have brought an amateur off in mere seconds but I am not an amateur. I continued to work her and then told her to fake me an orgasm. She did a pretty good fake and then began to climb up the hill to a real climax and we went over the cliff together! On a zero to 10 scale, with ten at the top I would say she was solid 12! Afterward we cleaned up and I continued to interview, including having her suck me off. I hired the girl!

Of course, when Nat sued, ‘Shirley’ had to move to a new company and a new name. I had the girls change all of the CID records and AI could prove that no young Shirley Wilson had ever worked for CID. And, of course, the real Shirley Wilson could not be a corporate whore.

The lawyer knew I had lied and also knew he could never prove it. He talked to the real Shirley Wilson, who worked as an electronics assembler. It was a waste of time and the judge finally told him to wind up the questioning before Shirley attacked him.

The lawyer was a glutton for punishment and thus asked me about ‘Beth Kantor.’ I told him that no woman of that name had worked for AI during my time as CID.

My mind again flashed back to the day I interviewed the girl avcılar escort who was, for a time, to become ‘Beth Kantor.’ She was just over 18-years-old. She had a pretty face. She was also in deep financial trouble. We went through the usual routine.

I did as I always do and said, “Strip for me and make it sexy!”

The girl did not do too well here. She was quite shy and I had to have her put things back on and take them off a second time. I was about ready to reject her when I made her move in to me and I gently rubbed her pussy lips. Wow! She moved into my touch and began to lubricate so heavily that it started to run down her leg.

I took her into the bedroom and fucked her. At first she just wanted to lie there. I told her to respond or she would not get hired. She finally began to respond. I could not believe the difference! She was a wild woman who wanted the hard man to rape her into submission. I did!

The girl was too shy to respond by herself, but would put on a show if forced. So I forced her. I had her go nude out to retrieve a document from my CID secretaries. Instead of being shocked, they criticized her for not being shaven and for poor posture. The girl was told that she would damn well stand in such a fashion that a customer could feel her pussy ‘any damn time the customer wants.’

By the time we finished the interview, the girl had revealed herself as a complete submissive. AI customers like that sort of thing in a girl and ‘Beth Kantor’ became one of the best girls I had ever hired. AI customers worked out their fantasies on Beth, unaware that Beth was also working out her fantasies on them! It was what they call in the business world total a win-win situation.

Growing desperate, the lawyer asked me about ‘Linda Lauren.’ I told him that no woman of that name had worked for AI during my time as CID. I did tell him that a Frieda Lauren had worked for AI some years ago but that she no longer did.

My mind once again flashed back to the day I interviewed the girl who was, for a time, to become ‘Linda Lauren.’ She was just over 21-years-old. She was dazzlingly pretty. Of course she was also in deep financial trouble. We went through the usual routine.

I did as I always do and told her, “Strip for me and make it sexy!”

The girl didn’t just strip, she displayed herself! She removed her blouse to display a smallish but nicely shaped chest. She asked did I want to feel her tits? I did and she responded like a whore on fire! She wanted me to rip off her skirt and fuck her on my desk! I somehow managed to maintain control and told her to take off her own skirt. She took off the skirt and then offered me a feel of her ‘hot pussy!’ In a final attempt to maintain a little bit of control, I called in one of the secretaries. The secretary felt the hot, wet pussy and told ‘Linda’ that Linda had worked her up and that Linda could damn well eat the secretary’s pussy.

We marched Linda into the bedroom and I fucked Linda as Linda ate the secretary’s pussy. Linda brought the secretary to orgasm very quickly. I continued to fuck Linda and avcılar eve gelen escort the secretary recovered enough to begin to play with Linda’s tits. Linda began to orgasm and continued to orgasm with each stroke I put in her. Linda collapsed from doggy position and I slid down and continued fucking Linda’s pussy until I reached a shattering orgasm.

An exhausted, but not defeated Linda looked up at me defiantly. “If you have another hard cock or another hot, wet pussy, bring it on!”

Linda was not in the top ten fucks I have ever had. She was good at eating pussy, but again not the best. She was, however, the most willing whore I ever hired. Her overt sexuality made men get it up a second and even a third time. If someone wanted to put it up her ass, that was fine with Linda. Fuck for an audience? Linda was in exhibitionist heaven! Gangbang? ‘The more the merrier!’

As I returned from my third flashback, I realized that I had a raging hard on. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice.

The lawyer was growing desperate. He asked me about Jenny Senter.

I sternly told the lawyer that AI did not hire 16-year-old girls. I told him that especially AI did not hire 16-year-old girls who had birth certificates done in crayola.

Nat had tried to foist some little girl off on me. Not only did it not work, but also Jenny Senter was suing Nat! In this case, 16 was going to cost Nat $20,000 if Nat had any money. Better yet, Nat was also accused of soliciting an underage girl by sending her to me. Both my testimony and Jenny’s testimony said that I had treated Jenny in a professional manner and that I had given her a stern lecture about lying on a resume.

There were some more witnesses to be called. However, the trial sort of broke up when Jenny accused Nat of “Trying to get me to sell my pussy!” The judge tried to hush Jenny up, but Jenny was center stage! The word ‘pussy’ echoed through the courtroom several times and the judge finally called for a recess.

I am not totally sure what happed afterward, but rumor had it that Nat managed to work out a plea bargain deal where he agreed to plead guilty to trying to solicit an underage girl for commercial sex. In return, the DA promised not to seek the death penalty. Oh yes, Nat also agreed to dismiss his case against AI with prejudice, meaning that he could not re-file the complaint ever.

With the legal matters settled, I went back to work. My CID staff was torn up beyond belief. I had traded all my proven girls to other companies in return for their corporate whores. It killed me to let them go, but Nat had left me no other way. The girls were known around town, at least by the top executives of the other companies. The other guys would not rat me out, since I would then rat them out.

I did see that the departing girls were paid a nice bonus for keeping their mouths shut and moving on without creating any trouble.

I do not take somebody else’s castoffs with out a very careful examination. Thus, I would have at least three new girls to process before the AI corporate whores were ready for customer interface. I suspected that some re-training would be in order. However, I’m just the guy to do that sort of re-training!

Best of all, in a couple of years, young Jenny showed signs of being the replacement I had been seeking for an aging Linda. If you want to run a top-flight business, you always have to be on the lookout for good, young talent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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