Cruel Mistress Carnation


JULY, 2005

Clausen Widdicombe pulled up just outside Enger Haverford’s farm…She was the town dominatrix, and a bit weird, but Clausen had reasons for being here…he wanted to see Enger’s niece, the wonderful Carnation!!!! Clausen got out of his little Miata convertible and sighed.

Enger’s youngest daughter, 20 year old Secondari (She and her sister Selina had spray-painted a green cock on Clausen’s Dad’s Mercedes the year before) looked at Clausen, grinning.

“You comin’ here to have my Momma whip your ass?”

Thick, fluffy blonde curls bounced on bare tanned shoulders, and what a sexy tube top for one so young!

Clausen tried to smile at the little prodigy. “I’m here to see your cousin Carni, she’s staying here this summer, right?” Little Secondari smiled and stretched, causing the full young breasts in the lime-green tube to jiggle merrily.

Clausen’s cock grew and pulsated against the chicken-wire chastity cage. Oh, how he regretted making that damn thing. God, it hurt.

Clausen had figured that having the cage would be so exciting for a submissive, he’d been reading all those chastity-oriented BDSM magazines ( periodicals he’d fished out of the Reverend Lessiter’s garbage can next door) and the fantasies had so excited him.

Clausen had also considered that being locked in a chastity device would help him to focus less on dates, and more on his studies.

But regrettably, Clausen had spent most of his last semester at Princeton watching S&M porn tapes and trying to masturbate through the little spaces in the nasty, tight chastity cage. And did the wire seriously cut the tender skin of his poor rigid cock!

The intense pain of his poor cock in that nasty cage.

Clausen would rub and rub and even try to run his fingers up and down the wire, jerking as best he could, but of course his penis wasn’t going to be able to cum, since it couldn’t harden to its full length….

And his buddies would be knocking on the door of his single

“Dude come out with us…what’re you doing, choking your chicken?” Which of course was what he was doing. And now and then Clausen would go on a date…he was a good looking guy, and one of the richest kids at Princeton…

Yes, and he’d end up making out with hot chicks who he couldn’t fuck or even disrobe with…because of the goddamn chastity cage!

Sure, he could have gotten some pliers and cut it open, but he was so in love with Carnation.

Most of the time in his dorm he wasn’t even looking at porn, just gazing at the hot little Polaroid’s she sent him, what a hottie…five foot three with cantaloupe breasts that strained the tiny tops she wore…

Sure, Clausen hadn’t seen Carni since spring break, but she’d called him on the phone, throatily breathing and telling him all about the guys she was fucking and sucking at Almeida Central High School…

“Don’t you wish it was you, Clausen…but you’re such a little faggot, I need a big, fat dick, you understand don’t you…?”

How had this happened? Carni had been flattered to the utmost when Clausen had first asked her out, some summers ago…they’d had a great time, until he’d confessed to her that he was a BDSM enthusiast, and what was her aunt the dominatrix like, anyway?

Carni had become less available after this…telling Clausen that she’d prefer he just go down on her, and that she wasn’t really into being fucked all that much. “If you can eat me out for maybe a couple of hours?” And she wouldn’t let him mess around with her in the back of his car, no, she insisted that they rent a motel room, on his dime.

For a time, Carni kept to the agreement, letting Clausen fuck her after he’d eaten her out, given her full body massages, bought her jewelry, but then this began to bore her…she told Clausen he had a pretty face, and that she’ d like to make him up as “Claudia.”

Carni had put Clausen in a frilly dress with boob-falsies and high heels. She’d painted his face with baby-d0ll makeup and then had him go to the roadhouses and singles bars in town as a girlfriend.

“This will be more interesting, and you know you want it honey…before we go, you can practice on a cucumber.”

When Carnation and “Claudia” arrived at a honky-tonk, to keep the truckers, drunken married men from discovering that “Claudia” had a wee-wee, Carni told them

“Claudia here is part of the Christian virgin community, but she’ll take it in the mouth and in the ass, if she can just pull up her dress and drop her panties.”

It had been the deal at first for every ten times “Claudia’s” mouth and asshole were fucked full of cum, Carni would let him bring her back and fuck her (after eating her out) in the motel room.

But then in the summer of ’91, Carni had told Clausen that she wanted to make it more interesting, and demanded that he blow fifty guys for every time he could fuck her little pussy.

This almost broke poor “Claudia’s” jaw but he was so desperate for Carni’s body that Pendik Yabancı Escort he’d do almost anything.

By August of that year, Carni felt she was being stretched out too much from (the rare) penetration of Clausen’s dick, and she changed Clausen’s reward to giving him a hand job after he’d sucked off a hundred guys.

When Clausen objected, Carni stripped him, tied him down and thrashed him with a cut off cord from Auntie Enger’s vacuum cleaner.

In the summer of ’92, Carni told Clausen that she didn’t like befouling her hands with his scummy dick, so after he’d blown 100 boys in drag as “Claudia” he could just jerk himself off and play with her boobs as a reward…

And this saved money on the motel room as Carni made it a quick operation in the car…but of course Clausen was quite disappointed.

By June ’93, Carni told Clausen that she was uncomfortable being nude in front of him. “It’s just a weird thing, honey. I have a boyfriend I really like.

But I’ll let you jerk off and look at me in my French underwear, how about that?”

And then she paused. “I was thinking of you had your teeth pulled—I know you’re awfully young for dentures—but if you had gums, you could give more blowjobs sexier, and it would make you more popular…and you’d have more time to see me, right?”

Clausen had been horrified at this, but Carni had unbuttoned her halter as she’d spoke, and jiggled her magnificent cleavage at him…and he’d succumbed reluctantly.

One of Mistress Enger’s submissives was a dentist, and the operation hadn’t been as horrible as Clausen thought it would, and his dentures were classy looking…

So hard to eat with, but. It was true, now that he was on his knees in the Men’s restroom of the Fox and Hounds Singles Club, he was able to tally many more BJ’s…which made Carni happy!

But the following June Clausen’s appeal began to lessen.

As he was now maturing out of his twenties and into middle age, Clausen was more hirsute and even with heavy pancake makeup, “Claudia” was less attractive and feminine to the louts in the roadhouses and singles bars in the small town.

Now that he was more manly, even in drag, poor Clausen was only averaging two or three blowjobs a night…

So he took time off from work to blow a few homeless men in the alley, recording how many times he swallowed.

(Clausen probably could have lied and told Carnation that he blew more men than he actually did, but as a Pentecostal, he was committed to honesty—lying was a sin.)

Making his quota was rough, but “Claudia” worked her ass off…what a “gal!”

In the summer of 1994, Clausen was just too big and ungainly to pass as a girl, and so Carni told him that he could do something else to earn jerk-off sessions, although now she was to be fully clothed, only showing a little cleavage while he pumped in front of her.

“My aunt, the dominatrix, is now branching out into renting tranny slaves to be fucked and whipped by gay male Masters. I will let you jerk off every time you go through a session, but you have to man up, `cause some of them will burn you with cigarettes. And they’ll love your gummy blowjobs!”

Whenever Clausen backed off from showing up to be a tranny slave, Carni would come visit him, and rub her scantily clad body against his, the young full breasts just bringing him to absolute ecstasy…and then he had to go and do the tranny torture…just to get a little jerk-off time!

But now that Carnation had locked poor Clausen in chastity, all bets were off!

The worst time during the months between Spring Break and visiting Carni here, was when Clausen had gotten a knock at the door and it had been Seneca, one of Auntie Enger’s daughters who Clausen had seen around the Princeton campus, and understood was the head of Food and Landscaping Services.

Seneca was a voluptuous redhead, and Clausen was quite pleased to see her, until she said “We are having a labor dispute between our hunky Hispanic gardeners and dishwashers and landscapers, and the school. Since we can only offer them a three percent raise, we need an additional incentive.”

Clausen had looked at Seneca, puzzled. “What has that to do with me?”

“Well, my cousin Carni says that you’re good at pulling out your teeth and providing pleasure. So she told me to order you to put on your lip gloss, you’re going to blow seventy-six Hispanic workers!”

Ah, the anguish…it had been quite a difficult time…but finally he was back out of school, and would be visiting his beloved Carnation!

Now Clausen looked at Secondari, who snickered. “Before you go up t’ see Carni, take off your pants. I’m goin’ t’ whip your ass with this fishin’ pole!”

Further up the hill, Carnation Kray left Auntie Enger’s farmhouse, shaking her head to get the Methodist minister’s screams to leave it. Enger was really giving it to poor Reverend Lessiter; and Carni had never been less than amazed by her aunt’s ingenuity Pendik Yeni Escort with a hair curler on a man’s junk.

In the bathroom, Enger’s twin 19 year olds, Soraya and Salowa were administering an enema to a County Commissioner who was giving Enger fits about zoning issues…that would be resolved quickly, Carni thought.

Just before she stepped out, Carni pushed a peanut butter sandwich under the door of the hall closet where poor Sleighton Kepps was locked, and he pushed a hundred dollar bill through the little space after the sandwich was received, and Carni shoved it in her top, snickering.

Carni toyed with her (this week henna-red colored) locks, and abstractedly opened a button or two on her blouse, and then discarded it by the pig-pen altogether, happy to be clad in a polka bikini top and tiny snug cut-offs in the July sun. This was her last fun summer staying with Enger before she went away to Choate, and she really was enjoying it.

The pig-pen was a little disheveled. The night before Enger had cuffed the Mehta triplets, Ashesh, Prakesh and Ramesh in the middle of the mud, and the usher of the town movie theater (owned by the Mehtas) had peed on them as the three had rolled around…it had been surreal!

Carni jiggled her boobs in the little polka dot top, and arrived at the barn, and there he was—Clausen Widdicombe…looking uncomfortable. Carni grinned and pointed a finger, and the lanky Princeton junior sighed and undressed.

“Hey, Carni…” Clausen smiled gamely as he dropped his shorts. “I heard you got the full scholarship to boarding school, that’s fantastic.”

Carni sneered. Mistress Enger’s oldest daughter Selma was married to the chairman of the classics department at Choate Rosemary Hall…and using persuasion of the cane, Selma had ordered him to provide admission and scholarships to all the girls in the family, and most of them, including Carnation were C students!

Carni smiled. Poor Clausen’s buttocks and legs were covered with long red welts. Apparently, little Secondari had gotten to him first. Oh well, it saved her needed discipline on the boy.

Carni noticed with approval that the tiny cage that he had constructed with chicken wire over spring break was still locked on his meager penis. She smiled. Poor bastard, locked in chastity, unable to cum with all those hot Princeton girls around…Spring break was in April? Two months, eight weeks, damn.

All that frustration. And to think that Clausen had built the chastity cage…and then asked her to lock it on him, with a clumsy combination locker type Yale lock keeping it shut. And his dick, locked in the cage looked so purple!

“Well, Clausen, it’s going to be a long summer.” Carni said with some satisfaction…

And Clausen burst into tears!

November 2011 “Carnation milk, best in the land, Comes in a can with a little red band, No tits to pull, no hay to pitch, Just punch a hole in the son of a bitch!”

Carnation Kray had never liked her first name much…but Momma had said to her “The first time I saw your Daddy, not as a client, you know, naked with the dog leash…he was wearin’ a tux and had a carnation in his lapel…and it inspired me!”

And now, Carni was looking at Walden Pincus, her own client, and he looked scared to death…and he should be!

Walden stood uncertainly. “Take down your pants, Walden” Carni said, smiling patiently. “If I have to do it, to undo your drawers, it will be worse for you. You’re such a baby anyway, crying and bitching when I whip your pallid little butt…we might as well begin the misery now!”

Carni tapped the thick wooden paddle, which caused days of welts for Walden each week…she tapped it with a long purple nail, significantly, and he knew he had to take his pants down, but as always, he was terrified. And aroused, though he couldn’t get his erection to straighten in that damn Tube.

Mistress Carnation was so hot! Curly dark hair tied in a cute bun this week, Carni’s few extra pounds showed well in the full breasts straining the spaghetti strap purple camisole.

Walden’s cock attempted again to harden but of course this was painful in the three inch chastity tube. “Be grateful” Carni had once told him. “I could have given you one with little spikes.”

Walden had a healthy six inch penis, once called “massive” by one of his session attendees after he’d rogered her in his suite at the Tallahassee Ramada Inn. His big boy was quite cramped now in the steel tube.

But what did he expect? Mistress Carnation had warned him that chastity training programs would not be the stuff of his masturbatory fantasies…masturbation was over for poor Walden, anyway!

“Walden!” Mistress Carnation now spoke in slight irritation. “Stop woolgathering and take those pants down, and the shorts, too. I hope you wore panties like you told me your Dad used to make you wear when he whipped you. That was a great story, him making you put on pink panties and then drop Pendik Masaj Salonu your panties in front of your brothers and sisters in the woodshed. And they called you “Woodshed Wally!”

Walden paled at the horrific memory. He should never have told Mistress Carnation that story, but he seemed to tell her EVERYTHING.

“Come on, Wally, Mommy’s getting mad now” Mistress said crisply.

Walden sighed again and his dick once more attempted to lengthen in the miniscule chastity tube, and it crushed against the unforgiving steel. Despite Mistress being fifteen years younger than Walden, he loved it when she referred to herself as Mommy.

Walden’s original Mommy had not used the razor strop as Daddy had, but she’d often whipped Walden quite viciously with a Ping-Pong paddle as well as a hairbrush. She had been much harder on Walden than his brothers and sisters, as he was the brightest, best looking, and the future of the family’s hopes.

While Walden’s brothers could wear Black Sabbath shirts and sport Mohawk haircuts, get straight D’s and stay out all night, Walden’s parents had made him wear a bowtie and vest-sweaters, and had caned him mercilessly if he fell off the Honor Roll.

Walden’s curfew had been six o’clock—dinnertime, and his bedtime was right after, unless he had to study for a test. Now of course Walden was rich and famous, but he was quite envious of the childhood of his siblings, most of whom worked as or were married to body shop employees.

Mamma had also whipped Walden’s poor penis with a long wet willow switch, a penalty for masturbation…of course the situation he was in now, was FAR worse.

Now Walden smiled timorously at Mistress. “I wasn’t daydreaming, Ma’am, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are.” He stared at her full breasts in the little purple top. Oh God, she was beautiful!

Carni snickered. She was quite fond of Walden, although she tried to keep a professional distance. Carni’s grandmother, Arch Mistress Themis who had run the largest dungeon in Muncie, Indiana had advised,

“Pray for the nice, worshipful low maintenance clients. They’re the ones who don’t try to top from the bottom, and they are your bread and butter. They’ll go bankrupt coming to see you two or three times a week, sometimes, and often leave money to you in the will, honey.”

Grandma had been right. Although he didn’t come to the appointments more than once a week, Walden was a heavy tipper, and was so polite, trying not to obviously drool all over Carni’s boobs.

Carni would whip him until he sobbed, and tease his cock afterwards, watching it swell between her delicate feminine fingers. Sometimes her painted talons almost caused poor Walden’s cock to burst, the pre-cum oozing out of his pulsing head (she put him in a steel cock ring to effect stimulation, and once dropped a Viagra pill in his Earl Grey tea.)

After poor Walden would quiver in his bonds, the scarves tying his wrists to Carni’s bedposts, Carni would take her hand away, untie Walden and make him jerk off into a pair of her thong panties.

Walden had confessed to Carni that he used to jerk off while wearing his Mama’s support hose, and this had given her some inspiration for his pleasure. And what a happy fellow he was…he’d told Carni that Mother had made him suck his semen out of her hose as a punishment, and of course Carni had followed suit.

And then one Tuesday, as Walden, with a bitter face had sucked the last of his spooge from the thong, Carni had told him “Consider yourself lucky that you get to cum at all. My chastity boys get whipped and teased just like you, but then I lock them up again.

I only let them jerk off once in a great while…and they pay the same five hundred a week plus tips that you do, Wally dear.”

Walden’s eyes had widened. “I’ve always had chastity fantasies, Mistress Carnation.” With his confession came a new tumescence to his already wasted penis.

“You sure, Walden?” Carni had asked gently.” It’s tougher than you might think. On the other hand if you can stay chaste for 90 days I’ll let you see my bare breasts while you jerk off…you’ve never seen my titties in the raw before, honey.”

Walden had been fitted with a tight little chastity tube that very day, and after a week in it, he’d returned, looking a bit strained, the following Tuesday. A week of no jerking off or fucking whoever he dated…wasn’t easy.

At the end of Walden’s usual tease, after stroking and then slapping it, and then stroking more, and pulling her hand away… when Carni normally untied him so he could pound his pud, it was different.

“So close to making a messy this week, honey.” Carni had said softly, running her nail up and down Walden’s stiff dick one more time. She’d gone to the fridge and brought back an ice cube and begun rubbing it up and down his penis…and Walden was puzzled.

“What’s going on, Mistress?” Walden had asked. He noticed that his cock was slowly losing its blood, although there was a very backed-up feeling in his testicles.

Carni had looked at him patiently as she gave his now shriveled penis a final rub with the ice cube. “I brought down your erection, Wally. You know, so I can fit your dick back into the tube. If it’s all stiff and purple it won’t go in.

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