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“Would you like a coffee?”

I go into your kitchen. I feel at home here. I have been here plenty of times before. I fill your kettle up and get down the large heavy coffee cup I prefer.

“Here let me get that,” you softly said as you wrap your arms around me, and I get that tingly feeling you give me. You lightly tickle my neck with your tongue and hot breath while sliding your hands down into my top and under my bra where my nipples are already hardening. I can also feel your hardness pushing into me where my butt starts to divide at the base of my back.

You turn me around to face you. I feel your hands on my face, softly stroking my cheeks. You place your big lips on mine and softy inch your tongue into my mouth slowly. With your tongue inside my mouth gently teasing my tongue till it plunges into a hard dance with mine.

“I’ll make your coffee, Babe.” as you slowly push me down so I am on my knees and wedged between bakırköy escort you and the cupboard. I see your hand pull your zip down slowly, and slowly ease your cock out of your pants. It is ready for my mouth as I slowly tease the tip with my tongue, I taste a dribble of precum, and I slide my tongue inside your slit to lick it out. I know every spot to lick and suck — I have been there before –so I tease and coax you to shudder every time I hit your most sensitive spots. I slide you into my mouth tasting every damn inch of you as you push your way to the back of my throat.

By this time you have a handful of my hair, and you are guiding me up and down with increasing force. I can feel the very base of your hot cock with your hair tickling my nose. I can feel the cupboard hitting my head and your balls slapping on my chin. And, damn you have me so wet, I can feel my juices dripping onto my knickers.

I bakırköy eve gelen escort so badly want you to cum in my mouth, but you stop, take my hand, and lead me to the breakfast bar. There you help me sit with my pussy right on the edge as you kneel down before me and lick and suck my clit till I am almost senseless with waves of desire rolling over my senses. You, my lover, lick me like no other. I feel your tongue slide into my dripping pussy, suck the juices, slide up to tease my clit, and then back down to my pussy. I feel myself release in orgasm. Ooohhh! I don’t know maybe 5 or 6 times. Now I know I am close again when you stop and ask me to roll onto my stomach.

I feel like my ass is hanging in mid air and when you touch me with your hands I shudder. You grasp each cheek with your hands and lick from my clit to my puckered hole while my senses are already in over drive. You bakırköy grup yapan escort are teasing me. You deliberately slide the head of your cock up and down over my clit teasing the entrance of my pussy and my ass. You do this a couple of times until you plunge your cock into my pussy with one hard forceful shove that takes me by so much surprise that I cry out.

“Did I hurt you baby?” you ask “Ohhhhh, God no,” I reply.

I don’t think I have ever been fucked so hard, as I am now perched on that bar or felt you so enraged with lust. It feels like a madman is fucking me, and I am enjoying it more than I thought I could. Your hands are on my shoulders, and at times on my ample hips. When I thought I couldn’t take one more orgasm…. My body betrays me by an intense wave of pleasure that made me curse.

“Ohh fuck yes, harder, you bastard, harder!”

That seems to have set you off, and I feel you pump harder into my now dripping pussy. Then I feel you stiffen, and my body welcomes your hot spurts of cum. You slowly relax, still on top of me, and say,

“Oohhh, God Baby!” as you ease yourself out of me.

We look at each other smiling as I slide off the counter —mixed juice everywhere.

“Want cream in your coffee?” you ask with a cheeky grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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