Courtyard Friends


“Excuse me sir. Excuse me.”

I heard the voice calling out to someone as I waited at the corner for the light to change. I glanced behind me more out of nosiness than anything else, but I realized that the person calling out was headed right for me. I turned and faced him, shrugging my shoulders and holding my palms up in a what is it gesture. He was wearing a doorman’s uniform and held an envelope in his hand.

“I’m glad I caught you sir,” he breathlessly said. “One of our tenants asked me to give this to you,” he uttered as he held out the envelope.

“What building do you work in?”

“Right here,” he replied, pointing to the tall luxury building beside us.

“I see. Who asked you to give to me?”

“Like I said, one of our tenants.”

“Does this tenant have a name?”

“Of course she…ummm…of course they do. I figure whatever you need to know is in the letter.”

I nodded and reached out, taking the envelope from him. “Thanks. Nothing like starting the day out with a little intrigue, right?”

“I guess so,” the doorman replied. He nodded and walked back toward the front of his building. I chuckled and crossed the street on my way to work. Curiosity got the better of me, though, and after a few blocks I found myself sitting in a Starbucks with a latte and the envelope.

I took a sip of my coffee, placing it down to one side of me. I opened the envelope, reached in and pulled out a handwritten note. I unfolded the paper and gave it a quick glance. The handwriting was beautiful and flowing. Obviously, this was someone that went to school when they actually taught kids how to write in script, and expected they master it. Taking another sip of coffee, I began to read.

Greetings to my friend across the courtyard,

It seems as if our cross courtyard friendship has taken an interesting turn, hasn’t it? Who could have predicted what has developed? I certainly didn’t when I first noticed you standing by your kitchen window over two years ago. I will admit that perhaps I stared a little too long the first time I’d noticed you. Of course, our windows are a bit too distant to fully make out a face, but I was able to see enough. Do you ever wonder if you’d recognize me if you saw me on the street? I wonder. All the time.

I’ve made up a name for you. I call you Steve, which I guess is as good a made up name as any other. You can think of me as Annie. Why a name? I don’t know. I guess I just felt like I needed one for you. After all, we are friends, aren’t we Steve?

I guess that brings me to my point. You see, I have come to enjoy our interactions from across the courtyard. I enjoy watching you as you go about your life. But I have a life of my own, as you well know. I’m married. You’ve seen my husband there in my kitchen, haven’t you? I’m sure you’ve seen my children too, getting ready for their fancy private schools in the morning. The point is I have a very comfortable, happy life. I love my husband. Our sex life is quite enjoyable. Of course, I like to get my freak on every once in a while. That’s something he doesn’t quite understand. That, my courtyard friend, has been where you come in.

Now that things have progressed to where they are, I think it’s important to lay out some ground rules. I guess I should have thought of this sooner, but frankly, it isn’t as if I had planned any of this. Once I had first noticed you, I’d find myself looking over more and more frequently when I was in the kitchen. Over time, görükle escort I realized how similar our schedules are. You cook breakfast when I do and dinner when I do. I’ve seen you sip your morning coffee, sitting at that little table in your kitchen as you shook out the morning cobwebs. I’ve joined you quite often, as you are well aware.

I saw you laugh that morning that I held my cup up to you and nodded. It’s funny how that has become our morning routine, isn’t it? To be truthful, I feel like something is missing in my day when I don’t get to wish you good morning. Do you really need to leave the city every weekend? I always wonder where it is you go all the time. The beach? The mountains? Oh, dear. My mind is wandering again.

The raising of coffee cups was one thing. I never expected things would go past that. Of course, that changed last summer when you decided, for one reason or another, to take a day off from work. How was I to know you would be home? But you were, weren’t you? It seems everyone else in your building draws their blinds down, except for you. I didn’t even think about it.

I came out of the shower with my hair in a towel and nothing else. I guess I never gave a thought to the fact that you could see into my bedroom as well as my kitchen. But you could, right Steve? How long did I lounge around like that? It was quite a while, if I remember correctly. What did you think when I sat at the desk right in front of the window, my perky little breasts fully on display to you.

I don’t know what caught my eye. Perhaps some movement, perhaps a bird outside. It was then that I realized you were there. Moving about in your kitchen, trying to look, trying not to look. It was kind of cute, actually. You knew I’d seen you looking, didn’t you? Did you wonder why I waited another ten minutes before closing the blinds? I’ll be honest. It excited me. I was excited that you were seeing my naked body from across the courtyard. I did write that I like to get a little freaky, didn’t I?

I bet you thought I was flipping out that you saw me. I wasn’t. Far from it, actually. The fact is, after I had closed the blinds I climbed onto the bed. I was more than a little turned on, so I decided to do something about it. I closed my eyes and imagined that you were watching me as I gently ran my fingers up and down my tingling pussy. I have to tell you, Steve, that I ended up coming fast and hard that first time. But as much as I loved it, I was scared. I was so very scared, because I knew I wanted you to see me like that again. I knew I wanted you to watch me make myself come.

That took some time, though, didn’t it Steve? I was constantly battling the freak in me as I stood in the kitchen and watched you. Then there was another day you were home alone. I threw caution to the wind, didn’t I? How I wish our windows were a little closer to each other. I would love to have fully seen the expression on your face as I slipped out of my t-shirt as I stood in the kitchen. I waited until I knew I had your attention. After my top was gone, the bottoms soon followed, didn’t they Steve? That started us on a new journey, didn’t it?

Look at me. I seem to have gotten off track yet again. There is a point to this letter, Steve. You see, as much as I love our cross courtyard friendship, it can never be anything more than that. I have no intention of turning either your life or my life upside down. What we have, what we do…will be all we ever do.

You bursa escort bayan can sit at your little table across the courtyard and watch as I reach up and pinch my tender, sensitive nipples, Steve. You’ll never be in the same room as I, hearing the way that makes me moan and whimper. Make no mistake about that, Steve. That is the point of this letter. Even so, I guess it doesn’t hurt to tell you that I have actually had orgasms from having my nipples tweaked just the right way, and I’m quite vocal when I come. But of course, you’ll never hear how hoarse my voice sounds after a good bout of sex, because we will never have sex.

You will never feel how soft and tender my lips are against yours. Kissing is one of my favorite pastimes, but you wouldn’t know that, would you? You’ve never kissed me, and no, Steve, you never will. Of course, I get a little naughty with my kissing. I have been known to bite sometimes. Bite a lip, bite a neck. Bite wherever. You don’t need to worry about being bitten though. That’s a good thing, isn’t it Steve?

What do you think when you watch me with my fingers inside my pussy, Steve? You’ve seen me licking them clean after. Do you wonder how I taste? I imagine you do. I would. I think it excites you thinking about it, doesn’t it? I saw you with your hand inside your shorts the other day. Did you make a mess, Steve? You know part of me wished I was there to clean it up. To taste you. But of course, we can’t do that. I’ll never know what your cock tastes like, and you’ll never get to taste the salty sweetness of my needy pussy.

It is needy, though isn’t it? I can fuck all night, but if I see you alone there in your kitchen, I just have to fetch my vibrator and fuck myself with it as you watch. Do you like that I hold it up so you can see it, making sure you know exactly what’s coming? Besides me, I mean.

You’ve been a little shy though, about pulling your cock out. I understand why, but it makes me a little pouty. We do live in a world with double standards, though don’t we? It’s a lot more likely that someone would call the police on a man standing in front of his window and masturbating than a woman doing the same. I get that. Even so, I wouldn’t mind getting to see you all stiff and stroking yourself. From across the courtyard, of course. You will never be able to do that in the same room as I. I hope I didn’t imply otherwise.

Isn’t it odd that it took me all this time to think about the bathroom, Steve? I guess because I couldn’t see out of those marbled windows, I’d never really considered how easily you might see me in there. But it struck me the other day, as you well know. The window opens, doesn’t it Steve? I knew you were in the kitchen. Is it my imagination, or have you been spending even more time in there than usual? Hmmm. Something to think about at another time. Once again, I’m getting off track.

I opened the window wide, wanting to make sure you’d notice. What did you think when you saw me spreading shaving cream around between my legs, Steve? It was shaving day, and I’ll tell you the truth. Shaving day always turns me on. It makes me feel a little bit naughty, and I like to feel naughty. I like it a lot. I always take my time shaving, enjoying every moment. Do you have any idea how soft and smooth I feel right after I’m finished. Do you wonder how my smooth pussy would feel under your tongue? I wonder about that too, but of course, that’s all we’ll ever do. Wonder. You will never help me bursa escort shave, nor will you lick my needy pussy after I have, Steve. But you did get to watch me fuck myself with a dildo after I’d finished, didn’t you?

If I could speak to you, Steve, I’d ask you what ran through your mind last week. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. In case you were wondering, I did intentionally seduce my husband while the blinds were open. I saw you there in your kitchen, glancing over. I was feeling a little freaky, and I wanted to give you a show. If you knew me, which, of course, you never will, you’d know that I’m both an exhibitionist and a voyeur. I was quite pleased when hubby let me play with the blindfold. I wanted to make sure you could watch with little chance of being seen yourself, and that worked out perfectly, didn’t it?

I wondered what you thought as he was lying on his back and I was sucking his cock. Could you tell that I was watching you the entire time? Of course you could. You never took your eyes off of me, did you? That was especially true when I straddled him and guided him inside me. I could tell you were very intently watching as I rode his cock. More than just watching. I saw your hand in your shorts, stroking yourself. I was sure you were finally going to pull that cock out and let me watch you go to town on it but you surprised me. That didn’t stop you from coming in your shorts, did it? I saw you pick up the pace and get much more aggressive with your stroking. Did you notice how I matched your intensity? I wanted to see if I could come at the same time you did, and I’m pretty sure I nailed it.

What were you thinking as you came? Did you wish it was your cock that I was riding like that? I did tell you that I’m very vocal when I fuck, didn’t I? Of course, you’ll never hear that, and you’ll never get to look up at me and watch my face as I ride your cock, because that will never happen.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t still be my courtyard friend, because I wouldn’t give that up for the world. I’m very much enjoying our special arrangement. Now, I’ve toyed with using the doorman to pass messages back and forth between us. I’ve thought about perhaps letting you know what afternoons I’d be home alone, just in case you might be home too. I’m sad to say that I’ve decided that would not be a proper thing to do. After all, I AM a married woman. Such planning would be out of the question, and is very different than being spied by the voyeur across the courtyard. No, I think you making a serendipitous discovery while sipping coffee in your kitchen is much more appropriate. It’s practically innocent, isn’t it Steve?

Well, I must be off to yoga class now. If past history repeats itself, I’m quite sure you will be seeing more of me in the very near future. Perhaps you will consider being fully naked a time or two yourself. I must admit that I’m quite curious what it would be like to see you like that from across the courtyard. Remember, though. Remember the purpose of this letter and my ground rules. We are only friends across the courtyard, Steve. Nothing more. I trust that you will remember that as you watch me naked and masturbating for you.


I placed the letter down on the tabletop and reached for my now cold coffee. I was smiling and my heart was pounding. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, my stiff cock needing some adjustment in my pants. I don’t know what I was expecting in that letter, but this certainly wasn’t it. I stood and slipped the letter into my shirt pocket, intending to reread it later. I took another sip of my cold coffee before tossing it into the trash can on the way out the door. Annie was a very naughty girl, I thought with a chuckle as I left Starbucks and headed to work.

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